Placement - Where did your child place after MFW-1 math?

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Re: What level do kids typically place in 2nd grade singapor

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Thanks again! This board has been such an encouragement to me. We actually do have Singapore Essentials already. He's going through them slowly. And he doesn't actually mind talking about the pages, but typically doesn't want to do the writing (even just circling - he will ask me to do it). I think I'll keep it around and let him do it when he's interested but not push.
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Math Placement for 2nd HELP!!

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ruppster02 wrote:We just finished up MFW 1st last week and I had my daughter take the placement test for Singapore math for next year as recommended by MFW. We split the test over 2 days because she was seemed really frustrated by it from the get go. I started her off with the 1A test and she was practically in tears finishing it up, I told her to just do what she could and skip what she couldn't do and she scored a 62/100.

Now I'm like "what did I do wrong this year" is it normal for such a low score? should I have helped her and walked thru it more with her? thoughts?? what about doing the 1B test? (I think it suggests doing both)
You didn't do anything wrong at all! The test is to see what they know and move on from there. You would only go onto the 1B test if she scored higher than 80 on 1A. Her score tells you 1A is the place to start next year. You might find some of the early parts of 1A are very easy for her, but it builds quickly.

MFW recommends finishing 5B by the end of 6th grade and that means 1A at the start of second. I think they say students will often start in 1A after MFW1. I have found Singapore to be a very advanced program, and I am very pleased with it. We are in our 4th year using it, and they definitely learn their math. You will want to add math fact practice to it about the time you start 2A.

I hope that helps.