Singapore - Why MFW suggests this (David Hazell reply)

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Why Singapore math?

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Taita wrote:Hi all,

Does anyone know why MFW recommends using Singapore math? I have been looking at different math programs out there and I really like Math-u-See. But, I know MFW has good reasons for why they choose certain products. Does anyone have any insight on this?

On one of David Hazels CDs he mentions the fact that when they switched their children th Singapore they saw an increase in their math scores.

I have seen math understanding in my children and high test scores from Singapore.

The one thing that has to be added to Singapore math fact drills and timed drills.

I have used MUS some and like it. I do think Singapore is stronger mathematically and academically. I do like though how Steve explains math; especially the place value we did in Alpha. Overall though I prefer the advanced math program Singapore is.
mothermayi wrote:Gratitude,
What makes Singapore stronger? I haven't used it in 5 or 6 years so I don't remember much about it. ;)

Thanks for your insight :)
I would say that Singapore makes my kids think more. The word problems are definitely harder than the ones I have seen in other programs. So I think the level of thinking in it does push them some. I know David Hazel talks on his CDs about one of their goals being to raise thinkers. I think Singapore would fall in line with that. I think it is the reason my children sometimes don't like Singapore and at other times do like it. They don't always want to have to think for it. :)

We did some Rod and Staff last winter with Singapore and then took a few months where they had a Singapore break and just did Rod and Staff. What I noticed is it helped with the math fact drills that I haven't been as strong adding to Singapore as I need to be. The other thing I noticed is how much math they really and truly understand. Compared to Singapore word problems the Rod and Staff word problems were a breeze for them. The math was easy in comparison, since it is more rote and drill, and they didn't have to think as much. I would say MUS has been a similar experience, BUT I do really like how Steve explains math to kids and I think the program has a lot of merit in teaching math. I have read though that a MUS student switching to Singapore places quite a few levels back, and I guess I see this as some evidence for my thinking that Singapore is more advanced academically as well.

I guess lastly I picked Singapore before I found MFW. What I found in it was some foundation laying for advanced mathematics and it was one of the main reasons I picked it. What I have found in using it though is difficult word problems and a program that does make my kids 'think math'.
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Re: Why Singapore math?

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Thanks gratitude! It seems like the best time to get in on Singapore is when your dc is young. After looking at the placement test, I can definitely see how Singapore is rigorous!
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