Math Topics - Number bonds


Math Topics - Number bonds

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Definition of "Number Bonds"

One difference you may notice is in some of the terminology. SM uses the phrase "number bond." This threw me for a loop the first time I saw it. It's no biggie - it just refers to the way certain numbers are "connected" to one another, ie, 4 and 2 are a number bond with 6. This is just their way of putting number sentences (2+4=6 4+2=6 6-2=4 6-4=2) all in one package. Clear as mud? :) Truly, it's not a big deal. Just a new term to learn.

We love, love, love SM. My son actually complains that he doesn't get to do enough...I love that it's short, effective & inexpensive!

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Singapore 1A - Regrouping method

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My dd is in Singapore 1A and we are hitting a trouble spot. She is NOT visual and has always struggled with math.

We are getting into the section of adding two digits numbers with one digit numbers using regrouping i.e. 13 + 4 thought as 10 + 3 +4 etc. She just doesn't see the groupings and will still count each item individually to get the total.

We have been working on her addition facts up to 10. She still is continuing to use her fingers when hitting certain addition problems or counting up in her head. We are doing the flashcards, but certain ones just aren't sticking in her head. The manipulatives or counters we have used in the past have not seemed to make any difference. We don't have cuisanaire rods and I am considering getting some, if it will help her to see the groupings of items better.

Did anyone use manipulatives past the basic addition and subtraction facts? And if so what did you use and how did you use those manipulatives. My dd is veeeeery auditory. I am visual and I have struggled in teaching her certain things that come naturally to some one who is a visual learner.

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Have you tried using M&M's as manipulatives? My kids respond to them much quicker than anything else (me too - I work for chocolate).

MFW in the 1st curriculum had card stock numbers 1-9 and then by ten from 10 -100. So if the number was 13 you would pick out the 10 card and then the 3 ones card and "add" them together so the 10 card added with the 3 ones card would be (overlay the three) 13. You could probably make them easily and this might help.
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Re: Singapore 1A - Regrouping method

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doubleportion wrote: Did anyone use manipulatives past the basic addition and subtraction facts? And if so what did you use and how did you use those manipulatives. My dd is veeeeery auditory. -Edie
We used manipulatives for math for a long time well past + -. Yes, I would use some kind of base 10 blocks or real objects such as shown in the Singapore books.

Since she is more auditory, have her say it out loud as she moves it around. Still try to use multisensory teaching so that all bases are covered, but the stronger sense is still there too. :)

Don't worry if she is still getting the math facts in her brain. That's ok. I tend to not let my young children "guess wrong" on math drill facts and "feed them" the answer when they are stuck and have them repeat the correct answer while it is in front of them and we say it together.

Example: right before trying this practice just saying and showing the math facts for things like (almost in chant style or repeat after me style)

13 is 10 plus 3
which means 10 +3 is 13
14 is 10 plus 4
which means 10 +4 is 14
That way it is fresh in their mind. No guess --- it's instruction time more than drill time.

get 17 individual M&M's, or crackers, or beans, or Beads, or even plastic math blocks. (edit to say, I typed M & M's without seeing dawn's recommendation... hee hee hee)

Have her make a pile of 13 pieces. She counts them out individually, and say it out loud.

(and it's also ok if she is counting on her fingers at this age while learning some of it. I don't know why that is perceived as "bad")

now, say it again 13 is 10 plus 3. and make the 13 into 2 sections, a 10 grouping and the 3 group
Now let's add 4
13 plus 4 is the same as
that group of 10 and (now push the 3 grouping closer to the 4 pieces)
3 plus 4
Have her touch each pile (the 10 pile, 3 pile and 4 pile) as you say it all together out loud. touch it anyway.

Well, 3 plus 4 is 7 (touch the piles as you say it and push them together to make that 7 pile)
and 10 plus 7 gives us 17

have her count it out at the end to check the problem

Walk and talk her through several problems like that. Let her try on her own, and then move to worksheets. If she still needs the manipulatives while doing worksheets in 1A, that's ok at her age :)

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Does Singapore teach fact families?

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mommyintraining wrote:If so, is it introduced in 1A?


in Singapore math fact families are called "number bonds". and that starts in 1A.