Singapore - MFW Plans, what is included?(David Hazell reply)

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Singapore - MFW Plans, what is included?(David Hazell reply)

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tiffany wrote:Can anyone tell me what is included in the Singapore lesson plan booklets included with Singapore level sets ordered through MFW?
MFW Singapore Guides is currently a simple guide to help guide parents to combine the textbook and the workbook. It provides a daily lesson plan with reasonable chunks for each day. Our daughter does her Singapore lessons in 30-40 minutes daily. At level 1a and 1b there are some brief explanations of the focused task for the day. We know that our customers appreciate our work in breaking work into small daily chunks.
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singapore guides

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I just received our guide in the mail and it is exactly what David described. The first page is a brief explanation of the program and its strengths. It also mentions slowing down from the scheduled lessons and using manipulatives if your child is struggling. Personally, I need "permission" to do things my way sometimes and I find this helpful. Other than that it is a list of the topics in the book broken down into daily lessons.

It is not in a weekly format like the Teacher Manuals for the main programs but more of a list that you just work through at your own pace. I haven't started yet but the daily lessons look very manageable and plan to stick to them as close as possible. It's nice to have some guidance in how to work through the texts.


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MFW lesson plans for Singapore Math

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Guest wrote:Hi! I see MFW includes lesson plans for Singapore math and I was wondering if there was a sample available? If not could someone describe them for me? Is there a lesson for each topic? I have the home educators guides for levels 2 and 3, but I wanted to see how these compare. Also I have a son who is doing 3b now and 4a this year, can I get just level 4a seperately? And last question, ca I get just the lesson plans for level 2 as a review for my daughter? Thanks so much for the help!
Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 2:44 pm

The Singapore Lesson Plans have suggestions such as--
Day 1 Text pages . . .(6-9)
Workbook pages . . . (7-8)
Day 2 etc.

And yes, you can order just 4A. There are textbook, workbook, answer keys and Lesson Plans available. I ordered just 2A over the phone to see if it "works for us".

Hope that helps !

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Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 1:57 pm

One nice thing about the Daily Lesson Plans that the Hazells made up for level 1 is that they forewarn you about upcoming things. For example, when we were doing 1B, there was a special note before we got to money, saying, "Let your child handle real money for the next week or two," etc. It also gave ideas for games you could play to help strengthen concepts.

If you order a year's Singapore books from MFW, they include the Daily Lesson Plans. Using their plans, I haven't needed the TM offered on other websites.

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Another good reason to get them ~ if you have 2 or more students in one MFW program, it's hard to write down their individual assignments in the TM grid. The planners give you a good place to keep up with each child's math progress without having to write really small (read: messy!) in your TM. :)
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MFW lesson plans for Singapore Math

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Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:31 am

The lesson plan book breaks down for you daily what text book pages and what workbook pages to do to schedule the work in a year. The lesson plans are nice to have so you can check off the work completed, and keep track of where you are at.

It doesn't schedule in drills but gives occasional tips to drill addition facts or practice skip counting. We are doing ECC and have a place in the main weekly schedule separate from math (singapore) when to do drill. I don't know what proogram you're doing but your weekly schedule may have that box as well.
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Are they worth the cost?

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my3sons wrote:Are they worth the cost? Can you tell me a little bit more about what they actually contain?
Posted: Fri May 02, 2008 12:13 pm
Some of it depends on your experience, time availability, etc. I don't feel I *need* them, since Singapore is sort-of set up with lesson segments & then the arrow to the workbook section. But I get them from MFW anyways, for a couple reasons:

* Sometimes a lesson seems awfully short or long -- I like having a "second opinion" to compare with. A few things like reviews are broken into daily chunks. I also find my ds argues less if it's "in the book" instead of mom just randomly springing an extra lesson on him (12-year-old who notices more every year).

* I can go quickly thru the plans and pencil in every lesson into my weekly grid. Those details make my life a tiny bit easier so they're worth it to me, but not every family is the same.

* I keep the booklets as part of my record-keeping for the year. They show what lessons were done, the date, as well as what topics he was learning in those lessons -- those are specified in the guides, as well.

* I am supportive of the MFW efforts at lesson planning and curriculum writing, as well as their ultimate goals -- supporting Bible translations and raising up future generations to serve the Lord. I don't want to sound holier-than-thou at all here, as there are many other ways to support these goals, but those issues tip the scale sometimes.

* Oh, and sometimes I save on shipping if I purchase from fewer vendors :o)

By the way, you may purchase the lesson plans alone from MFW if that helps.

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Posted: Fri May 02, 2008 12:32 pm
agreeing with Julie.

I like having the check list plans. Even though I could just go through the books on my own (not that hard), sometimes we will repeat a lesson, or jump out of place in the book to try something else for a tiny break, or not do the review lesson exactly when we are supposed to, and also it is nice for my husband and I to switch who is teaching every once in a while. So, I have been thankful for having the daily style check list of lesson planning that MFW provides with those plans.

I also like the introduction sections of them because they give an overview of the big picture of how to teach Singapore (not specific notes for each and every single page). Nice to have to refer to.

And MFW provided me personal service with Singapore. I don't mind paying for the lessons as a way to thank them and support them for that extra mile. That's how I look at it. and as Julie said --- I like supporting MFW for other reasons too :)
my3sons wrote:Are they worth the cost?
MFW sells each of the textbook and workbooks for the suggested retail price of $8.70. (You can buy the workbooks separately online, the textbook sold separately upon request.) The MFW lesson plans per level (as in level A, level B) costs $5.10 when purchased as part of the $45 package deal, which represents a full year of math (2 textbooks, 2 workbooks, 2 lesson planner books, plus if you need help they’ll help you on the phone or we’ll help on their company message board, and even help with the placement tests).
my3sons wrote:Can you tell me a little bit more about what they actually contain?
The MFW Singapore Lesson Plans for 1A and 1B contain:
intro section that talks about the big picture of how to teach Singapore.
Then you get a daily check list of do this page in the text, now this page in workbook

In those plans, there are extra helps and hints for other things as well. And reminders to start flashcards or drills But there is not a day to day or lesson to lesson "games, scripts" etc.

MFW's lesson plans for 2A-6B:
you still get the intro section and the daily check list. But the extra helps and hints are not in there. They will probably update those in the near future to have a few more hints.


Pros & cons

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Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:47 am
Reasons to not get them --- you are expecting full lesson plans and teacher's notes.

Reasons to get them --- you like and need day to day lesson planners (me !!! me!!!! me !!!!) and the convenience of not having to figure it out (me!!! mee!!!!!!!) and a quick and easy way to see the semester at a glance with day to day work as well how it can be grouped by topics. I like them and think they are worth the $5.10 each when purchased as part of the bundled package. (I think they charge $6 if you buy just the planner by itself.) But I also want to make sure that people know what they are and what they are not.

Also -- if you place a phone order, I think they will sell just the textbook and workbooks without the planner. cost is 8.70 per book.

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Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:11 am

I really liked having the planner last year! Before looking at it (yeah, it was on my shelf but I forgot about it) our math lessons were more sporatic and frustrating. Singapore does NOT make it easy to know which textbook lesson goes with which workbook lesson. They don't "number up" and you have to look for that little blue arrow at the bottom of the textbook page to show which workbook pages to do. Well, at least for me, I found those arrows easy to miss!

Then I got out the little booklet with it scheduled out and VIOLA we were doing math SO much easier! I was able to easily keep up with it and knew just how much would be needed to be done the next day.

I need to order the booklet for my dd's 1AB books now also.. It's just so much easier to keep up this way.

Would the Level 1 lesson plans be helpful?

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Michele in WA wrote: If I start my dd in 2A instead of starting in level one, would getting the lesson plans for level 1 be helpful in understanding the rest of the levels? I want to make sure I understand "how" to teach the lessons, so that she understands them as well.
I think the answer is no. The extra helps in 1A/1B are geared specifically to the lessons.

However in 2A-6B (at least when I've bought them) there are general helps in each of those levels such as how to use the thought bubbles and to start with the text book and all of that. So the key things overall in Singapore are in all the MFW plans in the intro.

anyway..... Generally, I tend to lean toward start with the simple things that MFW has. If you get stuck trying to figure it out, you can ask here, or call their office and have them walk you through a lesson. You'll use manipulatives in Singapore to help with the lessons. Use the textbook first, build the problem that is in the picture.

Then, there is a forum that singapore math has to help. Lots of ways to help you succeed in using Singapore. It's not as scary as it might seem. I was worried too. Julie in MN helped me via email when I started and it wasn't hard to do. It was one or thing little things. I don't think you'll run into much of it in 2A, but ask out loud.

Then, if you find that none of that is working and you feel like you're missing something and need more to help you, then you can always buy the HIG for extra help. Nothing wrong with that. But not everyone needs them. So, because they are about 16 or 17 dollars per level, you might want to wait and see if you need them before getting them.

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MFW Guides for Singapore

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I really like having the MFW guides for Singapore. It's just my little check-point. We do more than one lesson per day, and I just write down the dates. I like to look ahead and see what topics are coming -- I'm the kind that has to have a month-at-a-glance calendar going, and I think it's the same kind of thing. I like to glance at the guide and know where we're going.
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math 2nd grade

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karlafoisy wrote:I bought the math books separately from MFW. Do you suggest I still buy the MFW teacher's manual for math?
The current MFW lesson plans for grade 2 include the answers to the book problems.

Singapore Lesson Plan Booklets

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Bandy wrote:I am curious what is included in the booklets that MFW sells for use with Singapore math.
Is it simply a scheduling/pacing plan and answer key, or does it include lesson helps or activities as well.
I just haven't a clue what's inside those booklets. Thank you!
This year they were changed a bit. I think this is what someone at mfw told me, and I didn't look long enough at convention, so hopefully others can confirm or correct this:

for books 1A-4B
It is a day to day scheduler, plus answer key, plus hints and helps of the most frequently asked questions on problems.

5A-6B has not yet finished being revised (will be soon)
and is a day to day scheduler.
but answer key still has to be purchased separately. (the answer keys were grouped as 1A-3B, and 4A-6B, so you need the second book there)
for helps and hints - call their office or ask on forum.

I used the old versions of the Singapore plans when they were just day to day scheduler with general hints for the program. I liked the check box planner even though it wasn't "needed". As a package deal I was happy getting the package.

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Re: Singapore Lesson Plan Booklets

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I have the new ones for 1A-1B. They are what pages to cover each day, tips and hints, and answers to the problems. I love the extra tips and hints is the new LPs.

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Re: Singapore Lesson Plan Booklets

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I had the old ones for oldest, and got the new ones for younger and LOVE the new ones!! I only got the ones we need for this year to try, but will be getting the rest too. Excellent!!
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"lesson plans" by MFW for Singapore 1A/1B?

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Yodergoat wrote:I am trying to order the things we will need for second grade for my daughter. I was wondering what are the "lesson plans written by MFW" that are included in the Singapore 1A/2B package available from MFW? Are these integral to using this math in conjunction with MFW? Do these replace the teacher's guides available when buying elsewhere? (Are the teacher's guides written by Singapore Math even needed at this level?)

I ask because I have free credit at a homeschool supply retailer and this item is one I could get from there. &) This retailer also sells each unit separately, so I could "try it out" to see if it's a good fit for us. Yet I don't want to miss out on something if MFW has special lesson plans! :~

I do like to buy from MFW when I can... I love them and like to support them. But, just wondering... So, what are the MFW lesson plans for 1A and 1B like? My girl would place in 1A. Thanks!
I haven't used the 1A/1B lesson plans, but there is a little conversation about them here:
I believe that first level has the most hand-holding in it, as you get used to using Singapore.

The lesson plans also contain the answer keys. You might be able to get by without them in the first level or two, but they make things easier, too.

And, there is a daily "assignment" -- Day 1 do these textbook pages and these workbook pages. Usually those can be figured out by following the little "arrows" in the book, but occasionally the lesson plans will tell you to carry something over until the next day. I used the daily assignments as part of my record-keeping, so they were handy for that, a written record of what we had covered that year, and when.

Hope that helps you think through your order.
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Re: "lesson plans" by MFW for Singapore 1A/1B?

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It does help, Julie, thank you!

I definitely need hand-holding, and accountability, and plans to tell me when to do something! I will get them from MFW. I am sure I can find something else to use my free credit on at the popular homeschool supply retailer. ;)

Also, it seems from reading the archived post that MFW will break the sets up if requested. I think I'd like to do that so I can try it out without committing to a whole year. I suppose I should just call and place the order on the phone so I can ask.
Julie in MN wrote:There is a 1A package on the website, if you scroll way way down...
Looks like it's $22.50 for the 3 pieces, so exactly half, and you can order online if you prefer :)
Oooh, thanks! Makes it simpler! :)
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