Placement - Should I just start with 1A for my 2nd grader?


Would you still start him in 1b...?

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gressman9 wrote:My ds age 6 took the placement test for 1b and got about 88% on it. The main thing he didn't get was the mental math stuff that we haven't 36+8= 30 +__+4+4=30+10+__=44 Would you still start him in 1b....or would you keep testing up?
Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 12:41 pm

If it were my child, I'd look at his age as part of it too as well as the placement results. Given his age (6 y.o), I'd start with 1B and move through at his pace.

When my oldest switched to Singapore she was in the similar situation with placement. She could have gone into 5A, but I don't regret starting in 4B with her. And then with my 2nd daughter, she might have been able to start in 1B, but I just had this feeling that 1A was the better decision so we did that. It worked fine to learn a new method with material that was already mostly familiar to her.

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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:29 pm

I agree with Crystal. My 6 yr old twins tested into 2A this year but I put them into 1B which was great. It allowed them to feel immediate success and laid a great foundation in the way Singapore teaches them to think. They quickly moved through it and are now into 2A.

2A quickly moves into double digit addition but it was an easy transition because the groundwork in 1B.

I also did this with my oldest who tested into 4B but I placed him in 4A and it had been a smooth and successful transition.
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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:38 am

I wouldn't worry about placing too low. We came into Singapore from a different math program and had to start back a bit because of differences in the program. It hasn't hurt us a bit. We did some math over summers.

Recently, I had wanted to move my 7th grade daughter into something more independent and "just for her". I had my eye on Teaching Textbooks for some time now for junior high and high school math. My daughter was only through level 4A in Singapore though, so I wasn't sure she was ready for the switch. However she scored great on the Level 7 placement test and we have started her on that and she is doing very well.

That said, I wouldn't sweat the placement. You can just move more quickly through the parts he/she already knows. In my opinion, there's no big rush to get to long division anyway, ugh! I ignored their ages and went with what the placement said and it has certainly worked for us. The mental math is one of the things that sets Singapore apart from the rest.

Start in 1B or 1A?

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jocelynaz wrote:I've read with the classical approach that an official math curriculum should not be started until 10yo anyway, so my dh and I were okay with holding off math until he got closer to 10. Well, he is 9 1/2 now and I would like to start up math again with him.

I'm wondering...although he barely made the 80% mark, I'm thinking he's still fine to do 1B. He missed a few questions not because he didn't understand how to do it but because he didn't fully understand the question. But then on the other hand I thought, should I go ahead and start him in 1A anyway to get him started on the right track with the SM method? We've used 2 different math programs in the past.
Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:38 pm
My son placed squarely into 1B after MFW1 so we started there. I wish I had gone back and breezed through 1A. Not because it was horrible, not because he struggled ~ math is his favorite & best subject. It's inexpensive & the way SM works, I just would've like to have gotten in their concepts from the beginning. This is what we will be doing with my daughter next year ~ we won't even take the placement test this time.

If you don't mind starting there, I think you'll be pleased that you did. If you think it'll be 'babyish' or boring for your child, that's another story. However, most kids prefer stuff that's too easy over too hard. And because the lessons are so short & doable, he can probably move very quickly through the first book & a half.
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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:54 pm

That's what we're doing! (1A) He is still mastering his addition facts, so I wanted to make sure we had plenty of drill time, etc. before we moved on. When I first saw it I was hoping he didn't balk at it thinking it was too easy, but when I explained my thinking to him and used MFW guide's "main concepts" to teach each lesson it worked out well. Doing it on my own I would have been confused. There's not much in the guides, but just enough to "guide" you. Ok, that was just a little corny. LOL.

Anyway, I always err on the side of caution and would much rather have my son feeling super confident then struggle.

Take care,

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 7:12 pm

When I spoke of the guide, I was saying the one that MFW puts out. They are simple, but they gave me a "focus" when teaching the more simpler concepts. Basically, the first page of 1A you are counting, but they give you the key term "set" to help show that the things grouped together can be considered as one.

The booklet MFW puts out is actually called a "lesson plan." I guess that makes more sense as they do give the lessons. We don't go by them perfectly because we're just skimming through.

Maybe you won't need them at all. I think they have just given me just a little help to know WHY I am having my son study this particular lesson.

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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:31 pm

Starting with 1A will give you a wonderful foundation to Singapore's mathematical thinking. It is a different than most other programs, but we love it. It teaches your kids how to think mathematically.

Be sure to buy the home instructor's guide (not the teacher's guide) - lots of math games to go along with the books and ideas on how to teach the methods.

- Sara
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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:44 pm

Another reason for starting in 1A for me would be that the "A" books seem to have more of a focus on mathematics, and the "B" books tend to have more geometry, measurement, etc.

It might be nice for you to know that even if a Singapore "A" level doesn't whiz along, you may be whizzing thru the following "B" book.

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Placement - Should I just start with 1A for my 2nd grader?

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inHisgrip wrote:My 7 year old ds is finishing 1st with MFW, and I just ordered ADV yesterday for next year (can't wait for box day!!). I tested him with the Singapore placement test and he only got three problems wrong on the 1A test, so I ordered 1B and 2A for next year.

Now I'm questioning myself... I'm wondering if it would be best to start at the beginning, 1A? Are we going to be "missing" anything in 1A that is built upon? I know 1A would be very easy for him, but we could go through at a fast rate, right? I want to be sure he gets a strong start at it (and I'm kind of hoping Singapore may help my skills too??).

I guess I'm wondering if it would be best to order 1A and start there, or if that would just be a waste of time? Any suggestions are welcome!!
When I was in your situation, I ordered 1A and 1B for my dd because I wanted that foundation and she seemed so young. She went through 1A very, very quickly, but I'm glad that she did it because it nails down addition and subtraction sentences and number bonds, and especially "thinking in tens," which lays the foundation for using Singapore, IMO. You don't "have to use it" and your ds will probably cruise through it if you get it. I thought it was worth it. It would be good to hear from someone that started their dc in 1B and how that went.
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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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When we started Singapore 2 years ago, we had the same situation that you do. My dd tested into 1B, so I ordered the 1B/2A package. When I looked at the books, I thought that she would do fine with 1B during the first half of the year, but I wasn't sure she'd be ready for the material in 2A during the second half of the year. I asked a couple of questions on this board and read some of the archives, and I decided to go ahead and get 1A and start my dd there. I'm so glad we did. Most of 1A was really easy for my dd, so we sometimes did several lessons a day instead of just one. But, I'd rather have it be easy for her to start out than to have her struggle later because we moved too fast. We completed 1A/1B in 2nd grade, 2A/2B in 3rd grade, and this year we'll do 3A/3B. I'm glad that I didn't rush her ahead too much.
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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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Thank you for this thread! My oldest ds tested at 88% to go into 1B, but it seemed like he was having some trouble with how Singapore presents mathmatical thinking. It took him awhile to answer the questions. When I asked the office they recommended a 1A / 1B package to reinforce the basics, and the new way of problems being presented. This thread is helping solidify my choice of 1A / 1B. I also was wondering when it arrived today if the 1A was going to be too easy. It looks like it worked well though for others. Thank you.
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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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I am in the same situation with my son. I ended up not even testing him and just ordering 1a/1b. After looking at the books, I am pretty sure 1a will be very easy for him but I am glad that we are still going with it. One of the reasons I am thankful is because it will give me more of a chance to get familiar with their style and how to teach it. I think that it will be helpful to have some time knowing it is more of a review instead of the pressure of teaching him something all new, but some of that could be my issues since this is our first year homeschooling!

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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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After your question I went and looked up on the MFW website of where we were trying to get to with Singapore, and by the end of what grade.

MFW website has down to complete 5B Singapore by the end of 6th grade. This means if you do 1A / 1B for 2nd grade you will finish 5B at the end of 6th grade with one level per year. It was a comfort to me.
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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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I started my ds(9) in 1B. He did well for the most part but it would have been better for him to start in 1A. Sometimes it seemed like we were missing a piece of the puzzle. He will start 4A in the fall and really gets the math now. I love Singapore math!

With dd(5) we will start at 1A (when she gets to grade 2.) We can always speed up the assignments if it is easy.
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Re: Where to start Singapore for my 2nd grader?

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Thank you all so much. I will order 1A today. I feel so much more comfortable with that. I want to give my ds encouragement to love math and I think having things easier for him rather than more difficult will certainly do that. I also think that starting from the beginning will help me understand and be better at teaching it.

Just to add... I missed our homeschool conference this year. I really look forward to the encouragement I get there every year. I'm so blessed that I can come here and get such wonderful support from other homeschooling families. Thank you all for taking the time here to bless each other!!!
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Where to start in Singapore?

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Cyndi (AZ) wrote: My dd went from MFW1 math, which we loved, into Singapore 1A. I didn't even bother to test her. I was so proud of myself for not testing her! Then I tested her anyway after she started it. :-) Most kids easily place into 1B after MFW1, but I still recommend starting with 1A to get into the Singapore way of thinking. Sorry for being off-topic a bit.
Cyndi made this comment in another thread, and I wanted to give it its own topic, as I have been considering the exact same thing!

I wold love to know what others have done, tested? not tested? started then a little below where they tested? started them at level tested, skipping the first book or more?

How do you feel about your decision in retrospect?

For the record, I was seriously considering just starting her in the 1st book. She is doing the 1st grade MFW and 2nd grade in other subjects. She reads extremely well, and knows everything in the 1st curriculum, but I wanted her to get the Bible and stuff from it.

I haven't decided if Adventures will be 2nd or 3rd grade. She has a late birthday, so could really go either way by age. If I end up calling it 3nd grade, do I want her to have started with book one, if she would have tested earlier? She is one that if the material is easy, she will fly through and do it for fun, so that might not be a problem.

Yet, I am afraid that if we skip, will will miss some important aspects of Singapore that she should have learned.

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Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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I started my ds in 1A, he was in private school for kinder and first. I wanted him to get the foundation of Singapore. I am very glad that we did start in 1A. He knew most of it, but it was a different way for him and I feel it helped him understand it more. We finished 1A and 1B in Dec (Aug-Dec). We are now starting on 2A. I have decided it is best that he learns and understands it rather than worry about what level we are/should be working on!


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Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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We just started with Singapore a couple of weeks ago. When I called MFW, they recommended taking the online tests no matter what you have used in the past. We finished Saxon 2 in December and Juliette placed in between 1B and 2A. I am very glad we are using 1B first because it is so different. I would start with the low end. We are moving fast through 1B, but I'm glad we didn't jump into 2A since there's not much review.
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Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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I did test last summer and he scored 90%, which would allow him to start with 1B. I called the MFW office and told them that although he had scored high some of the problems, with Singapore type thinking, had taken quite a while to do. They suggested starting in 1A to give him a good solid footing in Singapore before 1B.

I am so glad that I went with their suggestion! :-) 1A was easy for him, but it gave him a chance to feel very comfortable with the program before we started multiplication and division in 1B.
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Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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Dear Misty,

Most students who have completed MFW K and 1st grade test into 1B or 2A. As you have heard though some decided to begin at 1A and just move through it at a quicker pace to give the foundation needed. The website also gives information on how to test and choose the right level to begin.

As you are working through MFW First Grade math be sure to do the daily activities as well as the hands-on suggestions for each weekly topic on the yellow math grid. Remember that the workbook is only a supplement to these daily hands-on activities. These will lay a good foundation in preparation to move into Singapore as well.

If you have any questions about placement once you have tested, please give us a call (573-426-4600) and we will be glad to help you.


Re: Where to start in Singapore?

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my middle gal isn't an advance kid by any measure. after first grade she tested into 1B. I started at 1A just because we had time and I figured it couldn't hurt to do 1A.

no regrets.

Take placement test. do it.

My oldest? placed into 4B in the middle of 5th grade and started there.
Lucy Robertson wrote:If you have any questions about placement once you have tested, please give us a call (573-426-4600) and we will be glad to help you.
I just want to say out loud: This is one of many reasons that I love MFW.

This might sound a little weird in writing.... but there was this time I was at a convention and some random person asked me "well, why does MFW charge more for Singapore than blah blah discounter over there?" (I was not working for mfw in their booth by the way.)

I looked at the price difference and said "you mean why is MFW charging full retail instead of 75 cents less? Well, that's because this company here, MFW, will help you with the placement test, and help on the phone and in this booth how to use Singapore. I think 75 cents per book is a bargain for that service!"

Thank you MFW!
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Singapore placement for 2nd grader

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hsmom5 wrote:
Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:20 pm
Have you used the Singapore math booklets yet? If so I was wondering if it goes more in depth in the teachings, because so far I purchased the 1B/2A booklet. We're on 1B right now, but it seems like it skims through the different teachings fairly quickly. I thought we would spend more time on subjects like multiplication and division than just a few days.. This is my first time teaching out of these textbooks so not sure if it goes more in depth later on in the years.. Also I was wondering how do I know if my kids are up to "grade-level" on their math/LA ??
I used mfw k & mfw 1st for math with my oldest before we started Singapore math in 2nd grade. I did not supplement for 1st but I did add a math workbook to k.

I decided to go with Singapore 1A / 1B for 2nd grade. I didn't do the placement test. 1a was all review. 1B was review for about the first quarter but than started introducing new concepts some. 2A, which were are about 3/4 through, is new material---double/ triple digit addition and subtraction, borrowing, carrying, division, multiplication, measuring in meteric system, word problems, etc. We are probably going to attempt to get through 3 books this year instead of just 2.

I think 1B / 2A is a good way to go. A little review to build confidence and make sure he got it all and then on to new stuff. My kid flew through 1A/1B so you may end up starting 2A anyway.
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Re: Singapore placement for 2nd grader

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Thanks lea_lpz for the reply, so far were almost done with 1B and will son be moving on to 2A. I think it's going to work out fine.. I think I might just be over thinking it too much on what she needs to learn and when!! Im still in the first years of homeschooling so still trying to "unschool" myself from what I learned growing up in the traditional school setting haha! As these months go by I'm getting more comfortable with the program!! Thanks for all the information!!!! Blessings!!