State Bird, Flower, and Tree

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State Bird, Flower, and Tree

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This list will be helpful as you study the 50 states. See full-color pictures of each state bird, flower, tree, flag, and seal. You can even listen to the songs of state birds. Please keep in mind the links below are to sites that MFW neither controls or routinely monitors. We recommend the parent/teacher review the sites and videos before the student views them.

This site shows many different state symbols with additional information and videos:

There is another site that has about half of the songs of the state birds. It plays with Windows Media Player and plays from both Explorer and Firefox.

Following is another site for any that are not found on the site above. Bird names are listed in alphabetical order.
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Re: State Bird, Flower, and Tree

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I think MFW should add the song "Fifty States that Rhyme" to this as I learned that song growing up and can still say all 50 states in alphabetical order with the song, plus I learned to point to the State's location as I sand so my memory of the 50 states is really good and doing the song made it fun. I downloaded the song from itunes and they have a newer version than my old one growing up but its still the same words. My kids learned it pretty fast and became good at locations as well.

An additional art idea with the state birds and flowers is to take an enlarged blank state map (preferably something about 11 x 17 inch )and have the kids draw the bird or flower in each state. Makes a great keepsake and they can see a visual where many of the birds live (northern bird or southern bird) as opposed to just learning about the state.
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