ADV Weeks 26-27

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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ADV Weeks 26-27

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Adventures in MFW Weeks 26-27
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Minnesota book

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My childhood home was Hibbing, Mn. There is a children's book written about Hibbing called "The Town That Moved". It is a true account of how the houses were "rolled" to another site when the mining company discovered iron ore under the original homes. We've actually seen the few homes that remain from the move. It's quite amazing how successful the move was!
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Re: Weeks 26-27

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We made a really cute "covered wagon" last week as an extra craft. I found the idea in a book, but it was basically a cardboard box, we cut out cardboard wheels and used brads to fasten them to the sides of the box, then we used a sheet of white paper taped to the inside of the box and curved up over it to make the "cover" of the wagon. We used yarn for reigns and has some stuffed animals "pull" the wagons around, although the book showed little plastic horses. Yeehaw!! It was fun!

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Abe Lincoln

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When we read that Abraham Lincoln was 6 ft 4 inches tall, we decided to "measure" him on our doorpost. We taped a line at 6 ft. 4 in. for Abe, placed his name there, and then measured each other and added our own mark. It really brought "Abe to life" as my kids realized how tall he was. Next week, I am planning on cutting out the shape of his tall hat to place on the mark on the wall to show the boys how tall he looked in addition to the hat on his head.

Re: Weeks 26-27

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Week 26, Science, TH (Fizz)

For citric acid, you can easily use 2 spoons of Lemonade mix. (powered kind). Then no need to add sugar either :)
bicarb of soda is baking soda and just 1 spoon.

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Fun science book for Solids/Liquids/Gases for younger grades

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We just checked this out of our library to use with Adventures week 26, and really enjoyed it. Change It! Solids, liquids, gases and you by Adrienne Mason. My DD really balks at TOO much information; this book had nice pics, not too much detail, and fun,easy experiments. We actually did 2 experiments in one day (def. not typical for us)...making our own ice cream (liquid to solid) and painting w/salt (liquid to gas and solid). If you have a child that REALLY enjoys science & is into all the explanations, this would be too simple...but it was a perfect fit for my daughter even though she's in 2nd grade. A plus is the experiments are easy to do without a lot of prep.

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