ADV Weeks 6-7

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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Dutch windmill

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To end the week 6 study of New Amsterdam I had dd draw a picture of a windmill using this site I found with step by step instructions on drawing the windmill.
She then wrote a brief sentence telling what she learned.
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Yeast Experiment!

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Hey - so we are on week 6, doing the first yeast experiment. It is going super well and the kids want to keep it up for Dad to see tonight --

Hey! No explosions. :-) It puffed up HUGE but then deflated down, the seal wasn't super tight. It was fun though.
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Re: ADV Weeks 6-7

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Making Butter Relay

got from Thanksgiving Colonial Times Unit Study by Wholesome Learning --- make it into a relay. Divide into 2 teams. Put 2 cones or chairs with 2 mason jars filled with heavy cream a distance away. Each team runs to cone and shakes the mason jar 10 times and runs back and tags the next person. First team to make butter, wins. Prize? Homemade bread!
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Horn Book

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We made horn books as part of Week 7. There were so many references and pictures in the Book Basket selection and the kids really enjoyed pointing them out and comparing the different ones in each book.

1) Cut out a piece of cardboard to make the paddle (basically a rounded rectangle with a narrow rectangle to make the handle). Ours were about 8" in length.
2) Print a reading page (or two if you want a backside). I used an Old English font. The fronts often had the Alphabet both, both lower and upper case, letter blends, and a passage from the Bible. The back often had numbers, such as the Roman Numerals.
3) Glue the reading page(s) onto the cardboard paddle.
4) Using a plastic page protector, cut out a "horn sheet" slightly larger than the reading page.
5) Attach the "horn sheet" using metal brads in each corner. I used a hole punch to punch through all the layers and the kids put the brads into the paddles.
6) Punch a hole at the end of the handle and string a leather strap (or yarn, strip of fabric, etc. - the early settlers seemed to be very creative with their limited supplies) through the hole for a wrist strap.
Close up of the horn book front side (sorry it is fuzzy...had a hard time not getting a reflection off the "horn sheet")
Close up of the horn book front side (sorry it is fuzzy...had a hard time not getting a reflection off the "horn sheet")
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Our horn books
Our horn books
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