ADV Weeks 1-3

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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Adventures Week 1 / Jealous Siblings

Unread post by gratitude »

The letter that the Adventures program had me write for Bible for my oldest ds7 was an absolute blessing to him.

It left my 5 & 3 year olds feeling jealous. Especially my 5 year old who is only younger by 20 months. Jealousy isn't something we deal with a lot with in our home, which in many ways made today even worse for me to see it manifested to such a degree.

A suggestion:

Unless you have younger children who have completely overcome sibling jealousy by their toddler & K years, write letters for ALL the children and present them at the same time.

Our home school went unusually well today, but it ended on a note of tears. The saddest part is writing the letter meant a lot to me, and it wasn't any fun to see my children divided over what was a special gift for my oldest that he did appreciate. I did the letter at 10:00 last night. It crossed my mind briefly to do all of them. I guess I thought I could do it later, or when they were older.

Their names mean a lot to us since we picked them for the meanings of their names. I wish I had thought ahead on this one...
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Re: Adventures Week 1 / Jealous Siblings

Unread post by Metairie »

We are going to begin Adv next week. Thank you for the heads up! I talked to dh about Juliette's letter, now he has more homework for Jordan. It would be a "what about mine" time in our house. The jealousy is getting much better now that they are maturing in Christ, but having something so special from mom and dad would be hard to accept not receiving.

Much appreciated!
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Pochohantos - Disney?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

kacairo1 wrote:How does the Disney movie, Pochohantos compare with the actual story? I haven't seen it, but was thinking about showing it to my daughter whose doing ADV. Pros/Cons?
Way, way off LOL! It's a good lesson in comparing movies to books or to real lives :)

John Smith is a handsome hero, everyone on the ship loves him, he is saved by Pocahontas, and it seems like a romance story.

Real story (history as always is never exactly known & every source will differ):
John Smith was a sailor who sailed over here on an expedition for profit.
He was almost executed by shipmates on that voyage to the new land, but instructions for Jamestown said he was to be a leader.
Pocahontas was a child who, according to the story, saved John Smith when he was captured by her tribe.
She went on to become a Christian, marry John Rolfe, go with him to England, and die within a couple of years.

My memory is probably rusty, so hopefully some folks will correct me!
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Re: Pochohantos

Unread post by cbollin »

I agree that the movie is not intended to be historical fact.

In the movie they definitely were "romantically" involved and that was a major plot line and all of that. none of that is in history books. Smith records her as being about 10 years old when they met. The movie has her older than she was.

in the 2nd movie,there are a lot of timeline issues of when, why she was sent to England and whether or not she was already Rebecca Rolfe by the time she went. and did the movie even deal with her son???? oh well. doesn't matter. the big thing is, no the movies are not historical accurate. They are disney movies.

Given this is a "christian" "biblical" worldview online community, I think it only proper to mention the level of shamanism in the 1st movie. Pocahontas talks directly with the spirits in the tree and all of that. I know we all have various approaches on how to handle other beliefs.

I don't know if you want to watch it. But if you do, expect to have to filter for the nature and spirit worship, as well as the whole disney american princess love story. I like how she took down Smith for him talking down about her culture. ;)

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Re: Pocahantos

Unread post by kacairo1 »

Oh, thank you! I hate to show things that are incorrect, especially at a young age. Later on it would make for good comparisons, I guess. LOL! Thanks again!
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Re: Pochohantos

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I haven't seen the movie, but I remember an interview with the star years ago when he was questioned about the blatent historical innacuracies, and he said, "Did anyone notice that there is a 'talking raccoon?' This was never meant to be a factual movie."

that's just always cracked me up
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Re: Pochohantos

Unread post by mlhom4him »

For us the bigger issue with the movie is the blatant spirit worship and shamanism that is everywhere in the movie. The incorrect history is bad enough and then they added a ton of horrid pagan spirit worship.

Mary Lou
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3 - Toobs

Unread post by LaraM »

I was at Michael's craft store the other day and found some really cool additions to the Powhatan Indian/Pocahontas and Jamestown studies. They have little "toobs" (plastic containers with about 10-12 2" figurines inside--about the size of little army men) that contain an assortment of things--mainly animals, pirates, space, rain forest etc. Imagine my excitement when I came across a "Jamestown toob" that contains a Captain John Smith replica and a "Powhatan Indian toob" with Pocahontas and Chief Wahunsonacock (Pocahontas' father). There is even a little sheet of paper included that provides a little information about the figurines. The toobs cost $6.99 here (Melbourne, FL), and I had a couple 50% off coupons, so they were only $3.50 each. My boys had a terrific time making a Powhatan Indian village with wigwams (out of earth tone model magic), trees using twigs, collecting some dirt for the base etc. A very nice project that they enjoyed thoroughly. We haven't created the Jamestown one yet, but it is a fun project and we hope to do it as well. Enjoy!
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Re: Day 8: Foil sailing ships

Unread post by Mrs. O »

We just made these, thanks for the tips, they were very helpful! Here is a link to my post on them ... bus-ships/
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3 - Suncatcher alternative

Unread post by JulieMom »

Wanted to share an alternative activity to the activities with the crayon shavings (I know, we're a bit late - we started "late"). I am not a big fan of crayon shavings/ironing, and when I came across a similar suncatcher craft I adapted our JESUS suncather (& will do the same for the sun one if I can find yellow tissue paper - or maybe will go out & buy some).

Anyway, same idea only use tissue paper of various colors and contact paper - and construction paper for the border. We cut out contact paper & put the JESUS letters on mirror image (so they're facing the right way when you turn it over). Then my girls placed cut pieces of colored tissue paper, overlapping, completely covering the contact paper (and JESUS letters). Afterwards, place another piece of contact paper over it all, trim and add your border! What was fun, was seeing how all 4 of my girls each came up with such different JESUS suncatchers. My oldest decided to do hers in the shape of a cross, with "JESUS" going vertical down the center piece. Her border was cross-shaped as well. My 2nd oldest did hers in rows like a rainbow with "JESUS" somewhat diagonal and yellow border (in a rectangle). My 6yo made hers into a picture with JESUS across the middle, blue on the top half (sky) with a sun in the corner, and green across the bottom with dots of color (flowers). My 3yo did hers just random colors & it turned out beautiful too!

ADV Hands on Project; I need a replacement Idea?

Unread post by cbollin »

gratitude wrote:I don't have an iron. Does anyone have an idea of a replacement for melting crayon between wax paper? Or does anyone have another idea to capture the meaning of the name of Jesus project without the wax paper, crayon shaving, & iron? I want to do the project, but in a way that will be successful. Any ideas?

Thank you!
I just tried it with a sprinkle of crayon shavings in

1. microwave -- didn't work . don't do that.

2. a hair dryer! -- wahoo! that worked

do you have a hair dryer?

3. regular oven will work. --- stay very close! it melts fast at very low temp (smokin at 165). I turned oven on, put pan in there. hit timer for 3 minutes... it was time to pull out of oven after 1.5 minutes

if you try regular oven..... you have a potential for a big mess on your baking pan... just sayin'... it will scrap off with fingernail,
if you go with regular oven. line the baking pan with alum foil, then set the wax paper on it. oven temp must be low.... 165-180 ish... less than 3 minutes keep an eye on it!
the foil is to keep the wax from melting to the pan... cute little circle though...
the pan is ok...

hair dryer. quick easy. no mess and my fingernails are fine... LOL

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Re: ADV Hands on Project; I need a replacement Idea?

Unread post by gratitude »

IT WORKED CRYSTAL!!! :-) :-) :-) The blow dryer that is. I, well, I didn't try the oven. Thank you for trying it though.

We have a beautiful picture on our dining room window of the name of Jesus with melted crayon that looks quite pretty.

And guess what? I thought I had wax paper, but I did not. So what else works I thought? Crystal you were my inspiration. I kept thinking what would Crystal come up with, something I am sure. So two zip lock gallon bags cut in half worked. I used one half from each that didn't have Zip Lock printed on it. We put the letters and shaved crayon in between the plastic and used the blow dryer. It worked great! :-) I wouldn't want to try the Zip Lock in the oven! I am trying to substitute this year if I don't have something rather than panic and run to the store.


P.S. Crystal how is the cheese grater? I have one sharp knife that is quite multi-colored from crayon. Hee. hee...

Re: ADV Hands on Project; I need a replacement Idea?

Unread post by cbollin »


adapt and improvise... sounds like me... That's one of the things with using MFW and I don't have the thing that I am absolutely sure is in the pantry.... ... what could work? try it! why not! wahoo!

and now you can rewrite it all in the Ideas forum and help others! you rock girl friend...

oh the cheese grater.. well, I told you this off the board, so I'll share it now..
I did both orange and blue shavings the other day to help you out - fun doing that...
I cleaned the orange off. then added blue....

but.. in my mad and crazy dash to the computer to post to you. I forgot to clean the blue crayon from the grater..... later than night, my husband gets home and is setting the table for supper... he sees the crayon on there and clean it for us and then sets down the cheddar cheese on the table.

dh: what craft did you do today in school?
me: huh? oh yeha... there's this lady on the internet... and., well, and the oven, and the hair dryer, and ... well...

he listens for a moment... "let's pray so we can eat and you can finish the story"
he leads the blessings at meal
"Heavenly Father, thank you for opportunities to serve each other, and provision for cleaning supplies so that we don't have "blue" chesse tonight"


and yes, this time, I was good about it and didn't scrape my fingers.... on the grater. ah.... cheese grater, and/or those little hand hold pencil sharpeners..... work easier than knife...

I should back into hiding now... but that explains the kind of ditz I am with crafts....

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Bible scripture for name?

Unread post by donutmom »

tabrett wrote:Is there a website that tells you the meaning of a NON-Biblical name and a verse of scripture that goes with the name? Years ago I had seen stores that would make a little printout of what I am looking for, but I can't find it on the Internet. I was thinking about giving my children a nice picture-like print out of the meaning of their name when we start ADV. Thanks!
Yes, I saw those name cards at a gift store at an outlet mall about a year ago.

We just used the definition and picked our own verse for it--and my kiddos do have Bible names. Bible gateway is a great resource.

Here's a site that has quite a few names listed and a scripture to go with them. And if the name isn't there, you can inquire about it without an obligation to order. Maybe it will help.

For some reason my name is never in these lists. . . . maybe "wine goddess" isn't very Biblical???!!!! :-)
tabrett wrote:Thanks, I sent them an email. My dd's name is Logan. Not only is it not in the Bible, everything I find about the name is for a boy. I would do the letter like ADV says, but telling your dd that you pick their name off an episode of a SYFY show because you thought it sounded cool, is not very meaningful. :~

Is your name Denise? That is my middle name "goddess of wine" lol.
Yep, that's me!

Funny thing, my kiddos have biblical names, but it wasn't necessarily what we were going for. It just happened to be the only names my hubby and I could agree on!

For my first, we settled on the middle name (family name) long before the first name. But it was for a boy. Didn't even have a girl name narrowed down. (Well, the middle name was decided from the time I was probably 8 years old--my mom & grandma & I have same middle name, so I wanted my daughter to have it--and it's a great middle name in that it goes with just about anything. But no first names.) Good thing he came out a boy.

Then child two. Finally settled on boy name, no girl names. We just had such difficulty agreeing on girls. I think we sort of had about 5 or 6 going into it. But it was a boy, so we were good!

Then child number three. Same story. But this one came out a girl. Uh oh! She was named when she was 2 1/2 days old--and it was time to fill out the paperwork for the birth certificate!! And it was hubby who named her--he was holding her and picked her name because he thought that's what she looked like! Now isn't that a nice story for a kid???!! (sarcasm there. Imagine the scene. . . little girl curled up in mother's lap. . . "Mama," she asks, expectantly, "how did you pick my name?" "Well, Sweetie", replies the mother, "they were kicking us out of the hospital, and we had to finish the paperwork. So Dad lifted you up, looked at you, and declared, 'You look like a (name option 4). Write it down, and let's get out of here.' And that's how you got your name.") :)


Re: Bible scripture for name?

Unread post by cbollin »

I used one from

and then used Biblegateway to find a verse that either went with it, or was a favorite.

I used to see stuff like that in gift stores all the time. maybe try a local book store? sometimes even in Bible book stores you can find those and the names might be common names in culture vs just religious names.
tabrett wrote: Not only is it not in the Bible, everything I find about the name is for a boy. I would do the letter like ADV says, but telling your dd that you pick their name off an episode of a SYFY show because you thought it sounded cool, is not very meaningful. :~
you're not the only person on this forum who has done that. ;)

I wouldn't worry about the letter in ADV. If you read the one that the hazells wrote to their child, she didn't get a biblical name either. from family name and they made up something nice sounding for the letter.

Be honest... tell them they are special to you and you picked a name you like because you like them.

don't worry about it being all perfect sounding......

my third child? when I found out I was having her a name popped in my mind in the first second... good thing.. she was a girl.

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ADV Weeks 2 - Science and Columbus

Unread post by Ashlie »

We are already enjoying our journey through Adventures :) (our 3rd year in MFW)! The message boards are inspiring, and like any great "artist" I steal all my ideas. However, I think I FINALLY came up (sort of) with something ;-) "Science with Air" talks about the folded paper and the cardboard air pusher. It suggests drawing a face or something on the paper. After several Christopher Columbus book basket reads, the American Pioneers and Patriots, and Animated Heroes "Christopher Columbus", I thought, "Hey, let's draw Columbus' ships on the paper!" So, that's what we did. Drew ships on the pics and the brothers raced their ships from Spain to the New World. :) Fun stuff.
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Re: Name Food

Unread post by rinakay »

We made pancakes in the shapes of the letters of the kids' names. I used a Turkey Baster and filled it with pancake batter and "wrote" their individual letters on the griddle. The kids chose the letters from the stack to make their name and got to eat their names for breakfast!
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by shara1 »

We are really enjoying MFW even more than last year!

Week 2: The kids had SO much fun making their boats and sailing them in the bathtub. My nephew ended up being with us that day and is in 4th grade, but he thought homeschooling was the best:). You can see how they turned out here ... -2-review/. The egg science experiment worked out well too. We also tested to see how many tsps of salt it took to get the egg to start floating (I had them guess beforehand).

Week 3: Warning...use a small and thin piece of cardboard for the cup of water experiment:). The crayon shaving activity turned out cute and even my 3 yo could contribute. The kids are loving the Squanto book! ... -3-review/.
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Had to share God's blessing on me today (Adventures related)

Unread post by hearts4him »

We started Adventures today! It was fun. :)

I sat down this afternoon to write out the letters for my kids. I have to be honest that I was *this* close to skipping it. We didn't have real godly stories of why we chose our kids names and I felt kind of silly doing it.

Well, I have to tell you that I did sit down and do them, and I was blown away by the words that God gave me for each of the kids and how He tied the meaning of their names, the silly reasons we chose them, plus their godly character that they exhibit all together. I am blessed by these letters and can't wait to share them with my kids. The other thing that was really exciting to me is that God has pressed on my heart recently some character traits that are a struggle for each of my children, but also where I believe He is going to be able to most use them in their lives. I've been praying about it, but haven't really chosen "life verses" for them. Today when I was doing my letters, God gave me a verse for each of them! They are a perfect reflection of who my kids are and something I think will encourage them both as they get older.

The verses he gave me were:

For my daughter: Psalm 5:11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

For my son: Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything, set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching, show integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us. Titus 2:6-8 (My son's name also happens to be Titus, and I found the verse before I realized where it was, which is way cool.)

I was just really blessed this afternoon, and wanted to share, especially to anyone who may be feeling like I was and considering not doing it. I really encourage you to!
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Re: Had to share God's blessing on me today (Adventures rela

Unread post by Mom2theteam »


I sort of wanted to skip those letters too...especially since one of my sons' names is Blake which means "black and white." Seriously! I knew this when I picked it, but I just love it and have since I was a pre-teen.

Anyway, I found other things to focus on, like the people we named each of them after and the Godly qualities they had...all my kids have middle names after a family member we respect and would be happy to have our children emulate. I was glad I took the time to do the letters and I know my children enjoyed them.

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Had to share God's blessing on me today (Adventures rela

Unread post by gratitude »

Thank you so much for sharing! :-) I love reading people's special moments from ADV. I know we had many of them too, and making the letters was one of them.

Another project some where in the first few weeks is making 'name cookies'. I remember thinking of possibly skipping that one as well, and I was so glad I didn't! It was a very 'good' moment with some neighbors that really needed to know they were special. There are some gems in that program for sure.
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by bethinga »

My son is reluctant to talk about spiritual things. I've always gotten the impression that the name of God and talking about God just feel heavy to him. I was reluctant to try the Jesus Sun Catcher in Wk 3 because I thought he'd be shy about participating. But, I found a twist that made it more appealing for him, and also loosened him up to have fun. He loved the Greek letters we looked at in 1st grade and also loves looking at Chinese writings. So, I found the letters for Jesus in Greek, and we cut those out instead for our sun catcher! He thought it was pretty cool! And we all had fun making it, shaving the crayons, and selecting colors, my K daughter included. Just thought I'd share for anyone else whose child may enjoy this twist.
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