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Food allergies

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

More Red, White, and Blue Snack Ideas
Especially for those with food allergies

mgardenh wrote:Ok. The First week of adventures we are supposed to have a red, white, and blue snack. They suggest yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries. Of course my DD is allergic to blueberries and strawberries. She is also allergic to cows milk so we could use soy yogurt. My dd can not have gluten (anything with wheat, oats, barley, rye, malt), dairy (whey, casein, milk, cheese, lactose). So any suggestions on a snack? Preferably healthy but we do allow gluten/casein free candy. Thanks for the tips.
Posted Wed May 14, 2008 2:12 pm by Mercy
Life was busy and my husband made our "American snack" - Quesidillas dyed with red, "white" and blue stripes. Yep.

I said that to say, anything works...just use food coloring. :-)

Maybe someone has some specific ideas, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

Posted Wed May 14, 2008 2:25 pm by Tricia MR
Red: cherries, raspberries, red-leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red bell peppers.

Blue: concord grapes, plums (okay, sometimes those are more purple), or a blue popsicle.

White: soy yogurt; gf tortillas or other bread; soy ice cream (so delicious is gf); cauliflower (that was dd's suggestion); gf noodles; rice crackers; marshmallows.

Or, take the yogurt and split into 3 even amounts, add food coloring, like Mercy suggested...

(Don't forget, she's also allergic to eggs, right?)

Posted Wed May 14, 2008 2:39 pm by cbollin
Julia eats grapes, right? How about thinking outside the box a bit?

White grapes
red grapes
blue grapes

Put them on 4th of July themed party plates

Just go with whatever her usual snacks are and just decorate the table with red white blue streamers, plates, cups.

Posted Wed May 14, 2008 4:10 pm by Cyndi (WA)
Thinking ahead . . . I don't have the ADV manual yet . . . I like the suggestions, except we stay away from food coloring, too. And I avoid soy as much as possible.

How about toothpick skewers with a grape tomato, a miniature marshmallow, and a blue grape? (I could use a blueberry, since we don't have that allergy.) I could make up a bunch of the skewers and poke them into a white styrofoam block with a red/white/blue ribbon around it. That's about as decorative as I'd want to get for a "snack," but I don't know what the application is yet. The block and ribbon would be cheap at the craft store.

Posted Wed May 14, 2008 6:44 pm by JoyfulDancer
My dd had Celiac Disease so she can't have gluten either. She can have casein, though. For ours we did use a drop of blue food coloring in the yogurt, strawberries (could you use another red fruit, like watermelon?), and marshmallows. It was delicious and they all loved it.

I don't have my Adventures TM with me right now, but from what I remember there were several naturally gf recipes, and a few I tweaked. One of our favorites, that we still make, is Hasty Pudding. That is completely gf, and so are Johnny Cakes. I made the apple (or was it peach?) crisp with gf flour mix instead of regular flour and used McCann's oats. Those are the only truly gf oats I've found, and they don't bother my dd. Don't use any USA made ones because they are all done on the same equipment as wheat and all contaminated. Let's see, for Sweet Potato Pie I tried my hand at a gf pie crust and it actually came out pretty well. If there was any flour in the Corn Casserole I would have just substituted the gf flour mix. My mom gave me an electric tortilla press for my birthday, so we were even able to make the indian fry bread. I can't remember any others off the top of my head. If there was something really just impossible I either just skipped it or found something else to make. This year we've been doing ECC, and I find it almost a fun challenge to figure out how to make things gf, or to pick only gf recipes. There is always plenty to try. Thankfully, most of the world eats rice and corn more than wheat. :)

Posted Wed May 14, 2008 10:01 pm by kellybell
Well, we eat all sorts of stuff here at the Bell Abode. I've got a picky-eater (no fruits for him, but pass the sardines) and a nitrite-free girl. And, I try to avoid too much junk.

My philosophy on food projects is:

1. I am a very thrifty shopper, but I don't mind shelling out a little more for convenience foods. It's okay to purchase frozen egg-rolls if you don't want to make your own.

2. I sometimes pore over exotic recipes. But, who am I kidding; my kids won't eat THAT! It's better to go with familiar (maybe with a tweak or two) than to try totally strange new stuff. Instead of an entire meal of Japanese food, make a normal meal and have one Japanese dish.

3. Sometimes the fun is in the shopping. Go to the Mexican grocer and pick a few easy things to try.

4. And, often, the fun part is planning and decorating. My favorite MFW meal was our Roman meal that we did during RTR. It was fun because we invited two other families, had a "talent show," ate reclining, ate "peacock" (baked chicken with skewer-paper feathers added in) and mice (cupcakes with whiskers and ears), wore togas (flat twin sheets via the thrift store's half-price sale) and threw our bones on the floor. What a hoot. We even had Roman names (I was Kelligula).

5. And, it's fine to go easy and skip some recipes. If you don't want to do Hamantaschen, just cut some Fig Newtons into triangles. Voila! Lazy-Man's Hamantaschen! Works for me.

Mike, you've got SOOOO many challenges and restrictions. I'd suggest that you put your energy into non-food things. Yes, have a special meal, but make it out of ordinary food but serve it on special plates, in a special room, with special decorations, and special guests!

I have never done Adventures (my kids were too old for it when it was introduced!) but I am guessing you are having a patriotic meal. Is that right?

Well, skip the red-white-blue meal. And instead of a red-white-blue snack, go to the dollar store and pick up some Fourth of July goods (I was at our Dollar Tree yesterday and they had July 4th stuff already out). Go to the hobby store and pick up some fun bandannas and maybe a tee shirt and fabric paints. Have at it. Go to the gourmet chef store and find some cowboy hat, eagle emblem, or star cookie cutters. Even if cookies are out of the question, make a sandwich in the shape of a star. Or, a pancake in the shape of the USA. Invite some friends over for a special meal of American food... Take pictures, make a scrapbook page, etc.

I am guessing that's the theme of the meal.

Posted Thu May 15, 2008 7:23 am by Mississippi Jenni
I do not know much about food allergies you mentioned, but would jello be ok? Could you add non dairy whiped topping?

Posted Thu May 15, 2008 10:08 am by mgardenh
I forgot about Jello. Thats a good one. I can make red and blue with fruit juice! Thanks for all the advice I really appriceate it. I like the Idea of decorations and just eat normal food.

It great to come here because I am not a think outside the box person and not creative at all. All of you give me so many ideas.

Posted Thu May 15, 2008 2:28 pm by Paula J
Just wanted to mention that bananas are almost a white fruit. You could put some chunks on skewers and watermelon or apples if she can have them are red. Also, what about the blue corn tortilla chips? I've never actually read the label to see if they had wheat but if not you could sever some of those with red salsa and maybe some white corn chips too.
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the name activity

Unread post by forbothmykids »

I bought wooden letters of his name for him to paint.

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Week 3 window poster

Unread post by KimberlyND »

I had a hard time cutting small shavings of crayons with a knife so I used a carrot peeler. It worked much better as I had more uniform shavings. Also, it didn't break the crayons as easy as the knife did.
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Week 3 adventures question about crayon shavings Jesus craft

Unread post by Ella »

4littlehearts wrote:About how much crayon shavings are needed for this project. One cup? half cup? Also, what do you do to keep the waxed paper from sticking to the iron? Thanks! We are going to do this tomorrow.
You really only need a couple tablespoons of shavings. This was enough for three of my children to make one.

Use LOTS of newspaper to protect your iron and ironing board. I didn't use enough layers and what a mess we made!

The pictures did turn out very nice though and the kids really enjoyed this project.
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Week 3 Adv: Crayon Shavings

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

Just a heads up about the window poster.
You don't need many shavings at all to make a beautiful poster.
Less is definitely more with this project!
This was definitely a hit with the children.
I can see how this would make a great Christmas gift!

* I did the project with three children also and we needed about a tablespoon or less of each color.
** If you scratch the wax paper you can tell which side has the wax on it and put those sides on the inside.
*** Definitely use a few sheets of newspaper! On one of ours the crayons melted outside of the waxpaper and would have made a huge mess on the table!
**** My teenager helped me get the crayon shavings ready and he used a vegetable peeler. It worked very well. We just ran it through the dishwasher when we were done.
***** It's a terrific project. The children still have them up in their bedrooms on the front windows so that they (and the neighborhood!) can see them.
****** Have a great time tomorrow!

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Crayon Shavings

Unread post by Michelle in WA »

We did this today. The kids LOVED it! I used a manual pencil sharpener and put the shavings in muffin cups. We liked the ones best that had less crayon shavings. You really only need a little of each color crayon. My older 2 made a 2nd sign one said "loves you" and the others said "YES". As in "yes, Jesus loves you". They had a lot of fun with this!
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Crayon Shavings

Unread post by RachelT »

We had so much fun with that project! We made way too many crayon shavings, but that something fun and new for the kids to try, too. I did have newspapers down, but I actually used an old towel between the papers and the wax paper, then another old towel on top of the wax paper. The towels did get some crayon melted onto them, but since I keep my ironing board upstairs in my bedroom closet and we were doing this on the kitchen table it worked.

We still have ours right here in our kitchen windows!
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Crayon Shavings

Unread post by my3sons »

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:01 pm

The blender worked great-- keep in mind, it has been used maybe once or twice in our 9 year marriage and is missing the lid (we used a plate)... so the fact that it got a little messy was no big deal. Though, I must say, it did clean pretty easily!

Crayon Shavings - Alternate Idea...

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:31 pm

Grab the cheap pencil sharpener that came with the pencils from walmart. You know, the little hand held things that don’t work for a pencil.
Shave crayon with that sharpener.
Make your paper letters as instructed.
Tape the letters to the wax paper. Double sided sticky tape works well or you can use regular clear tape.
I had double sided tape that I placed across the wax paper in various places around the square.
Sprinkle crayon shavings onto sticky tape.
Put other piece of wax paper on top and seal all edges with tape.

No ironing needed. Colors will not glop together. The shavings are sticking to the tape, which is stuck to the wax paper and it isn't easy to see the tape through the wax paper :)

-crystal (who hates ironing)
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Crayon Shavings - Another Extra Idea

Unread post by Mommyto2 »

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:55 pm

We were trying to do a stained glass window. But this time I used too much crayon. I think a little crayon goes a long way. It just doesn't look like enough when there are big gaps in the crayon shaving.

Next one I will use some black tape inbetween the "window panes" and use less crayon and less heat... Ugh. All this for a simple craft but now I won't let it get the best of me.

BTW, we used the pampered chef hand crank cheese grater (which I never use for cooking) and it worked the best yet.

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Sailing on the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

8[] LOL!!!! I just had to share this NOW!

We saved the making of the aluminum foil ships in ADV for this afternoon. My dd loves this activity! We had so much fun making the boats and we set them to sail in the bathtub. She immediately ran for a male polly pocket doll to add for Christopher Columbus! We were both giggling and I said, "Hang on - I'm going downstairs to get the camera!"

I ran back to the bathroom and she was already undressed and in the tub with the boats!!!! :-) She just couldn't resist, I guess.

I'll have to do some creative camera angle pictures for the blog now . . .

What a fun activity!
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Re: Sailing on the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I have to admit that my son loved the tinfoil ships, too. He kept creating new ones -- Viking ships were his favorite.

He was 12 and we were in EX1850 LOL!
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Re: Sailing on the Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria

Unread post by wisdomschool »

My son did the same thing--straight into the tub he went! He used lego men :)

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Re: Weeks 1-3

Unread post by mom2h »

There is a wonderful book about the meaning of names that can be found on the Boyer's blog. It provides a historical or Biblical meaning to almost every name and gives a character trait. In their book, Hands on Character Training, hey recommend making a name plaque for the child's room.
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Re: Weeks 1-3 Videos

Unread post by trinabambina »

We found a couple of videos on Vikings, that have been pretty good. We have watched them and compared them to what we have read in the books, and the kids have learned a lot.

One was "Explorers of the World - The Vikings" - by Schlessinger Media - nothing objectionable in this one, that I saw. It is 23 minutes long. On the back, it says for grades 5-8, but my 2nd grader (plus the 4 and 5 year olds) did not have any trouble following it.

The other is "The Vikings" 948.022 it is a NOVA production, so you know there will be some funky stuff! We are not done with it yet, but somewhere in chapter 4, they go into some of the gods, feasts to the gods and show a statue of a fertility god - so watch it first before you let your kids watch it. There are lots of reenactments, most of which are good so far, and lots of great info on the long boats, and some of the reenactments, they show battle scenes, most of which consist of someone swinging a battle axe towards another's midsection, with the victim folding in half over the axe. No blood, or rolling heads a la 'The Patriot'. We have stopped it a lot to talk about what is being said, and have skipped scenes some too, for things that I did not want the kids to see yet. That said, there is a lot of good info here, things we did not see in the books we got from the library!

There are also some Viking things to do on the website: Explore a Viking Village, Secrets of Norse Ships, Write Your Name in Runes, and Build a Tree-Ring Timeline.

Link to a site that talks about dendrochronology from a Creationist perspective (maybe over the kid's heads, but I found it very interesting!!)

After this week of study, my daughter said, "Mommy, I know why Lief Ericson's last name was "Ericson" - "you do", I said, and she said "Yes! Because he was ERIC's Son!" Yeah, YaYa!!!
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Re: Weeks 1-3

Unread post by meleacherie »

I gave my daughters a bracelet with a charm that says I love you and a charm that was a puzzle piece. We talked about that they are special to God and to Mommy and Daddy - that no two puzzle pieces are exactly the same just like God made each of them special and different. We talked about how much God loved them. We talked about that if a puzzle piece is missing it ruins the whole puzzle, thus talking about how important each of them are to God and His plan and to our family. They are going to be our "God reminder" bracelets and we will add charms that remind us of Biblical truths through the year.
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Re: Jesus Poster question

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

momtogc wrote:On week two the TM says to color the Jesus the Lord Saves sheet before gluing it onto the Jesus Poster. We are on week 4 now, Jesus the Light of the World, and it doesn't say to color the star but dd colored it. Is that right, she should color each of the items that go on the poster as we go along, right?

Also, I noticed that some of the items that go on the poster have a circle outline around them. Do we cut around the circle or around the item? For instance this week's star has a circle. I cut out around the circle, but does dd need to cut out the actual star? If we cut all of the them around the circle will it be difficult to get them all on the poster? Her coloring went outside the lines so it would look better to cut out the star.... It feels silly to ask these things, I should be able to figure it out, but I'm just not quiet sure what to do!
My dd colored each picture and cut "around the circle." (Except for the arrow and water drop.) I think we bought a smaller sheet of poster board than we were supposed to, and you're right - they hardly fit. But it's a beautiful thing. :)
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Re: Jesus Poster question

Unread post by RachelT »

Hello! Last year we cut out the circle or oval around whatever object was in the center and it made it easier, but I don't think cutting out the object (the star) would be wrong, either. It's going to be for your own family to enjoy. We glued each one onto an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock and kept them in a notebook with the Bible memory verses that we had copied so they are in a book instead of a poster, but that's what worked for us! I'm sure you will end up with a great looking poster that is meaningful to your family!

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Re: Jesus Poster question

Unread post by momtogc »

Cyndi, thank-you! Dd went ahead and colored it and I cut out the star - a lot of cutting! From now on we will cut the circle, too. I appreciate your reply!

Rachel, what a great idea! Since we have already started the poster, at the end of the year I think I will take a photo of it then cut everything off put them into our notebook along with her Bible verse pages. That would make a great keepsake.

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Re: Jesus Poster question

Unread post by amelasky »

I took our poster to Mardel's and paid around 75cents to have it laminated. It now hangs on the door to our schoolroom. Is it perfect? No, but it is exactly how she wanted it. There is a little overlapping of a few of the pictures, but she LOVES getting to see it. One word of advice if you plan to laminate it.....make sure you've used your glue stick really well around the edges of each picture. We had one picture fold back onto itself as it was going through the laminator. No biggie, I just used an exacto knife and slit around that portion of the picture. Folded it back into the correct position then glued it down. So we have a section of one picture without the lamination, but it's hard to see from a distance.

Hope that this idea helps you preserve your child's poster.
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Many folks have had questions about the Jesus poster - How do you arrange your pieces? Will it all fit if I cut around the circles? - so I am posting a couple of example pictures (sorry for the black & white). :) These are just OPTIONS. Many people have made books, flip-charts, and more with their Jesus pictures. Be encouraged: you can't do it wrong. :)

This first picture shows what I would call the traditional placement on standard poster board. The "Jesus the Lord Saves" piece is in the center and new pieces are added from the upper left corner to the right.

This second picture is for those of us who tend to not follow the "norm." (And yes, I sit squarely in that category...maybe I'm not alone here? *giggle*) Still presented on standard poster board, the "Jesus the Lord Saves" piece is in the center and new pieces are added from the center, out and around. For those that would NEVER do it this way, don't laugh...too hard. ;)

I hope this is helpful for those who need a visual! :)
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by LadySnow »

I forgot all about the red/white/blue snack the first week of school. So I had hubby run out to McDonald's and get one yogurt parfait for each person. Since the parfaits are vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. yummy :-)
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by DianeR »

I found this interactive game on vikings that I am planning to use as an extra if we have time...
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Re: Adventures in My Father's World - Weeks 3-5

Unread post by DianeR »

Week 4 (3 through 5)- Native Americans- I found this great book at the library "More than Moccassins". It's is an activity guide for North American Indian life. It is chock full of art ideas, games, cooking (some great fall recipes), etc. It also is written in a kid friendly way to read various facts about different tribes or how things were made, used, etc. We found lots of neat things- I decided to make a salt dough pendant instead of the candle project for Jesus is the Light of the World after seeing an example of one in the book that was a cross within a sun- very easy to make with stuff readily available at home and the kids will love wearing it like a Native American as a reminder of Jesus. I also am going to use some of the counting games for practicing addition facts... Diane

[editor's note: moved to the thread for sharing helpful ideas for week 3]
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Re: ADV Weeks 1-3

Unread post by jafrajewels »

We used the book The Vikings from the Footsteps in Time series by Ruth Thomson. It includes some great Viking crafts. My 7 year old son had a blast making a shield, ax, and broach, and then dressing up to act out a Viking story. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. This made for a great photo op for our 2nd grade Shutterfly photobook! :)
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