General Ideas for Adventures

If you are using Adventures in U.S. History, please share your ideas with us.
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Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:04 pm

I am required to do 2 additional weeks of work to get in my state-required 180 days... One option... would be spending a day with each of our grandparents (3) to listen to their memories of childhood, maybe take a short drive to their birthplaces (they are close by), cook something with them, then make a memory book of the day.
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Helpful Science Video for Adv

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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:39 am

I'm preparing for Adv and wanted to share that Sonlight sells a science video that shows someone doing each of the experiments that are in the "Science in the Kitchen" and "Science with Air" books that are scheduled in Adv. I am very excited about this as I'm not a huge science experiment person! I plan on doing some of the more interesting experiments ourselves, but will also use the video as a helpful time saver. Just thought I'd pass this on in case anyone is interested.

The video is called "Inquisikids Discover and Do Volume 1".
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DVD: Liberty's Kids

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Posted Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:27 am by dena in ms
thought I would pass this along, it will go great with Adventures..the Liberty's kids series from PBS is being released on dvd in October. ... eries/9740
mgardenh wrote:I am going to be doing adventures just wondering what is liberty kids? We do not have cable. We only have TV that gets one station PBS but we do allow our children to watch videos.
Posted Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:07 am by cbollin
Liberty’s Kids was a children’s show (animated). It was produced by DIC Entertainment. Historical fiction genre. Geared for elementary age kids. Walter Cronkite provided the voice of Benjamin Franklin.

It was set around the time of the Revolutionary War. The 2 main kid characters (Sarah and James) were working in Benjamin Franklin's print shop. Sarah and James often served as eyewitness reporters for the stories that would go in Mr. Franklin’s newspaper and they told the stories of the people and events and adventures during the time. Episode included little fun segments such as Then and Now, where it was a quick comparison of how technology and times change.

We used to watch it on our PBS station many years ago. My library already has the full version that was released in 2005 to educational sources. And my library even has the computer game based on the show. My oldest daughter liked the computer game when she was in 5th grade. In the game the kids put together newspaper articles and such.

If someone has cable or satellite and receive The History Channel, check your listings (or THC’s online listings) for it for next week and the rest of July. Eastern time zone for it says several mornings at 7 am. That way you can find out if it is something you like.

Posted Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:10 pm by pottersclay
In case you don't want to wait for the DVD's, you can find a few of the episodes to watch online at :

Loni Van V.

Posted Thu May 21, 2009 1:35 pm by jenkinsinpa
My library has these videos, and a friend gave us one for a birthday gift. My children have LOVED them. The 2 main characters are children with different views on the whole issue, so it does give a feel for different ways to look at an issue. No character problems that I noted in the dvd we have...other than the theme song, which I find appalling in style with some rap sort of stuff, but that might just be me. :-) The lyrics - "feeling the pain as innocence dies" and "looking for a hero to idolize", "looking at life through my own eyes" and such - UGH!

I think they have learned a lot watching this.

Posted Thu May 21, 2009 2:03 pm by erikdeb
Dh and I watched the first episode online to see if we still liked it - because I, too, remember seeing it a few years ago and liking it, but we are different now. ;)

I did go ahead and decide to order the entire series on DVD for us to watch while we do ADV. My library had those 3 selections too (totaling 9 episodes), but I thought it'd be more fun for us to watch all 40 episodes from beginning to end.

Besides the theme song (which is a very common complaint - I'm going to try and skip it every time) - I've only heard good about it.

Posted Thu May 21, 2009 5:32 pm by momma2boys
We watched some of them this last year as we went through ADV. I agree that the song isn't too great (!), but the shows that we watched were terrific. The boys really enjoyed watching about what they had just read about! Our library has them, so it was free for us. :-)

Posted Thu May 21, 2009 7:01 pm by Fenni
We used these with ADV this year and my boys loved them!! I did notice the lyrics and we discussed them some. My boys were so sad to send the series back to the library. My sister might be buying them for a bday present for the boys.

Posted Fri May 22, 2009 12:11 pm by Michelle in WA
My kids enjoy them. We get them from the library on VHS. I'm not crazy about them only because it's hard to explain which parts are real & which are the fiction. I also feel like some things are not really clear. I really like the then & now feature. Very fun to see the differences regarding things that are important to kids.

Posted Sun May 24, 2009 11:54 am by baileymom
We get them from Netflix, and all my DC love it. The other moms are right about the theme song. I only noticed the rapping part, I never paid attention to the lyrics (I'll be googling them later).

It does show 2 sides to each story. So far (we've watched the first 10 or so episodes) the stories seem to be right on with a little extra "fluffiness" to make the story understandable, I guess.

It also seems appropriate, which is not always the case with cartoons anymore.

We like them, I'd definitely use them with ADV or Yr 4, they'd be a nice extra.

Posted Sat May 30, 2009 9:48 pm by TracyLee01026
Today we were at the library and they had the complete collection of Liberty's Kids on DVD--all 40 episodes. My kids have the CD-Rom and love it, so we checked the DVD's out. My kids have been watching them all evening. I had to turn off the tv and kick them out before it got dark. The mosquitoes were so bad out, they had to come back in after only a short time. They convinced me to make popcorn and watch an episode with them. It was great! It can't hurt us moms to review our history, right? Funny--I didn't really listen to the words of the song--but yeah, I don't approve. (I hope the kids don't start singing it.)
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Posted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:57 am

Here is a website which lists the books of Lois Lenski
I love her stories and illustrations. It's a great way to study the USA!
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US States and Activity Posters

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My mother gave the girls a huge Crayola Coloring Pad for Christmas that she picked up because it looked neat.... it was of the states! It's called US States and Activity Posters. Big thick black line illustrations with facts. Bird , fruit, flower etc. and directions for the colors of the flag! I love it! She had no idea that we were going to study the states. The Lord works in mysterious ways....


P.S. My mom got the posters book at KB Toys for 6.99. But it is here for 7.99 but shipping too... ... +99%2D4010&.
It is really nice.
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Sleeping Bear Press - Alphabet Books for States

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We are doing Adventures and my mom did school last week and found a series of books at her library that go along with Adventures well. The books are from Sleeping Bear Press.

Last week they read "V is for Volunteer: A Tennessee Alphabet" and "B Is For Buckeye: An Ohio Alphabet".

I'm not sure how many states they have, but the books had lots of great facts about a state and lovely pictures. I looked at their web site and they have alphabet books on lots of topics as well. We'll be checking more of these out soon.

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Re: Sleeping Bear Press - Alphabet Books for States

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Hi Amy,
Good books. We still like them in 7th grade. My oldest son (24) even read one on a recent trip home & said he learned something :o)

Here are teacher guides for them. WARNING: Don't add too much to your day or to your enjoyment of a book! But, maybe something in these will be good. (I haven't used them.)

Have fun,
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Pioneer coloring pages

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We are loving Adventures this year and are right in the middle of the pioneer stories. When I'm reading to my kids they love to color, so when these came into my e-mail inbox I was excited and I just thought I'd share these coloring pages with everyone else here.
There are some other work sheets, too for those like to use those. ... rint_8.htm
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Re: General Ideas

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Just wanted to share that we used some of the Time Traveler Studes by Amy Pak for Adventures this year! Loved them! You can access them at Each includes a CD rom with lessons and activities and artwork that brings history to life. Some of the activities are perfect for younger children--some are more for older and I will save them for when we do Exploration to 1850---however whichever one you pick--you will truly enjoy! They are around $28 each. We put the finished activties in our U.S. Notebook.

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Neat Adventures Resource

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Posted Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:34 pm by 705emily

Just wanted to pass along a resource that will go really well with Adventures. It's called 100 True Tales from American History by Jennifer Armstrong, Illustrated by Roger Roth. It tells the story of America through 100 true short stories (1-2 pp. ea) in chronological order. There are stories of inventors, athletes, abolitionists, and artists. Some are well known figures--others not so. Although recommended for kids 9-12--you could read these to a younger child and it will supplement Adventures wonderfully! Amazon has it.

RB wrote:Just a tiny word of caution to read ahead before reading to your kids. In a few of the tales, there have been some comments elsewhere about the worldview from which this book is coming. I've heard good comments, too.
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United States Coloring Pages

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Post Posted Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:55 am by amylynn12

I just ran across this and wanted to share! :) ... rn/states/

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Re: General Ideas

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We are going through our coin jar and picking out the quarters that have the states on the back. Fun time filler and reinforces monetary value of the coins.
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Re: General Ideas

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If your child is like mine and wants more coloring to do for the states study, there is great website for more printable coloring pages for the state birds, flags, and flowers. There is also a good page with a picture of the state and lines to summarize what they have learned about that state. I even print out extras for my 2 yr old to color himself during school time and give him stickers to put on that page.

Enjoying adventures!!

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Resurrection Cookies Reminder...ADV

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Week 30 of ADV has an Easter Focus.
There is a recipe for Resurrection Cookies.
For anyone who is not that far in ADV, you might want to look at it.
It is a great thing to do this week no matter where you are in the program!
momma2boys wrote:Yeah!! We're on week 27 of Adv and would not have known if it wasn't for your post. Thank you!!
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Re: Resurrection Cookies Reminder...ADV

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annaz wrote:You don't eat these, right? They look disgusting! LOL! Really....right?
I don't know which recipe is in the plans as we aren't using MFW yet, but we've been making these cookies for years and while they're not great, they are edible. As a matter of fact my 12 year old LOVES them. We each can handle about one, and he finishes the rest. This is a great tradition to start though, the kids all look forward to it each year now.
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Re: Resurrection Cookies Reminder...ADV

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donnagio wrote:Hi-
Do you have the recipe? I am in CtG, and did not do ADV. Thanks! Donna
I'm away from my main computer to know how any of these compare with the recipe in ADV (and wasn't it in RTR too?). But here are some links. They take you away from MFW's site. ... stext.html
or ... okies.html

Maybe one of those would work?

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ADV- book to try for US map study...

Unread post by mom2h »

The Journey of Oliver K Woodman is a fun book featuring a wooden character who gets to travel the country and "report" his findings. The author is from my home state of Arkansas.
As always, parents read the book first for personal preference content.
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Re: General Ideas

Unread post by teachermom »

States Study---

Excellent site/page full of resources.

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Re: Other Ideas-More State Recipes

Unread post by meagabby »

I found this site to be quite interesting.
Loving learning with MFW!
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Journey of Oliver K Woodman

Unread post by doubleportion »

Great book for fun review and mapping. The Journey of Oliver K Woodman by Darcy Pattison and illustrated by Joe Cepeda
Story is about a wooden man that is sent from SC to CA from a niece's uncle. He can't come and visit but sends Oliver instead with a note in his backpack asking travelers to help the wooden man get to his destination. We found it at our local library. We followed Oliver's journey on our US map, marking it with our dry erase marker. Attached is the map and path he took. Great book! Wonderful illustrations and written in letter form. Lots of fun!


oliver's travel map 2.JPG
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Re: General Ideas

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Good site for printable state flags ... ate_flags/
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The Artists' Specials -- Anyone seen or heard of them?

Unread post by 705emily »

Michelle in WA wrote:I found this series put out by HBO at my library. I'm just wondering if they are any good, safe for kids, accurate? I have Degas and the Dancer as well as Monet: Shadow and Light. Thanks.
I just looked at ours. On the back of the cover it says: Devine Entertainment presents: Monet: Shadow and Light). On the bottom of the back side of the cover is the Nest Family logo--so they probably do produce these after all :)

We watched the one on inventor Thomas Edison--while doing Adventures. I can't speak to all of them--but the one on Edison was very well done--equal to other Nest Products such as the hero classics etc. Each one is 50-60 minutes in length. These are actual films--not animated pieces.

The series includes the following:

Artists: Goya, Awakened in a Dream; Degas and the Dancer; Winslow Homer, An American Original; Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist; Rembrandt, Fathers and Sons; Monet, Shadow & Light

Inventors: Einstein, Light to the Power of 2; Galileo, On the Shoulders of Giants; Leonardo, A dream of Flight; Newton, A Tale of Two Isaacs; Marie Curie, More than Meets the Eye; Edison, the Wizard of Light;

Composers: Rossini's Ghost; Liszt's Rhapsody; Handel's Last Chance; Bach's Fight for Freedom; Bizet's Dream; and Strauss, the King of Three-Quarter Time

We've watched a couple of them and they are interesting and very well done--but I would say most are geared more for 4th grade and up.
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The States Program on the History Channel

Unread post by jasntas »

We will be doing Adv this year which reminded me of a program on the History Channel. It 's called "The States". It features 4 or 5 states I think in each program and tells a few tidbits about those states. For instance, one of the programs covers the origins of New York City at New Amsterdam and the Oregon Trail in addition to other tidbits on a couple of other states (can't remember which ones off hand). Another program covered Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. These programs seem to air every couple of months and I have a few of them recorded on our DVR. I hope to record the rest of them when they air again.

I just checked out the history dot com web site and they have the videos for sale as a set. The site also has a couple of games. One called "Place the State" Game and one called "State the Plate" game (License Plate that is).

Anyway, just wanted to pass on the info in case anyone else was interested.

Posted Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:08 pm by jasntas
We started the states study this week and we have been watching the segment for each state as we study it. My 8 yo ds is pretty interested in them. My 5 yo dd not so much. The show is actually more geared toward adults but still quite interesting with a quick history and trivia lesson for each state. What I really like is that each segment is fast paced and only about 10 to 12 minutes so the dc aren't overwhelmed with an hour long (or more) program. (Each show is an hour long and features 5 states in each episode.) So far, a lot of the trivia mentioned in the program is also what has been mentioned on the ADV state sheets.

The program seems to air on the History Channel every few months so you may still be able to catch it again and be able to use it for what states you may still have remaining or use it as review or something.

I also have a book that I got from Target called "Time for Learning - States" (published by Publications International, Ltd.). It has been a really good addition to our studies, too. Although so far out of four states it has mentioned the land being over millions of years old and how it was once covered in water. Um, yes the WHOLE earth was once covered in water but anyway. I usually just say "many years ago" or skip it altogether. But the rest of the info has been interesting with lots of color pictures, drawings, pull tabs, lift the flaps, pockets, timelines of more recent history, etc. It also has gone right along with the ADV state sheets and is written for kids. So far I think it has also been a good addition to our state study.
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Easy Readers for Adventures

Unread post by jasntas »

I'm sure others might have a reluctant reader as I do so I wanted to post some books we have used this year. My ds does not like book basket time and most of the books MFW suggests are, in his opinion, too hard for him. I think they're great, though and I read many of the suggested books to him and his sis.

I recently found out that there is a set of "Rookie Read About Geography" books that cover every state. And for those of you in ECC with younger sibs, countries and even continents as well. I previously knew about the "Rookie Read About Science and History" books and have been using them throughout the year when I could match them to our unit. We have also been using "Pull Ahead" and "Step Into Reading" books for science and famous people. Also my ds has found that he really enjoys a series called "Easy Reader Classics" which features excerpts from classics such as Tom Sawyer, Jungle Book and Treasure Island.

Also, most of the books listed above I have been able to request through my local library system.

I hope this list helps others as these books have been great for my reluctant reader who now doesn't fight reading time near as much as he use to.
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Animated Hero Classics for ADV

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

The NEST videos are truly top notch! They work for quite a few of the MFW years!
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