Science - Apologia editions?

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Science - Apologia editions?

Unread post by cbollin » Sun May 22, 2011 6:15 am

Apologia Phys. Science 1st/2nd editions
momofsix wrote:Can anyone tell me what's changed or better about the 2nd edition of Apologia Physical Science?
I can link to the section of apologia's answer on that. dont' know if it will answer much to specific details, but it does give an overview. (not the easier link to find on their site.. but I knew it was there)
  • Differences Between the Editions
  • Dr. Wile has been answering student questions on each of these courses for seven years or more. Those questions have allowed him to realize what sections of the books could be written more clearly. Thus, these editions of our courses are even more understandable than the first editions!
  • The student text has graphic icons that tell the student when there is a related multimedia presentation on the optional companion CD.
  • There are course websites that have links to materials which provide extra help as well as interesting news related to each field.
  • There are cumulative tests in the solutions and tests manual if the parent/teacher wants to give the student quarterly, semester, or final exams.
  • The tests in the solutions and tests manual contain a point system that aids the parent/teacher in grading the tests.
  • Finally, even though the module tests are found in the solutions and tests manual (so that the parent/teacher always has a copy of them), a second set of tests is also provided in a perforated booklet. This will allow the student to be given the tests without referring to the solutions and tests manual.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because of the differences between the first and second editions, students in a group setting cannot use both. They must all have the same edition. Because of this, the first edition of the course will still be available for those in schools or support groups that use the first edition.
I haven't used 1st edition to compare them. MFW still sells their lesson planner for 1st edition if you need that. And I guess for right now, apologia still sells 1st edition student stuff for co-ops who still want to use older version.

I think it was the year my older was starting into General that the General went to 2nd edition. My thoughts were to just go with 2nd edition since she was the oldest child and it would become easier down the road with other children if we had 2nd edition. If she had been younger child or youngest, I would have just kept with 1st.


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Re: Apologia Phys. Science 1st/2nd editions

Unread post by Julie in MN » Sun May 22, 2011 9:50 am

I've had both editions of Physical Science. I should have compared them in more detail, but here are my "general" impressions:

- 2nd ed. has a nice summary of each chapter at the end of the book with fill-in-the-blanks. I was trying to do this on my own for my son with 1st ed, to help him get used to textbooks. Both editions have study guides at the end of each chapter, but the extra summary is why I got 2nd ed.

- 2nd ed. has those little icons to tell you when to listen to the CD-ROM. MFW lesson plans have this, too, for both editions.

- 2nd ed. has a few more experiments over the year and more colored pictures, but the number of pages really wasn't very different in each chapter -- maybe a paragraph difference.

I've read about how you can't use them together in a co-op, and I've read online conversations where folks really felt strongly about that. However, I met a mom in person who said she had 1st, her co-op made everyone get 2nd, she compared in more detail than I did, and she thought 1st would have been fine in the co-op.

I was happy to get 2nd for physical because of the review part that I mentioned, and a little more color for my visual son. And there's always the thought that the author might have clarified something. But I was fine with 1st ed general, too. I might not be the best person to answer, because we had a lot of science materials around my house by the time my youngest started science, and we used a mish-mash.

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Re: Apologia Phys. Science 1st/2nd editions

Unread post by KellyInColorado » Tue May 24, 2011 8:22 am

We're in a low-budget co-op and offer two Apologia classes each year (cycling through the middle school and high school years) and we're just finishing Chemistry and Gen Sci. The second editions are indeed improved over the first editions but we are finding that the classes do just fine with both editions side by side. If you call Apologia they will adamantly tell you NOT to mix them, however when we did, nobody suffered.

If you can get all the same edition, all the better because then all the kids have the nice internet links and such. However, I'd recommend that at least the teacher have the second edition so s/he can let everyone know of the cool links and such.

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Re: Apologia Phys. Science 1st/2nd editions

Unread post by momofsix » Wed May 25, 2011 8:52 am

Thanks for your replies.
I decided to order the 2nd edition kit new from MFW. No one can beat the price that MFW has for the books & Cdrom & the lesson plans that are worth their weight in gold!!
I thought maybe I should buy a used 1st edition to save a little $$ ... but it wouldn't have ended up being much of a savings at all after I would have purchased the lesson plans & cd to go with it.
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