Science - MFW recommends Apologia for 7th & 8th

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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Science - MFW recommends Apologia for 7th & 8th

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Amy wrote:I will have a 7th grade dd next year and we will be doing Creation to the Greeks. Did I read somewhere that she should be doing Apologia general science?

Thanks, Amy :)
I've got a daughter just about that age too. Yes, you read it somewhere that middle schoolers need to beef up the science.

The Apologia General Science is fine for 7th and 8th graders, so you can start it in 7th grade and take a year or even longer to work through it. It's a lot of reading and doing and looks like it'll be a mix of independent work and experiments and activities that the others in the family can do alongside the 7th grader.

If that's not your style, there are additional library book suggestions on different science topics for each year.

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Last year we did General Science (7th grade) and are now doing Physical Science (8th grade). For information on course sequencing, go to Apologia's website where it has a chart listing all their science courses. Dr. Wile explains everything so well and ties everything to God's role in creation. We like the CD Rom version. New words are pronounced,and sometimes there are short video clips. You can print out a list of what supplies you will need for the experiments, or you can buy pre-made supply boxes from Home Training Tool's website. General Science starts out with famous scientists which can be a bit long, but it picks up after that. The section that explains how the Bible passes the tests for being an accurate book from its time period has been very helpful when defending the Bible.
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Jr High Science ?

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baileymom wrote:As ya'll (gracious, did I just type ya'll ??? oh my...moving on...)... Everyone here knows we are not "Science-y"... Kylie was PS K - 5th, we've done CtG, and are finishing up RtR. She did not start Apologia this year, we(I) were(was) waiting for the convenient "8th" part of 7/8th that MFW recommends...

Now, I'm wondering if doing Beautiful Feet's "History of Science" wouldn't be a good place to start her High School-ish Science studies...or I just finding yet another reason to not move on to Jr High/High School Science...

Would she be able to do Apologia pretty much on her own?
My 13 year old is 8th this year, and doing General Science completely on her own. She is NOT a science girl, but she is really enjoying the Apologia so far. I did buy one of the supplies kits so that we didn't have to worry about gathering things for the experiments, but she has done a good job with all of it on her own. I intend to keep her in Apologia for high school.
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Re: Jr High Science ?

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Start with Apologia's General Science. My ds has done it almost completely on his own except for some help from me gathering materials. Look at what colleges want on transcripts in science and work backwards. Most want at least 3 years of science starting at the very least Physical Science. General Science isn't necessarily a high school course so it probably should be done in Jr. High. Jump in, the water's not too bad. ;)
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Re: Jr High Science ?

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General and Physical slowly increase in difficulty so that Biology doesn't blow them away.

And, although college might not be in their future, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
Our son already had 3 credits of science going into college applications (physical, biology, and chemistry), but we realized that military type colleges (like the Citadel) require at least three laboratory sciences (physical NOT counting as one). We added Marine Biology this year and it kept all his options open.

Side Note - Our oldest is not a "math" kid, he's an avid reader. We opted away from physics and chose Marine Biology which, while still fun with dissections etc., leans much more toward reading than toward math.
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