Science - Apologia math requirements?

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Science - Apologia math requirements?

Unread post by cbollin »

angelwings wrote:Should I go ahead an use Apologia General Science with my LD son who is 14? I was wondering if I should go ahead and use Apologia or use another program this year.

I'm worried he won't be ready for the next level in Apologia (I think it is physical science?) because of the math requirements. PS had him in special ed and he can only do multiplication and simple division with whole numbers. His reading level is at about a grade 6.

The thing is he has already seen the samples of General Science and fell in love with it.....all the neat experiments. Any opinions?
On the Apologia website, it is vague about the math requirements for the 7th grade book. The 8th grade book says you should have completed 7th grade math --- whatever that means.

But take a look at a HeadsUpNow dot com for some great resources for teaching with ADHD and other similar things. The family who runs that company homeschooled their teens with ADHD. The mom is a mighty servant in the homeschool community. Melinda doesn't sell any specific curriculum but all kinds of helps and gadgets to help you as a teacher and more importantly to help those with ADHD learn how to help themselves. She has some workshops too on helping the Distractable learner.

And also, the MFW office has ideas for how to tweak things for special learners.

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I cannot think of a single thing that the boys needed math skills with in the General Science book so far this year. The first chapter is the hardest. I would read through and discuss that chapter with him. I would not test on that chapter if I had it to do over again. From Chapter 2 on it has been smooth sailing. I would just worry about one year at a time. He may make huge math strides this year anyway. Who knows?
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Unread post by kellybell »

My dd (an average girl in many ways) is just finishing up General Science. She's 12 and technically a 7th grader, so she's just where she ought to be.

She loved the course. I didn't really think she would.

I don't remember her having to do any math with General Science. And, most of the experiments and activities she could do by herself (although I hovered behind her) except for (sigh) the cleaning up. Ha ha. Why do I always have to clean up after her?

Anyway, I would "go for it" with General Science. I think there is a CD of the entire General Science text being read, sort of a book on CD format. This is different than the reference CD that gives pronunciation and explanations and short videos. There IS a lot of reading in the text and perhaps a CD like that would ease the reading burden.

Physical Science, the course after General, looks to be a big step forward. If you do General this upcoming year, you might want to hold off on Physical for a year or two until your ds gets to a certain point with math. For that year, you could just have lots of fun doing science projects from the library via fun books. Some library books are limited to very simple projects, but I've seen some pretty interesting books on science activities that are well into the middle school level. Pick some fun topics (motion, light, electricity, chemistry) and get a few books.

Just some ideas. HTH
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If you think

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He won't be ready for the course after General science you could always spend a year with one of their Elementary books by Fulbright. these are really interesting and would be esy to supplement with extra books from the library. they are not little kids - ish at all.

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I think this is right.... Apologia science will significantly reduce the cost (maybe even free) for the audio CD for students will diagnosed special needs. You have to go through them for it.

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Unread post by Sue in MN »

Just a thought but you could use several of the Elem. Apologia books. I am planning on using all three of the Zoology books and the Botany book with my 12 yo dd who will be 7th grade. I will call this 7th grade Life Science. We are finishing Astronomy in one quarter this year so I know it is possible to do a book a quarter. The third Zoology book comes out next year.
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Unread post by Lucy »

I have used both textbooks with my daughter. I think you could easily wait a year and start the Apologia books in 8th and 9th grade. You could have him do the science in ECC this year with his brother and add more books if you think he needs it.

You can buy for $15 the audio book. This helped my daughter at first and then she just started reading it out loud to herself! She needs to hear it:)

There is some math in the first part of the Physical Science book and they teach you how to do it. I allowed her to use a calculator for these problems and David Hazell said that was fine.

If you decide to go ahead with Gen. Science this year agree with MJP about the first chapter. Use this textbook to teach your son how to study from a textbook and for a test. This is a big preparation for high school work. I did not do such a great job the first few chapters until I realized she needed more help in how to do this. By the 2nd half of the book she really had the hang of it.

You really have to think when learning from these books. They are not easy, but well worth the effort for the great way he helps you to think about science and the world around you. My daughter loves science now.

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Physical Science 8th Grade Question

Unread post by Patti »

rebeccal2002 wrote:Hi, I'm trying to sort out next year! My 7th grader, going into 8th grade, is finishing up Gen Science and has done quite well, thankfully. I was just reading on the Donna Young website (I was looking for a material list for Phys Sci) that it is ideal if the student has finished Pre Algebra or 7th grade math before moving into Physical Science.

We're using Teaching Textbooks and my daughter is only 1/4 of the way thru level 7. She's doing fine, but she's nowhere near done. We were going to take a 2 month break over the summer. Will she struggle with Physical Science maybe? She's very capable, she just got delayed in math because we fooled around with another curriculum early on in her schooling and she's just never "caught up." Just a work load situation, not that she's not able. Any thoughts or suggestions? There was one equation in Gen Sci she needed help with and I just helped her thru it at the time.

Thanks in advance.
It has been a few years since my son did Physical Science, but I do recall there being some math in it. They mostly have to remember a certain formula and way to do the problem. After my son had that figured out he did fine with the math needed in the course. I think if you are currently doing math 7 your child will probably be fine in the course. It seems as though the problems were time/distance and converting from metric to standard weights and vice versa. If they can multiply, divide, and do fraction problems there should be no problems. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that is what I recall from the course.
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Re: Physical Science 8th Grade Question

Unread post by fiddlearnd »

I had questions about this, too, because my dd had a chance to take physical science at coop but was only in "7th" grade last year. She had completed Teaching Textbooks 7 and did Prealgebra concurrently with Physical Science. There are quite a few modules with math equations in them, but I just spent extra time with dd going over those. We're going to circle back around and try doing Elementary Physics with Life of Fred this summer or next fall to solidify some of those mathy concepts and equations from physical science, but I'm glad she went ahead with doing Physical Science because it was so much fun for her doing the experiments with a group.

If you have real concerns, I think you could try something else this year and come back to Physical Science for 9th. 8th grade is the last year before you have to worry about the dreaded transcript, so you could try doing something totally different and fun for science this year if your dd has any specific interests?

If I were in your shoes, I would give it a try and if she comes to the modules with the math equations and it's totally over her head you can go to a "Plan B" for science :)

Best of luck!

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Re: Physical Science 8th Grade Question

Unread post by luv2tch »

Just saw your post--haven't been on the boards for awhile!
My ds just took Apologia Phys Sci last year in 8th grade. He is a good math student, though, who was taking Alg 1 at the same time. There is some math and formulas to do in that course, but he was able to figure it out just fine. He was allowed to use a calculator for the problems. He had no trouble, and felt all the math was explained well in the text. I don't think you get into a lot of the math until 2nd semester, if I remember correctly, so maybe that would help her even more. I have known others who took Phys Sci while taking Pre-Algebra who did just fine. Hope you have a good year!
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