ECC - 7-8th Missionary biographies - * Reviews

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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ECC - 7-8th Missionary biographies - * Reviews

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I just wanted to comment on the book "The Narrow Road" found in the ECC missionary pack. My 11yr son is loving this book! I am so glad that I can hand this book to him to read and know that it has been approved by the staff at MFW,

We missed these books in the ECC package and I just didn't want to pass these gems up, so we are fitting them in this summer. He will be reading some of the others as well, and I can't wait until I can dig into them in a few weeks. yipppeeeee for summer! and MFW!

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I'm actually "pre-reading" The Narrow Road right now - all I can say is "wow!!!". My son (12) will start it once I'm finished - and I know he'll love it. I keep talking about the book to my husband, so he may read it too!

Nuttiness must be in the air...I wish we were starting ECC on Monday, instead of July 23! :)

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I think that is great Cheri. My daughter who will start high school is hopefully going to read some of them next year too. They really are not to be missed.

Just as a clarification for those who may not know, there are 4 additional missionary novels for older students(suggested for 7th and 8th graders). These books show the work of the kingdom and of the gospel through God's work in and through the lives of these men and women in an extaordinary way. Two of them deal with tribal peoples and are a bit detailed in the gruesome and cruel culture of these people. Giving this detail shows the gospel to be even more powerful in these novels.

This is the only one of the 4 that I have not read and I look forward to reading it next year. We have just read the YWAM book of the life of Bro. Andrew in 1850-MOD so I look forward to more stories and being challenged more in my life to walk "The Narrow Road".

Sharing your excitement.

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Just finished reading Bruschko and Peace Child

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from the 7th and 8th grade ECC supplement. I just finished Peace Child tonight and Bruschko about 5 days ago. I loved both of them. They were so inspiring and clearly showed the awesome power of God to totally transform lives and minds of individuals steeped in a pagan culture. Tomorrow, if time allows me, I will begin reading I Dared to Call Him Father and after that The Narrow Road. I am just pre-reading some of the books that my dd will be reading over the next couple of months.

Re: Just finished reading Bruschko and Peace Child

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Oh, awesome! I loved those books! I think your DD will love them too. I also want to pass on something cool we did with Peace Child. Dad read it with me and we’d go over it once a week and have discussions with it. Kind of like the “dig deeper” questions in PP guides.

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