Scheduling Grammar & Progeny Press

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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Scheduling Grammar & Progeny Press

Unread post by Lucy » Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:26 pm

Writing Strands - Use alongside Grammar and Lit Guides?
six meadows wrote:I was wondering if I would use Applications of Grammar and Writing Strands at the same time?

What will you do when you complete Applications? Do you feel your dd will be finished in the grammar area? I mean as far as a formal study, not applying it. I like the idea of being done in that area so we can tackle some other interesting things.

Also for an older child I see that a literature guide is recommended. How should all of this be broken down? Maybe not too many people at this stage yet?
Hi and welcome to MFW!

What I have done is to do WS or your choice of writing program along side the Applications of Grammar book.

When my daughter does a Progeny Press or Lang. Plus guide we do not continue with the grammar book for that time but we do continue with the writing. There are some writing projects in these guides but I have not chosen to use them, but you could use these or take a break form WS (or whatever you are using) while doing those. They are a great way to apply what has been learned in both writing and the study of the book.

I do feel after my daughter has finished this book it will have been enough grammar. I have not decided for sure yet as we have not finished the book but I think with the writing instruction and grammar instruction it will be enough.

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Scheduling the All-in-One book ?

Unread post by cbollin » Thu May 31, 2007 9:10 am

Melissa5 wrote:If you have used this, would you explain how you scheduled it?
My 6th grader is just starting this book. What we plan (subject to change) is to do about 3 pages per week in this book, scheduled on the same day as we do Intermediate Language Lessons. and just go through the book in order. I'm guessing that will take us through most of the book in the 34 weeks of lesson plans in MFW. Then we'll see about those last pages.

She's getting older and can handle a bit longer on the school day in English. I'm thinking of encouraging her to "take charge" of this book and to be sure she gets it done in one academic year. In theory, I'll help her plan out how to schedule the book and try to stay on track to finish it. I don't know if she'll finish in one year or less. She likes to work ahead on somethings (not all.)

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 12:34 pm
All in One English --- here’s what my daughter’s “lesson plan” ended up looking like:
- My 12 y.o did All in One in about 1 semester worth of time working at about 15 minutes per day 5 days per week. Give or take.
- During our English time (on the grid) she would work in this book (I think she liked using it 5 days/wk, that might explain her pace in the book too)
- Took 3 days to do the Beginning Assessment Test
- Then she usually did 1 lesson per day. Some lessons took 2 days. Most of the lessons have 3 exercises per lesson. She wrote directly in the workbook.
- We just moved in order from the beginning to the end
- In a few weeks, she’ll do the Final Assessment Test. I estimate we’ll break it up into 3 days.

Hope something in there helps you a bit

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Re: Scheduling the All-in-One book ?

Unread post by kellybell » Thu May 31, 2007 9:29 am

Last year my 7th grader did All In One and I think that this year I'll have my 6th grader do it (it's not too tough).

What I do for all individual sujbects (language, math, Apologia) for my middle schoolers is this:

1. Try to guess and set a time per week to work on it. For All In One, we did 20 minutes, three times a week. Any time I do this, my dc know they are to label the starting point each day in their workbook. This way, when I review the work, I can see if they are getting a good amount done each day. I take into consideration if she got stumped on a concept and came to me with a question. If she didn't come to me, then I assume she was sailing right through and I need to see a good amount of work each day.

2. At the end of the week, I see how much she got done. Is it a good amount to "stay on track?" I consider if the material is review or new. If she is speeding through the material, I can give her a pat on the back and tell her to skip All In One one day next week (this doesn't happen too often) and if she is not where she needs to be, I'll ask her to work 30 minutes each day the next week. I try to just keep an eye on where she is.

3. With All-In-One there were some new concepts and some review concepts for my dd. So, as I graded each weekend, I also looked ahead a few pages and if the concept was a review, I would highlight problems to do (sometimes just half of the problems). If the concept was new to her, I'd say "do all." If she had problems on sections I thought were review to her, I'd have her go back and do a few more.

That's how we handled All In One and also other LA and math and Apologia General Science.

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Re: Scheduling the All-in-One book ?

Unread post by Melissa5 » Thu May 31, 2007 2:34 pm

I think I will try scheduling four pages a week starting around the 4th week of school. I am really pleased with this book. It is very straight to the point, thorough, and doable. : )


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PP - How much time to set aside?

Unread post by Jacqueline » Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:39 pm

momtoaaa wrote:How long do you take to get through a Progeny Press guide. This will be for a 6th and 7th grader. Can you give me a typical week?
My son was in 6th grade last year and he went through two of the guides. We went through them slowly. I just took each division in the guide (typically it was divided by chapters) and that's how many weeks we used. My son got to the point where he would divide the work pretty evenly on his own. He would read the first day, do the vocab the second day, and then divide the rest of the work up during the week.
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Re: PP - How much time to set aside?

Unread post by mom2boys » Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:29 pm

My son did the Farmer Boy PP Guide at the end of last year (5th grade) much like Jacqueline suggested except we did the questions orally. We had done this book as a read aloud the year before and I thought it would be a good way to ease into the guides. It worked well.

We plan to do two guides this year (6th grade) along with the All-In-One English. I had also been curious how long each guide should take and found this on their web site:
  • "Most middle grades and high school study guides take from eight to ten week to complete, generally working on one section per week. Over the years, we have found that it works best if the students completely read the novel the first week, while also working on a prereading activity chosen by the parent or teacher. Starting the second week, most parents and teachers have found it works best to work on one study guide page per day until the chapter sections are completed; this generally takes between eight and ten weeks. Students should be allowed to complete the questions by referring to the book; many questions require some cross-reference between elements of the stories."
Hope it helps.


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PP - How do you schedule with grammar, spelling,

Unread post by kellybell » Wed Dec 19, 2007 5:29 pm

momtoaaa wrote:Ok.. I want to start my 11 and 12yo on a literature guide next semester, and I am having a bit of trouble envisioning it.

I have heard that it takes about an hour a day to complete the lessons from TLP. So, I feel like they will be doing quite a bit of Language Arts each day. They will do their TLP guide, grammar program, writing, and spelling. WOW...

Here's what we did (and that doesn't mean it's right):

We worked about 4-6 weeks on All-In-One Grammar and writing. Then, we put those subjects aside and did a literature study; it took about 8 weeks. Then, back to 4-6 weeks with All-In-One/Writing. So, we sort of switched back and forth and that worked okay.

Oh, we spent about 40 - 45 mins. a day on literature guides (and about the same amount of time on Grammar + Writing). It would've taken about an hour but I omitted a few of the activities that I thought were "twaddley" (is that a word). One assignment asked the kids to write a short story using all 16-20 (I can't remember how many) vocabulary/spelling words in the story ... IN ORDER. The first time we hit that assignment, it took a good half hour to even get an idea for such a contrived story (and such a story can't really be of good quality). So, I changed that assignment to something like "pick four words and include them in a short story."

Anyway, that plan worked for us just fine.
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Re: Spelling

Unread post by cbollin » Thu Dec 20, 2007 5:52 am

Progeny Press guides can be purchased from Rainbow Resource Center or directly from PP, as well as other sources out there. I've never asked MFW if they are working toward becoming a supplier for Progeny Press.

I don't know if we will continue with Spelling Power or not. Spelling is a weaker subject for my oldest, so I might try to find a way to continue to use some of SP to target the weaker spelling rules for her. ???


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Re: Spelling

Unread post by kellybell » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:40 am

Oh, I forgot about spelling (sorry).

PP guides, which I like better than TLP, have vocabulary words but we don't use them as spelling words.

TLP guides include vocabulary words that can be spelling words too, but since they are based on the story and not on a spelling word, they are "all over the place."

My oldest is a fine speller (for the most part) and we dropped Spelling Power after 6th grade. I simply now point out anything that she spells wrong in her writing.

My next oldest isn't a good speller. She's a sixth grader this year, done with ILL so she's doing the All-In-One mix along with PP. Our first year homeschooling we tried Spelling Power and she cried and cried at the sight of the big orange book. So, we've done other spelling programs (one per year, aargh).
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PP - Does MFW use PP for writing instruction?

Unread post by Lucy » Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:43 pm

Just a note here. MFW recommends PP, but not for the writing aspect. Although you could choose to write about the book that was read, it is not the goal of PP to teach writing but to study the piece of literature. This is why MFW has Writing Strands in the program to teach writing and a grammar book to teach grammar. It sounds like it would be a lot of work but it really has not been too much since writing is scheduled 2 days a week and grammar 3. When we do the PP(2 a year) we do not do the grammar book, but still continue with writing instruction. I hope that makes sense.

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Grammar - Scheduling All-In-One

Unread post by cbollin » Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:16 am

GoodCat wrote:How did everyone else do this book. After the assessment test, did you work on one area/topic every day you did english. Some areas/topics have 2-4 pages in them. Or did you do one pages a day, even if it ment not finishing that area/topic? Just trying to figure out what we are doing :) Thanks for your help.
Basically, last year oldest did what I would call a chapter per day. Each chapter was usually about 3 of those exercises or so. I count 57 chapters that way. not counting the final assessment.

she did p 95 and all of 96 together.
she did p. 58-60 all together.
final assessment was broken up into 3 days. I don't remember how we divided it up.

The beginning assessment I think we did it really before starting the school year????

She wrote directly in the book and usually did it as an editorial work. Very few things were fully written out. And believe it or not, we did some things once in a while as out loud stuff. As you get started in the book, you'll find that many of the exercises don't take a long amount of time because it is circling and underlining. We really did it as edit work. Things that were spelling past tense or plurals --- she would just add the suffix or change the y to ies. So -- it doesn't have to be a complicated book to use or full copywork to learn those rules and parts of speech.

It really sped up the process and showed me whether or not she knew it. That was my real goal in using the book --- did she know the rules and parts of speech and could she recognize it???? And a secondary goal was to encourage "transition to independence". She was motivated to just be done with the book.

Part of the reason that I think everyone (on the message board) is so vague about how to use this workbook is that it's just a workbook to go through. There is no harm if you take longer than one semester. Don't feel tied to that expectation. You can do that book for a few minutes each day while also doing a Progeny Press guide. One would be English time and the other reading time. Every child will be different in how fast they complete a workbook like this. Don't pressure yourself to do it in just one semester, but it might happen that way without the pressure. No need to rush it. It can get mixed and matched a bit. Oldest thinks she may have even had the book in the van from time to time and got an extra page done and over with.

Even if you did 1 page per day that would be about 100 pages over the whole year. And some of those pages are only 5 minutes or less to do. Some of them you can do a whole chapter in about 10 minutes including goofing off. (that would be the chapter on interjections that we got silly with and still finished quickly. Not all of the chapters were that quick.) And it will vary from student to student. It's ok if you need to teach your 6th/7th grader the information and then have them do their worksheet ---- they are NOT fully independent learners at this age.

I hope that helps you a bit as you try to plan to get started. But don't sweat it too much or go too rigidly with it.
GoodCat wrote:If we finish this in one semester, what would I do for the next semester. Would I go into Applications of Grammar or do a Progeny Press guide??
If you have a 6th grader in All in One English, I would encourage you to just wait until the next year to do Applications of Grammar.

If you have a 7th grader..... well.... I would still hold off until 8th grade with Applications unless they are just really motivated to start Applications in 7th grade and finish in 8th.

So, that means you'd work on those Progeny Press guides, and Writing Programs for the rest of 7th grade. Additionally, you'll want your 7th grader reading more from book basket time as well.

I think for the big picture of language arts in 7th grade, MFW seems to be saying (and I could be wrong on this)
*all of the built in language arts in the MFW program (book basket, copywork, etc. etc.)
*2 Progeny Press guides
*All in One English (or some will be in Applications if they did A I O in 6th)
*Writing Strands (or other writing program-- work on essay skills, reports, etc.)
*spelling, if needed.
*higher level readings from book basket or other sources as needed (such as the extra biographies in ECC)


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Unread post by GoodCat » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:06 pm

I have a 7th and a 6th grader doing All in One English this year. So I think we won't rush and we'll continue with WS and maybe a Progeny Press Guide.

Thank you again for all you help!!!

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How long, realistically?

Unread post by cbollin » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:52 pm

Eve wrote:I just received the Progeny Press study guide for The Swiss Family Robinson. I am curious to how long it takes you to go through this, realistically? I have a 12 yo I was going to use this with. I think he would do wonderful at it, BUT it will take us MUCH longer to go through than what they are saying it will in the introduction, especially since this is the first one he has done. There seems to be quite a bit research ideas besides the actual study. How much of all this would you recommend for a 12 yo? He is also still at the beginnings of learning to write papers. He can write, but the time to correct spellings..etc. takes forever! Spelling really slows him down as far as correcting for final papers.

He does like to use the computer however. Would it be detrimental if I let him use the computer for most of the study guide suggestions?Any ideas?

Also, he is not used to very much independent work on this level of study. Should I expect to go through this first study guide with him, til he gets the "hang of it"?
I haven’t used that exact title. But I guess most of the PP guides are set up in a similar fashion. Also, feel free to adjust it a bit for your 12 y.o. I’ve noticed that when a PP guide says a grade range, that it works really well with the upper end of the range and less well with the lower end. So a guide that says the guide is written for grades 7-9, sometimes is harder for a 7th grader. Keep that in mind if it seems like it is hard to use or something and adjust a bit. Example of what I mean. One of the books that we used, Redwall, was a book that my oldest read when she was in 5th grade. But, the study is written for 5th-9th grade and I’m very glad that she did the study guide for it in 7th grade, which is in the middle of the target range. It was easier to discuss it when she was a little older than 5th grade.

We didn’t do any kind of research project in the section called Pre Reading or Post readings activities. Well, ok. There was a suggestion in one of guides to listen to some songs that are mentioned in the book we used (Bridge to Terabithia). So, we did some youtubing for them. My dh took one listen and said “Hey! My mom had that record when we were going up.” But we didn’t really do the pre/post stuff. Our goal was to use the study guide for literature analysis. Research was being covered in other subjects.

We didn’t really read the whole book before starting into the study guide. My dd got 3 or 4 chapters into the books and then we started studying back in chapter 1. And she stayed ahead in the reading as we continued in the study.

Yes, you can do some writing on the computer. Much of the answers, however, can be a few sentences here and there in the book, so you don’t have to write long papers for each question. So it may work just as well to write in the guide if you want to. But it can be on computer too.

I did not expect to just hand over the guide to my daughter to do on her own completely. Here is how it worked for us.
For the sections that are called Thinking About the Story and Dig Deeper, we did those are out loud discussion questions. (Didn't really require any writing. My goal was lit. analysis and discussion.)
She had to do the others sections (vocabulary, similes, basic questions) on her own and yes, she had to write. grin

During the time we used PP guides, we were not doing other language arts such as grammar workbook and I didn't even do spelling as a separate subject during those times. She enjoyed her books well enough that sometimes she just wanted to talk about them on the weekends too. So, we did.

Usually, my dd would work on her own for 2 days in the vocabulary and basic questions. Then we’d have a discussion day. And we worked through it that way.

To put it in perspective, my daughter is on the advanced side with reading and enjoys talking about stuff.

Looking forward to hearing how it works with others who have different kinds of children.


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Re: How long, realistically?

Unread post by MJP » Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:06 pm

We are using Tom Sawyer. We did not read the book through before starting. I split each reading assignment over two days. In our book it is 5 chapters. Then the boys do 2-3 pages a day out of the guide. It takes about 5 days to do the 5 chapters and their corresponding questions that way. I agree with Crystal that many of the questions could be done orally, and that would speed up the process. I am planning on doing that in the future. I would rather get through more books doing some parts orally, than to have them write everything out. We do plenty of writing.
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Scheduling Grammar & Progeny Press

Unread post by mfwstudent » Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:29 pm

4littlehearts wrote:How many of you have used this? How long does it take to do a lesson a day? Thanks!
I did it last year as a 7th grader. In 6th grade, I did All in One. When I'm focused, I work hard, and I spent 15-20 minutes a day. Then mom checked it.

Usually I just read a lesson in AoG and did the exercise(s). There were some definitions that confused me. Most of it was doable and easy to understand.

HTH :)

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lesson plans for All-in-One English

Unread post by Julie in MN » Sat May 15, 2010 8:37 pm

TNLisa wrote:Just curious if MFW has lesson plans that go along with this - or will we just follow the book's instructions?
There aren't really any lesson plans for the book. I remember counting up the weeks we worked on it here (and the weeks we worked on PP), just for an example you could use as you think it through: ... 926#p53926

Others posted here:
but basically remember that it's a process & you can start out slowly and speed up. And, I guess to some extent it speeds up on its own, since some of the later lessons are harder than the beginning.

It's a good general overview. I'm glad we used the book.
P.S. I now see that you're doing EX1850, but what I had said (and edited out) might apply to those who are using ECC: My pattern might not work as well with ECC. We're using the ECC 7-8th grade grid this year (did All-In-One last year). I think with ECC, it might be best to either (a) schedule AIO gradually throughout the entire year (maybe 4 days a week?) or (b) schedule AIO only during the weeks where 7-8th missionary biographies are scheduled on the grid (i.e. not during the literature guide weeks).
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How to schedule Progeny Press

Unread post by Julie in MN » Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:11 pm

hsmom3 wrote:I will be using Progeny Press this year and was wondering the best way to schedule it. Should the book be read first and then do the study guide (which is recommended in the lit guide)? Or do you read a little then work on the guide until you finish the book? Do you do this everyday or so many days/week? Also how long did it take to complete the guide? I know this will vary per person but I'm just curious. I'm trying to make my plans for this year and am trying to figure out how to schedule it. We're starting school next week and I'm frantically trying to get organized!!

Thanks for any input you have!

Hi Susan,
I posted an outline of how we scheduled PP back when it was fresh in my mind. Here it is: ... 047#p53926

I think there are some other ideas on that thread, too. Hopefully it will help while folks are not around this holiday weekend :)

P.S. The ECC 1st edition page for 7-8th graders lists PP during certain weeks (down near the bottom of the page). It might be another thing worth looking at as you think this thru:
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Reid (21) college student; used MFW 3rd-12th grades (2004-2014)
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Re: How to schedule Progeny Press

Unread post by cbollin » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:13 pm

oldest read a little, then worked on the guide
read some more, worked more
I don't really know how many weeks it took. I think on that other thread I knew an answer back then. We tended to work on them each day because my dd loves to read. She did some parts on her own, then others were in out loud discussion time. I didn't read the books. I used the answer key to make sure her answers were on track. worked fine.



Applications of Grammar ???

Unread post by cbollin » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:56 am

4littlehearts wrote:We are using ECC this year with my 4th and 7th grader (older dc is using the 7-8th grade supplement). In the manual however I cannot tell how many days a week a 7th grader is supposed to work in this book. Could anyone tell me how they scheduled this out?
I think my oldest did it about 3 days a week when it says "English" on the grid on the regular side of the page. She did ECC in 7th, but it was the year before 2nd edition came out. She didn't use the tests in 7th grade because MFW wasn't selling the test book so I didn't get it. So in 8th grade, I got the test booklet and we used the tests to just review material from the year before.

There are 76 lessons in Applications of Grammar. So at 3 days a week, that will go about 26 weeks in small bites. You can accelerate it and do it in a semester, but in 7th grade you have the time to take it gently at a normal pace.

That leaves 2 days a week for Writing program (such as Writing Strands)

and then the 2 Progeny Press Guides are done in Reading time. and rest of reading time will be flexible without "formal study guides"

I know originally there was something I was trying with not doing the grammar book while doing Progeny Press guides, but I'm not sure it matters.

keep asking :)


[Editor's note: Tests were removed from the Applications of Grammar set during 2017.]

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Progeny press study guides ... please tell me

Unread post by dhudson » Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:20 am

momofsix wrote:Progeny press study guides ... please tell me
that someone has made a lesson plan for these!!!! My 13 yo son is doing the study guide for Witch of Blackbird pond and it's just not getting done in a timely fashion, which is due to my lack of giving him guidance as far as what to do each day. I haven't devoted any time in dividing it up or making a lesson plan. Today was the first time I thought of asking if there was a MFW lesson plan. So that's about it. Just need to take the time myself to tell him what to do each day so it gets done, unless someone else has done the work already! :)
I just counted the number of days he had until I wanted the whole thing done and divided it by the number of pages (or however that works - I have a headache and am not going to worry about writing it correctly) and found out how many pages my ds had to do in a day. I only made him do one or two or the writing pages. It has seemed to work for us.
momofsix wrote:This seems easy enough!! I've just been lazy I guess. &)
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Re: Progeny press study guides ... please tell me

Unread post by DS4home » Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:30 pm

We have scheduled our guides this way also. But if we don't have a specific end date to push for, I will have them read a chapter a day or 10 pages a day, something like that. When they have read the chapters for each section then I give them 2 or 3 days off reading to just do the PP pages for that section.
When I am pushing for time, they have to keep reading as well as do the workpages.
That's what it looks like at our house anyway :)

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Re: Progeny press study guides ... please tell me

Unread post by Julie in MN » Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:46 pm

I still have a schedule on my computer from my son's 2nd PP guide (2nd half of 7th grade), which I'll copy here. Note that we don't always follow the schedules that I print out :) but sometimes they help my brain, especially when I get nervous towards the end of a year.

So basically, it looks like his assignment was one section of the guide per day. I think in his first guide, I just wrote the date next to each section, so I don't have anything to print on that. Each guide (and each group of chapters) is a little different, but there is a basic pattern.

Then, I tried to help him get the idea that if one section was really short, another might be long, so he should work ahead if he could... not sure how successful that was in 7th grade, but it was a start.

As far as the reading itself, PP recommends reading the book as a whole first, but my ds isn't a reader so it would have felt like reading it twice to him. He read as he went along, but he wanted to read before he got to questions that were "spoilers" -- so basically he read a chapter a day but try to keep ahead of the questions. (He was often reading another book on other days, as he belonged to a little book club.)
  • Carry On Mr. Bowditch (great book but I don't recommend the PP guide)
    Because we have a tight schedule on this book, we have to plan it out carefully. Some lessons are long & some are short. It’s okay to spread it out or to work ahead, but there really isn’t room to get behind!

    (April 1-3 - no school)

    April 6-10 – read chapters 1-3 – This means to read the chapters BEFORE the week starts, or during the early part of the week at the very latest
    Mon. go over p. 6,7,8 together
    Tue. p. 9 map & write 4 paragraphs
    Wed. vocab ch. 1-3
    Thurs. characterization
    (Friday no school)

    April 13-17 – read chapters 4-6
    Mon. questions
    Tue. thinking
    Wed. dig deeper ch. 1-3
    Thurs. vocab ch. 4-6
    Friday characterization

    April 20-24 – read chapters 7-9
    Mon. questions
    Tue. thinking
    Wed. dig deeper ch. 4-6
    Thurs. vocab ch. 7-10
    Friday questions

    April 27-May 5 – read chapters 10-12
    Mon. thinking
    (Tue.-Wed. testing)
    Thurs. dig deeper ch. 7-10
    Friday p. 25 optional exercise & p. 26 map, paragraph, & book I hope to show

    May 4-8 – read chapters 13-15
    Mon. vocab ch. 11-13
    Tue. questions
    Wed. thinking
    Thurs. dig deeper ch. 11-13
    Friday vocab ch. 14-16

    May 11-15 – read chapters 16-18
    Mon. questions ch. 14-16
    Tue. vocab ch. 17-18
    Wed. questions
    Thurs. thinking
    Friday dig deeper ch. 17-18

    May 18-22 – read chapters 19-21
    Mon. vocab ch. 19-20
    Tue. questions
    Wed. thinking ch. 19-20
    Thurs. I hope to have books to show, read bio in book, & write paragraph
    Friday vocab ch. 21-22

    May 25-29 – read chapters 22-24
    (Mon. no school)
    Tue. questions
    Wed. thinking
    Thurs. dig deeper ch. 21-22
    Friday vocab ch. 23-24

    June 1-5
    Mon. questions
    Tue. thinking
    Wed. summary - questions ch. 23-24
    Thurs. write paragraph
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Re: Progeny press study guides ... please tell me

Unread post by momofsix » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:02 pm

Wow, thanks Dawn, & thanks Julie for that schedule. My dc will read the book in an afternoon as soon as they can get their hands on it. I do see ds gets out the book & looks things up to answer questions. He just isn't into the PP guide though. His answers are very short and sometimes skips questions, etc.
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All in One English question

Unread post by Poohbee » Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:36 pm

Kelly1730 wrote:I am using All in One English with my 6th graders this year. Prepping for our first day back (tomorrow!!) and looking at the assessment test. Do you give the entire assessment at once or break it down by subject as you work through the book? Probably a dumb question but I thought I'd check with those of you who have BTDT:)
I haven't used All-in-One English yet, but I have been planning for the beginning of our new school year on Aug. 26 and have made plans for using it with my 7th grader this year.

I am planning to give the beginning assessment over 4 days during the 1st week of school. So, my dd will do pgs. 1-2 on Mon., pgs. 3-4 on Tues., pgs. 5-6 on Wed., and pg. 7 on Thurs. Then, she'll start the lessons the following week, doing a page (1 or 2 exercises) at a time.

That's just my plan.
Kelly1730 wrote:Thanks, Jen! After looking it over, that is exactly what I decided to do also;)
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Re: All in One English question

Unread post by Julie in MN » Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:37 pm

Just wanted to mention that another option is just to skip past the pretests. My son didn't like those, so we didn't finish them. Especially since we hadn't really studied grammar terms in the past (as some public schooled children might have). We already knew he needed to just go through the whole book.

Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
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