Bible - How much to repeat when cycling through again with younglings

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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Bible - How much to repeat when cycling through again with y

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My youngest will be cycling back through MFW. My question is what do I do for bible memorization? He still remembers most of the memory work. Any suggestions for what to do for bible memorization?
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Hi Christina,
How wonderful that your youngest remembers the memory verses. I think you could do several things.

One thing I have done is, since we did not get to use MFW 1 (but I do have a manual), we have been memorizing Proverbs verses which I felt he really needed for some character development.

Another idea would be to simply choose some other passages to memorize. You could of course review the ones he still knows, but choose a few other great passages you would like him to know from the old testament and some other well known and useful Psalms. You may even ask him if there is anything he would like to memorize. I only suggest O.T. and Psalms since that is the focus of next year. I am sure others will give you some ideas too.

Here is a link to other suggestions for 7th/8th graders. Some of this will not apply if you are not using ECC; you may decide to use Top Story for world events though. It would be optional.

Hope this gives you a start.
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Check-In Time

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With my 6th grader, we just started Week 3 of ECC. The last time I did ECC, my current 6th grader was in kindergarten, and my oldest daughter was a 4th grader. It has been fun doing ECC with an older student. My daughter doesn't remember much from the last time we did ECC.

Since she has already learned so much through the years, and she has picked up things from what her older sister is learning, the geography content in ECC has been pretty easy for her. I find that I am able to assign a bit more for her and she is able to complete it easily because of the background knowledge she already has. The introductory weeks and general map work were great, but I am excited to be starting the country studies now. My daughter really enjoyed doing the map work today, labeling the North American countries, etc. We are both looking forward to "traveling" to new countries in the coming weeks. My daughter is really interested in the John 3:16 sheets, too, and being able to see and read John 3:16 in different languages. In addition, I have LOVED the opportunity to read Kingdom Tales again, as that has been one of my favorite read-alouds. I am looking forward to the missionary biographies, as well.

My 1st grader just completed Day 51 of Learning God's Story. My son is autistic and has had some speech and fine motor delays. He is doing very well with copying and memorizing the verses in Proverbs, reading his Bible reader, and creating his Bible Notebook. He certainly has his own ideas about how to do the Bible Notebook, and since he isn't usually into drawing and coloring, I am letting him have a bit of freedom in designing his notebook. Apparently, he thought it would be too cluttered to add all of the days of creation to one page in the notebook, so he has devoted a half page to each day of creation. It is working out very well. I seem to remember having extra pages left over in my both of my daughters' Bible notebooks in 1st grade, so I figured it would be fine for my son to use several pages for the days of creation. It is great to see him take ownership of that and let me know how he wants to do the notebook.

It has taken us a couple of weeks to get our schedule and routine figured out, but things went very smoothly today. I think we're finally getting into our groove. It'll be another great year in My Father's World! :-)
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