Grammar - Specific lessons in Applications of Grammar

Issues specific to teaching 6th to 8th graders, including the transition to Saxon math, Apologia science, Progeny Press guides, and grammar lessons
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Grammar - Specific lessons in Applications of Grammar

Unread post by cbollin »

sewardmom wrote:We just started AOG. Is there an errata list for this book?
Anyone know?
I just called the publisher of this book. They do not maintain a list.

What page are you stuck on?

I honestly don't recall tons of errors in the edition that I bought from mfw.
sewardmom wrote:Lesson 5 - Ex.A #4 - I am wondering why tomorrow is not underlined.
type set error. in my answer key it seems that it would be "obvious" on that typo because of all of the other lines/arrows.
Lesson 13 - #2 wondering why have caused is not underlined as a verb phrase
same reason as #3 -- it is not a compound verb. The instructions say to double underline the compound verbs/verb phrases.
#5 wondering why missing wouldn't be underlined - verb phrase, was missing
I don't know. if "found" got a double underline, it seems like "missing" should too.

don't get too hung up on this that you have to have 100% right on every problem on a worksheet. It will be ok.

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Grammar help - App of Grammar 8th grade

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rebeccal2002 wrote:Hi, I'm learning that I'm pretty bad at grammar and I'm having difficulty helping my daughter, age 13 with her App of Grammar work. Even AFTER I read the book.

If any of you could help us that would be GREAT!

My question: In the sentence: "I tried to call you last night on the telephone, but you apparently were not home." The phrase "to call you last night," what kind of prepositional phrase is it? The choices are adjective or adverb or neither. The correct answer is neither, but, she said it was a prepositional adverb phrase, but I can't seem to explain to her why it is not.

This comes from Test 6, # 17. We also need help with #15, but it seems similar.

Thanks in advance.
[Editor's note: MFW no longer recommends the test booklet.]
Regarding this question - "I tried to call you last night..." The word "to" is a little booger here. It can be a preposition as in "to the store", but it isn't in this case. The "to" in "to call" is not a preposition, it is part of an infinitive form of a verb. There is no preposition in this part of the sentence, so there is no prepositional phrase. The phrase, "last night" is an adverb that answers the question "When?"

I don't have the Applications of Grammar book anymore, so I can't help with the other sentence.

You may want to get a copy of the book the Logic of English for you. It will be helpful with the others you have coming up. Your 8th grade DD can easily learn to look things up that she questions.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Grammar help - App of Grammar 8th grade

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I'm agreeing with Jami that "to call" is tricky because the "to" is part of an infinitive form of a verb, rather than a preposition. In this sentence, "to call" functions as the direct object of the verb "tried." I think it's hard because the whole phrase is bolded as if it's one phrase, but that isn't how I look at it (I guess that's why the answers are wrong?).

Some clues to prepositional phrases (besides the word "to") are that they usually work with nouns (things you can "have") and they usually tell where or when type things. Your Applications book should have a list of those where/when/what types of question clues (You tried? Tried what? Oh, you tried to call...). Also, I always remember that the Chinese don't use prepositions, so they have to figure out whether something is on, under, or over the table, or whether something is "to" or "from," just by the context, so that always helps me remember prepositions, and it would be a clue that "to call" would NOT have one of those missing Chinese words but "to the end of the road" would. Oh, well, I guess I have my own weird ways of remembering things LOL.

I'm not sure about the Logic of English as a grammar reference (isn't it a spelling program?) but I do like all the online grammar resources that are available these days. Purdue's site has infinitive phrases if you scroll down this page: Or, there are specifically grammar reference books, as well.

My goals for my son in 8th grade had to do with introducing all the yucky phrases and such, so that if his sentences in high school weren't working, we could find a way to talk about them. I didn't care if his reaction in high school was "oh, that's because of one of those phrasey things," I just didn't want him to say "no clue what language you are speaking." Each family's goals will differ, of course, but the tests aren't a big part of the grade (and don't have to be graded at all, if you don't like :) ).

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Re: Grammar help - App of Grammar 8th grade

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Hi, I thought I posted a "Thank You" to both of you yesterday, but don't see it! Anyway - thank you so much! I'll tell her about the infinitive verb. And thank you for pointing me towards those resources mentioned.

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