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ECC Research - Worldbook, Reference books, Library

Unread post by cbollin »

ECC 7th/8th supp ?
fdjoyce wrote:I noticed in the 7th/8th grade supplement directions many references to using the Book of Facts or World Alamanac. Could anyone tell me if I should purchase one or both of these books & if so a recommendation on which one?
I used the Book of Facts (that's the name of that almanac) at the library.

try this thread for some online lists that would be the same kind of lists that you'd find in that book to complete the mountain ranges worksheet among other stuff. ... 819#p48819

I can remember my mom always had some almanac in the house. I use to love looking stuff up in it. but you still might plan a trip to the reference section of your library and ask the reference librarian to give you a tour of various almanacs, encyclopedias, and basics like that. Some libraries have a children's reference section that becomes a home work center.

I think our homeschool kids can do research online, or buying a book, but a special trip to the library to learn what resources exist would be good. Ask them about a good almanac, like Book of Facts, and have your child look in the index for mountains. then find the chart.

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Re: ECC 7th/8th supp ?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Agreeing with Crystal that it's one book, "World Almanac and Book of Facts."

We haven't used that book, but then we have lots of reference books around our house including an encyclopedia, plus ds is also computer savvy.

The CIA Factbook online (and there's also one in print) is probably our most frequent resource. Plus you'll have the Worldbook on CD in your 7th/8th supplement. I might start out with what you have (library, internet, books at home, Worldbook CD) and then add if you see a need? Although ordering that book isn't very expensive ($12.99 ?) and it could go in book basket... I'm always up for another book :)

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ECC Question

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Bandy wrote:I'm looking over the sample pages of ECC available on the MFW website, Week 9.
As I'm reading through the notes for the week, on "Monday", there is a heading that reads:
Hints for Locating Information.
It goes on to refer to the "Mountain Sheet" and instructs to use an almanac such as World Almanac or Book of Facts to look up each mountain.
These two resources are also recommended when looking up each country for the "Language Sheet".

I'm not familiar with any of this so I have questions!
I'm wondering, are these two resources (World Almanac, Book of Facts) part of the package or is this something additional I would need to buy? I didn't see either resource in the catalog/ECC, but maybe it is in there?
Otherwise, would I need to purchase these ahead of time to be prepared?
I'm also feeling a little concerned that other weeks within ECC might call for materials that I do not own. I'm hoping that most everything will be included so I don't have to scramble around for resources.
I don't like surprises, lol.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Welcome along!

No worries... You don't have to have those books, they are just 'nice to have' if you can afford them. We used (shhhhh) wikipedia for some of those - looking up mountain names or countries. (When you look up a country on wikipedia, it has all the language and politics info.)

It is a complete package and has everything you need. Those are just some resources that might help complete a couple of worksheets.

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Re: ECC Question

Unread post by cbollin »

I could understand the confusion on that part of the sample. Those are library reference books. You aren't expected to buy them. It is part of a year long "geography research packet" using pages from the book World Geography.

The mountain sheet and Language sheet would come from that World Geography book. more of this is explained with the research is started.... but you plan on helping them research once in a while at library in the reference section. Or.... you can use online encyclopedia or sources. What they are looking up there is "height of mountain ranges" The idea is to help children learn where to look up things. I remember we planned a special afternoon at library and looked up ranges for all continents at once. my children were 7th and 4th. got the Almanac and it was quick to do that.

you wouldn't have to be at library all the time to get it done. or you can help them look it up on internet with supervision... check this thread of mine from years ago... (I don't guarantee it's all still there) ... rch#p48819
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Re: ECC Question

Unread post by Bandy »

Aaaaah, now it all makes sense, thank you, ladies!
Good to see the big picture ; )
Now that I am looking at it again, I am seeing that it is one of the "advanced" assignments, is that right?

Also, if it is an advanced assignment, what age/grade is that written for?
Thank you!
cbollin wrote:yes... the research packet is considered in the "advanced" stuff. Generally speaking from my opinion.... 5th-8th graders will do these. 4th graders... maybe.. with help. 3rd and under - not expected, but if they are wanting to do it.. help them. Some children like some of those. It's kinda fun. and the object isn't to "do every single worksheet possible"..

more of the advanced assignments is explained in the intro section of the manual than is shown on sample.
I appreciate the help, thanks very much!
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Using Public Library Website for ECC Country Reports

Unread post by Lisa M »

I found that we can access most of what we'll need for country reports through our library website, under a kids section called "Culture Grams". This will allow her to search that site without accessing google or yahoo.
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Re: Using Public Library Website for ECC Country Reports

Unread post by hsm »

I had tried looking at our library website at one time for this very same idea and I couldn't find anything helpful at all. But, after reading your post, I looked some more and found a plethora of goodies!! Thanks for this post! I am so excited :-) Mine was listed under Kids- then Homework Help, in case anyone needs another idea where to look.
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Exploring World Geography and some ECC research ?s

Unread post by DS4home »

abrightmom wrote:I am previewing the first several weeks of the ECC manual. Looks awesome and I can't wait for school to begin!!

Should I have ordered the World Book DVD? I think we might like to use this and I didn't realize that.
Would I like having a second copy of the Classroom Atlas? If the kids need it frequently I think it would be nice to give them each a copy. And if I'm ordering the World Book I can add another Atlas. ;)
Do you have a specific resource recommendation for doing research at home? World Book looks good and of course there is always Wikipedia. But, I'd love to have some physical books. I do plan to take them to the library for research time but I won't be able to do this weekly. I need to have in house options .....

I wish I knew somebody with a dusty World Book set I could borrow ;) .
You might check what your local library has for sale. I got our set of encyclopedias from our library's used book sale. The whole set was only $5 and was less than 5 years old!!

We have loved having the books on our shelf to thumb through. :-)

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Re: Exploring World Geography and some ECC research ?s

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I agree with Dawn, we LOVE our Worldbooks, and have used them at least a bit in every MFW year from K-12.

I got the Worldbook CD when ds did ECC in 8th, just to let him experience a variety of resources. I don't think it was essential to us (we had the whole worldbook, after all), but it was trying something new.

As far as the atlas, I think an extra would be useful not only in looking on during ECC lessons every week but also for some of the geography research pages.

The internet is another great resource, as you mentioned. It may be sad but it's true that most college research today is done on the internet. One year when ds was doing one of the MFW reports, I sent him to talk with the librarian and all she gave him was internet information -- he said thanks but I think my mom wants to see me come out with a book in my hand LOL :-) Your library may well have "online resources" including books, articles, newspapers, even an encyclopedia (ours has Britannica).

This may apply more to the country reports (when students can cite their sources), but it's a great exercise to have students start learning the difference between trustworthy and questionable online information (college profs may frown at Wikipedia-based info but not at a scholarly journal article quoted from the internet), and they can start with a user-friendly source like Wikipedia and use that to locate names, dates, and good search terms for a wider search.

Speaking of the country reports, the CIA Factbook is a favorite resource at ... -factbook/

Oh, and I believe there are good resources listed in the ECC manual plus a list near the back of the Geography book. Maybe your library will allow you to check out one of those recommendations or even look at it online.

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ECC - ? about World Book online subscription

Unread post by Marie »

Sophia77 wrote:
Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:52 am
This will be our 2nd time through ECC, and I have an 8th grader this time. I see the World Book online subscription in the 7th-8th supplement. Since we have no Internet access at home (other than my smartphone with limited data), would a DVD 2014 version of this work okay for our purposes?

And just out of curiosity, is this the Student subscription or the full-fledged online subscription that's included in the supplement? Thanks!
Hi Sophia!
World Book DVD version is no longer available, so we switched to the online "Student" subscription. We've tested it and like it a lot.

We use the "Student" version, designed for children up through 8th grade. So it's the perfect age range for ECC. The price is actually less than the DVD we used to use.

Our new TM schedules the Student online version and includes hints for using it, so for most people that's the best option. Since you don't have internet access, with a bit of flexibility you could use an older World Book DVD or encyclopedias at the library.

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