CTG - Weeks 33 & 34

If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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CTG - Weeks 33 & 34

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Weeks 33 & 34
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Greek Olympics

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We just finished Creation to the Greeks! For our finale, we held the 2008 Greek Olympics at our house. We invited 3 other home school families from our neighborhood, plus 2 other families from our church....for a total of 18 kiddos...5 of which were too young.

Just like the TM suggested, we had a run, long jump, javelin, discus (frisbee), and (arm) wrestling. Although, we changed the javelin to throwing a small ball due to all the small kiddos.

Everybody was declared a winner. I used brown and green pipe cleaners for olive wreaths. We had read that the winners didn't receive medals (gold, silver, bronze) back in Ancient Greece, instead they were given pots of olive oil or ornate vases. Instead of olive oil, I found at Walmart a party pack of small bubbles that were a hit with all.

It really was a great way to end the year. Thanks MFW!

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Greek Feast at end of CTG

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Eve wrote:I was wondering if anyone had the Greek feast at the end of CTG. Did you find any extra recipes of Greek food you tried? Did you have an entire dinner? Or did you just snack on a few Greek foods?

I don't want anything to elaborate, difficult, or time-consuming, and we are probably just doing this with our family because of the time factor.
Posted by Julie in MN » Sat May 26, 2007 5:35 pm
If I remember right, we just went out for gyros for our Greek celebration.

This year for our Roman feast, I had my 11 yo read the teacher's manual suggestions & make a grocery list of a few simple things he would enjoy. I think we just had a few simple fruits, veggie salad, & fake wine. He wrapped a sheet around him for his toga, & we gave each family member a blanket to lie on while they ate.

Neither was fancy but they were still memorable learning events to me & "awesome" to ds :o)

Posted by Tina » Sat May 26, 2007 5:53 pm
Hi Eve: We are not quite at the end of CtG, four weeks to go!

I think the feasts are great no matter how elaborate you make them. I think these are the things the children remember most. Going out to a Greek restaurant, eating a meal in the sukkah, making challah bread, eating lentil soup that they didn't like, having a blessing placed over the whole family by the father, eating barley cakes, (we also made something called "harvest muffins) etc. Enjoy whatever you do, no matter how minimal. A couple of times I only added things into our meal for that day, whatever works for you. What I think my children will remember most is that we did it together and that the family time was important to families in the ancient times, as well as today.
Have fun!

Posted by kellybell » Sat May 26, 2007 6:04 pm
I like Julie's philosophy of "less is more." We didn't go out for gyros (but that would've been a great idea) but we went really easy with storebought pitas, canned or jarred olives, storebought hummus, etc. Nothing fancy here.

I have found that the kids are happy when mom isn't all wrapped up in preparation.

I guess our favorite meal this year (RTR) was our Roman feast (made special by inviting friends over and buying sheets at the thrift store on half-price day for togas). We enjoyed the idea in the TM for "roast peacock" and we also made "mice" (cupcakes decorated with candies and such to look like mice). We threw our bones on the floor (covered with an old "art project floor protecting" blanket) and the highlight was when we all did a "talent show" at the end with "air juggling being the big hit (ie. juggling with nothing at all).

We also had a Viking feast (don't think this was in the TM but we had fun with the Vikings so we did this) with "Viking Stew" (aka beef-barley stew) and "Viking Fish" (cheap tilapia fillets breaded with crumbs and baked). Vikings drank from horns so we drew horns in permanent markers on our paper cups.

The kids don't enjoy fancy as much as they enjoy festive details!

Enjoy your Greek feast.

Posted by Suzq » Sun May 27, 2007 10:13 am
We have small a co-op with MFW and we had a Greek feast together earlier this year -- before we were finished with the Curriculum.

We had roasted Greek fowl(chicken), spinach triangles, hummus on pitas, and someone brought olive dip with those large crackers for Passover(the name of those slips my mind right now). Everything was delicious. The kids made presentations for us that night too.
Suzq (MI)

Posted by StarrMama » Sun May 27, 2007 11:00 pm
Hi Eve! I have a wonderful recipe for "Greek Pita Pizza" that we serve with homemade Greek salad-

Pita bread, spread with hummus (like pizza sauce), sprinkle with shredded mozzarella, top with chopped tomatoes, red onions, artichoke hearts, and kalamata olives. Top with feta cheese and oregano. Pop in the oven (350 degrees) for about 15 min (or till browned).

Hope your feast is easy and delish!

Posted by LSH in MS » Tue May 29, 2007 5:17 pm
We went to an authentic Greek restaurant and made homemade baklava.
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Greek Feast

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We had our Greek Feast today. It was lots of fun. There were about 20 of us--and the food went quickly. The kids thought it was appetizers, because it was fruit, (deviled) eggs, cheese and crackers. But that's how the Greeks ate! I also made the Hamantaschen cookies-they turned out yummy. We acted out Aesop's Fables, then went outside for our Olympics--javelin, discus, and long jump. It's already getting too hot here (in FL) to stay outside without going swimming, so everyone ended up in the pool.

Great way to end our year in My Father's World CTG.
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Re: CTG - Weeks 33 & 34

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We added in some fun read alouds toward the end of our school year, including The Magic Tree House: Hour of the Olympics. I also listed some other resources here on this blog post about Week 33:
http://rachelsreflections-rachelt.blogs ... -2011.html

During Week 34 we did not plan our own Greek Olympic games because we were already participating in our homeschool association's Track & Field Day. It was fun and there are photos on this post:
http://rachelsreflections-rachelt.blogs ... -2011.html
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After Galen chapter

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maybe a trite question...
thelapps wrote:I am wondering why the last chapter of Galen (After Galen) is not in the schedule. Do you just do with it as you wish or am I missing the assignment somewhere? I have a first edition manual. Thank you!
Hi, I looked for it too and never found it, so I skipped it. :)
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