CTG - Week 32 (including Esther & Purim)

If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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CTG - Week 32 (including Esther & Purim)

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Week 32
(including Esther & Purim)
Chicagoland Cindy

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Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 6:50 pm

We just got home from seeing the movie "One Night With the King". It is a full 2 hour movie in the theaters right now that opened this past Friday. It is on the life of Queen Esther in the Bible.

In CTG we study Esther later in the year, as well as Purim, the feast that resulted because of Esther's courage.

The movie is rated PG and is very well done. My 9 yr old dd loved it. We read the entire book of Esther before going to the movie so we could verify which parts were accurate and which were distorted or changed. The costuming and scenery are awesome for giving you a real feel for the period in time and the location. Overall I thought the movie was very well done and stayed to the true biblical account with some minor creative license taken by the producer (which I expected). Focus on the Family has reviewed it and you can check that out at http://www.pluggedinonline.com/movies/m ... 002922.cfm

Besides this being relative to our curriculum I believe we should support movies that are aligned with our values, whether they are biblical in content, or just good clean fun programs. They need our support if they can afford to make movies that we feel comfortable taking our families to.

Who knows, maybe we'll go see it again when we actually get to that place in CTG. Blessings, Cindy

Edited to answer more questions about the film:
1. It is done with actors. However, the whole time I was reading the book of Esther to my dd before hand, she kept comparing the Bible to the Veggie Tale Version she has seen several times.

2. The romantic aspect of the movie was done very well. The only physical contact between the King and Esther was AFTER they were married, and then it was only kissing as they were standing up fully dressed on their wedding night. I think 2 additional times they kissed as well, but, again, they were fully dressed, nothing implied and nothing else even remotely suggestive was presented. There was absolutely no other kind of touching or implied activity between anyone else in the movie either. I really thought they handled that in a respectful and honoring way.

That said, you do have to keep in mind that there are numerous beautiful women in this movie who are all hoping to impress the King so they will be chosen Queen. No one wears anything suggestive, but they load up on jewelry and only have one meeting with the King to accomplish winning his love/queenship, and it is to be done totally through their appearance. So, if that conflicts with what you are trying to teach your dd, then you might just need to discuss that particular point later. However, that is what happened in the original account in the Bible as well.

Check out the Focus on the Family website that I posted originally. They cover all the different aspects that they rate a movie on and their explanation might prove more helpful to you.
Hope this helps.
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Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 8:14 pm

I saw the movie One Night With the King, too~ and really enjoyed it. I am kind of old fashioned and wouldn't take a young child too it. But, if you help your children "think critically" about what is biblical and what is not, I think it is a great tool and entertainment. I also agree that we should support those entertainment companies that are wanting to use the arts to tell God's story. Great movie.

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I just watched One Night With the King. My dh gave it to me on DVD. So we will be using this during our study of Esther as well. Good suggestion.

We like to compare movies with the Bible. I think it helps strengthen the kiddos mind to narrate the differences. God's word is always true. Always compare everything to God's word. We have to do that even with books and movies written by godly men and women.

I also have very conservative dating rules etc. I was very pleased with how the affection was handled. Our rule is that we turn our head when some who isn't married is kissing... a reminder to keep ourselves pure. Well -- they DID wait until after married for kissing... some of the little ones still turned their heads. That's all right with me.
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Greek Architecture

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During weeks 32-33, the study of Greek architecture is touched on, especially in the art lessons.

Because he doesn't do all of the drawing lessons, I had my son make a simple notebook page called "Ancient Greek Architecture / 400-500 BC." He copy-pasted pictures of the three types of pillars (doric, ionic, and corinithian), and typed in a short description of each, including which one he liked the best.

Google images will give you plenty of pictures. Here are a couple that ds chose to use:
Woops, those don't seem to be working right now, so try these:
http://new.thesolutionsite.com/solution ... olumn.html
http://albertis-window.blogspot.com/200 ... itals.html
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Re: CTG - Week 32 (including Esther & Purim)

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GREEK POTTERY CRAFT: I was struggling with how to paint some greek pots. So we used some of my old flower clay pots. My girls (3rd/4th grade) loved drawing their greek like designs in pencil and then painting the background of the pictures black. We googled images for ancient greek pottery for design ideas. Warning, many of the images are naked people so just be careful.

ESTER: We found a great book at the library: Hadassah, the girl who became Queen Esther by Tommy Tenney, published by Bethany house. We read it as a read aloud at night. It is very well written. The girls were completely drawn into it. So far I haven't found anything biblically incorrect. Some author liberty to how they were feeling but nothing inaccurate yet. Really have been enjoying this week
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Re: CTG - Week 32 (including Esther & Purim)

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Hi! We made the Hamantaschen cookies for Purim and I've included pictures on my blog. Here is the link:
http://rachelsreflections-rachelt.blogs ... -2011.html

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