CTG - Week 14 (including the 10 Commandments)

If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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CTG - Week 14 (including the 10 Commandments)

Unread post by Marie »

Week 14
(including the 10 Commandments)
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Popcorn alternatives

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted: 6/7/2004
Author: kellybell

I just got CTG Friday (quick shipping) and it just looks wonderful. Thanks, Marie and David, Hazell children, and test families for putting in the time to write, test, tweak, etc.

As I was reading it, it suggests using popcorn for manna. Does anyone have any alternatives? My two older students are both in braces (boy, they start them young) and can't eat popcorn. Any ideas for substitutes?

I thought about cutting wheat tortillas into inch squares. Boring... But, who said manna was to be exciting? Maybe someone out there has dealt with the manna-braces issue!


Posted: 6/7/2004
Author: Rebecca

Hmmmmmm.... how about oyster crackers, mini rice cakes, or white cheeze-its. Even a favorite dry cereal would probably be great.

If I am not mistaken, isn't this an object lesson about how tired the Isrealites must have been of manna? Like popcorn is something that most kids would say, "Hooray popcorn for the entire day!" Until they had eaten their fill and still that was the only thing offered for supper. Then it is understandable why the Isrealites would wish for onions,garlic, and melons!

I cant wait to be in the middle of this one! What a great year you are in for!

Posted: 6/9/2004
Author: Laura

You might try a product called PopFresh. It tastes just like popcorn, but is okay for people with braces. We can get it at our local grocery store.
The product is "corn pops" instead of "popped corn". At least that is how it is described on the package. I have discovered that PopFresh is a Hy-Vee brand (our grocery chain) so if you have a Hy-Vee in your area you should find it - no problem. If not, I would bet that other chains or companies put out a similar product. It is found in the aisle with the chips and other popcorn products. You do have to read the package carefully to be sure that you are getting the corn pops instead of the regular pop corn. Laura

Posted by kellybell » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:16 pm

I think I used a boring cereal like puffed rice or something like that.
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God's top ten

Unread post by Tina »

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:06 pm

We have been listening to a CD of "God's Top Ten" that we performed at church a few years back, all about the ten commandments. Each commandment is sung in a neat way...for "thou shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God" the song sings "God's name is holy, God's name is holy, God's name is holy, holy is his name" and goes on to say that we need to treat God's name in a special way. This has been a good reinforcement for learning the ten commandments.

We are enjoying the whole study.
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Popcorn alternatives

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:11 am

I know I saw this posted in the archives about a substitute use for manna other than popcorn. We are getting ready to enter into Week 14 and so I started doing some internet searching and found this in a really old file archive that may work. I thought I would share:
"I hope this is not too late. To my knowledge there is no exact recipe
From the Lord for manna. Also I have seen it represented as small
Round loafs. However with 26 students this is what I did. And after
Testing it out this is what I came up with and will use tomorrow. "

Reference is Exodus 16:14, 31
1 cup of flour
1 tbsp Coriander
2 Tbsp honey
1/2 cup hot water.

Mix together, and knead a few times. Roll out thin. I used the back end of
my baster to cut small circles about the size of a nickel. I fried
them in a skillet turning until slightly browned.
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Waking up to manna!

Unread post by niki »

My kids are eating "manna" for breakfast in CTG. Instead of popcorn we used cheerios (I have a dd in braces and popcorn is a no no).

It has lead to some very interesting conversations this morning!

Thank you again David and Marie.

(I had to lock up the dog and cat so the manna wasn't eaten before they woke - LOL)

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Water out of the rock

Unread post by Lainie »

Oh and the smiting of the rock for water.

It's not in the TM but I'm going to get one of those 2 1/2 liter water jugs that set on the counter or refrig shelf and with either fabric, paint (that paint that looks like stone) or paper (haven't decided) I'll have one of the kiddos be Moses and have him strike the jug and break the seal and our water will pour forth out of the rock.
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Re: CTG - Week 14 (including the 10 Commandments)

Unread post by Deb »

We used mini marshmallows for our manna. My son said he could live off this for 40 years.
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