CTG - Weeks 2 & 3

If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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CTG - Weeks 2 & 3

Unread post by Marie »

Weeks 2 & 3.

Additional ideas may be posted in other areas of the message board:

Vivaldi/4 Seasons art: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 724#p96724
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Unread post by momof3nKS »

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:12 pm

We just finished up Week 2 in Creation to the Greeks. What a neat week.

Here are some ideas that we did for this week:

We read again about Adam and Eve and TEMPTATION. On a spur of the moment, I told the kids that there were some brownies on the counter and that dad said they could eat anything in the kitchen BUT the brownies. All morning, I tried to get (tempt) them to eat a brownie. When one started to cave, the other pulled in the reins. It was a great enforcer for the story...and what temptation is like on their level.

I highly encourage measuring out Noah's ark. (I believe you also measure it out in MFW-1st, but it rained that day and we never did it.) It was really neat to get more of a visual picture of the size of the ark. We then tried to name all the animals we could that would be in the ark. Just a neat time.

If you still have your ECC books, there was a book used called Window on the World. After reading about Noah, we looked up Turkey and had some great discussions.

Also, my kiddos are really enjoying Dinosaurs of Eden and beg for me to read on further---tomorrow is another day.
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Unread post by MJP »

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 8:31 am

There is a great temptation story in Stories From Africa called Jabo's Mystery Box that had a big impact on my children. Jabo was grumbling about Adam and Eve, boasting that he wouldn't have eaten the fruit. Well his father leaves a box that he is not to open when his parents leave for the day......
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Wanna know how my boys learned the OT books of the Bible??

Unread post by manacah »

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 10:09 pm

We're doing CTG and are trying to learn the OT books of the Bible. The boys were struggling with the middle books, so they came up with this sentence to help: Just please put every sister in jars labeled eww. or Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations. Can you tell that they have 2 little sisters that sometimes get in the way??

Just thought you all might need a laugh.

Shelley, mom of 5.
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Memorizing Books of the Bible

Unread post by Heidi »

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 11:10 am

Here is another simple way to learn all books of the Bible, at least it worked for us with MFW-1:

Produce a list - or use the one in your Bible. We used the one that came with MFW-1.

As we did each MFW-1 lesson - one book of the Bible was introduced, in order. We talked about it. Then each time we did this, they kept a notebook (I used a store bought first grade tablet) paper going and simply copied that day's book of the Bible correctly three times or two times on one line. Then they checked off that book on their list.

The next day, we reviewed the last book's intro, read the new one, repeated the names of the books in order up to the current book 1x only, copied the new one 2-3 x on the next line on the same paper.

The third day, we reviewed the last book's intro, read the new one, repeated the names of the books in order up to the current book 1x only, copied the new one 2-3 x on the next line on the same paper.

When we got to about the fifth book on, I began a fun quiz by giving the summary and they had to tell me which book in the Bible it was, then we read the new intro, repeated the names of the books in order up to the current book 1x only, copied the new one 2-3 x on the next line on the same paper.

Beleive it or not, this simple set of steps - they learned what each book was about, and could recited the books of the Bible.

When they got to the end - we played the books of the OT on Wee Sing Bible Songs - also in MFW-1 kit. And they got much fun out of it. Then we did the same for the NT. Thius could probably be listened to as you go also - especially for oral/audtiory learners. My two are visual - so it was a reward.

When we got to the end of the NT - I taught them how to find a reference - then began "sword drills" - I gave them a reference - and they competed to find it first.
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CTG Bible flapbooks

Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

Julie in MN wrote:Toni, I would like to know more about the flapbooks your family made.

We enjoy the ideas in the CTG guide (flashcards, copywork, etc.). We also know a nice song. We now remember lots of the books. However, the many minor prophets are a challenge for us to retain over time. Have you found some good ways to differentiate all the different prophets when you write underneath the flaps? Thanks, I always enjoy your many great ideas!
Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007

Our Bible flapbooks are very basic but do give dd all learning inputs (auditory, visual and tactile) as well as copywork and handwriting practice. We just "hotdog fold" an 8X11 cardstock sheet, and cut 1" strips through the top layer to the fold line, thus making 11 flaps. As each new book is introduced, dd writes the name of the book on the flap and then borrows the teacher's manual to fill in the blanks underneath the flap (I usually just write out the brief description of each book that's listed in the TM, leaving several blanks). She then orally recites the list up to the current book. You are correct in thinking that we will make a total of 6 flapbooks, 11 Bible books on each one, working in order.

I have not made any creative distinctions between the prophets. I have used shading over the Pentateuch books as well as the four gospels to make them stand out and dd is able to verbalize what is unique about both. We even memorized a Pentateuch poem for narration/reciting at the beginning of the year.

"In Genesis the world was made.
In Exodus the march was told.
Leviticus contains the law.
In Numbers are the tribes enrolled.
In Deuteronomy again we're urged to keep God's laws alone.
And these five books of Moses make the oldest holy writings known."
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Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:03 pm

Of course, we DID sing Walk Like An Egyptian for Dad when he got home from work one day during CTG. I edited some of the words (found them on the internet) and the kids did a little dance for him. Sometimes, you just have to have fun...
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Noah's Ark Video

Unread post by rdbusler »

I wanted to let others know that the Noah's Ark Video that MFW recommends in book list in the back of the teachers manual was very good and I would recommend it. I did not purchase the video but I did find it through interlibrary loan at my local library.

Renae in AZ
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Measured the ark today in CTG...

Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

...and whoa, Nellie! That's one big boat. :O
I felt personally connected with Noah too because just as his neighbors surely looked at him like he lost his mind, our neighbors were watching us mark the street with a tape measure and chalk, wondering that the heck we were doing. Being homeschoolers, we're "odd" anyway (lol), so I'm sure they just added this to the list of strange things the "H's" do. Okay by me, as long as my kids can see the size of the ark.

Such a cool thing to do! Don't skip it.
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Tower of Babel - Real life example

Unread post by Blessed Beth »

What a coincidence! This week we were studying about the Tower of Babel and that the reason the people dispersed was because God mixed up their languages, making it difficult for them to work together. Also this week we just happened to host some kids from a Tanzanian choir that knew only a few words of English. My kids learned first hand how difficult it is to get everybody up and out the door at an appointed time when the same language is not spoken and also when cultures have very different expectations. It was a blessed experience but also very challenging to say the least!
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CTG Bible Book Memory

Unread post by lyntley »

Found a neat site with a printable game board to memorize the books of the bible. msss bible dot com . Enjoy!
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Unread post by Willow »

Here is a site where you can print the books of the Bible to make flashcards:

http://www.ebibleteacher.com/children/c ... hcards.htm
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The True Story of Noah's Ark.... bookbasket title for CtG?

Unread post by 4Truth »

TammyB wrote:This books has piqued my interest, and I am wondering if it is a recommended title for book basket.
I do have this book and it's beautiful. LOVE it! It comes with a CD, too.

We haven't done CTG so I don't know if it's on the Book Basket list.
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Re: The True Story of Noah's Ark.... bookbasket title for CtG?

Unread post by 705emily »

We have this book too! I used it in K and 1st for the beautiful pictures--but will keep for CtG as it's just such a wonderful book! Don't know if it's on the book basket list though.

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ctg week 3 help? Cuneiforms

Unread post by Jenn in NC »

I checked the Anc Wld Usborne site. doesn't have it... but you probably knew that already. ;)

This one will do sentences but not names, and the visual isn't nice and big like the other site was.
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Re: CTG - Weeks 2 & 3

Unread post by cbollin »

We made our books of the OT cards. On the back we put the numbers on them in order of appearance in the Bible. Then the kids could play a flashcard memory style game with each other or alone. We'd randomly call out a book name and the other person had to say a book before, after or for extra challenge before and after.

It gave the older kids an extra activity for when my attention was needed elsewhere.


Re: ctg week 3 help?

Unread post by cbollin »

for the week 3 cuneiform writing, we just made wedge shapes on sugar cookies. we played a little bit with the link that Jenn in NC gave. It "translates" phrases or words for cuneiform. but not names.

We just did our Egyptian hieroglyphics for week 7. We used the stuff in the Pyramids and Ancient Egypt book, as well as various book basket books. wow! I got to the library here in my new town. wow. book basket rocks. and there was enough in the package books to do the assignment.

So for week 3: I didn't worry, but just ate sugar cookies with wedge shapes on them. Left some out for the people who walked through my old house that day... giggle.

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Re: ctg week 3 help?

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

We just completed our Cuneiform cookies today.
The sites were a help, especially the one with the phrases.
We learned a valuable lesson about Egpyt and Mesopotamia...there's lots of books at the library AND there are lots of nude pictures in the books! Just an FYI...I didn't preview them first,...my littlest one had to point it out. Praise God for her discernment!

We actually used the book, Living in Ancient Mesopotamia in the Living in the Ancient World Series to complete the project. Series Consulting Editor: Norman Bancroft Hunt. It has a chart of the development of cuneiform script. It also shows the development of the alphabet from cuneiform (to Phoenician to Greek) to Latin. One word of caution...watch out for some of the pictures! ;)

A tip on the cookies...
1) It worked better to use a small platic knife to make our marks instead of the end of a spoon. It slid in and out better. Maybe their marks had to be thicker, too?
2) The marks should go all the way into the cookie dough. We did it about 1/2 way and when the cookies were baked, most of the marks disappeared. :~ Next time we get cookie dough we'll give it another try. It helped that their project was edible. They got over their disappointment pretty quickly!

Re: cuneiform monogram help

Unread post by cbollin »

it looks like the U of Penn has hidden or removed their games section. So, you might have to do this fun activity by hand instead of via online fun. don't worry -- in week 7 you can get some online games for Egyptian writing.....

Some ideas to help for this week with Babylonian writing....

what if you look at this and use it to make your own by hand?
page 2 on this PDF has the "alphabet" page 1 is just instructions for hardening clay overnight. (let's go with sugar cookies instead)
http://mesopotamia.lib.uchicago.edu/les ... ting_a.pdf

or this pic?
or this one a friend of mine found (but the links below the alphabet pics don't seem to work.....)
http://www.geocities.com/trpjwig/cuneif ... iform.html

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Cuneiform Project-Week 3 in CTG

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Last week some of you hit week 3 in Creation to Greeks and found the cuneiform link no longer working. We of course do have control over the links in our manual's and were sorry to see this one not working.
(Editor's note: See repaired link above.)

Here is another link that will give you some cuneiform practice:
http://mesopotamia.lib.uchicago.edu/les ... ting_a.pdf
You do not need to use self-hardening clay unless you want to save it.

We hope you are enjoying your year learning about ancient people, places and events from creation to Greeks.

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Cuneiform Working Links

Unread post by angelsoup »

We did the cuneiform activity today. Because you guys had alerted me that the link was broken or the site taken down. I just googled cuneiform writing. I found a working link to the upenn site.

http://www.upenn.edu/museum/Games/cuneiform.htmlAfter reading scroll to the bootom of the page and click on fun+games.

It takes you here. http://www.penn.museum/program-resources.html

I hope this helps.

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Re: Cuneiform Working Links

Unread post by cbollin »

Well, either they fixed it or something.... that's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't click on the part that says "write like a babylonian" on that page at the top or bottom. That's the non working part. they still need to fix it. she really means exactly as she said " scroll all the way down and down some more.... to "fun and games", but not the "write like babylonian"

better yet, click on it here

and this one won't do it automatically, but what a great print of the alphabet
http://www.penn.museum/documents/educat ... eiform.pdf
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Re: CTG - Weeks 2 & 3

Unread post by ilsa19 »

When we started learning the OT books, there were a couple that I had trouble pronouncing. I found this wonderful sight. www.inogolo.com Just type in the book you need help with, and they show you the pronounciation, and you can even listen to it being said.
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Classics for Kids

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

I don't know if this site has been shared before, but it is an awesome website. There are printable activity sheets, online quizzes, online music listening, etc. Check out the page for Vivaldi (our first composer studied in CTG): http://www.classicsforkids.com/shows/showview.asp?ID=1.

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books of Bible song

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

themama wrote:Does anyone know where I can get the tune for this song? I don't read music so I need it on cd or utube or a link or something. Chances are once we here it we will remember it.
Postby Pylegang » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:51 pm
This is my absolute favorite books of the Bible song:
[ search youtube for " Go Fish - Bible Book Bop, gfguys "}

The song is by an awesome Christian goup called Go Fish. They have a few CD's available for purchase. We never seem to tire of their music!

Postby cbollin » Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:05 am
I did the same kind of thing since I don't really read music. It's nice that Marie did a song on her own in the CTG program.....

ooh... I think I like that group that Angela mentioned. new to me.

In the MFW Pre K program they sell the Wee Sing Bible Songs. There are some tracks on that cd for it. we used that to help. and......

Apologetix, that Christian Parody Band, did a fun parody of La Bamba by Ritchie Valens. Apologetix calls their song La Bible. It's on Spoofernatural cd. track 7 I think.

i'll send a youtube link via private message. But as with all youtube stuff, don't go to the related links, and cover up the comments and all of that. The link I have is just the music and the words to the song (which are the names of books of Bible) on a black background. But the related links are.. well... it's youtube.

La Bible covers OT and NT.

(check your PM box for the youtube link.)

Postby jasntas » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:30 am
Cedarmont Kids also has a cd with Books of the New Testament (track 2) and Books of the Old Testament (track 17). The cd is called Toddler Bible Songs. (We have had it a loooong time. :~ ) I like this cd because I am able to print the lyrics from my computer using the cd.

When we were learning these, I printed out the lyrics and taped them to the kids bathroom mirror (to help me remember) and we would sing/listen to it while they were getting ready in the morning. This was before I knew my dd would be learning them as well in the 1st package. It will be a good review to see how much she remembers. ;)

You can get this in cd or MP3 versions at christianbook dot com for around $4. You can hear a sample as well.

You can also get the Go Fish DVD there also.

Just another option. :)

Postby Julie in MN » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:47 am
I'm not sure which level you're doing and if there's already a song in the manual?

But I'm going to join the others and share our favorite version. Our favorite is by Ronnie Caldwell. We still sing it sometimes :) It's on CD or DVD. His sample audio is here: http://pkmi.org/pages/music_cds.htm

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