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If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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The Creation Museum

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Stop number 2 on our staff retreat was The Creation Museum. This museum has a beautiful entrance with live fish and turtles in the water display. Looking around you will find plants, people, and dinosaurs! My family visited here a few years ago so I enjoyed watching the children get excited over the view. The museum is full of information as well as good old fun.

Inside the museum you’ll find a creepy crawly insectarium (all insects are dead!), a full size dinosaur skeleton, a realistic Garden of Eden, a Bible exhibit, and more. You can take a walk through biblical history to discover amazing facts about creation. There are video displays as well as animatronics throughout the walk. My family enjoyed the planetarium this visit. It’s amazing how big the universe actually is.

Outside you will find a beautiful nature walk through a garden with several bridges. One bridge was so bouncy I was sure the earth was moving when I got to the other side! They have a petting zoo and zip line for those who enjoy a little more excitement in their day.

Again, this was a wonderful day for our family to learn and experience confirmation of the things we know to be true as well as discover answers to things we weren’t quite sure of. If you find yourself in Petersburg, Kentucky I highly recommend going to The Creation Museum -
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