Field Trip ideas for CTG

If you are using Creation to the Greeks, please share your ideas with us.
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Field Trip ideas for CTG

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Field Trip ideas for CTG.
Tricia Croke
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For those MFW'ers in NYC & doing CTG do not miss!!!!!

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Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 11:20 am

"Gods, Myths and Mortals: Discover Ancient Greece" at the Children's Museum of Manhattan--until 2008. It will be touring too--next stop Chicago--although not for awhile :( I'm not sure of the other cities its going to.

A friend of mine gave me this article (if you're interested-maybe you can go on-line for the whole article--Wed. May 23rd edition) from the NY Times. It opens tomorrow (Friday the 25th). There will be four sections of the exhibit: "The Gods of Olympus", "Growing up Greek", "Odyssey" and "Discovering Greece". It's a 4,000 square-foot interactive show that presents an odyssey that is phyiscal, historical, cultural and technological. The cost is $9.00 for all children over the age of one and the museum is only open to schools on Mondays--all others days to the public.

Our last day is June 1st, so we'll make the trip down the following week--our kids cannot wait and neither can I :) what a great way to end our year in CTG.
MJ in IL
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Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 8:47 am

Related to CtG, our 2 big field trips this year were:
+ to see the Tut exhibit in Chicago and
+ to church, actually--a representative from Jews for Jesus came and led our Passover Seder.
+ As we were reading the Psalms this week, we remembered being able to visit a friend's sheep farm and take part during their shearing.
+ Not necessarily MFW related, but I just found out an acquaintance keeps bees and has invited us for a "field trip."
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Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 11:25 am

We also had the privilege of seeing a Seder done at our church by a Christian-Jew. He lives in Israel and occasionally comes over to give us updates on what's happening over there as it pertains to bible prophecy.
Julie in MN
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Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 9:04 pm

Messianic church
Large Passover celebration
Nearby Jewish graveyard
Art museum, especially looking for Biblical art
Science museum, especially the mummy and ancients section
Orchestra (for young people)
Speaker who had lived in Israel
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Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 10:41 pm

We visited the Messianic Temple for Purim, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur.
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Our family vacation this summer is going to be to the Creation Museum in KY. Hooray! What great timing, after finishing up the CTG year. °Ü°

While talking about the museum, we dug up our books from the beginning of the year. What a great time of review this will be.
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Amy in NC
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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:06 pm

We went to the Creation Museum last month. It was wonderful. I would highly recommend the planetarium.

When planning the trip I did a bit of research looking for other places to take the kids. What I found, however, was that at this time of year a lot of places are closed. I was really interested in Mammouth Caves, Natural Bridge, & more.
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Creation Museum

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courthart246 wrote:I was just wondering if anyone out there has been to the Creation Museum in Hebron, KY and what you thought of it? We have been studying Creation in CTG and dinosaurs in K, and we thought this would be the perfect time to go. If any of you have had any experience with this museum, I would love to hear your input.
We went shortly after it opened and loved it (the header photo on my blog was taken there on the beautiful grounds, in fact). It was a very inspiring trip, but we'll need to go back (multiple times) because there is sooo much to digest.
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Unread post by tabby »

We went last summer with dd5 and ds2. They enjoyed the life size model of the ark, the fish tank, the shows and the dinosaurs. It brought to life and reinforced what we have learned through the Bible.

We (parents) enjoyed the Biblically-based, factual information that we could read and explain to them along the way. I agree with Toni, it is a lot to digest and has a lot of reading with the exhibits. We spent a day there and did not even get to the beautiful gardens.

All that to say I think it is worth us going back in the next few years to enjoy it again when the kids are older....they might be able to take more info. in by then.
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Unread post by kellybell »

We went in July and really enjoyed it. We met a friend from grad school (now married and with eight kids) and that was terrific. We got the group admission (their family plus our more modestly-sized family = a group) rate and both dads got in free due to their military status.

We enjoyed our day there. It was very well done.
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Re: Field Trip ideas for CTG

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for Science:
*be sure to check out Creation Museum. (others already mentioned it. go if you can. not a children's museum, but the family will be welcomed and there is stuff to do for younger kids, but it's not a children's museum).
*also, check near you for any kind of hands on science when doing CTG. We do lots of physics/chemistry fun stuff in CTG, so lots of hands on science centers will have related things.

for history...

If you just happen to live near Memphis, TN:

you may as well check out the Zoo in Memphis. (how does that tie in to CTG?) The entrance and other places inside are decorated in hieroglyphics theme.

at least drive by the Pyramid downtown. The sun will shine in your face too much and it will really hit home with how the Egyptians were into the sun. Here we are going across the bridge from Mud Island with Pyramid right there. oops. the top is missing :)
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local field trip
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Note: The Pyramid has changed hands over the years, and as of 2015 it is a store/tourist destination inside. However, the outside remains an impressive pyramid, equivalent in size to some of the Egyptian pyramids.

Re: Field Trip ideas for CTG

Unread post by cbollin »

as I continue to learn more about this new city I live in ....

in you are near Memphis or heading that and want an Egypt field trip
how about the Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology at the U of Memphis. (go tigers, right?)
An exhibition of about 200 ancient Egyptian objects is on permanent display in the Egyptian Gallery of the Art Museum.
here's the link.

memphis, TN: Bellevue Baptist Church (it's huge! mega, mega huge and huge crosses too off of I-40 exit 15.. )
anyway... in their library, they have several displays with things that you'll read about and come across in Old Testament feast book. Seder plate, shofar, cups, etc. walk in and turn left to the display cabinet.
I wouldn't road trip just for that, but if you're on I-40.... and library hours...

also, in Little Rock, AR until July 5, 2010, there is a touring display called Pharaoah of Ancient Egypt

Remember to check for IMAX theaters productions for various Egypt stuff. those tour around the country from time to time....

Postby cbollin » Wed May 12, 2010 3:08 pm

Creation Museum is nice. We started our CTG year going there b/c we still were in Indiana then... and it was our first/only trip.

Nashville, TN has the Parthenon (can't get too much more Greek than that)
here... (even includes a statue of athena..... okay... biting my tongue on line. biting hard..... ) link.
I think it's still there after the floods 2 weeks ago? giggle.... it was a flood of epic size. 36 hours rainfall 13.5 inches! wow! (I sense a ctg theme here....) and I'm heading that way tomorrow for Nashville convention.

can you drive through Memphis, TN?
at least see the Pyramid [photo above]
the Memphis zoo --- has an egyptian hieroglyphics theme (and a nice zoo!)
also University of Memphis has a permanent Egyptian art/artifact exhibit at the art department.
(John took the older two...)
but if you end up in this direction... those are nice CTG field trips. (giggle giggle.... week 5, day 1 was find Memphis on a map! hee heee.. I know. Marie meant Memphis, ancient egypt.. but... guess what? first school week in Memphis (TN) was CTG week 5. and I didn't plan that!)

any hands on science museum will work in CTG as science is general science.

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CTG Road Trip Advice

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amelasky wrote:My parents are wanting to plan a road trip for this summer. They want to take us somewhere that will go along with our school year. We will begin CTG in August. I would so appreciate any advice from those that have completed CTG and can think of things to go along with it.

We live in central Texas and have an RV, so will be driving. Have 2 or 2 1/2 weeks of travel time to use up. I was thinking that a trip to a Creation Museum would be great. There are so many to choose from when you just google them. Are there any reviews on the different ones to help us decide? Thanks in advance for your help.
Eureka Spring has some great stuff to see. (Christ of the Ozarks, Great Passion Play, Bible Museum, New Holy Land Tour)

Def putting in my vote for the Creation Museum. ... ime-guest/

If I were doing a road trip in TX I would definitely go here

BTW- you can check out things you want to find reviews on at tripadvisor. That is a place I always refer to before we take a road trip.

Happy Travels!
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Re: CTG Road Trip Advice

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We are planning to go to the Creation Museum Summer 2011. We've been active in Answers in Genesis since before the museum was built -- in fact I need to call and find out if the 5 year membership we bought to help build the Museum is still active. But we lived in Washington state at the time so have not gotten to GO yet.

From Austin to Cincinnati is a 2 day trip. It is 7 miles west from Cincinnati Airport, just across the state lines in Kentucky. On the website Attractions they use Cincinnati (and my husband's parents met in Cincinnati) so I tend to think of it as Cincinnati.

We figure we'll take 2 days at the museum, have 3 days to visit family (Maybe more like 1.5 and 3.5 -- the Creation Museum hours close early most days!) and 2 days to go home.

With another week, you could go up to the DC area and cover lots and lots of AMerica history!
--Sarah in Austin, TX
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Re: CTG Road Trip Advice

Unread post by 705emily »

Another plug for the Creation Museum!

Also--the Sight and Sound Theaters (Branson, MO, and Lancaster, PA) are currently showing "Joseph" from March through October of this year. They are also currently showing "The Psalms of David". These shows are spectacular to watch--we saw "Noah" when it was playing. The shows are pricey though--but tickets would be a good "Grandparent" gift idea!
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Re: CTG Road Trip Advice

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Piping in for the northeast... ;) if you make it that far!
Lancaster, PA has a really nice Hebrew Tabernacle Reproduction at the Mennonite Information Center. You sit down around it and a speaker explains it. There is always something new to learn from it.

Also agreeing that if you can catch A Sight and Sound performance that would be awesome. I've seen Ruth and In the Beginning and they are truly a sight to behold. :)
Have a great trip!
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Re: CTG Road Trip Advice

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If you get to Florida....we were able to take a Creationist tour of Sea World in Orlando! That was great. It's not offered at the park, but I can get you in touch if that's an interest.

Also, in Orlando is The Holy Land Experience. We haven't been able to get there all year, but it has a Scriptorium, replica of the wilderness tabernacle, etc. Public school is almost out here, the weather is getting hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms (all typical FL weather) so we may have to wait until Sept./Oct. to go.
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Amy in NC
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Re: CTG Road Trip Advice

Unread post by Amy in NC »

Another vote for the Holy Land Experience. The tabernacle was amazing. The Temple was enormous and then they tell you its only a fraction of the size of the original. %| 8O

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Re: Field Trip ideas for CTG - MINNESOTA

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I'm not sure if this exactly applies to CTG or to RTR, but since it's Old Testament, I'm putting it here.

Minnesota has an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Science Museum through October 24, 2010. These many fragments of scrolls were found in clay jars, inside caves, in 1947. They were probably placed there around the time of Jesus. Many of them were books of the Old Testament, copied in tiny, perfect script onto animal skins. There were about 30 copies of Deuteronomy, for instance.

The exhibit's centerpiece is bits of 6 different scrolls, carefully protected from light. There are also some examples of items found in the area such as clay pots, there are large interactive maps, and a large Jewish scroll is on display.

Two other things are highlighted in the exhibit: (1) The different views on whether the Dead Sea Scrolls were actually copied in Qumran or just stored by folks in Qumran, which to us was just an example of the differing views on everything. (Note: Qumran was featured in the Advent novel series Jotham's Journey.) (2) A new illuminated Bible being created in Minnesota was described and displayed (the art was a bit modern for our taste but still beautiful).

Here's a little family guide:
A link to an educator guide is at the bottom of this page:

The most exciting thing to Reid and I was that the text of the Old Testament was almost identical to the text we read today. This shows how little man has altered God's Word over 2,000 years.

Someone told me there is a homeschool membership rate at the MN Science Museum now, and that helped us a lot. The yearly family membership was $60, the Omnitheater was free, the special exhibit was $12, and the parking was reduced(?!) to $5.

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Julie in MN
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Re: Field Trip ideas for CTG

Unread post by Julie in MN »

A friend has told me about an interesting field trip for those who live near Wisconsin, and I think there is one in Florida, too.

There is a life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle in Hudson, WI, hosted by Teens For Christ in WI.

Ordinarily, I don't post until I've actually seen it myself, but since this is only on exhibit into mid-October, I thought others might want to check into it, as well.
Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
Reid (21) college student; used MFW 3rd-12th grades (2004-2014)
Alexandra (29) mother; hs from 10th grade (2002+)
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Egypt Exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas

Unread post by schelean »

Just thought I would let MFW users in/around Fort Worth know there is an Egypt exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It runs until Jan. 3, 2011. My husband and I checked it out this past Saturday. We are in CtG this year and I think I will be taking dd9 back to see. While it advertises to be a hands on exhibit, it was not quite as hands on as I would have liked for a 9 year old; however, it does have lots of great things to touch, do, and see. There is a replica of the Rosetta Stone, a mummy, artifacts, and even a hands on exhibit to help children understand how the stones were moved to the pyramid sites - similiar to the experiment we did from the pyramid book - the one where we moved a large book first w/out anything to help it move, then placed something under it (we used markers) so it could move easily. There were several videos to watch. I could see where dd9 would not really want to sit and watch them; however, they were only 3 minutes in length and very informative. There is also a movie in the Omni about exploring the Nile River from its source all the way to the Med. Sea.

I was so pleased as I walked through the exhibit to see that MFW through CtG has exposed us to almost everything there. I was familiar with most of it (it not all). I am excited to put the real thing in front of dd9 after reading and seeing pictures of ancient Egypt through MFW. THANK YOU MFW!

By the way - there are other great exhibits at the museum also. It would be a great place to spend the day.
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Re: Egypt Exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas

Unread post by jasntas »

While we are on the subject, for anyone in or around Central Calif. there is The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium in San Jose.

We have never been but we plan to visit next year while in CTG since my hair stylist raves about it every time we go into her shop. (She knows we hs and is always trying to get us to take a field trip there.) She said her grandmother used to take her there all the time when she was a child.

The field trip planner for our hs group has also mentioned that she may make plans for the group to visit as well. It's about a 2 hour drive for us.

I would love to see the Texas one, too. My dh is from Texas and would be so willing to have any excuse to visit. It would be a bit longer drive though. ;)
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Re: Field Trip ideas for CTG

Unread post by Erna »

Teen Missions International has a replica of the tabernacle. If it is in your area it is worth seeing. I have been twice. My daughter and I were able to go this year, which was great as we'll be studying the tabernacle in week 15.
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The Ark Encounter

Unread post by Christy - Staff »

Each fall the MFW staff and our families take a few days to rest. Many years we find ourselves at a local retreat center spending time together and relaxing. This year was a bit different. We were able to travel farther and visit two amazing places.

Our first stop was The Ark Encounter. We were in awe as the bus drove around the corner and the Ark came into view. Amazing! Wow! So big! That's a few comments I heard from the bus.

Have you ever wondered how Noah and his family stored fresh water and food? What about circulating fresh air on each level of the ark? How did they separate the animals to keep them from fighting? What about all the waste? What did they do when a tool became damaged? How big were the doors to let in all the animals God sent to the ark? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? What does the term “animal kind” mean? What animals are considered to be clean and unclean? You will find at least one possible interpretation of the answers to these questions at The Ark Encounter.

My favorite portion of the ark was the living quarters for the family. The area had some vegetables planted and some in stored containers. This helped me to realize that Noah wasn’t told how long he would be on the ark. He had to prepare for an undetermined amount of time and trust that God would provide for all his needs. We must also learn to live like that – complete trust and reliance on God.

You can find more information at this website: If you find yourself anywhere close to Williamstown, Kentucky I suggest you make a stop at The Ark Encounter.
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