RTR - Weeks 33 & 34 (including Shakespeare)

If you are using Rome to the Reformation, please share your ideas with us.
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RTR - Weeks 33 & 34 (including Shakespeare)

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Weeks 33 & 34 (including Shakespeare).
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Art Week 33

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1. Art Lesson
For the Art lesson #166, Religious Terms, we used our dictionary plus there is a glossary in the back of God & the History of Art. Well, I used the longer dictionary & ds enjoyed the shorter glossary, which made ds more familiar with a "glossary." And hopefully one of us found a good definition.

However, the very best source was Google, and we were often able to see many pieces of art having the words in their titles. Some we had already studied in GHA and some were new artists, but all were large and colorful!

2. Shakespeare
* My 6th grader really enjoyed watching a few Shakespeare movies in the evenings this week. They are such fun when they are hammed up. Taming of the Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton was so cute. NOTE: My son has siblings who are in their 20s so he may be more worldly than some 6th graders.

* Sometimes in the summertime, we have found Shakespeare In The Park performances around the Mpls./St. Paul area, at sites like Como Park or Caponi Art Park. They are worth the effort to locate. There's nothing like Shakespeare in person :) And they just ask a donation.

* Another book that might build a little enthusiasm for Shakespeare is "Wednesday Wars" by Schmidt. It's a longer chapter book about a 7th grader, so maybe for older elementary and up. On Wednesday afternoons, all the kids go to Catholic catechism or Hebrew school, except for the lone Protestant who must stay in class and the teacher decides to have him read Shakespeare. You can tell the author loves books and English in general, as he uses quotes and occasional good vocabulary and makes a joke about everyone in the class diagramming an easy sentence and he is assigned the endless sentence :)

Notes for especially the careful families: It has some disrespect and goofing off (although often it's the "bad" kids or in the narrator's mind). There is definite just junior hi humor like the rat escaping from the cage and the narrator describes the teacher saying "Oh!" but then goes on to say that's not what she really said... leaving it up to the imagination. It takes place in a public school, but I wouldn't say it makes anyone want to go there (all their textbooks are called Geography for You and Me, English for You and Me, etc.).
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For the materials for building space station in week 34 Astronomy:

we used legos


Re: Shakespeare

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RB wrote:Just curious...can anyone give a comparison of Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare and the book listed in the RtR manual, both by Edith Nesbit? Just trying to figure out which one to order. Thanks.
an idea... both are in public domain, yes?

Her'es The Best of Shakespeare by E. Nesbit on librivox
http://www.archive.org/details/children ... 0_librivox
(I have it checked out of library right now too)

and here is the link to the online version of Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare.
http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/world/ ... 1&pageno=1

Beautiful Stories seems to contain more of an intro on Shakespeare than the other book. and maybe some drawings here and there, and has 20 stories instead of 10. Looks like basic differences would be which stories and how many. Looks like the text of the stories that are in common b/n the versions are the same or close enough.

the book in RTR book basket is not the exact same table of contents as the one I linked to on librivox. So the differences? table of contents of which plays are summarized. the one in rtr basket has these plays:
R & J
Merchant of Venice
12th night
king lear
as you like it
winter's tale

you can try both versions online for now and decide if you want to buy one as a hard copy out there.

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