RTR - Weeks 31 & 32 (including The Reformation)

If you are using Rome to the Reformation, please share your ideas with us.
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RTR - Weeks 31 & 32 (including The Reformation)

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Weeks 31 & 32 (including The Reformation).
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Science - Making ice cream

The rock salt was the only *unusual* item needed for the ice cream, and it was easier to find than I had expected. It was in our Target grocery store, right with the table salt. It was on the bottom shelf and hard to see, though. Also, it was inexpensive -- about $1 bought enough for many kids or many families to share.

When we made the ice cream, we put a LOT of ice in the bag and probably not enough salt to balance that. Later I noticed that the salt box said one part salt to 8 parts ice. The science part will probably be more clear if you use the right balance, rather than overdoing the ice.

From Julie & Reid, who wanted to make a point with the "lot" :o)
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Re: RTR - Weeks 31 & 32 (including The Reformation)

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Studying Henry the VIII today, I decided to search for a you tube video about it. And found a catchy video/song about King Henry's 6 wives. It has photos of them and a catchy tune to remind you who was who. If you do You tube... this may be fun for your older kids.
check it out just search you tube for Henry VIII ("Money, Money, Money" by ABBA)
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Gutenberg Bible (RTR - Weeks 31)

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Creating the Gutenberg Bible, 1-minute video
from the Bible Museum website

The video has some cool visuals of an early printing press and of a Latin Bible with hand-painted illustrations.
A transcript of the facts in the nartative is underneath, if you scroll the bar on the right of the web page.

https://www.museumofthebible.org/book/m ... 8917286453
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