RTR - Weeks 27 & 28 (including Africa & India)

If you are using Rome to the Reformation, please share your ideas with us.
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RTR - Weeks 27 & 28 (including Africa & India)

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Weeks 27 & 28 (including Africa & India).

Week 27: Volcano ideas

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Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 2:40 pm

In Week 27, Science Lessons:

Mars Volcano experiment.

Younger students will enjoy the basics of this baking soda/vinegar experiment.

For your older students, here's an idea to expand the concepts of the experiment.

After the main reaction finishes, have student look closely at the still fizzing top. Have them listen too. Even put their finger over the top. This is to make sure that something is still going on -- even after the main "lava" has stopped. Same as a soft drink still fizzes after the foam dies down.

Add a bit more dish detergent --and a tiny bit of vinegar may be needed --but no more soda this time.

Now, watch. It will take a moment or two, but the "lava" will rise again. It will not foam up, but bubble up. This is because of "cohension". The detergent helps the bubbles to "stick together longer" and they push each other up and out instead of popping before getting to the surface.

Have them take the time to look at the channels made in the dough.

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Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 3:16 pm

We've not gotten to RtR yet, but we're looking forward to it. This fall, we did our volcano experiments as we studied geology. One thing that was fun was to see that volcanoes build over time, changing shape, etc.

We put a small glass (a bathroom Dixie cup or similar size) in the middle of a posterboard, dull side up. We put a few drops of food color in the cup and some baking soda. Then we added a bit of vinegar so that it "erupted." This was the first eruption. We blotted up the "lava" and it left a colored stain on the posterboard and we shaped play-doh to fit the shape of this first eruption. We did a new Dixie cup with a different color and saw how it ran down the play-doh from the first eruption, making a different shape. We put a different color of play-doh to show how this second eruption flowed. We did a third and fourth eruption (we had bought a four-pack of playdoh) and saw how each eruption built on the last. After finishing this, we saw that we could be "geologists" and cut into the "mountain" and see the four different layers of lava (aka play-doh). We liked sticking straws in and extracting the different layers. Lots of fun.

I can't wait for RtR.
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