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Another RtR Astronomy Question (m)

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MelissaM wrote:Has anyone bought/used the lab kit that is sold to go along with the Apologia astronomy? (MFW doesn't sell it, but it's available other places.) I did not buy it last time we used the astronomy book and I remember that we didn't do a ton of experiments, because I had a needy 1yo and I was teaching 2 students for the first time and....I just didn't do a good job staying organized and on top of things. So - it's an expense, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it for the convenience factor to go ahead and get the lab kit that has all needed supplies sorted out by lesson. I'm not sure if MFW schedules all the experiments/projects in the book, or if it's used in a different way or....

I should just wait until I see the manual. But that's 2 months away, I can't take it! I. Must. Plan. 8[] Thanks for your help!
here's a lab list by module if that would help you decide for your needs and if a kit would make it easier or not.

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Re: Another RtR Astronomy Question (m)

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Yes, we Love the kit from christian books on-line. Yes, we Love the Junior Note book that I am using for ds8 that schedules Astronomy out for the entire year. My oldest 3 all participate in the experiments, and love them.

I don't know how it is used in RTR. I have already had the thought in the back of my head wondering if next time we do Astronomy in RTR if it will be without the note books and kit just due to the fact that it will be scheduled differently and used differently and Marie will make the things we need very clear for us.

Perhaps you can find out how many experiments from the book are done in RTR. The lab kit that we have has each lessons supplies in its own bag labeled with the lesson number. Many lessons have 2 experiments, and everything is in the lesson bag for both. So if you could find out how many experiments are done in RTR, as written in the book, it might help you know how useful the kit would actually be for you. There are 14 lessons; so the kit comes prepared for a number of experiments between 14 - 28.

I hope this helps. The Astronomy is a lot of fun!
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Re: Another RtR Astronomy Question (m)

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I usually look over the list and identify things that will be hard for me to find. For example, I didn't want to hunt down cork, plaster of paris, and glass lenses. The expense had to be weighed against my time and effort.
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Re: Another RtR Astronomy Question (m)

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We just started Astronomy a few weeks ago and I bought an economic kit from a gal selling them online. It comes with the things that families are less likely to have on hand, along with a list of everything else we need- complete on what department to look for them at Wal-Mart. It was about $35- well worth it for me. So far we are doing most of the experiments and I think the kit has something to do with that. It just makes it that much easier!
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Re: Another RtR Astronomy Question (m)

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Thanks, everyone - you are all made of awesome. :)
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Astronomy Saturn Centaur Rocket

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We tried the rocket described on page 119 in the Astronomy book. It didn't work very well. However, I did a search and found a link in the MFW Kindergarten: This rocket worked great! I do the projects/experiments at a weekly coop. The students loved it! We just so happen found a film canister that snaps inside. I just thought others might benefit from having this link! Dh also experimented a little with the amount of water. He found 5mL worked the best for us. We were also able to reuse the Alka-Seltzer a few times before it dissolved completely.
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RTR - Astronomy - Should I purchase a Science Kit?

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jasntas wrote:I know that MFW is great about listing the needed items in the TM but I was wondering if anyone purchased a science kit for Astronomy? If so, did you feel it was worth it? Does MFW have all the experiments scheduled? I was thinking about purchasing from creation sensations dot com. TIA
I didn't, but in retrospect, I should have. I looked at them but didn't purchase and I think if I did we would have had a much greater chance of doing more experiments. Just my .02;)
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Re: RTR - Astronomy - Should I purchase a Science Kit?

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first time - was happy without it.

second time - ordered the one from Home Science Tools. I was happy with the box but didn't feel oh wow.. I should have ordered it last time. on the other hand... it was nice having some of stuff purchased in a box and only to dig for it. I think there are still some items that aren't in kits like oil.

you might compare contents of kits from a few places.. some of the ideas in the book get simplified in the RTR text. (can't remember which ones)
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RTR science-- rocket?

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wsterk wrote:Hello! We just finished the Apologia reading on Saturn. One of the activities is to make a rocket from a film canister. Are they talking about the little black ones that used to hold 35mm film? It said the cap needs to fit inside but the ones I am thinking about snap on the outside. Looks like a fun activity!
We did this project and it was alot of fun. Yes, they were for 35 mm film. We used the clear film canisters and the lids did fit on the inside. We just happened to have some that we had saved for little nails and screws in our tool drawer.
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Hi, All ~

If you're studying astronomy this year, be sure to watch Louie Giglio's Indescribable or How Great Is Our God about the universe. It's a video that the entire family will love, esp. Dad. ;)

Also, The Privileged Planet is full of fascinating facts about the exact location of the earth in the MW Galaxy, and how incredibly miraculous that position is.
{Disclaimer: This video is a lot more "intellectual" and may be boring for younger students.}

Both are on youtube.

Enjoy astronomy! :)
hsm wrote:Thanks for sharing! I just watched How Great is Our God. It was amazing! Going to watch Indescribable as well.
4Truth wrote:I've seen Indescribable before, and it really is... indescribable! Highly recommended. :)
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Re: Astronomy

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Hi Melissa,
Thanks for the video recommendations. You always have good rec's (weren't you the one who recommended the Sugar Creek Gang movies that my grandson now loves?!). Anyways, even after homeschooling, I like to learn new things and praise God's creation. I also love having something new to show my grandson :) so thanks!

Lately I've been fascinated by some astronomy-related YouTube videos of a Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield, who likes to show how things work in space. They aren't about God, but they do show God's amazing creativity. One of my favorites is called Wringing out Water on the ISS - for Science! posted by the Canadian Space Agency. It shows what happens when you wring out a wet cloth in space -- without gravity. He uses a microphone but doesn't need to hold onto it -- he just sets it in the air :) Cool stuff. (Except the toothbrushing one, yuck.)

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