EX-1850 - Weeks 27 & 28

If you are using Exploration to 1850, please share your ideas with us.
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EX-1850 - Weeks 27 & 28

Unread post by Marie » Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:35 am

EX-1850 - Weeks 27 & 28.


Unread post by cbollin » Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:52 pm

I just wanted to point out something on the Indiana State Sheet.

At the time the MFW state sheets were printed, the information about time zones and daylight savings times was accurate. But, laws change....

Regarding figuring out What Time is it in Indiana? Indiana now observes Daylight Savings Time in all counties. However, not all of Indiana is in the same time zone. Most of the state is in the Eastern Time Zone. Some parts are in the Central Time Zone. This changed in 2006.

Not a big deal, except for those of us in Indiana.

and, it's Purdue University in case that typo wasn't corrected in your version of the state sheets. <grin>


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Unread post by Julie in MN » Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:32 pm

(1) Week 27 - Notebook Page on President Madison

Pres. Madison was the first president that ds didn't have lots to say about on his summary page. I thought it was important to go back & review how Madison was basically the author of the constitution. So, we reviewed several things:

a. Okay, we knew that the reading from In God We Trust on the same day was about Madison, as well as reading the president flashcard for the day.

b. The "optional" reading for week 27, day 1, is actually about Madison, so we went back & read what we had skipped :o)

c. George Washington's World, week 21, day 3, mentioned Madison several times. Also, a little on day 4 (the last page). We reviewed.

d. Book basket things from the Constitution all mention Madison's influence, as well as anything I'd found on presidents in general.

e. The rest of week 27 would mention Madison several times, so one option was just waiting to write the page. He didn't need to finish describing Madison's whole life yet.

(2) Week 27 - Hymn

The Hymn is on the Celebrate America CD from the Adventures program, if you have that. That CD has the full version that matches the EX1850 teacher manual. And, you can print out the musical score & guitar chords off the Celebrate America CD.

Note: It's also on the America's Favorite Patriotic Songs CD from year 5, but that version is just one full verse.

(3) Week 27 - ART

The lesson on caricature was a fun one for us. When reading about Daumier, it mentioned that he became skilled at etching, and there was some discussion of the rising popularity of political cartoons in newspapers & such.

So... I talked to ds a bit about what was involved in printing a newspaper "back then" (no computer printers!). I showed him a "stamper" and said that each letter had to have one of these carved out, lined up in a row, and printed. But what about illustrations? They would have to be etched by hand into a new "stamper" so they could be added to the newspaper! Didn't realize how much printing had changed in my son's lifetime....

Week 27 - Haydn - Classical Music Review

For listening to various Haydn music this week, I really felt the RTR CD (The Best of Haydn) covered some of Haydn's best music (The Creation, The Emperor, & various instruments).

(4) Week 28 - Pres. JQ Adams DVD

The last segment on Drive-Thru History is on JQA (this is on the very first Drive-Thru History America, called Foundations of Character)

(5) Week 28 - Book basket

We enjoyed the series, "Picture the American Past." It is a picture-book format but uses real photographs from the past, taken from various museums and such, with a focus on pictures of children. Each picture tells you what state it's from and something about it. The narrative gives extra details, such as some mothers scratching pictures to into the dirt floor to make it more like a decorative carpet.

"Picture the American Past" series, including:
Children of the Trail West, by Holly Littlefield
Children of the Frontier, by Sylvia Whitman (Warning for little ones: One photo was of a family next to a child in a casket)

(6) Week 28 - Beethoven - Classical Music Review

If you don't have the CD from RTR on hand, my library had Lives of the Musicians on audio CD, which included a short biography of Beethoven. This book was recommended on the book basket list for CTG or RTR, I think.

If you haven't done RTR or studied Beethoven, then you "just gotta" listen to Symphony No. 5 (du du du daaa) and Fur Elise -- your kids will recognize them. These are on the RTR CD.

Also, there are fun Beethoven things out there like the movie Beethoven Lives Upstairs and the CD Beethoven's Wig. If you still have your RTR manual, there are probably more good ideas I've forgotten.
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