1850-MOD - Weeks 21 & 22

If you are using 1850 to Modern Times, please share your ideas with us.
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1850-MOD - Weeks 21 & 22

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1850-MOD - Weeks 21 & 22.
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 21 & 22

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Week 21 - Writing from the outline
This was the big week -- transitioning from "filling in the blanks" on the outline to "writing" from the given outline. It was helpful for me to mentally prepare for this transition by reminding myself that it was going to take some time to get used to the new assignment, and that we'd have the rest of the year to do that.

Our first writing assignments were done over 2 days, including re-listening to the chapter. By the second one, ds asked to see the outline before we even read the chapter, and we discussed at length the idea that a writer's job is more than writing out random thoughts; that Susan Weiss Bauer organizes her chapters, such as starting out with an interesting story to draw us in and remind us of what we've already learned as background; and that her outline is just focusing on a couple of her major points in order to make this easier on the student...
Rereading the MFW sample essays was also helpful to us. And we did fewer activities during these first weeks, in order to allow time for writing.

Week 21 - Read-aloud ending
(1) Sergeant York, 1941 theater movie
Starting Gary Cooper, who won an Oscar for the role
As we finished Sergeant York, we watched the movie. Interestingly, dh found that Sgt. York himself insisted only Gary Cooper be allowed to play the role, even though most people felt Cooper would look too old especially at the beginning. The movie made some changes to the story, such as over-dramatizing York's conversion into an "event," showing only 3 children in the family, and this big story about getting a house that was just something that happened way later (plus a math error ds caught :) ). But otherwise we enjoyed watching & comparing to the book (which was written by York, himself, so the most accurate source).

(2) Also, after we finished the story, I went back to the timeline of York's life at the beginning of the book & read to my son the "rest of the story" as far as events in Sgt. York's later life. (Might be kinda tragic for little ones.)

Week 21, Stalin
The optional art activity isn't even mentioned in our MFW manual, as it's fairly unrelated to what we're learning and is disturbing. But for older kids or parents, you can look at Picasso's Guernica painting online using Google Images (and read about it in the SOTW activity).

Week 22, President Coolidge
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Presidents
After our usual books & video on this president, ds was still saying he had no clue what Coolidge "did"! So we went digging further. As it turns out, ds wasn't so far off -- here's the last sentence on him in The Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Presidents (which we don't use much but got out today): "Coolidge is often remembered for how little his impact on the country was, but he felt that things were running smoothly and stuck to his belief in a very limited government." So in case your kids ask, too... there ya go!

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times
by David Rubel
This book added several things to our understanding of Coolidge. For one thing, the whole reason his dad inaugurated him as president was... he was visiting his dad at the time that the President died! None of our other books mentioned that. And this Scholastic book actually says that one of the first things Coolidge did after being told about the death of the pres. was to... pray! This book gives about 4 pages of details on Coolidge's presidency, so ds felt ready to write about him after that :)

Week 22, Map on Italy
This may be just me, over-analyzing again. Sorry, my kids have to put up with me, too...
But for the map on Italy, I skipped #1 and #2 about labeling other countries that ds already knows well through studying with MFW over the years. It just seemed like busywork.
Then, I added one thing that seemed important -- I had him label "Trieste," which is the small area that Italy did get in the Treaty of Versailles. It was on the map in the SOTW book.

Week 22, optional activity, Italy's fasces
We didn't make the fasces, but I read the activity and wanted to show my son examples mentioned, such as the USA dimes with fasces on them. Our encyclopedia didn't have anything I could find easily, so we used the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and saw several examples of fasces, including the "Mercury" dime.
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