1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

If you are using 1850 to Modern Times, please share your ideas with us.
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1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

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1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18.
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

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Week 16, Boxer Rebellion
Make sure you connect Monday & Tuesday. Trial & Triumph adds so much to the SOTW version of the Boxer Rebellion.

Week 16, SOTW optional role playing
I had to share that when my son wrote his appeal to the czar for the right to fair trials, he based on the fact that, "If you don't, then Story of the World will write about you in the future & make you look very bad!"

Week 17, Wright Brothers
I had my 7th grader make a notebook page on these guys. I thought they belonged in his history notebook :)

Week 17, SOTW optional puppetry (Vietnam)
My now 8th grader wasn't up to doing water puppetry in the bathtub :) but we did find it interesting to read about the activity. Then I gave him a couple of puppets I had found around the house (a dragon or something) and had him narrate what we had read in the form of a puppet show (instead of having him answer the chapter questions). He did very well, actually! It still functioned to help make the Vietnamese tradition stick in mind.

Week 18, Read-aloud
I splurged & bought the audiobook of Sergeant York from Mantle Ministries. It's the exact same text, read by Little Bear Wheeler. He's really passionate about the book and reads with a seemingly authentic accent :)

You will also want the actual Sergeant York book (from the MFW package), because it includes many extras: tons of pictures of the actual locations, a picture of a page from Mr. York's actual war diary, a timeline of Sgt. York's life, a timeline of WW-I. And, it's just nice to have handy for going back & checking on story details. Also, some of the "editor's notes" that are added to various chapters are not read on the audiobook, and sometimes the notes add things about the overall war.

Week 18, Video correlates with read-aloud
The book basket recommended video of Christy is an excellent confirmation of the realities of Chapter 1 in Sergeant York, with the poor mountain families and their efforts to educate their little ones. I had ds watch this right after reading Ch. 1. He liked it more than he expected to, and really understood the mountain lifestyle more.

By the way, Christy was actually a pilot for a TV series, and there are a couple dozen TV episodes, just for fans :) The series is based on the book by Catherine Marshall, who based her story on her mom.

Week 18, SOTW optional bas-relief cross
My 8th grader just put the glue on the cross; he skipped the sand. It gives more of a "polished rock" appearance instead of a "sandy rock" appearance :) We did use our "calligraphy" paper (which we used a lot for EX1850 documents); it makes the copy of the cross look a bit more "weathered."

Week 18, Balkans
Whew, luckily this topic was on day 4, so we had a light day to finish up our studies on the "Balkan mess," which took extra time for us. If you do the "geography project" worksheet, I found:
- the Encyclopedia (Balkans article) had the simplest map for finding most of the geographical info,
- a few questions were best answered by reviewing the SOTW chapter (questions 6, 9, 10),
- and I just gave ds the answer from the answer key for #12.

Oh well, I think the final discussion about the word "balkanization" was a good one, & ds should remember the Balkans now.

Week 18, Fry bread
Just a couple of notes while it's fresh in my mind (is that a bad pun?!)
1. If you just have one student, you could easily cut the recipe in half & save some time.
2. I'm a bad cook so I need specifics. Another recipe book of dh's said "hot oil" means 375 F. Ds enjoyed using a candy thermometer to see the actual temp.
3. Ours was sticky as glue so our bread looked more like shriveled octopi than circles. Nothing seemed to make it less sticky, including wax paper & flour. But it was still yummy!
4. Dh's cookbook, called The Old West Baking Book by Lon Walters, suggests that this bread is new to the Native American population within the last 100 years, since most of the ingredients were not indigenous to the US. It says, "Development of this tasty bread most likely happened as a result of need by two cultures..." I thought that was cool.
5. And finally, this same cookbook suggested one way to serve fry bread is to fill it with fruit & fold it over like a taco. The honey suggested in the EX1850 manual was delish, but we have a lot more left... mmmmm :)

Weeks 16-18, Extra books

Roosevelt's term, weeks 16-18
You Are The President, Great Decisions Series
by Nathan Aaseng (our library had this in the adult nonfiction section; LibraryAndEd has it very cheap)

This was an extra for my 8th grader, only child being homeschooled; it would probably take too long for bigger families. On one of the American History days (i.e. no SOTW was scheduled), we read the first chapter. It covered all the issues surrounding a presidential decision regarding whether to intervene in the Pennsylvania Coal Strike of October 1902. Many points of view were explained, from the businessman's to the worker's to the president's. Then 4 possible decisions are given. The student chooses his favorite, and then you read what the president actually did. Finally, you read a "hindsight" explanation of whether it looks like a good decision from a historical perspective. I liked that nothing was cut-and-dry, and each choice had its possible benefits and drawbacks. It didn't seem biased, and just when you were sure you agreed with one viewpoint, another view would contradict it. I probably understood more of the long-term implications than my 8th grader did, but I felt it was a good introduction to the complicated adult decisions in his future :~

New Mexico, week 18
Georgia O'Keefe, Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series,
by Mike Venezia

This artist is mentioned on the New Mexico state page, & I wanted to show my son some of her works. This book had several examples. We didn't read the text, so I can't vouch for that.
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Weeks 18+ Bible

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Week 18, Psalm 23
At the end of Week 18, you read Psalm 23 as part of the Bible story. I like reading this psalm with pictures to remind us of the meaning of the large words. I posted a couple of Psalm 23 books we have here:
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 760#p55252
I posted more sheep info here (the Good Shepherd is also mentioned in week 19):
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 205#p37205

Weeks 18+, Bible verse review
Since weeks 18+ allow time for Bible verse review, I thought it would be nice to review not only verses we've learned this year, but verses we've learned throughout ds's homeschooling years (all with MFW!). If you still have your manuals around, or even your notebooks & materials without the manuals, you might have some good things to review. It might depend on what you will be doing in the future, but for most of us the history cycle repeats will be at least 2 years in the future (after this year & ECC). Some I things I got out to review were --

- CTG Psalm 23 (including materials above)
- CTG 10 commandments (including the poster he made, & videos we've watched)
- CTG cards for keeping Abraham's family in order
- CTG Psalm 1 & Isaiah 40 verses (with the picture cards we made for memory helps)
- CTG & RTR books of the Bible (including the "matchbox" bookshelf, the RTR game for the NT, & songs)
- EX1850 Book of James (with the spiral index cards we made)
Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
Reid (21) college student; used MFW 3rd-12th grades (2004-2014)
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

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Week 18--Sergeant York

Adventures in Odyssey did a series about Sergeant York. It is on Book 55: The Deep End. You can purchase the CD or purchase the series as separate MP3 files. It's excellent! My kids and I have enjoyed listening in the car during our commutes.
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 16, 17, & 18

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Week 18

Here's just an FYI. :) The spelling of "chili" on the New Mexico sheet is incorrect. "Chili" with an "i" is food like Tex-Mex - the chili you make with meat and beans. A New Mexico green or red chile is spelled with an "e" on the end instead. It's actually quite the pet peeve of many New Mexicans!
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