1850-MOD - Week 15 (including Westward Expansion)

If you are using 1850 to Modern Times, please share your ideas with us.
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1850-MOD - Week 15 (including Westward Expansion)

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1850-MOD - Week 15 (including Westward Expansion).

Additional ideas may be found here:
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Re: 1850-MOD - Week 15 (including Westward Expansion)

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Week 15 - Day 1
For an older student, you might want to have a map of the Oregon Trail handy for the mapping exercise - rather than having them just "draw a line from Philadelphia to Oregon." (This is a SOTW assignment, and the 1850MOD guide does give some extra info on it.) Since I couldn't find that ds had mapped the trail before (last year or this), I wanted him to map the actual trail rather than do the SOTW assignment (which was to make the straight line & label miscellaneous states - which he's already getting with MFW).

We didn't have the map in Pioneers & Patriots that is mentioned in the 1850MOD manual, but there is a map of the Oregon Trail in the Children's Encyclopedia of American History. The problem is that states aren't identified. Our Encyclopedia's map, however, had the states outlined, which serves as a "grid" & makes it easier to follow the trail correctly.

Week 15 - Art
Remington & Russell, Artists of the West, by William C. Ketchum, Jr.
This is another Remington art book, besides the ones on the book basket list. A big book with more of the story and many more prints of their works. We especially liked reading the captions, which explain why the title was chosen. (The GHA art lesson on Remington is in week 15; the second artist in this book, Russell, isn't assigned until week 31 -- but it also ties in to cowboys this week.)

Week 15 - Music
Elements of Jazz, From Cakewalks to Fusion
taught by Bill Messenger, The Teaching Company lecture series (available by ILL at my library)
I wanted to explain "syncopation" clearly to my 8th grader, & so during the music lesson from week 15, I got out a lecture set I used with my older dd in high school (found in many libraries, too). The first lecture explains "syncopation" quite clearly (during the "cakewalk" explanation).

Week 15 - Stock Market
For older kids, you might want to ask ahead about different publicly-traded companies that folks in your family might work for. The optional activity of following a certain stock is much more fun if you have a connection to a particular stock. Otherwise, think ahead about companies your kids are familiar with, even if it's just Target or something.

We don't get the newspaper, but there is tons of stock info online. We just googled NYSE. When you go to the NYSE page for a particular stock, try clicking on all the different tabs to see "data" (graphs of price changes & such), "news" (any recent articles written about the company, which might affect whether you want to invest in their stock), and read their "profile" (showing the kinds of things an investor is interested in knowing about a company). My son was interested in learning about this.
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