1850-MOD - Weeks 13 & 14

If you are using 1850 to Modern Times, please share your ideas with us.
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1850-MOD - Weeks 13 & 14

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1850-MOD - Weeks 13 & 14.
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 13 & 14

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Week 13 - Africa
For the mapping exercise / map "activity," I sort-of combined the two to make it go a little faster.

Instead of having ds map "student page 46" and add in all those countries (since he's supposed to as a 7th grader), or creating a textured map, I used the second page for the first page. He did his mapping on the "activity" page (student page 47). So, he didn't have to write the names of countries, he just had to color. For instance, he colored all of Italy's territories light red.

I had him use a highlighter for the two countries that actually were run by Africans. (And note: there was one small SE piece of land that he didn't color in at all, as I found no info on it.)

Anyways, it turned out to be a good reinforcement. By doing this, he actually paid more attention than just writing words. And he spontaneously discussed how surprised he was at how much territory certain European countries had, etc.

Week 13 - Crystals
Our favorite crystals experiment is here, especially if you do this in winter (with a snowflake shape):
http://britton.disted.camosun.bc.ca/sno ... flake.html
It always turns out fabulously for us!

Week 13 - Book basket extras we liked
Indian Chiefs, by Russell Freedman
Chiefs Joseph & Sitting Bull are covered with extra detail this week on the state sheets. Above is a book with lots of photos & illustrations (such as by Remington), to visualize these men & events. Chief Joseph is also mentioned in week 15. (Freedman is a well-known author, recommended elsewhere in EX1850, but we didn't read the actual text in this book, so I can't comment on that.)

I Will Fight No More Forever, Chief Joseph's famous surrender speech, can be read here: http://www2.gsu.edu/~eslmlm/chiefjoseph.html . To listen to someone read the speech, search for "Chief Joseph Speaks" on YouTube or look for "Great American Speeches, 10 Speeches with background information, activities, and audiotape," grades 4-8, by Alexandra Hanson-Harding, Scholastic (most of the speeches on this tape are just read aloud by someone who isn't especially inspired, but sometimes it's nice to listen to what was once said aloud).

Mount Rushmore Q&A, Answers to frequently asked questions,
by Don "Nick" Clifford, Mount Rushmore Worker, 1938-39-40. (Not sure if it's hard to find, ISBN 0975300601 $10)
We actually bought this from the author in South Dakota, & he was so cute. He talks to kids about his job helping drill Mt. Rushmore. His book answers all the kid-type questions that he is often asked, such as how much he got paid, how he got the job, & whether he was afraid of heights. There's really quite a bit of interesting info in this little book.

Video: Far and Away
This has to do with Ireland as well as with immigration/poverty and homesteading (weeks 13-15). Our 13yo thought it looked like a boring romance but quickly migrated over to watch. Actually the 2 main characters are fighting through 90% of the movie. It has heavy topics but is fairly light, with lots of physical humor (falling, punching). There are some topics too "mature" for little ones, but they are generally presented in a silly way, rather than being terribly blatant.

Week 14 - Cup & String Telephone
Ds wanted to use an entire roll of dental floss for this one. It didn't work for us until we took it outside & stretched it in one straight line. But then it was fun! (Going around corners in the house must have disrupted the vibrations.)

Week 14 - Memory Verse in song
We sing this memory verse at church, which is an easy way to commit it to your heart. If you search utube for "thy word grant smith" you will get a list of several versions of the song sung by Amy Grant and Michael Smith, each with a little mini picture next to it. The one showing Amy in a fancy red dress at an awards ceremony has a little history of the song -- apparently they wrote it together. The picture with Amy in a simple black shirt with guitar is the version I thought was the nicest. There are a couple of those -- one just gets straight to the song; one has a long intro & Spanish subtitles.

Week 14 - Spanish-American War & Pacific-centered map
It was really interesting to learn how America acquired Puerto Rico & such this week.

I felt my son might benefit from a visual showing how far the Philippines/Guam really are from Cuba/Puerto Rico. I showed him a "Pacific-centered" map, which shows the Pacific Ocean in the middle rather than the usual "Atlantic-centered" maps -- the Pacific his HUGE -- LOTS of water on this map! (Some people promote these maps as not being so Euro-centered, but honestly the map ends up being all water!)

You can find Pacific-centered maps at ODTmaps.com or just by doing a Google search for "Pacific-centered map" and then clicking on "images" at the top of the Google page. An outline map is here: http://whale.wheelock.edu/SAS/images/wrldpac.jpg
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Re: 1850-MOD - Weeks 13 & 14

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The Deep Deep Love of Jesus - found a video on Youtube for this song and it was fantastic. Search for, "Selah Deep Deep Love". We really enjoyed it!
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