Using 1850-MOD with a 2nd or 3rd Grader

If you are using 1850 to Modern Times, please share your ideas with us.
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Using 1850-MOD with a 2nd or 3rd Grader

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Using 1850-MOD with a 2nd or 3rd Grader.

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Some general things that we did with 3rd grader while in 1850MOD:

*when the world history topics for older students was too heavy to really want to let young kid sit in on the lesson, we just typically grabbed some extra picture books from the library about the country that was being studied. We enjoyed Bobbi Kalman's books that were about the Land, The Culture and the People of various places. Came in handy when talking about WW II and icky stuff.

*Usually we found that some of the coloring sheets that were optional use from SOTW student pages were really nice for younger student. My 6th grader would save them for her younger sister.

*some of the extra activities from SOTW activity book were just fun to do with younger sib. Not all of them when it was worksheet, but it was more fun to have older student involve younger sis in something fun.

*Witnesses to the World --- we had to scale that down a lot for our 3rd grader. But that was ok.

My then 3rd grader really enjoyed her year with all of the science projects and learning the states and capitals. She liked the Fun and Facts book and even finished up some of those pages in ECC during the USA weeks.


Re: Using 1850-MOD with a 2nd or 3rd Grader

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expanding my thoughts and experience a bit with the supplement. (This is looking back a year later......)

the year I did 1850MOD, I had 6th and 3rd graders. and the youngest was in preschool.

Bible - the only part that was hard for my 3rd grader was a few sections in the Witnesses to the World book at the very end of the year. Rest was fine especially the THUMB prayer together.

History: they do all of the other stuff, President's, State Sheets, learning capitals, cooking projects, etc. But instead of having them have to sit in on SOTW vol 4, they do reading comprehension workbooks on US facts, history, fun, and US geography. The geography one was the one she needed help on. But it was fun. I wasn't sure at first with the Facts and Fun book, but she liked it and it served dual role of reading comprehension and a few facts here and there.

There were lots of book baskets for all ages. Middle gal did history activities with us from SOTW. She had fun with us. So, they don't have to listen to SOTW or do outlining or all the map work. That's all. I know that during hardest part of history, my Middle gal (average learner with a touch of blonde) would do picture books about the people and places. Example: oldest was learning communism post WWII, middle gal got a Bobbie Kalman book on China the People. Middle gal kept coming back in the room while I was reading SOTW and I asked her how book basket was going. She answered "China is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I want to go there and tell them that Jesus loves them."

so, that was good enough for me for history. oh yeah, she learned the states and capitals too.and she enjoyed her very own chapter books for read aloud. We did Oldest read alouds in day, and younger at night.

Science: She loved the book 100 Science Experiments and loved using the extras on the internet links. For World of Science, she was only required to listen to the first paragraph in the topic. That was plenty for 3rd grade, then my 6th grader needed the rest of the page. It was fine. We added in book basket for science. I remember when the topic was electricity in World of Science, we just got a magic school bus DVD on electricity. it worked.

The story. yeah. I took her that year to her first homeschool convention. We ended up in the MFW booth of course. David Hazell asked her "so, what was your favorite subject this year?" My middle gal (then age 9) said "Science! And wow! There's the book we used and that one too! It was so cool when we made the foaming monster and the acrobats balance on clay. and we made a quiz board with that kit."

there you go. my 9 y.o liked it just fine. Don't worry too much on the World of Science. Read the main info paragraph in larger font and bolded. Dont' worry about the first few weeks where it seems like too much. They'll remember the fun they had with the experiments. Grab more experiments from the internet link in the 100 Science experiment book if needed.

1850MOD was probably my favorite year so far. the supplement worked well for us.

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Re: Using 1850-MOD with a 2nd or 3rd Grader

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Wonderful information & very encouraging. Thank you! :-)
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