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**Considering MFW1 - User testimonies

Unread post by eandski »

Loving MFW 1 w/ advanced reader!


I'm sure there are lots of mothers out there with advanced readers that question whether MFW1 would be a fit for there family. I too questioned whether my daughter would be 'bored' with the 1st grade curriculum because she can already read chapter books. I felt there was no hurry to advance and I felt she would be better off with the later curriculums at an older age because she is a very young 1st grader. I decided to purchase and simply 'tweak' the program for my daughter and we are having a wonderful time!

We have simply turned the phonics portion into spelling and handwriting lessons and we supplement with many read a louds (in addition to others from Honey for a Child's Heart) as well as additional readers for my daughter. When we made the scroll we simply spelled the words of the picture instead of writing the letters and she loved making the clay pots!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on what a wonderful program this is and hope this in some way helps those that are on the fence like I was with an advanced reader.

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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

Well, I've read through most of the messages on this board, as well as received comments from other boards about this program and am about ready to decide ( I think). I'm putting down our current program to do MFW1 instead.

Dd is 6yo (9/99) and we just got bogged down. I like what I see as far as MFW being more integrated, and I want her to have a better/firmer foundation in God's Word. The Bible focus of MFW is the main reason I'm switching. I feel it is so needed, and appreciate that the first reader will be her own Bible story book!

So, I'd appreciate your prayers as we consider change in tight times.
May I just say that I have been soooo pleased with MFW thus far. It is such a peaceful feeling to know that I am not curriculum shopping for the coming year because I already know what we'll do,...Adventures.

I bet you'll love the Biblical focus. Your child will learn so much and there is a nice balance of oral, written and hands on work. As you stretch your finances to make this change, I'll join you in praying that you and your child will be blessed beyond your expecations. Enjoy!
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Unread post by Guest »

I like that MFW1 doesn't require mom to do a lot of out loud reading. I personally love to read to my kids BUT I don't like having a program or curriculum dictate what I need to read on a certain day or else the program falls apart. We love picking the books we read, balancing fun with more serious, fiction with non-fiction, holiday books and historical books.

MFW1 is also really easy to do with another program for the older kids. It gets the job done without requiring a lot of time from me.

Unread post by Guest »

MFW is laying an excellent biblical foundation for my ds. Dh and I both have seen how it's working, but today at church, I got confimation from one of my ds's teachers. She commented to me about how much biblical knowledge my ds has and asked me if I read the bible to him everyday. I shared with her that yes, I do, and that we are using a wonderful curriculum that is going through the bible chronologically.

Renai, I say the above not to brag, but as a testimonial. This curriculum is beautifully laid out.....and stays on the young child's level. I appreciate my reading-aloud being *our choice* ....and I do utilize Honey for a Child's Heart as well as reading selections from the back of the TM (these are selections that go with the science and math).

I appreciate the character development integrated with MFW. ( Actually, my character is being molded too, as some of the Proverbs we are learning prompt me toward a better attitude).

Using this curriculum has been like a refreshing breeze. Instead of being on the search for the perfect curriculum, I now spend time enjoying my children and watching them learn. For us, this is a perfect fit.
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Which program has been most special?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

lyntley wrote:Which program have you enjoyed more, or has been most special to you. K or 1st? And why?
I read this and told my dd that another mom was asking which is better - kindergarten or first grade? DD said, "BOTH!"

Then I asked her what was best about kindergarten and she said, "Mommy!"
"What do you like best about first grade?"

Can I just share that with you all and tell you how incredibly much I needed to hear that today? It honestly is true that our kids just want us, even if we're sick or tired or grumpy, they still just love to be with Mommy. Blesses my heart. Now I just need to spend a little more time in prayer that I can give my dd the best, and not be sick or tired or grumpy.

If I had to choose a program, I would pick MFW1. I am in constant awe and appreciation of how well everything is tied together and is so efficient and fun. MFWK is very well done, too, but there's something special about First for me.
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Mom, are we going to do the fun stuff again today? (Cute)

Unread post by crisybear97 »

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 10:21 pm
In the past, we had been using another literature based curriculum. Although we mostly enjoyed it, it was very involved and we were getting bogged down. My boys were starting to dread "school." So after reading the posts on this board, I decided to give MFW1 a try.

Today was our second day and when it was time to do school, my oldest ds asked me, "What are we going to do for school today?" I said, "Well, we are going to be doing several things." He replied, "Are we going to do the fun stuff again today?" I laughed and told him we were going to be making clay jars to put scrolls in after he finished his student workbook. He immediately yelled to his younger brother, "Hey Garrett, we're going to do the fun stuff again today!"

After hearing all the whining and complaining recently, this really warmed my heart and let me know that I had made the right choice. One of the things I really love about MFW is the fact that we get right to the point of each subject, and it doesn't take hours and hours to feel like I have touched all the important bases of education. Thank you for this wonderful curriculum!

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This is great stuff!

Unread post by rachel »

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 8:34 am
Wow! I received my first grade Father' World set with pre-K toys and my children have loved all of it. Of course, we couldn't wait until fall to start- so we are on day 3 of first grade but they have been playing with the pre-k toys for a while. The curriculm is laid out so well. It begins gradually which is great for mom and kids- and I can not stress how blessed I feel to have had someone gifted in teaching children and with a passion and for God's word to have put this together. There are fun activities, suggested books, included mandatory books... it is much better than I even expected and I looked around a whole lot! It is the perfect balance and fit for our family! Thank-you Hazell family!

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I am so excited! and thankful for MFW

Unread post by Mom of 5 »

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 6:27 am
I have shared here how my 5 1/2 yr old has had the attitude that he 'HATES SCHOOL'. I have to share about our week.

We have had a different week, we are on week 2 using first grade. We did most of two days' work on Tuesday and I used a visit to my sister's as a carrot for staying focused and working hard. We got it all done except a little bit of reading on Tuesday. The kids did really good, even my 'I hate school' guy. We then had an awesome trip and a nice visit with my sister.

Here is what is really neat though, last night as I was tucking in Tobias, he asked me if we were going to do school tomorrow. I told him, "Yes, we are." He sits up in bed, gives me a hug and says,"Yeeeee!"

I think I was in shock. I hugged him back and told him I was glad he is excited.

I felt that MFW would be a good pick for us but wasn't sure that I hadn't ruined him for having a love of learning for ever. God is so good to help turn situations around when we seek Him and do our best to follow His lead.
Be blessed
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our fabulous first week using MFW first grade

Unread post by henryteachers »

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:44 am
I just have to say this has been a fabulous first week using MFW 1st grade. Our previous program wasn't working for us in some areas, so I switched and it has been such a fun week. It combines so much of what I wanted to teach my children, but all in ONE--hands on activities, literature, Bible, Charlotte Mason, classical education, art, and music.

It includes the best of everything I thought about implementing in my homeschool, yet didn't know how to do it. I have to say, it did take a little bit more time for me to plan this week because I am not use to it, but once we get in the rhythm of doing school this way, I think it is going to be great! I'm so glad I changed to My Father's World.
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Having a blast in MFW1!

Unread post by lisa062797 »

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:04 pm
I just wanted to say that me and ds (5) are having a blast with first grade! We did day 8 today. He had fun drawing pictures of what the different seasons reminded him of, and I was really surprised that he had such a good time doing it! In K, he didn't really like to draw, so this is awesome! We both also LOVE all the hands-on math activities, and he says math is his favorite :-). He is also whizzing through all the review phonics, since MFWK did such a wonderful job helping him get started. Also, the books suggested for math and science, and the books recommended in "Honey For A Child's Heart" are WONDERFUL, and even I am enjoying a few stories I read as a child, and A LOT I missed out on the first time around :-).

THANK YOU to the Hazell's for putting together such an awesome, easy-to-use, and God-filled curriculum!

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Unread post by annaz »

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 8:13 pm

We're almost in the same place you are. We did seasons last week. This week, tomorrow actually, we'll be starting the vowels review. Nice to know someone else is just about at the same point we are!

We like it as well and I like how simple the guide is to follow, even moreso than K!

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Unread post by Michelle My Bell »

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 9:12 pm

I finally gave up trying to make 1st grade work on my own for my dd using a mixture of this and that and went with my original choice (last fall) to purchase MFW 1. I ho hummed about it and decided to just use what I had instead of spending the $, but we have gotten so little accomplished and she has barely learned during school time the last few months.

We just did day 2 of MFW1 today and it was such a blessing. So much easier and we are finally getting Bible in there.

I am not doing the math (even though it looks fantastic!) because we had already started another math program and it is going well too. I have two more kids coming up behind so I will probably do MFW math with them.

I have my 2 older dd's in Rome to Reformation this year. I have to say that I have learned a lot this year from My Father's World (History & Science & Bible stuff etc...) but the biggest lesson I learned is that the Hazell's really know what they are doing with their programs and I should trust them on it.

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Unread post by melinda »

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:39 am

MFW1 is absolutely wonderful! My 7yo will be finishing it up soon and I'm almost sad :( but my almost 6yo twins will get to start it this fall! It's such a great program! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

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Can't decide if I should use 1st grade...

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Sheena IA wrote:But I like what I'm hearing about 1st grade teaching a lot about the Bible.
I was so excited to do MFW1 with my dd. (I have an only child, so I was not trying to make the same decision you are.) When I got my manual last summer and started going through it, I was anxious to tell everyone about it. I remember telling my dad that we were going to use the Bible as our History Spine and that my dd would be making a timeline on the wall with pictures of Bible characters that we would studying, and that she would be memorizing the Books of the Bible. He has never asked me those silly grandparent-type questions about homeschooling since.

We had a wonderful year in MFW1. The Proverbs that she memorized were so appropriate for her age, she does very well at sword drills since learning the books, and really understands the history of God's people. I do not know what it would be like to teach it along side another program, but I would not have missed it for my little girl.
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Re: Can't decide if I should use 1st grade...

Unread post by 705emily »

Hi Sheena,

We used MFW1 last year with my dd. We enjoyed in immensely! It is a great foundation year for MFW. I also have to say that I saw her skills in writing, thinking through things, reading, and math etc. improve so much during the first grade year. I was worried at first that it might be too easy--but it wasn't--although it starts out very gently--and picks up pace. I think you'll enjoy it a lot!

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First day in MFW1...

Unread post by marybrady »

Wow, what a breath of fresh air today was. I'm still riding an emotional high from how easy and fun it was to "do school"!

We started the day with a walk to the park (to get their wiggles out) 9:30-10:30, came back, laid the baby down for a nap, and started lessons at about 11:00. I brought the laptop to the kitchen table, and showed them googled images of an ancient hebrew scroll and pottery jar, and then rolled up a piece of paper to show them the basic idea. I have 1 child in MFW1, one preschool/kindergarten-age, and an 18 month old. I had been wondering what I would do with the two little ones during school time. I got some good ideas from another mom about packing a "pre-k box" full of goodies. I decided to do that, but use his new backpack instead. Crayons, coloring books, white boards, binders with fun folders inside, pencils, pencil sharpener, etc. I did that with my 1st grader too, so she wouldn't feel left out. They both loved it.

Phonics was fun. I used a small blackboard and chalk to show them the letters Aa, Bb, Cc. and used the idea in the book about pouring salt into a tray (I used sugar). They LOVED using their fingers to write. What a great idea! We'll probably be doing that a lot. :) One thing we also did was make letters out of pencils and crayons. My 1st grader was having trouble slanting her A's. After she made one out of the pencils, though, she got it! I think that's the "kinesthetic" in her.
We took a lunch break at 12:00 and when we came back tried to work on the 2nd part of writing- the student sheets. We didn't quite finish. I think my daughter was getting too tired to continue, so I took a hint. After Math lessons, we were done. We didn't have beans, so I used almonds.

One thing I'll say though, is that I definitely had to prepare for the 1st day. I printed the names of the month off the computer, put them on a posterboard, and posted them to the wall. I went to the Dollar store for the days of the week and pre-k stuff. For days, they have "yesterday was ___, today is ______, tomorrow is _______" I just used the "today" one, and tacked it to the wall, and under it I hung the rest of the days in a pouch made from posterboard, with a September calendar under it. There were also other little things that I wanted to have ready- the number of the day forms, library books (which I planned to get yesterday, but forgot it was closed because of the holiday :/ ) and other little things. But it really wasn't too much. I had fun preparing.

I was worried, when I first got the curriculum in the mail, that it wasn't very colorful. But after 1 day, I already love it, the way they teach things in fun ways, and how easy it is. I'm glad there's a lot of review of letters. I didn't think she would need it, but she really does. I have a lot more hopefulness now that I CAN do this, and that it won't bore her. :)
So grateful.
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We are loving MFW 1st-Better Than I Expected!

Unread post by happyWImom »

After using various curriculum since August, I ordered MFW 1st, and we are on Day 7, and I AM TOTALLY THRILLED!!! I wasn't sure how it would be in the beginning for my dd, since she can already read a little, but it has been great. The 1st week has really helped her with her handwriting practice, and review of phonics sounds-and she likes being the "expert".

I feel like I can FINALLY relax & enjoy it. Yeah!!
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Too easy? I still had them use MFW

Unread post by dhudson »

Just a side note on MFW being too easy for bright kids. My kids were all reading at 3. I still had them use MFW as a base and then added in lots of readers in.

MFW gave them a foundation and a love for learning. It also gave them a strong Biblical foundation. MFW1 starts teaching them to narrate and summarize which is a very useful skill. I didn't use MFW1 with my oldest because I thought he was too advanced. I quickly switched him back in 2nd and haven't looked back. MFW gives a great foundation of knowledge and you can advance them in math and LA if needed.

All of my children just recently tested and scored very high in everything, but the highest in reading, which MFW had a big part in.
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HE CAN READ!!! :-) :-) :-)

Unread post by gratitude »

I was driving around town this morning with my ds7 and he was reading signs all over the place out loud. I had no idea he could read so well. All of a sudden he is reading so many words!

We are starting school back up on Monday with day 60 of MFW Grade 1. Wow! He can already read so much, how fun!

:-) :-) :-)
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Unread post by Kelly1730 »

Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? :) I remember being so nervous about teaching my twins (now 9) to read. With MFW, it really was easy. At one point it just clicked for them. It's so rewarding for me to see them reading and enjoying a variety of books.
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Using MFW in a time of transition? & Compare

Unread post by erin.kate »

asl wrote:My daughter is to start school this fall. Because of life circumstances we will be in transition for quite some time. We had considered home schooling in the past, and now are choosing home school in order for our daughter to have consistency in the midst of our transition.

We will be doing MFW first grade if we indeed choose this curriculum. So my questions are...

-Will MFW be a good fit for a family in transition (to include living in a shared home, traveling for interviews, etc) and is it well laid out and easy to follow? Though I am a certified teacher, I am looking for something I do not have to figure out or plan myself.

-Also, regarding other curriculum... I like that you can choose the curricula for many of the subjects and not be "stuck" with a full curriculum. If you were to choose again which would you use for your K/1st grade child?

Thank you!
Amy Lappe
I can only speak to MFW, which we've used for K and 1st. I cannot say enough about the beauty and simplicity of MFW1 ... not that the work is simple :) ... but that the Bible history is woven impeccably throughout the curriculum and your child will come out of first grade not only a fluent reader and with a solid foundation in math, but she will be centered in Christ, in the history of Bible times, and through the weaving of Bible her narration, dictation, and copywork skills will be refined wonderfully. The Bible notebook is a treasured keepsake and honestly, looking through it at the end of the year, it is tremendous to see how far your child will come from one-word copywork to three+ sentences of copywork through dictation and narration. The skills are built incrementally and without any drudgery. I do wish that we had spent more time on Jesus toward the end of the year in the NT, but Adv is a whole year on the names of Jesus and we will read the NT alongside. We loved MFW1 and can't wait to get back to it next year with our two middle children.

Logistically, it is very open-and-go. I know that for MFW1 there are moms who love the TM format this year and those who do not. For myself, the TM was mom-friendly (I am also a former teacher of K, 6th, and 12th) and overall the curriculum is well contained within the reading workbook, Bible notebook, Bible reader, and TM. The science books are small and the topics are perfect for this age. I kept all of our daily first grade materials in one small basket by the kitchen table and we spent Exploration days on science, nature walks, and picture study. For this particular year I *really* liked the day-by-day TG since the curriculum is self-contained, thus I had all I needed for teaching la, math, history/ss, science, and art right there at my fingertips. I kept a cute hedgehog paperclip at the day we were on in the main part of the TM, and one at the day of math we were on, and one at the respective week in the appendix for the book basket. Easy. On Thu of each week I'd look through the next week and make a list of what supplies I'd need ... clay or dirt or pastels, etc ... and when my husband was home on Sundays I'd gather it all up and have it in a second basket for the week. A third basket was our book basket ... we didn't move around a lot but we do use three different libraries so I know that part can be done with a little list-making and organization (I've only returned books to the wrong library once so far 8[]).

When I teach MFW1 next year I will not veer at all from the recommended math as written in MFW1 (I added Singapore 1A/1B, but I wish I hadn't). After the phonics instruction was done at day 125 I added Pathway Readers and a few other language lessons for continued controlled reading practice as well as for some phonics review.

I have weeks and weeks of pictures of our year with MFW1 on our blog if you want to check it out.

Enjoy your year homeschooling.
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Re: Using MFW in a time of transition? & Compare

Unread post by MOMS »

The reason we ultimately chose MFW is that MFW doesn't introduce different religions, names of other gods, etc. until the older grades & does it in a less detailed way while still exposing them to it in a loving & prayerful way.

Our MFW package came in the mail & I FINALLY had time to go through it all & it's wonderfully & simply laid out. My 1st grader stayed up late the other night excited about starting his Bible reader. & the support I've gotten from the MFW family on the forums is awesome!

Hope this was of some help to you, best wishes & blessing for your school year.
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Re: Using MFW in a time of transition? & Compare

Unread post by gratitude »

For me the switch to MFW, half way through K, was the breath of fresh air I needed. MFW is definitely gentle and ties the Bible into history because thinks of the Bible as history.

Can it be done during a transition? We have been in transition since April. At the moment we have had to start a break. I will say though that due to my personality in transition that pulling out MFW as much as I can has been far easier than reading to my children. MFW still has reading, but I am not settled right now enough to do much of it. Normally I love to read to my children, but right now 1/2 hour a day is the most I can do. So I would find reading only more difficult during this transition period. Again this will be a personal preference.

TM: Marie has a different approach that is hard to explain, but I feel like she helps me home school rather than just schedules me. I am organized, so scheduling isn't the issue for me as much as helping me do this with notes and insights and sometimes even full on instructions of what to do! She helps me do 'home school'. So again it depends what you need, but for me MFW is a great fit.
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