Combining part of MFW1 with non-MFW programs?

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Re: MFW1st/MUS/AAR/Adventures.... help?!

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Thank you all so much... Lots to think about!

You've all been so helpful!
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Question about MFW 1st

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hearts4him wrote:I've gone back and forth about whether or not to do MFW 1st with my dd next year. I've actually got another program to use with her that she's already started. BUT! I keep coming back to MFW 1st.

My question is - would it be worth it (or a waste) to buy the teacher's guide and the student sheets to do just the Bible and phonics with her? We would not be doing the math or science. She has history, but I wouldn't mind doing the MFW with her, as well, since it looks to be Bible. Thanks!
Having just done First, I think that the Bible and phonics portions are the best part and totally worth it! The Bible base of First is fantastic, and I love how the child learns to read using Bible accounts and sees how the events of the Bible are REAL history!

If you keep feeling pulled toward MFW First, I say go for it!

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Re: Question about MFW 1st

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I agree with Shawna. We are finishing 1st and I'm blown away by my daughter's reading progress this year and her retention of all the Bible she has learned. MFW 1st is awesome!
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Re: Question about MFW 1st

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The Bible and phonics are the best part so yes it would be worth it.

The first time I did MFW1 I did not use the math and only about 1/2 of the science and we completely loved doing it. Yes, it was worth it. The second time I used it I did the math but used a different science. Now I am doing it with dd6 with just the Bible history, note book, time-line, and Bible reader; some of the deluxe package items too. I love how it lays the Bible time-line down in their minds and hangs it on the wall for a strong foundation for the rest of their history studies in years to come. My true MFW favorite is MFW1! :-)
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Re: Question about MFW 1st

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That is pretty much what we did and we are finishing up now. I have a lot of little kids right now, 6 who are 7 and under (see siggy). Right now, we do what is most important...Bible/history and phonics/LA. We did all the LA's in the program including the Bible Notebook and copywork. Also, you could do the timeline and incorporate what you are learning in history too. :-)

We LOVED MFW 1st, specifically because of how wonderful the Bible incorporation is. It's awesome!
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Re: Question about MFW 1st

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Wonderful, ladies! Thank you so much!
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