Schedule - How long per day/time for MFW-1?

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Schedule - How long per day/time for MFW-1?

Unread post by kristyn3 »

lfloyd wrote:Just wondering about how long MFW 1 takes each day? Is it broken up into reading/math and then unit studies like K?
Hi Lori,
We are currently doing mfw1 and absolutely loving it. It can take us anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how thorough we are. Sometimes it goes so quick and he's done....other days like today it took us maybe 1 1/2 hours.

Hope that helps.....

P.s. it is broken up into subjects but can be done in any order
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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

We did the DWC book as well as the music CD and Dover coloring book and What Your First Grader Needs to Know plus an extra. Even with the extras, our day is never longer than 2.5 hours and sometimes as short as 1.5 hours. HTH.
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mfw 1

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We spend anywhere from one to two hours. Two hours only when we do lots of chatting and a lengthy math activity.
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Is 1-2 hours enough?

Unread post by Poohbee »

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:03 pm
I, too, am doing MFW 1st grade with my 6-year-old dd. We spend about 3 hours in "school", but we take a 30-50 minute "recess" and snack break between reading and math each morning. So, we probably spend about 2 to 2 1/2 hours doing school. I would say, if you are accomplishing all that you need to, 1-2 hours is probably fine.

As far as I can tell, the years are designed to add just a little bit more each year. Kindergarten is designed to last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. First grade adds a bit more work, so maybe it should go from 1 1/2 to 2 hours or something like that. The amount of time spent will depend somewhat upon your child...whether or not he is a dawdler, like my dd sometimes tends to be, or if he just tackles his work and gets right to it.

If you are accomplishing everything in the Teacher's Manual, then the time really doesn't matter too much.

Just my opinion. :-)

Re: Is 1-2 hours enough?

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Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:14 pm by cbollin
It is really amazing how much more we can get done with a focused one on one teaching time than is needed in classroom. You're covering a lot of subjects in that little time.

Sometimes it's good at this age to remember the little things like making sure they can help with cooking and cleaning and even helping with siblings. So those are things we do all day long as part of education as well.

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Time per subject?

Unread post by momto6 »

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:47 pm
I am currently using MFW 1st w/my ds6.
We do about 30 min. on calender, Bible, number of the day...break.
Then two 15 min. chunks of the reading lessons which include writing...break.
Next is 5-10 min. of math from CBOM or pattern blocks or Cuisenaire Rods.
Then we do science, reading, etc. in the afternoon, that time varies from day to day.

Mine doesn't much like reading/writing. I just try to give him breaks when he needs it and encourage and remind him to always do his best for the Lord. Also I remind him that we all need to read and write...even scientists, since he is one of course ;).

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Unread post by SandKsmama »

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:42 pm

I have an *almost* 7 year old 1st grader, and right now we are finishing up MFW 1st grade, so the time spent looks like this:

10-20 minutes math (Math-U-see)
30-45 minutes everything else in 1st (whatever it calls for that day - Bible reader/Bible notebook, etc.)
15-30 minutes science with big sister (he LOVES science, so I've added him in to her RTR science lessons)

Now, when he's done with MFW 1st grade (after Christmas), and is joining in with big sis on all of RTR Bible/history/science, etc., I'm not sure exactly how that schedule will look. But I doubt I'll require much more time from him than what I do right now - he is an "all boy" kind of guy, and that much "school" is *enough* for him! LOL

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Unread post by RachelT »

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 9:07 am

my 1st grader is my oldest child, but our day doesn't sound that different from you, if you total up the 3r's and then add all of the other things.

On a good day ;) we do:
Bible reading and Proverbs memory work, read aloud science, timeline, etc.
15 min. calendar math, 100 chart, etc.
30-45 min. MFW1 reading/writing/phonics lessons
10-20 min. math (combining MUS and CBoM)
More time for MFW1 Bible activities, science experiments, a craft or game, music, art lessons, etc.
This fall we did a Co-op for 8 weeks that took up our "Exploration Day".

Where we struggle is the writing/phonics and copywork. Those are just harder for my ds. I am reminded by momto6 that it might work better to do it in two 15min. chunks than to expect to sit down and do the entire reading lesson for 30-45-60 min.!
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1st day went great-how long to spend for 1st grade?

Unread post by RachelT »

pjssully wrote:I do need to ask how long 1st grade should take. We are doing everything that is listed and it only took 1 hour!!!! Does it get longer? I assume as it gets harder it will take more time?! Anyone who has done 1st grade who can comment and reasssure me?
I did a combination of K and 1st gr. last year and it seemed to average 2.5-3 hours. We did lots of extra read alouds. Some people say they zip through it, but when you have the Proverbs handwriting, blue phonics workbook, and Bible Reader and Bible notebooks activities all going it will probably take a little longer. [editor's note: Some of these aren't started until later in the year]

Have a great year!
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Re: 1st day went great-how long to spend for 1st grade?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

That sounds about right. MFW1 takes about an hour each day, sometimes up to 2 hours, but that's rare. The rest of the day can be spent reading, playing, exploring, or helping out - cooking, cleaning, etc. Enjoy having one with a "light" day. :-)

Congratulations on your awesome first day! It sounds wonderful!
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Unread post by GoodCat »

When we did 1st, it took my dd about 1 hour (maybe less) to do the 1st stuff. But then she also sat in with our read-a-louds and science, and would do what ever fun things we were doing in ECC.

What a fun year for all of us!!! I hope you have a blessed year too!!!

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Newbie question....

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

mezzogirl wrote:Am I missing something? I ask b/c I am so calm. Well, the only thing I was concerned about was the fact that MFW1st grade is only taking me and ds about an hour to complete.

I am a former teacher (mostly university level) and I realize that one attentive student is much easier than 23 students with mixed attentiveness;):) We are schooling year-round. So, until after Labor Day, we are doing only around 3 days of school a week, easing into it since ds was in a private school last year. I guess, why I am questioning myself is b/c I am not stressed.

I keep everything in a box, do a little pre-planning the night before, so I know what we are doing and then pull it out in the morning and teach it. Should I be doing more? We do the curriculum that is supposed to be done each day. As well, we read books to ds; he reads, too. We make up math games throughout the day about silly stuff (cookies on the plate, word problems, etc.) He loves playing with legos and such, as well as outside exploring.

I guess, I have read so many hsing support sites, other than this one, and I feel that I might be a bit too relaxed. I guess, I am freaking myself out that I am not taking it seriously enough. I mean, I am, but the curriculum is so planned out, thorough, etc. that I don't really do much other than follow what it says. I take many opportunities during the day to make everything we do around the house as 'learning time'. I just don't add to the MFW 1st grade, etc.

I am sure this is all related to 'newbie nerves' and transitioning from teaching college for several years, to Jr./Sr. High last year and now two students (one 1st and one 'almost' kindergarten.) I think it also comes from me really wondering if they are going to learn all they need to learn from me....... Anyone else felt this way????
You are doing great. Even according to my classical/ WTM standards you are doing fine. First grade should only take about an hour. Enjoy your kids. (does it make you wonder what they do all day in school!?)

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Re: Newbie question....

Unread post by TriciaMR »

1 hour for 1st grade is fine. Enjoy it! It will step up a bit in 2nd.

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Re: Newbie question....

Unread post by mgardenh »

One hour a day is good!. The length of day depends some on your student too. I have a child on the spectrum so I we useually take 1/2 to hour longer then the time it should. You will find some days take longer then other days. it will step up quite a bit if you do adventures like 2 to 3 hours a day again depending on your child and other factors. Your doing just fine! Yes they will learn everything they need to!
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Re: Newbie question....

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

The reason you are only counting "school" as an hour is because you probably don't think of...
eating lunch,
having playtime (recess),
reading/looking at books,
going to church/Sunday School,
visiting neighbors,
singing songs,
watching an educational dvd,
painting, coloring, etc.,
bird watching/worm digging,
house cleaning/bed making/room straightening (life skills),
letter writing/thank you notes/pictures to Grandma & Grandpa,
(I could go on for a while ;) , but I think you get the idea!
as part of school. It all is and it all counts!
Enjoy these first years when a little seatwork goes a L-O-N-G way! :)
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Re: Newbie question....

Unread post by mezzogirl »

Thanks so much, everyone! We are on day 14. Just taking things slowly for now, but ramping it up to daily school time next week. It is going well. Sometimes, I can't find the specific books in the library for math or science, so we just read books on the subject and many other books, too. I figured as long as he is reading that is important.
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1st Grade Questions

Unread post by kanderson »

Mexmarr wrote:First, how long does it take to teach? As I mentioned in other threads, my dd will be 7 in Nov, and reads well(she can read the Bible). She has done over 1/2 of 1st in another curriculum. But I decided that she could use better foundation and more writing practice before we start Adventures.

I am adding in the recommended spelling for 2nd grade. I have decided to stick with 1st grade math, as she had such a hard time with Math in the other curriculum, I want to keep it easy and restore her confidence before moving on to Singapore. Are there any other changes would you recommend that I make for her, or should I just do it as written, just adding in the spelling?

My box has been shipped and I find myself tracking the package multiple times a day, lol. I am way too excited!!!!!
We are about 40 days into 1st grade. My ds is 6 will be 7 in November and is really on target for 1st grade not really advanced or anything. It takes us about an 1- 1 1/2 hours to finish up our day. Although we have the deluxe edition with the art and music that we add in. Wednesdays are Exploration Days and don't take nearly as long. My son is a pretty good reader and the curriculum still seems to be on target for him. The math is great lots of hands on things to do. As far as activities go, other than math there seems to only be activities scheduled about 2x's per week, except on Exploration day where you would do science experiments that are listed. Hope this helps!
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Re: 1st Grade Questions

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

My dd was an excellent reader by the time she started MFW1, but the program was still a great fit for her (with a little tweaking) because of her age. I sat with her for about an hour each day and we accomplished everything in the deluxe package. Copywork, working on the Bible notebook, and math worksheets can all be done while you are taking of something else. :) I would often go rotate laundry, etc., while my dd was doing those things. We read lots of library books in the afternoons, as well, but that isn't scheduled in the program. HTH
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MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by MelissaM »

Becks wrote:We are nearing the end of DS K year. After spending all that time and money I really felt disappointed. Another person suggested MFW (Hi Carin).

We plan to hs year-round as I work PT and run a business out of the home, we also have a house full of children: This year we hs about 4 days a week and never set a timer but somedays it was 20 minutes other days over an hour.
DS 6 -k-1
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My questions:
How much time does it take to follow? I just read something about hs MFW in just 4 hours a day, Really 4 hours?? Is that one on one time or time spent by child?
Does the teachers guide have all subjects? Math, reading, writing, bible? Or do you have to purchase separately?
How much prep time is there?
Also, will you plan to supplement the Math this year or strictly follow MFW?

Thanks a bunch~
Rebecca in MN
Hi Rebecca,

I have not used MFW 1 yet, but am going to next year (starting in July, probably). If I understand it correctly, 1st grade is set up as 5 days a week, but 1 of those is an "Exploration Day" to do science experiments, take a nature walk, etc. Not so much seatwork on that day. Also - 1st grade is designed to take 1.5-2 hours to complete, I think - definitely not 4. That's more for the upper elementary programs - I'm using ECC with my 4th grader and it usually takes about 4 hours, but I'm using K with my ds, and he's usually done in about an hour. I think each year the time increases a little bit - about an hour for K, 1-2 hrs for first, 2-3 hours for Adv and 4 hours for ECC. Give or take a bit.

I'm sorry you've been disappointed with your K curriculum. Be reassured that almost all of us have made curriculum choices that have not turned out the way we thought they would or should! It will all be okay.

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Re: MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by samandsawyersmom »

Hi Becks and Welcome!!

I have done the K program and loved it!! Only took ds and I about 1hr a day and that was with projects! I believe 1st is "scheduled" for 1 1/2 to 2hrs a day. The first grade curriculum has everything included even more so if you get the deluxe program! Kiddos need to be reading cvc words well without help from anyone to go into 1st if not you can use the K program and use it quickly (like within 3 months)to get into 1st. I hope you will find that MFW will work for you!

God Bless you and yours!
~ Stacey
P.S. We also plan on hsing yr around as I too work Thursday nite thru Saturday. We will also be hsing another student who will be in 3rd grade and she will be going to Friday school. So we only have 4 days a week! It can work, there has been alot of people who have done 4 day weeks! YEAH! Gotta love hsing! You can make it your way!! LOL!! :-) ;)

I see MelissaM gave you some of this but oh well you will get it twice! :-) I believe that is all time total, student and one on one.
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Re: MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by mgardenh »

We did mfw 1st 4 days a week and school year round. I just did each day as it came. So that 5th day which was exploration day was on a different day every week. It worked out just fine. Some days it only took us an hour but usually 1.5 to 2. It did not take us 4 hours to do school till we got to 3rd grade with ECC.

If you get the delux everything you need is there. My dd really liked it. If you feel were not answering your questions as thorough as you like call the MFW office they are really great and helpful.
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Re: MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by cefcdana »

MFW 1st is listed as a complete curriculum. So is their K program. Some people supplement for math and others do not. I cannot speak for the 1st grade math as we have just done K this year. But after several months of doing K, I broke down and bought a math curriculum because it didn't "feel" like enough. My opinion several months later...I don't think it was really necessary. My additional curriculum has enhanced learning in some ways but not enough to outweigh the fact that it adds more time to our school day. I really dont' think is NECESSARY as I have been able to see the fruit of the MFW hands on approach.
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Re: MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

I just wanted to say that we just switched and we're on week 7 of ECC. I feel my sanity returning. :)

I just ordered the 1st grade MFW for my 7 y.o. I think we're going to LOVE it.
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Re: MFW for 1st follow a 4 day schedule? did Sonlight for K

Unread post by gratitude »

Hi Rebecca! It is good to see you over here looking at MFW! :-)

I think you will really like MFW Grade 1. The Bible is wonderful. It was truly a breath of fresh air when we started it last March after our 7 - 8 months with Core K; my ds was 6 too when we started MFW 1 last March. I came to MFW for some of the reasons you are!

I did find the first 3 weeks of MFW K review were helpful for phonics. It sounds like you have done more than we had. Whatever you have done I think will probably be helpful knowledge for the blue student notebook. My ds could have used a little more phonics going into it than he had from Explode the Code.

We did 4 days a week for MFW Grade 1. I put science on the day that did not have art or a hands on project. MFW 1 took us approximately 1 -2 hours per day. The drawing by the way was wonderful for my children if you decide to do it.

WELCOME!!! :-)

Mom of 4 little ones ages 7 & under

P.S. The TM does have everything for math, reading, writing, Bible, art (drawing), & science scheduled; no extra purchases necessary.
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Break down of mfw 1st time...?

Unread post by mamastading »

lea_lpz wrote:Trying to get some idea of what to expect for next year. Can you please share how long you take on each subject and the total time you spent? Also would love to hear how you schedule (do you a particular order of doing things) and time wise schedule if you have one, like what time do you do math, Lang, Bible, breaks, etc. if you have done mfw 1st with a preschooler I would love to hear what they were in included in and how you incorporated preschool time.

For preschool, we plan to Rod and Staff A-I Series (or as far as we get) and mfw preschool 3-5 package. We might also include some Wee Folk Art homeschool companion guides by rowing our books and then doing activities as we can.
I am a very low maintenance homeschooler. Everyday the amount of time is different just depending on the curriculum, attitudes, the weather, etc.! We follow the teachers manual in order the way they have it written pretty closely. Our day looks like this:

Calendar/Basic Math Activities or Games as recommended in manual (20-30 minutes usually)
Review our memory proverb and books of the bible (5-10 minutes)
Read the bible story in the manual and discuss, add to timeline (10 minutes)
Introduce new reading sounds and do reading workbook (15 minutes)
Bible Reader (used to take upwards of 45 minutes. By end of year, about 15)
Bible notebook (varies a lot depending on how much interest she has in her artwork. Average 30 minutes)
Complete Book of Math worksheets or more math games (30 minutes, mostly independent work)

And that's it. This year, I have a toddler underfoot. So the art book, and the Usborne Science books have gone to the wayside. I simply don't have the time to do it well, so rather then do it half hearted, we will try to revisit it on rainy summer days. We are involved in a co-op twice a month that includes art and creation science. So I felt less guilty about skipping those aspects of it. She does need some fine motor work, so I think the Drawing with Children could be really beneficial, but like I said I wont touch it unless Im able to do it thoroughly. We do read to her everyday as well, just not during our "school" time. Also, I started out using the library lists of books, but we really hit a rough spot early in winter and skipped those as well. I just used books we had at home. And luckily, she survived :) We did do about half of the extra activities as well, like the Passover feast, etc. but honestly we just really needed to stay focused on core curriculum when the baby allowed us quiet moments. Not my best year of homeschooling BUT she went from being a CVC reader to fluently working through easy readers with minimal help. She can do simple addition and subtraction with the help of manipulatives, tell time, use a ruler accurately, count by 2s,5s, 10s, and backwards from 100, and is wise enough to choose 2 dimes over 3 nickels. I will call the year a winner :)

We love MFW and the flexibility within. Even with all the extras I cut out, I still felt like she got a well rounded education!!
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