Math - Should I also switch to MFW math?

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Math - Should I also switch to MFW math?

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I bought a math program thinking it would help.....but no
Happy2BMotherof3 wrote:Hi everyone! I'm excited about making the switch over here to MFW. I've been having the most difficult time with her in math. I bought a math program thinking it would help her.......but no it hasn't. I've read that MFWK and first recommends certain books for math? If so will I find this info in the MFW1 tm? I sure hope this will be the answer to my prayers!
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:13 pm
Hi there! We just started with MFW1 this year and my almost daughter loves math.

We try to read at least one of the recommended literature books that are recommended for each week. I pull pages from the math book for the week and we work on about 1 a day along with the number of the day.

All subjects are gone over twice for the year, so that is nice to really get everything covered. We love the pattern blocks and all the hands on ideas. Wonderful! Hope this helps.
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wondering if I should switch to MFW's math

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Winni wrote:I need help in the 1st grade math. Just wondering how this has worked for your children. I have a 7yo dd who is using Math-U-See Alpha right now, but she needs LOTS of review to "get it."

I received my MFW 1st grade materials yesterday and am wondering if I should switch to MFW's math? Just wondering how others have found it to work with a "not so attentive" child. My dd's mind really wanders during school. "So, Mom, did you like that movie last night?" "How many more days until AWANA, Momma?" Stuff like that.
First let me way I haven't done MFW1 yet. Will with next one... But, my understanding is that the math is complete as it stands in MFW. Just the right level, right amount, all that good MFW stuff. So, feel confident in it if you do choose to go that way.

Next, take those daily things (how many days until Awana?) and use it for math. A calendar makes an excellent number line, each box being a point on the line. Anything in that movie that was math related that you could use and discuss. You turn the conversation back on topic gently, and still let her know that what she is saying is important, and you are hearing her comments. Sneaky, huh?

I have one of those "Where did that come from?" kids, and am learning to make the most of it. Sometimes that means a 30 minute science project takes an hour, because we do 14 extra steps to test this or that. But, she LOVES it, and that is part of what this is all about. :)
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I'd suggest putting away at least the workbook from MUS for a while. The goals of both programs are fairly compatible. I think the MFW 1st grade activities and informal approach will help your 7 y.o review and get the material.

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Hi: I would like to echo what Crystal said about the workbook stuff. Put the abstract away, if you can. I posted on another thread this week (a math thread) and I mentioned there too, that I had to go back and re-teach in 2nd grade what I taught in 1st grade (math) because I jumped to the abstract too quickly. If I had stuck to the hands-on, gentle approach as laid out in MFW and put down abstract (worksheets) then I would have had a better result when 2nd grade started.

If I could do it again (I get another chance with the 2 yr. old) I will stick to the informal, gentle, living experiences in 1st grade and not start a seperate curriculum until 2nd grade. This is just my opinion. I think the concepts would have stuck much better for my "not so attentive" student had I done a lot of hands-on fun stuff for 1st grade, laying concepts down in a concrete fashion, then start the abstract for 2nd grade.

Just my own experience. Best of luck with your math!
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I am using the MFW1 math with my 8 year old ds. He and I are loving it so far. His mind wanders as well. What I like about it is We can use books and a lot of hand on activities which helps to keep his attention. I only pick the workbook pages that I feel will be benificial for him. We have used boxed curriculums for math in the past and he was able to do the work but he is finding a much deeper level understanding this way.

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I am using first grade math with my two, 5 and 6. It has taken me a bit to get it figured out as to what works for them but we are loving it. We have put aside the one little sheet that you copy. We do read something of math in the subject assigned for that week every day and we play a game, do the base ten activities, and generally do something on the white or black board with numbers.

One day this week we read "The Missing Mitten". Odd and even is something that neither child had gotten before. Yesterday as we were driving on errons they both started talking about pairs and asking if this or that was odd or even.

I love this curriculum. I feel that for the first time my kids are really LEARNING. Before I felt like I was just throwing things into the air and away it flew.
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You know

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Mom of 5 wrote:I love this curriculum. I feel that for the first time my kids are really LEARNING. Before I felt like I was just throwing things into the air and away it flew.
I feel the same way already. What a wonderful quote! Thank you!
- Tracey
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1st Math?

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I am going to be a radical and say not to use anything but the math in the MFW1 TM. With my oldest I used a more traditional math because I thought MFW's math wasn't strong enough and he did well but didn't enjoy math until we switched to Singapore. With my twins, who have opposite personalities, I bought the extra workbook but threw it out a quarter of the way through MFW1 because I realized that they were learning what they needed to and were enjoying it. They loved math! When I tested them to figure out what to put them into for Singapore, they tested into 2A. I put them back into 1B but I didn't need to, they had the skills necessary to go right into 2a. They also still think math is fun and enjoyable (except for long division - but you can't have everything).

IMHO, the math in MFW1 is more than enough to provide a strong foundation without causing overkill and instant dislike of math that is so hard to fight when they get older.

Just one opinion! ;)
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Regretting NOT using MFW Math for K and 1st..

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Joyhomeschool wrote:And what can I do? K is on Kangaroo, and 1st is on week 24. How can I "re-mediate" them? I cant take back what we didnt do. And my Ker will get the first grade things. But how can I help my 1st grader prepare for Singapore in the Fall? Somethings I already thought of...

-Have them do the straw cup together to 100 days.
-Have the 1st grader do number of the day 1st grade and the K whatever it was the K was supposed to do when we did 100 days.
-Have the 1st grader pick up where we stopped 1st Math and just move through the Math program till he's done??
- Or just hope he grabs what he needs in Singapore 1A?
- Or have him just start where we are (evens and odds and skip counting, which he understands and knows because we did it in our other program)

We already have big kids do math all summer, so I can do math all summer. Not a problem. Thoughts? Suggestions?
If you already have the math materials for K & 1st, I'd go ahead and use them. You could just start where you left off, and move at a pace that feels right. I just use K/1st as "afterschooling," but sometimes my grandson does a whole bunch of math activities & pages in one day. Other times, he isn't interested in a particular thing or maybe I don't want to spend time on a particular thing, so we skip it and go on to the next one. I like that I can see the topics and understand what I'm skipping if I do that. Of course, if he weren't already getting math in the public school, I'd probably make different selections, but some of my decisions are also based on just knowing he already gets something. His public classroom has been working on clocks quite a bit lately, and he tells me he is just so bored doing the same thing over and over LOL. Homeschool can be so much more perfect for the individual child.

I like your idea of doing 100 days. Kids enjoy that so much, and two kids doing it together would be great fun.

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