Combining 1st and an OLDER program

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Combining 1st and an OLDER program

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1st and ECC
NHMom wrote:I am looking ahead to next year. We'll do 1st and ECC. What is the best way to combine those two programs? I don't want to miss any of each, but I know we won't be able to do all of both.

I'm doing Adventures and MFWK this year. My K has mostly done the phonics & math, with just a little time spent on the activities. She does all of the Adventures stuff with us (I don't think she realizes she's not big like the other two!)

Any advice is much appreciated!
We are doing ECC and MFW1 this year. I have 3 older children doing ECC and my dd is doing MFW1. We have pretty much been able to all of both of them.

I do Bible with the older 3, then Arithmetic with all of them. I start the older ones and while they are working independently, I do math with my dd (1st grade). Then she takes a break and plays with my 2 younger ones while I do spelling, and English with the 3 older ones. Then while they are working independently on English and then flashcards, I do MFW1 Bible and workbook things with my dd.

We usually break for lunch at that point. Then after lunch, we usually do geography with the older 3 (although my dd will sometimes listen and learn) and then Science. The only thing I do both of is Science. I don't do MFW1 science; instead, I have my dd do science with us in ECC. She just doesn't do as much as the older ones.

This seems to work for us. I hope that helps a little. It is very do-able. I usually don't start until 9 or 9:30 and we take an hour for lunch and usually finish up by 2:30 or 3.

God Bless
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Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 11:05 pm

I did ECC and 1st last year. It really wasn't that hard to combine them. I pretty much did all of 1st except science and art. I let my dd do science with ECC, and I combined the art too. I did her work book and bible notebook and copy work. She also sat in with ECC when we did bible. The funny thing was, when I did her MFW1 bible time, the older ones would always listen in and wanted to be a part of it also. So I usually ended up doing two bible times :)

I think thats it. MFW1 didn't really take a lot of time during the day, so it was very doable.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 11:43 am

My dd loved joining us in many ways.
The country sticker books.
Read-a-louds (all the children loved this).
Book basket time (I would put boards books and such).
Crafts (we did many crafts that all the children could do).
She would listen in on science and draw her own pictures for the nature walk.
She would listen during Bible time (although usually while playing with the baby :>)
Really almost anything we did as a group, she would be a part of some how.

Even my 3 yr old dd at the time still sings the continent song. She's just 5 now and was singing it last week. I can't believe she still remembers it. How funny.
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1st and ECC

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We are doing 1st and ECC with no problems whatsoever. I have my 11yo doing ECC, and my 7yo doing 1st. The way we work it I am done teaching by noon. I start my 7yo at about 9:00 am and we work for 1 hour (anymore than that and she starts getting a dazed look). If the work is going to take longer than that, I usually give her whatever is left as "homework" (but that rarely happens--we usually finish everything, including me reading a devotional and picture book to her).

I then start with my 11 year old. I go over the previous day's assignments that I corrected, go over what she is to complete that day, do the 5-minute Spelling Power quiz, and do a 5-minute math table quiz (only 2 days a week with that). I then do any reading with her that is in the Manual (I don't want to miss out!). We are usually done within an hour as well. She then completes her assignments when she wants to.

That's about it! Only about 2-3 hours/day on my part. We're having a blast with it!

Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 5:49 pm

I did ECC & 1st grade together last year with no problems. Kindergarten only takes about 30-45 minutes per day (I'm doing K & CTG this year), so I have no problems adding either K or 1st to one of the other programs.

In fact, I will have to do either K or 1st along with one of the five years for the next six years! Wowzer! Ok, sorry, this isn't about you. :o)
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1st and RTR - Both sciences?

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sandi wrote:Next year I will be doing RTR and MFW1 together. For those of you who have done this could you please tell me what part of MFW1 did you do and what part did you leave out? I don't think it would be possible to do all of both programs. Did you do the 1st grade science or not? Anyway would appreciate any ideas on how you made these work together.
Hi Sandi,

I did that last year. Here is something I did to work it out. There is this suggestion (and it's only a suggestion) in the first grade TM to start on Thursdays and have your 5th day, Exploration Day, be on Wednesday. Well, that didn't work for me at all. It just messed with my mind worse than daylight savings time in March.

I did it Monday through Friday. Each "exploration day", which is where the science fun lessons are in 1st, came on light and independent Friday while doing RTR. My then 4th grader help to set up and "teach" the 1st grade science.

Yes, you can leave out the science from first grade and have your first grader sit in on much of the science in RTR. My first grader loved making the paper skeleton and the body systems. We were able to do the Astronomy book all together. Sometimes it got moved to Saturdays to make my life easier.

Typically, I started the day with my first grader and got first grade done. Took preschooler to her special education school. Then moved on to RTR. First grader played and joined us again at science time because she liked it. Got done with RTR. Pick up preschooler. If other 1st grade projects took too long -- I delegated it to the afternoon and let the 4th grader do it with her.

just one way of doing it. doesn't mean it's the only way.
courthart246 wrote:Next fall I am planning on doing RTR and 1st grade. I was wondering if it would be wise to do the RTR science with my 1st grader and skip the 1st grade science? My soon-to-be 1st grader loves science, but will the RTR be way over his head? I would love to be able to do some combining of subjects next year.
Post Posted Sun May 10, 2009 4:57 pm by cbollin
It's been about 4 years since I was in that situation, but here's how it played out in my house when oldest (4th grade) was in RTR and middle gal was 1st grade.....

They did both and loved it!

My middle gal had a blast making her skeleton from Body Book. Wonderful Way has 2 levels of readings so, my first grader was just fine with the younger version b/c we took it so informally.
Then 2nd semester they had a lot of fun doing the Astronomy experiments together. I didn't require my first grader to know everything from the book. Grandparents bought us a nice telescope and we had fun in the evenings (saw Saturn's rings!).

Then they had fun time on "light" Fridays with first grade science. My oldest helped set up all of the 1st grade stuff and it was fun for both of the girls. My middle gal was happy to be included in the science in RTR. She also liked 1st grade too :)
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1st and CTG

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I'm doing 1st and CTG together, and I do all of both (course, I only have one child doing 1st and one child doing CTG LOL). 1st really only takes us 45 minutes to an hour max. I've found that it makes my time a little more efficient if I do the "exploration day experiments" on a day when I'm not doing experiments from CTG. But in general, I get my oldest started on what she can do independently, then I do 1st with my little guy, then go back and do Bible/history/science, etc. with my oldest. It flows pretty well!
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1st and RTR

Unread post by LSH in MS »

I only do the phonics and Bible in MFW 1st. He does everything else with RTR. He does have his own Math program.

We do Bible and History read alouds first. Then I do 1st and K with younger 2 (alternating with them) while older ones do Math and LA. We do RTR science in the afternoon. We do not do 1st grade science

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ECC & K, CTG & 1st, RTR & K/1st

Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 3:18 pm

Well, every year that I've homeschooled I've had a little one doing K or 1st or something similar so I've done a little juggling. I've done ECC along with K, CTG along with 1st, and RTR with K and then 1st (as she finished K and moved to 1st)...

DISCLAIMER: Everyone does it differently. What works for me might well bomb for you!

I'd get everyone up and moving and we'd all meet at about 8:30 for Bible and history, science, music, art as needed (the younger K or 1st kid could hang with us or walk away after Bible).

Anyway, I'd present the unit stuff from ECC (or CTG, RTR, etc.) and then I'd "turn them loose" at about 10:30 or so. Each of the bigger kids (ie beyond first and K) have a checklist of things to do (including chore, personal Bible reading, math, language, book basket, music practice) during this time.

I'd sit down with my K or 1st student and then work with them. If an older kid needed help, s/he'd come in and ask for help and I could either help or tell them to remember the question and move on (it took a while to train them in that).

We'd eat lunch at about 12:30 or 1:00. Each day, one of the kids either cooks or helps cook.

After lunch, the kids finish their independent work and I finish K or 1st (if we didn't finish earlier).

We still were able to have a light day, but some weeks it became a catch-up day! Sigh. That's normal, I guess. It IS busier having the extra program going. Thankfully both K and 1st are simple, not too demanding on mom, and they work!

When you do 1st or K with a bigger program (Adventures or above), it's a great idea to not "do everything." If you try to do everything, it will wear you out and/or it will slow you down, making the programs take well over a school year.

Instead of deciding on one program's art, etc., I picked and chose from the two programs, doing what I thought would work best considering my kids' interests and what they had already done... Just spend a few minutes planning and pick the best of both!!!

One thing that's really neat is that a lot of ECC is easy to do and FUN to do for younger kids. They'll love the food, crafts, music, etc. They'll like having their own passports, flags to color, etc.

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1st and various programs

Unread post by LSH in MS »

1st and RTR
Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:46 pm
When I am doing an upper level program, I only do the math, Bible, and phonics portions of 1st grade. I would do the 1st grade Bible, Bible verse memory, Bible reader and notebook for sure, as that is the meat of the program. My first grader usually participates in both Bible lessons.

Science: My son in 1st is doing science with his brothers (Astronomy in RTR). He is making an astonomy notebook on his level (apologia has notebook pages for primary grades).

History: He listens to SOTW 2 on audio cd, although I don't require it.

Art: They are all doing I Can do All things for art as they are all beginners.

You could do something similar and have your 1st grader participate in the science, craft projects, and music of ECC. You could all play the geography game. There are also some wonderful picture books in ECC for book basket that would be perfect for a 1st grader.

1st and ECC
Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:15 pm
When my was oldest doing ECC, my first grader just joined along. I didn't get the 1st grade and I regret it now. I think he would have really enjoyed having his own program. I love the Biblical emphasis. I am about to do 1st for the second time this fall.

1st and EX1850
Posted Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:06 am by LSH in MS
I felt like you did at the beginning of EX1850. You can do it! We have made it through the year and are on track to complete it in a timely manner. (on week 28). This is such a relief since it took us 2 years to do RTR (long story).

We did Bible and the basic skills in the morning, and did history and science in the afternoon. We did not do MFW's music, art, or Foreign language as we were in a coop for Spanish and art.

I usually school my 1st grader first so he can get finished and play with the 2 year old. (also we only do the basics of 1st, we do not do art, music,science or activities in 1st, he joins in on the supplement for those). Then I do the 3 Rs with my 3rd grader, so he can take a turn with the toddler. The older 2 are doing independent work during this time (reading, book basket, math, grammar).

Once the 2 year old is down for a nap in the afternoon, we cozy up on the couch and do all of our history and science reading for all the ages. I do the older ones first so they can work on their notebook pages while I am reading to the younger ones.

It has been a very full year but MFW makes it possible to school so many ages at once. I don't think I could do it otherwise!

RTR and 1st

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:37 pm
When we did RTR and 1st, we saved up the fun hands on science experiments in 1st grade for "light and independent friday" in RTR. My oldest did the prep work and clean up and she and sister enjoyed it.

Since the Bible and language arts are closely related in 1st grade, I did all of that. If there was a project in the Bible lessons in 1st we would figure it out whether or not to do the project. Sometimes it got moved to the afternoon for fun time or on a Friday or whatever.

In my case, my then 1st grader did not have to do Bible from RTR. She enjoyed doing the science from RTR with older sister.

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:31 pm
I used RTR and 1st grade when I had a 4th and 1st grader (and a 3rd child who was younger).

I like that the 1st grade program language arts also provided Bible and memory work and learning composition. I could give her a full day’s worth of learning and then she had the freedom to join us in RTR or go play. My middle daughter needed something smaller for Bible and Bible memory work rather than doing RTR verses and readings. We did the math from 1st too.

I usually worked with her first and got done. She loved joining in for science and some limited things from history. For the science I planned for doing the 2 of them together and did make 2 copies of the pages from the Body Book, and planned for them to do astronomy together. Pulled it together as needed for everything else because that’s just my style.


1st and ECC

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:31 am
We are currently doing ECC & MFW1.

My daughter does the Bible, phonics & math with her program, and science, art & music with my son in ECC (though we are all enjoying the Come Look With Me books). There are also many elements of the geography portion she participates in as well. She plays the geography game, colors the flags of each country (and any other coloring pages), and sits in on some of the geography reading. Some of the info from The Illustrated World Atlas is too taxing for her, but she hangs out in the room while we read (since she is my auditory learner, she probably is getting more than I think...).

With all that we're doing in ECC, doing the additional science & art just felt like overkill. Combining has made all the difference in the world. We're having a great year!

Much of Halle's work is done while Max is working on an assignment (ie, when he's doing his math workbook, I can do the blue phonics workbook with Hal). It's not his 3 or 4-hour day PLUS her 1.5. Does that make sense?

For our family, MFW1 has totally been worth the expense. Marie has crafted a year that speaks to our foundation as believers & deals with character (oh yeah, and my child learns to read). And in my opinion, working on my children's character lays a foundation for the rest of our schooling. I realize that most of us are believers here and character is a focus regardless of curriculum, but Marie has again, just like in MFWK, woven it into everyday lessons. Sometimes I can be guilty of assuming that my daughter knows certain things by osmosis - by living in the same house with those of us who know these things. Using MFW1 causes me to go over all the character issues with Halle as an individual. Intentionally. On purpose. In that way, I feel like this program makes me a better mom.

No matter what you choose, your child will be doing his own LA & Math for 1st grade. If you can do that, plus great Bible/memory verse work, in 60-90 minutes a day, you might find MFW1 worth it too.

PS - I do both Bible segments together (both get both!), though they do their own individual memory work. Can't get too much Bible, you know? Also, I agree that the phonics & Bible are too integrated to separate. You would miss the best part of MFW1 ~ JMHO. ;)

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:20 pm
I continued this year to try & cover Bible from one at breakfast, Bible from the other at lunch. However, with Hero Tales being part of our ECC Bible portion, we did the reading/discussion at breakfast (or lunch) and did the copywork as our first activity back at the table afterward. It was a good time to review what we'd read only moments ago (good for mom to see if they were paying attention!).

There were other things we left out ~ 1st grade science & music, but not Bible. It's very easy to do both, IMO.
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ECC and 1st

Unread post by Lainie »

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:21 pm
We are currently doing ECC and MFW 1st. Keep in mind I don't have any babies. Doing the two together has worked really well for us. I usually get the older two done with the majority of work before I start my first grader. While the other two are reading or notebooking, I sit with him. His work really doesn't take us very long and I can easily accommodate his need for frequent breaks. He participates in the ECC science and when the weather cooperates, we do some of his science too. He enjoys the read-a-louds from ECC as well as the book basket. I made him his own passport so he feels a part of ECC but I don't make him do any of the work; when he wants to I let him (like making the Nate Saint airplane) but it's completely voluntary. He has really enjoyed MFW 1st and it's awesome to watch his reading skills develop right before our eyes! Overall, it has been a very good experience. It hasn't felt too heavy even on migraine days.
HTH :)

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 7:45 pm - Update
Welcome Donna! There are other moms more experienced with the curriculum. But I thought I would let you hear what a first timer experienced. We are just finishing ECC and MFW 1st.

We've had an awesome year! The TM gives ample warning as far as things needing to be prepped. It never felt overwhelming. The first grade stuff was also very clear and organized. Our youngest was very much a part of our ECC activities. His work did not take more than a few hours each day. We went with all the recommendations as far as spelling and math. Looking back, honestly, we wouldn't change a thing. Unfortunately, we won't be doing Adventures ( I'm so bummed) since our ds will jump into Creation to Greeks with the older two.

We have an 11, 9 and 7 year old at our house and it was fine having them work together. They loved it. The oldest just took everything to a different level. I just wanted to give you one mom's opinion. This year (since last Sept) has been a challenge for me personally (health wise). But MFW made it simple for me to recover my health and give me the flexibility I needed. HTH
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ECC & 1st

Unread post by lyntley »

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:24 pm
We are doing ECC with 9 and 7YO and & 7YO has been learning a ton. He doesn't stick around for some of the more involved reading but since he has his own Math and LA he is still doing a fine job. The book basket books have been great for him too as we have found so many on his level that he has even used as early readers. So if you are only able to get one program, be encouraged that ECC can be worked out to fit and be plenty for a little one too.
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ECC & 1st

Unread post by Lucy »

caspen1973 wrote: I was going to use ECC for my 4th grader but I am sure it would be too difficult for my 1st grader so that is why I thought to just do Adventures for them but I want to be sure it will be enough for my 4th grader.
Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:57 pm
Just agreeing with the other poster to say that ECC and MFW 1 would be the best fit for your kids. The first grade program is only a 1 1/2 day and MFW wrote both K and first to be focused primarily on learning reading, writing, and math. You can skip the science in first and have your first grader do the ECC science as well as some other fun activities that were mentioned.

Look at it this way. You have to teach your younger one to read and write anyway and is mostly what MFW first is doing. It will work.

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More on 1st and ECC

Unread post by nehschooler2three »

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:27 pm

I have a first grader and 4th grader this year. We're on week 28. We're doing ECC and 1st grade this year. My 1st grader dd does the bible, reading/phonics and math from 1st grade. We don't do the science or any of the other things from 1st. She joins in with 4th grader on bible ( really we take both bible courses and do them at the same time, not necessary though), geography as she chooses, science music and art.

It works very well. She'll eventually go through ECC again (7th grade, I think) so I'm not worried about retention, just introducing her to these things is good. She loves having her own passport, coloring flag pages, and doing the music and art as she desires. Even my tag along 4year old colors the flags. We love the easiness of combining the 2 programs. Plus my daughter is READING now. I know maybe that doesn't excite some people, but as a relatively new homeschool mom (finishing my 2nd year), I was pretty sure I wasn't "qualified' to teach someone how to read. Marie made it EASY! I was very happy. She has excelled in her handwriting ability and the bible notebook will be a precious keepsake!

That's what we did and has worked well.

Re: More on 1st and ECC

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:50 am
As far as combining ECC and 1st grade, you'll be pleasantly happy with how little lesson planning you'll have to do. MFW's lesson plans are laid out for you.

MFW includes a daily lesson planner with its Singapore Math books. Math is scheduled in the 1st grade book -- however, I should say that the Complete Book of Math is not strictly and rigidly scheduled so that you have a lot of flexibility to use that supplemental workbook. That's explained more in the 1st grade manual. But CBoM's scheduling, you are given a range of pages that can be done during the week and told to not do all of them so that you can return to them later in the year. It makes more sense in the manual than I am making.

My prep time was in my once a week (or every two weeks) to pick up library books. My prep time was the occasional adding of an item to my weekly grocery list or an occasional trip to pick up a special craft item in the Global Art (craft) book for ECC. The supply list were all written out in the manuals and in that Global art book, so I didn't have to make the list, just go buy something.

Posted Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:40 am by cbollin
This year I've noticed ECC doesn't have as many quick, hands on experiments in science as some years do. It has lots of hands on learning in Geography , and then some in science, and some longer term science things like growing plants. But not as much of the quick and fun science experiments. (I wonder if that's why people perceive it as "light" on science? I don't know.)

anyway..... maybe you can let the older kids help get some of the hands on science in 1st done on lighter days in ECC such as Nature Walk day. Every 5th day in 1st grade is Exploration Day and that is when the science hands on experiments in 1st grade is scheduled. It is also suggested in 1st grade to start 1st grade on a Thursday so that Exploration day lines up to happen on Wednesday. Well, guess what? in ECC on Wednesday is when "nature walk" is scheduled. so, maybe that would work if you want to add in some fun science experiments in 1st grade.

I don't know about others, but we made sure to do the science readings in 1st grade. But, if it gets to be too much on mom to do both sciences, then stick with the science in ECC for everyone, and adjust as you need.

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Did you teach both sciences?

Unread post by MJ in IL »

Toni@homezcool4us wrote:Those who have taught CTG and 1st together... Did you teach both sciences? If so, did you schedule science at the same time for both levels? How did it work out? TIA.
I did ECC and 1st and tried to do both. However, I eventually decided to make ECC science my priority. Older ds (who was 3rd grade) remembered his 1st grade science and often asked to set up things for ds in I think I ended up doing quite a bit of 1st too.

Just giving myself permission to skip some of the 1st science helped me relax and we filled in with the other when we could! 1st science kind of became a "afternoon productive free time" activity.
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Unread post by dhudson »

Hey Toni,

we did that combination two years ago and we did both sciences. We often had a "Science Saturday With Daddy" to help ease the load on the school days. My kids are big science fans so the more the better!
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Unread post by niki »

I'm using 1st and CTG this year and I'm doing both so far. I love the science in 1st and I don't make my olders sit in on it, it's just something me and the youngest do together (she likes that), but she does join in on science in CTG.

This is just the beginning, not sure how long I can pull the 2 sciences off, but I'll give it my best shot!

Happy teaching!


Follow-up: Posted Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:46 am by niki

This year, for the most part, my 1st grade science books are in the book basket area. They come out often and the kids (even the older 2) find some interesting facts and ask to work on experiments. I initially planned on doing both, but it was getting overwhelming. Sometimes I'd just read something from them if it caught my eye from the TM and I knew she'd find it especially interesting. But she does science with us in CTG and loves it, so she's not missing out. :)

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Unread post by Lucy »

Hi Toni,

Since the first grade science is not integrated with other subjects in that year as it is in K and Adventures, it is very easy to just set it aside and allow the first grader to join his siblings for science. Most first graders really like this and it makes it easier on the family only having to do one. As Molly said if you have time to add in extra from first then that is great too but it may relieve some stress for you.

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How do you combine 2 memory verses?

Unread post by cbollin »

ShanMom wrote:I guess then I am wondering how you do the memory verses well, if you are trying to do the bible portions from both curriculums ? Do you just do this independently?
Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:42 pm
When I was doing 1st grade and RTR, I found it easy to do both Bible memory portions. My older daughter worked on her RTR verses. My (then) 1st grader got to listen to her older sister’s verses, but got to work on the Proverbs verses from 1st grade. The younger daughter wasn’t ready for the longer passages in older sister’s program.

The 1st grade verses are also part of handwriting practice and general character lessons. We would tape the handwriting sheet on the kitchen wall to make it easier to read the verse many times each day. I think most of us in the family learned those verses without trying too hard. It didn’t add much to our day or workload either. And my older daughter enjoyed having a longer verses to work on that year.

In Adventures, the memory verses are studied over 2 weeks as part of the unit study on the names of Jesus. So, some children will have them learned quicker and then the other weeks might more easily work with the Proverbs verses for more memory work for older child. So that might be an easy way that it unfolds naturally for you.

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Re: How do you combine 2 memory verses?

Unread post by RB »

Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:20 pm
Another the memory verses from Adv during the year and the proverbs memory verses during the summer all together. that's what is working for us this year :)
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First day of ECC and scheduling question with a 1st grader

Unread post by mom2h »

Sheena IA wrote:Our first day of ECC went really well. My 8 year old said she likes school this year. I also have a first grader though and I'm not sure when to do her lessons. It's 1:20 and we haven't even started. Do those with 1st graders do their lessons first or last? Just curious what has worked for others. Can't wait for tomorrow:) I'm learning a lot right along with them. They had a blast filling out their passport applications.
In reading your post, I was remembering some of David Hazell's seminar CDs to which I have listened... he says basically, the earlier years are the most important.

Also, if i remember correctly, one mom has her older dc do chores, and independent work while she works one-on-one with the K and/or 1st grade student, checking on the older one when needed. Then, while the younger ones take a break, she works more in-depth with the older one(s).

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Re: First day of ECC and scheduling question with a 1st gra

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I have a 1st and a 9 y.o. ECCer. I school my 1st from 8:00 to 9:00 then add in my ECCer.

It helps that my 1st is an early morning person and my 9 y.o. likes to sleep a little later. I have him do his morning chore and then play quietly in his room until 9:00.

This allows me to do the calendar stuff and phonics 1st grade stuff without him interupting and being bored. He comes in and starts with some independent work while I finish with 1st then she goes off to play in her room or sit with us and color or something quietly.

She joins us for geography and any fun science stuff but otherwise free plays around the house (usually making a mess...) while I school my ECCer. We hopefully finish by 1:00 but don't tell him that because he thinks his school is until 2:30.

Posted Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:22 am by Mommyto2
We're doing 1st and ECC together this year. I guess my suggestion would be to see where your dear child's strengths are and go a little lighter in that area if need be. For example, my 1st grader long ago mastered the calendar, number of the day, number cup, tally marks, etc. She was completely bored with it so we do it once a week.

Also she doesn't join in as much ECC as she did Adventures last year. I think it is just a little too much for her with the actual geography and mapping.

Here's what we do together: Windows on the World, Hero Tales, Read Alouds, any appropriate country videos I have picked up at the library or Netflix, A Trip around the World (but she has started slacking off on the flags lately), and global art. She sits with us when we play the geography game and knows some of the main larger countries but my 4th grader aces the game so she doesn't like to lose every time. She doesn't join in science because it is really book based this year in ECC. She is welcome to share in looking at any book basket books.

What do we miss out on in 1st? Well she is really strong in math so we spend less time doing the math games but as I said that is her strength. What is your child's strengths?

Another thought is if you child is right at the beginning of 1st and really needs all the math and phonics on pace then leave them out of more of the ECC so they don't get school overload. I understand your misgivings or concern about teaching two curriculums. I had and have them too. I can't wait until next year when the kids are together but I have a feeling that will bring a whole new set of issues.

I say go with each of your child's individual strengths and needs for school. You will do just fine and it will all fit in a day. I know it.

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Re: First day of ECC and scheduling question with a 1st gra

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I have a 1st grader and I'm doing ECC with my 9 year old dd. Since we're just on the 2nd week I am still working out the kinks but I start them both at 8:30.

We start with prayer, pledge and Bible together. For my ECCer I have the handwriting and reading ready to do by herself while I begin working with my 1st grader. She can also do Book Basket if I'm busy with him. I've discovered NOTHING on the schedule has to be done in order, it just has to work for your family.

While he's working on something (right now it's writing his letters) I go over the few pages in my ECCer's math book with her so she can do the pages I marked for her to do in her math book. I also have pages marked in her ILL to start on if she finishes her math.

While my dd is working on her math I help my ds with his math. If my dd needs help with her math (or English) while I'm working with my 1st grader then we get to a good stopping point then I let him take a break or play with the pattern blocks, which he LOVES!

We do geography and science together. Sometimes my 1st grader listens, sometimes he doesn't.

We work in art and music when or if we can. I don't push this because I also have a 3 year old that causes interruptions.

I do have a set time we begin the school day and I expect them to have their clothes on, their breakfast eaten, bed made, teeth brushed and face washed before school begins. My first grader needs help with this either from me or my 9 year old but so far, so good.

I should say this is my first year using MFW and my first year hsing 2 children. I have just adjusted MFW for what works for us. My children like to be in our "school room" together and it's best for us to get the majority of the work done in the morning. Play with your schedule and do what works best for you and your children.

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I have a 1st grader and 4th grader this year. We use MFW 1st and ECC.

I don't do the first grade science, art, or music because my first grader wants to sit in on all the ECC geography, science, art & music with his sister. He usually sits in on her Bible too. I don't make him do any of it though. If he wants to sit in, I let him (and he usually does wind up listening in), but if he doesn't then I don't make a big deal of it as long as he doesn't interrupt us. He's learned all his continents, oceans and an amazing amount of animal/habitat info this way.

BTW, I love the 1st grade program. It's just the right speed for us, not too much time involved yet still very thorough.

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Combining Bible for Adv and 1st

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Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 11:25 am
It is impossible to separate the Bible out of MFW1. It is the spine of the program and all of the reading lessons connect to the Bible Reader, which goes along with where you are in the TM. You will want to "do Bible" in 1st when you are "doing reading." The Proverbs in 1st are used for writing practice when your dc copies the verse each week.

You could have a discussion on the verse and have them copy it, but save the true memorizing for the verse from ADV if you would rather do that.

I don't know if that helps, but just wanted to try to explain a bit about 1st. It is an awesome program and is more Bible based than anything I've seen out there.
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Re: Combining Bible for Adv and 1st

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cbollin wrote:It wasn't confusing for my kids. Each girl had her "own" verses to learn and gleaned from listening to the other set of verses.
Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 11:58 am
Thank you, Crystal! I think, while including everyone for each Bible portion, having each child only be required to memorize "their" scripture is a great way to avoid confusion. My Adventurer could do both, but my 1st grader gets too mixed up. It will be a big load off his shoulders to do it that way, and everyone will still benefit from both Bible times. :-)

Follow-Up: Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:15 pm
What others helped me decide to do was to cover both memorizations in one sitting, but have the Adventure-r responsible for only the Adventures memorization, and my 1st-er only responsible for the proverbs from 1st. But both hear the others' verse everyday, and whatever discussion surrounds it, so there's still learning going on. So far this has worked wonderfully for us! Its not overwhelming at all, and they like each having their own verse, instead of competing over just one (what can I say? they're boys, everything is competition, it seems. *sigh*)

As for 1st Bible, anything that's connected to the Reading section of 1st, I do one on one with my 1st-er (like the Bible Notebook). but if its just labeled "Bible" (like making the Bible Costume, or maps, etc) I do with everyone during our Bible/memorization time.
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