Readiness for 1st - What could I use between k-1st gr?

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Readiness for 1st - What could I use between k-1st gr?

Unread post by Lucy »

When more phonics work is needed
esoloj wrote:Hi everyone. I have a 5 yr old, 6 yr old child and a 2 yr old. We used MFWK this year with the older two. We have finished already as we started last summer. However, they are not reading yet.

I am not sure that they are ready for MFW1 yet. Should they be further than they are or does anyone have any tips? They can sound out words but my son (5yr old) especially, is very hard to motivate to try and read any short sentences, even though he learned to sound things out quicker than his sister. I'm just trying not to push it. I suppose I'm just looking for encouragement.
First of all let me say that it is not abnormal. All kids are not ready to read at the same time. My daughter did not read after K and is a good reader today.

I would call the office and speak with David or Dan about what to do for the following year. You may find taking a break and then coming back and doing a review and reading the little readers again in a month or two, they would be ready.

Keep reading to them and have the readers from K and others around so if they show interest they will have the chance to practice.

They will learn to read!

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Unread post by Tina »

Hi: Welcome to MFW. I want to encourage you also. My ds was only sounding out words in K too. There is review in MFW 1st, then you start phonics. The recommendation to call the MFW office is good. I would do that, but I also remember with K, my ds was not a strong reader when we started MFW1st, he was only sounding out short vowel words.

Be encouraged. Work slowly with them. MFW1st has many ideas that you can use to help them too. Flashcard ideas, game ideas to help them with sounds, etc., things that I felt helped motivate my active little guy.

If you start MFW1st and it progresses too fast, take a few more days (or a week if necessary) to help them understand that particular phonics rule. I remember doing that too with ds. If he had a tough time with a certain sound, we would take extra days with it.

Also, any of the little books, little activities with phonetic sounds and review, keep. I found it helpful to let my ds read them throughout the week. I think we read the ones from MFWK for a while (short vowel sounds).
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Unread post by cbollin »

Just a little side note of encouragement here...

If I remember correctly from something David Hazell once said, one of his children was about 7 when he learned to read; another child was 5 and reading Narnia books. So it can vary greatly between children. But that's one of the blessings of home schooling -- we can teach to the child on an individual basis.

hang in there.

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Unread post by kellybell »

I'd say not to push but to make sure you have lots of opportunities to learn how to put the letters into words and the words into sentences. My dd can read a word in isolation but as soon as it is in a sentence, she's likely to freeze up.

Here are some word activities we do:

1. We've got a file box of words she's read before. You can get some samples off the word lists that come in the MFWK student sheets or just put together some of your own based on the sounds the child knows. Avoid words that break the rules. For example cat and cap are fine to add but the a in car is different, so don't include car. Somedays I'll put out a pile of miniature chocolate chips and some of these cards and she gets a chip for each she reads to me. I also put her name in this stack ("Stephanie") and, because she said she wanted to learn a very hard word, I put "orange" in the stack too. Nothing else in the stack looks anything like "orange" so when she gets to that card, she smiles because she knows the word and knows a chip is coming her way.

2. We make word plates with a strip of paper going through two parallel slots on a small paper plate (why do we use plates? I don't know, strong paper would work well too). Put a slit through the left of a plate so that the strip goes up and down and write a word ending on the plate next to the slit (like "og" or "at" or "am") and then on the paper in the slit put down word beginnings (like c h b r s for at). Also make some for middle sounds that change (bad bed bid bud) and end (cap cat Cam and try some harder ones like cast). Avoid anything irregular (like car or call for "ca" because of the a sound being different).

3. We play word games like the word bingo in MFW a lot.

4. We make books. Either word books or silly picture books. She dictates a story and we write it down and I put the words SHE can read in a different color and when we read the story she says the words in red and I read the rest. You could do this in pencil and as she learns more words, color more and more of the words red. Soon she'll be reading a lot of the book. Yes, this is memorizing instead of phonics, but I've seen that a little of that isn't bad. If a child memorizes that "cat" is the word cat he will naturally ask himself WHY cat is cat. And, he will also pause a moment when he sees "cats" or "hat" or "cut" and try to think "I know cat is cat but this is different, what could it be???"

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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

Some ideas;
-review blends and special sounds with letter tiles from the dollar store. DEALS often carries them. Make a game out of you forming the blend and helping your children to sound it out but letting them choose an ending sound and then tell you the word. This doesn't have to be a long activity (5 minutes or less a few times a week).
-The Bob books. They are "child sized", brief and come in various reading levels. They can even color the black/white illustrations as a reward.
-A few pages of very easy readers like "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss. Actually, this is one of the very best early readers we used because of the many repetitions used. My dd enjoyed using a bookmarker to hold her place after reading 3 pages or so at a time.
-Grocery store challenge; Challenge your kids to find three words they can read while shopping. Reward them with a small snack. We honored serious attempts as well.
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Unread post by cbollin »

mamamouse wrote:Hi all! This is my first time to the MFW forums and I LOVE what I see! I'm really considering using MFW 1st grade for next year. My ds6 is in kindergarten at public school currently and I'd like to use something (lightly) between kindy and 1st grade during the summer. What would you recommend?
I'd like to suggest trying MFW K during the summer. You will be able to go faster than the scheduled pace since your son is doing a K program now.

The phonics will be good review. I'd like to suggest that you use the phonics pages/worksheets to work on handwriting and maybe even learning to write basic sentences. Not worried about spelling so much... but rather to get used to writing 3 or 4 words --- just like in the samples of the K program. On some of the worksheets, there are cut and paste boxes for the sentences. He can do that for some of them and every once in a while do them as his own writing.

The science and character activities will be fun to do. And given that he is in public school, the material won't really be repeated because of how MFW K integrates with Bible and character. Don't feel like you have to rush to get the whole program done before fall.

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Re: Summer

Unread post by kellybell »

MFW1 starts off at a pretty "kindergarten" pace for about two weeks. Then it does pick up. If a child isn't ready, it does the entire family good to start later or to take it slowly. The neat thing about homeschooling is that you can do it at the right speed for each child.

I agree with Crystal that MFWK would be great for the summer. Do two lessons a week or so, and you're ready for first. Skip what doesn't appeal to you. You'll soon get the feel of "the right amount."

However, I also realize that if I were the recipient of this advice I'd hesitate for financial reasons. It would be hard for us to purchase both K and MFW1 within months of each other. If you can afford it, then go for it (or if you have younger children coming up, then try to purchase it early for them to use later).

If you find the budget prohibitive, I guess I'd recommend to use no curriculum. Make the library a weekly stop (maybe at story time!) and find time to visit different parks (maybe some that you've not gone to before). Go to the beach or pool, hit the museum or zoo. Maybe go to a vacation Bible school or the swimming pool. Take advantage of the sunshine. Read from an easy-to-understand children's Bible every day. Read a few of those library books. When you order MFW1 (if that's what the fall holds for you), be sure to order Honey for a Child's Heart because it has some great book recommendations. Our library sends out a monthly children's book review email that has a lot of winners in it.

Okay, if you are not quite the "no curriculum over summer" type, consider chasing your child's interest. Does he like whales, dinosaurs, trains, or fishing? There ya go. Get some books and go for it. Many of these subjects have "activity books" (check the library) to go with them so you can paint, cook, build, sing, and create things about your subject. PRobably there is a museum or center nearby for the subject. And surely there are videos. One of the neat things about homeschooling is that there usually is time to follow passions and kids love being little experts on trains, dogs, horses, rivers, cars, etc.

If your ds really needs reading practice, check the library for the easy readers. Often these have "levels" assigned to them (although one company's level one might be different from the next company's). Many of these books have "controlled" vocabularies (ie. all very easy short-vowel words) so that early readers can succeed.

Another activity that was good for my daughter when she was at this stage of reading was to get a deck of index cards and a box to fit them. She decorated the box with stickers. I wrote easy words (pig, man, bit, slid, etc.) on the cards. When she could read a card, we put it in the box. She was happy to see the box filling up. The cards she couldn't read stayed outside of the box. We practiced both some of the boxed cards and the unboxed cards each day. Just a few minutes a day is all it took.

Congrats on your decision to homeschool.

Sorry I was so long-winded tonight.
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Between K and 1st

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:39 pm
Some things to do along the way between K and 1st

* let her practice some short vowel readers (our library has some)
* if you are ok with your child using computer, check out starfall dot com
* if your library has children's books on audio, it can be fun to check out those and listen along with the book in front of you (sometimes it helps them with hearing books read aloud)
* practice writing simple sentences.
* in the 1st grade program, remember to use the different ideas for reading games that are in the teacher's manual.

And if you hit a struggle point in 1st grade.... here's a thread in the archive section, where David Hazell chimed in with some ideas of what to do if your child hits a plateau in 1st grade program...

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Transitioning from K to First...

Unread post by Amy in NC »

mom2h wrote:Also, should we do brief, fun "review" all summer, or just keep going and start First after a brief break from K? (The pool doesn't open until noon, anyway!)
Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:59 pm
Are you finished with K already, or be finishing K soon? How old is your dc? Do you feel like he or she is "chomping at the bit" to learn more? It is ok to go either way. You probably just need to pray about it.

You can read easy readers through the summer and start up again in the fall. This is the better choice if dc is struggling at all with reading 3-letter words.

If s/he is older, then pressing on through the summer is a good plan. I guess what I'm saying is you should take your cues from your child. Hope my ramblings are helpful.
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Re: Transitioning from K to First...

Unread post by RachelT »

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 8:35 am
Hi! I am teaching K and 1st this year and I just wrote a book (ha!) on another post. We took a traditional "summer break" between K and 1st. We used the summer to spend lots of time improving our swimming skills, playing games like Uno and letter Bingo.

I also began a more routine way of doing morning chores during the summer.

We enjoyed the summer reading program at our library and Vacation Bible School. So, we did work in review of letter sounds and really simple readers with CVC words (like Bob Books) and lots of me reading aloud to the children.

I am sure that you could take a shorter break, but a long break was good for us. Either way, I think you can do things to "review" throughout the break that are fun! I usually wait until summer to buy our next year's curriculum, so I can't tell you much about planning way in advance. I need to be on my own break from teaching/planning, so I can focus on one year at a time.

Happy planning!

Re: Transitioning from K to First...

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 8:50 pm
I would definitely go with summer review. After my daughter breezed right through-loved every minute of MFWK, we've had to take a break from MFW1. It's not a program issue, it's a Halle issue. She began getting that glazed-over look when we'd go to each new rule, so I decided maybe we needed to spend a little time reviewing what we've already covered.

In hindsight, if I had spent the summer reviewing/getting really comfortable with CVC & silent 'e' words, I think the rules wouldn't have been so overwhelming for her. Then again, maybe Halle just wasn't ready to read on my schedule... ;) Just my two cents. :)

Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 5:28 pm
I would say if your child is comfortably reading level 2 Bob books, she shouldn't have any trouble hopping right in to MFW1. The first 20-some days review letter sounds & formation and introduce 'silent e.' After this, things pick up a bit.

As long as your child is interested in learning to read, she should be fine. I mention this only because I realized that my dd wasn't really interested in reading, and we had to spend some time reviewing & sparking interest in books/reading for her. Now she's progressing nicely.
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Re: Transitioning from K to First...

Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 2:53 pm
I would take the break and do some summer bridge work - and lots and lots of read alouds. We did that and it was fun and different, while we were practicing our K skills.

We LOVED the K program so much! First is wonderful, too, just different - so I would advise getting your box as soon as you can so you can get familiar with it.

Blessings to you as you plan :)
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How well does your child need to read for MFW1?

Unread post by caod »

JohnsWife wrote:How well does your child need to read for MFW1? I have heard it reviews the alphabet quickly then progresses from there very quickly. How quickly?

I didn't do MFWK with her, but I have about a 6-8 week break with my dd's and just want to know what to work on. She loves the Bob books but can only read through the 2nd set, level A. Thanks for reading and for your advice,
Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 2:50 pm
MFW 1 does move along very quickly. David's response to your question (as the linking people can help you with) was: A child needs to be blending comfortably for at least 9 months before they start 1st. So...I would work on blending skills. That is my experience with mine when she did first.


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Ready for 1st?

Unread post by Lucy »

Michelle in WA wrote:Ds turned 6 in November. He finished MFWK in October. I have 1st for him and was planning to start in January. I am not sure he is ready though. He can read short vowel words, but not always easily. He does a lot of figuring things out in his head. Yesterday he read "sand castles" on a game card.

I know writing could be an issue. I don't mind doing some for him. The goal will be doing some and doing that little bit well.

If I don't start him in January, what will I do with him? He needs the structure of doing a little every day. I need it for him as well. Thoughts? Ideas? Need more info?

I think a quick call to the office would be helpful to talk about ideas and give you more specifics on things you can do until he is ready to begin 1st grade.

It sounds like to me that he just needs to speed time practicing reading books with short vowels. When he becomes more confident at this then he will be ready to move forward in phonics. He is a young 6 to start first grade, so my thought is he just needs more practice.

I would have him continue practicing his handwriting just focusing on letter formation. If you see improvement toward the end of the year you may decide to have him begin copying a few words or short sentences from the K books. If not, do not worry about it. This will be worked on in first grade next year. It will make first grade much easier if this skill has been developed before moving on. Again, I think it is a practice and a time issue. He just needs a more time to develop this skill.

He can join in with your daughter as much as possible for bible, science,projects, and read alouds. I think I would have him join in for bible and science for sure since you are finished with K and then he can join in on other projects that interest him such as the state sheets, crafts, or cooking.

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What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by finley3001 »

jasntas wrote: I am not looking forward to ending our A-Z adventures and neither is my dd. We have enjoyed it so much. She has even been wanting to pick out her own units to study.

If we stayed on schedule my dd would be finished with K by the end of January. I think we are going to take a break from the regular schedule for a couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'm going to let her pick a few of her own subjects, have her do some simple math worksheets and do some Explode the Code.

I understand 1st has a lot of writing and I'm not sure that she would be ready for all of that by February. Does this sound like a good plan or should I have her go ahead and start 1st?

[editor's note: see the end of the story below, dated January 2010]
Good morning-

I'm in the same place as you are with my K'er. We are set to finish K in another week and have really enjoyed it. I had the same thoughts as you about her not quite being ready for 1st so I was going to do a unit on Thanksgiving and Christmas and then pull a few things to finish out the early spring. I was hoping to start first in June. My main plan is to read, read, read and do some basic math. Everything else we'll just go with the flow.

I think your plans sounds great (probably cause it's so similar to mine)! ;)

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Re: What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by RachelT »

I think it sounds great! My dd did K a year early and a we only had a few units to finish the next fall. I debated this whole issue and it was so good for her to have that time to be a Kindergartener. We used ETC and another phonics program to keep working on reading and now that we are doing 1st grade she is just breezing through it. She is reviewing or learning more phonics rules that we didn't cover last year and the reading is easy for her. It's nice that it is "easy" rather than "hard".

Also, remember that "hands-on" math is really great to do along with the worksheets. Making patterns, counting, doing simple adding or subtracting with manipulatives, measuring, counting money, etc. These are some of the things that will be in 1st gr. math, but you could go ahead and begin working on.

Rachel :)
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Re: What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by cbollin »

jasntas wrote: I think we are going to take a break from the regular schedule for a couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'm going to let her pick a few of her own subjects,
another idea?

For late Nov and Dec -- how about just dropping the ETC etc and just doing crafts, cooking (that's math and science right there), and enjoying holiday themes and other fun topics of her choosing. Get involved this season with some kind of service projects instead of another worksheet. Ring Bells for Salvation Army, or help sort their toy drive donations, or sort food in a food bank, or something! Go visit the elderly from your church and just hang out for an hour with them -- offer to do some laundry or pick up some groceries. Take those unit badges and share them. Perhaps she can participate in the Bible Translation Read a Thon. Not trying to push, just trying to suggest stuff.

but I'd take the time this season and time of year to enjoy some other stuff while she is so young. Never get this time back..... then after you finish MFW K, you can consider when to start 1st.

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Re: What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by tiffany »

If it were me I would take a little break and do some things that interest you and maybe go ahead and start 1st at a slow pace. That way you'll have plenty of time for breaks and taking things a bit slower, if needed for your particular child. I have not been able to complete MFW 1st in one school year. This is my second time through it, and it looks like it will take us a year and a half again. A couple of my older kids might have been able to finish in a year.

At the beginning of the year, my son was taking 3 days to complete one day of the reading/phonics portion. Now we are able to break it into 2 days, and he is actually asking to do more. I used ETC with the child before him, and I am using it with this child as well on days that we need a break from regular phonics. We also do some phonics games. We do stay on schedule with math, so we will finish the math program sooner than the reading portion. I will just go ahead and place him in Singapore when we get to that point. I'm guessing we won't be done when next fall hits. He'll be doing the 2/3 grade supplement for 1850 to Mod. at that point. I'll just finish up his phonics at the same time.

Anyway, for what it's worth. Just wanted to offer another suggestion. :)
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Re: What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by my3boys »

Going through the 'Learn to Read' section on would be great preparation for First. It picks up about where K leaves off. Also my kids could have used more pratice with writing numbers and letters before starting First.
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Re: What to do if K'er finishes K early ??

Unread post by jasntas »

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Next week we are doing just the ADV Thanksgiving week stuff. DH will be off 3 days and we will be going on a short getaway for our anniversary so we will only have a couple of days of school next week anyway. Then the week of Thanksgiving we are taking a break from school and we are going to catch up on house work in preparation for Thanksgiving.

The remaining weeks of school before Christmas I am going to let my dd choose her study topics and take it easy. (We will probably do 2 wks of ADV so we don't get behind schedule with that but take it easy with K). Then I was thinking that I might again let her pick subjects for the rest of February after we finish K. Then beginning in March start 1st slowly. Maybe taking 2 days to complete 1 day's worth of work and see how that goes. I'll reevaluate when the time comes.

Thanks again for helping me sort this all out. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions when the time is near.

Postby jasntas » Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:53 pm
About 2 months ago I asked for advice on what to do if my K'er finished K early. If we would have stayed on our schedule we would have finished K by the first part of February. We took a break from MFW K around Thanksgiving and I let my dd pick her own subjects for the weeks before Christmas and she did a few misc. worksheets. That gave me time to decide what I wanted to do.

I just wanted to report that I decided to extend the remaining 7 units and take 14 weeks to complete them. We will take 2 weeks to finish each unit. We will do the 6 day MFW K only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and maybe do a couple of extra worksheets on Thursdays and leave Fridays open for playing learning games, art, music (we've been learning to play the recorder), etc. Friday is also our library day. Anyway, if we follow our schedule, this would put us into the middle of May when we finish K. Then, if needed, I could let her choose her own subjects to finish out the year with her brother. He should finish ADV by the end of May.

I just thought I'd share since I had asked for your advice.
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First grade phonics question-student needs lots of review

Unread post by courthart246 »

IdahoGrown wrote:My son will finish another K program and will be moving into grade 1 in the fall. He needs lots and LOTS of review to cement concepts. So I am looking to buy a supplementary workbook to go along with the phonics in the 1st grade program. has anyone added to the phonics? And what did you use that seemed to go along well with it?
My son has also needed quite a bit of review with the phonics. We are currently using 1st grade.

I have found that the phonics in this curriculum is plenty to teach and review what he needs. I also have him read a book or part of a book from the library to me everyday, and I use that time to review phonics if he comes to a word that he doesn't know. For example, he struggles with ea saying long e, so I review that with him when he hits a word with ea. I don't think the curriculum needs a supplement, but that is just my opinion.
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Re: First grade phonics question-student needs lots of review

Unread post by cbollin »

There are easy to do Reading Games in the 1st grade program.

I know my youngest likes to play computer instead of doing workbooks, so we play around on a site called to review and play with phonics. So we didn't add to the phonics, but we find fun ways to review during the day and play because one of the things in the manual in first grade is that we are to "review" and do reading games each day if the child needs it. I know with some kids it would be with games and others workbook.

totally unrelated to what you asked...
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Re: First grade phonics question-student needs lots of revie

Unread post by IdahoGrown »

Thanks for the great information!

I will ponder starfall. Ds LOVES to use the computer.

I like hearing that we can use the first grade without adding another workbook. Sometimes I add and add and add, then we end up with too much! :~

I do also have the I Can Read It books, so we could use different parts of that for review/practice reading each day and I can line the lesson up to match what MFW is teaching. Yay!
jasntas wrote:We are doing K and ADV and this is our first year with MFW but we are LOVING it.

Now to my question. I was wondering what "I Can Read It books" you are referring to? Are they a set? I love the sets much better than the $4 a book that's almost always not a true beginning phonics reader. (I do usually try to find them at the library first, though.)
The I Can Read It books are put out by Sonlight Curriculum. But I got mine used from a friend. I have the old version that came in one huge paperback bound volume. I think now they sell them in a set of 4 smaller books. You will have to check their website.

There are word lists that the student reads before reading the short story. That gives a good opportunity for review, addresses any difficulties, so the story can be read fairly easily. The volume I have is all black and white with minimal illustrations. I don't know if the current sets are the same.

Thanks again for the info! I hope you all have a blessed weekend!
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Re: First grade phonics question-student needs lots of review

Unread post by Wendy B. »

In addition to the games and starfall each day we do a "reading warmup".

He re-reads a previous lesson( or two) and re-reads a previous story. Sometimes we let little sis pick the lesson and story, sometimes I make him pick a number and whichever lesson or story that starts on that page is the "reading warmup" of that day and sometimes I just feel he needs to review a particular phonics lesson.
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Do we need to work on handwriting before starting 1st?

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Mom2theteam wrote:We are going to be finishing MFW K in a couple of days. I mentioned in a previous post that my son seems to suddenly be having some regression in handwriting. He is writing letters backward sometimes and never did before a couple weeks ago. The interesting thing is overall, his handwriting is neater and definitely getting better. He suddenly seems to be putting more effort into it. But, he is randomly making them backward. It isn't a couple of specific letters. It's random. He does the same with numbers, but that is more consistently the 3's and 7's. A couple days ago he drew me picture and wrote the word "fox" but wrote it "xoF" with the "F" backward as well as the word. :~ When I showed him, he knew it was wrong.

We were planning to break for a week or so between K and 1st. I'm wondering if I should break for longer to work on his handwriting first. One thought was that he isn't ready because he needs more handwriting practice. The other thought was that he will get that practice in 1st and we can break the verse over 2 days if needed. I think we may need to do that at first anyway. And, that doesn't start for a couple weeks anyway. We can work on handwriting before that. He is ready to move on with reading. I'm leaning toward moving forward as planned. My thinking being that they aren't supposed to be perfect yet. It's still "only" first grade. Any thoughts?
I think I would go ahead as planned instead of breaking to work on the writing. Probably he is just learning some new skill and it is manifesting itself by showing regression in one aspect of writing. You did mention that it is actually neater, too.

I think that this may just be a "thing" that some kids this age go through, because I have seen it often in similarly-aged children at church. It seems to happen right when they stop copying words as a whole unit and start really thinking more about the individual letters and how they work to make the word. I'm trying to think of an example of seeing it in individual parts instead of as a whole.... sort of ike instead of just copying a star as best they can (which ends up looking like some sort of exploding burst with too many points), they break it down into sections and groups of small triangles and start getting the right number of points. I believe that as our children are beginning readers, they begin seeing words more as parts instead of whole units to be copied, and those parts can get mixed around a bit. Just a theory. :~

A few weeks ago, my daughter (about the same age) who never reversed words showed me something she'd written on the porch in chalk.... suseJ. When I pointed out that it was wrong, she saw the error, washed it off, and re-wrote it correctly. Now, she has been able to write "Jesus" from memory since she was 3. But suddenly she reversed it?!? I was kind of freaked out for a moment. She did it a couple more times at random then hasn't since.

I knew twin girls (identical) a few years ago in Sparks. They were just finishing up K. All of a sudden one of the girls started writing her name reversed... HARAS. She had always written it correctly before, but in capitals, all year long. It stopped within a couple weeks. My thought was that it was too bad it wasn't the other girl who was reversing. Her name was HANNAH. ;)

Just some rambling theories. It seems common, and passing.

I say go on with doing First soon...
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