Placement - Using MFW1 with a reading child

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Placement - Using MFW1 with a reading child

Unread post by Leena »

Sara wrote:My upcoming first grader already reads well. I don't want to bore her with beginning phonics lessons, but I don't want to miss out on how MHW could benefit my daughter for first grade. It seems like a great approach. Any suggestions on how to use MHW1 for a child who can read well already? (I did not use MHWK.) Thank you.
Date Posted: 5/30/2004 7:00 pm PDT
I had a lady ask me this exact question the other day, and Timon told her to use the reading lists as spelling lists. Your child will love the Bible Reader, and if it is easy, how wonderful!!! What confidence that will build. I believe you will love first grade :) Leena

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Date Posted: 5/30/2004
Hi Sara,

This is not unusual to have a child who really got it in K and they just seem to be already half way through 1st grade. The first 3 weeks or so of MFW1 is a review of K but they do begin teaching them to hear and spell the first letter of three letter words. So if you think she is ready then when you get there you may have her spell the whole word ( as Timon suggest). You may go through the material very quickly even doing 2 days in 1 until you begin new material. It will boost her confidence to start off successful.

Also from the library, search for some readers that she can keep practicing on herself, which you are probably already doing. So you may spend more time on math this year or writing skills. If she knows how to do a lesson you do not need to have her do all the activities for that lesson. Just spend more time on other things this year since reading seems to be coming for her already.

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Nervous she will get bored

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shasas wrote:I am brand new to homeschooling. I have a first grader who, from early on in public Kindergarten, was reading phonics books. She can read chapter books and even some classics (make way for ducklings).

She and I are both loving this curriculum, but I am nervous she will get bored, because the curriculum does not have her reading yet.. I am just looking for anyone else with experience/suggestions. (we've been reading the books she owns and library books at her level to supplement; but she LOVES reading and I think I want to challenge and grow her skill, too)

Do I purchase 2nd grade soon?? I love this material and the focus and homeschooling in general, and want to both challenge and nurture her..

Thanks and God Bless,
sharon in boston
Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:13 am
Sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the fun. With a seventh grader, I see that as they get older they don't have totally free afternoons. Often schoolwork sneaks into the afternoon, and there's the weekly orchestra group and karate and dance. You get the picture. So, enjoy your wonderful afternoons.

I'm glad your child is a reader! Also, consider doing some other fun things (that won't tax you too much) like:

Painting, beadwork, coloring, etc.
Hikes, bike rides, trips to the park (try one across town)
Kite flying and model airplanes, etc.
Sewing, cooking
Make puppets and make a show
Write a children's book!
Go to the library
Learn an instrument
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Re: Nervous she will get bored

Unread post by shasas »

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 8:24 am
Thank you for the encouragement. Like I said, she is SOOO eager to learn I do not want to hold her back, but the art can be challenging and I can easily find books on or slightly above her level from time to time. Thanks, too for the info regarding the bible reader. She picked it up on the first day we got the curriculum because she was so excited!

I almost feel guilty with the free afternoons, but it is so enjoyable, so I will cherish.. My husband was able this week to help her riding her bike and she does love to cook and help around the house, so, theoretically with time and opportunity my house should be a spotless gem!!

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Re: Nervous she will get bored

Unread post by rachel »

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:16 am
Hi- I haven't posted for a long time- just enjoying reading everyone else's. I have an advanced reading first grader too. And, I have a confession- I received the curriculum and I loved it but I thought it wasn't going to challenge my daughter. I looked at some other curriculums- and I am back to my fathers world and love it more than ever. I wished that I would have seen the helpful posts on creative things to do with the phonics that have been noted by other users (spelling lists, etc.) BEFORE going to all of that trouble!

Also, the more that I use this wonderful curriculum, the more I am seeing that as others have mentioned, it is wonderfully EFFICIENT. And, I know that these easier days of homeschooling will get more challenging as my children get older- so I am finally ok with just enjoying it! (and, knowing, that my daughter is getting exactly what she needs).

Hope that helps,

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Re: Nervous she will get bored

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Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:52 am
Just an idea to add to the wonderful ones you've gotten:

A Reading Notebook: Since she is reading, consider having her create a keepsake reading notebook. For example, after she reads Make Way for Ducklings, see if she'll illustrate it on blank-top notebook paper and narrate to you a few sentences that you'll write down for her. Gradually, as the year progresses, maybe she'll write her own summary. Or, skip the summary part altogether and just make it a notebook with her drawings. For this, you can't go wrong with the selections in Honey for a Child's Heart (maybe your library has a copy, or you got the deluxe 1st grade and already own it). She'll probably enjoy looking through this both now and when she's much older.

Yes, enjoy those free afternoons!
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Re: Nervous she will get bored

Unread post by Ariasarias »

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:37 pm
Dear shasas,
I am very much in the same position with my 6dd. She just loves to read, read and read some more. She reads many chapter books already.

Last year we did MFW K and I thought it would be boring for her since she could already read so well. We all ended up learning so much and loving every minute of it. The curriculum really fit where my daughter was emotionally and maturity wise.

This year she told me at the beginning that she didn't need to learn to read because she already knows how. So instead of a reading chart, we have made it a spelling chart. I don't spend much time on the phonics. We just review. Each time we have something she is supposed to copy, I require her to write it from dictation. I will help her if she forgets; I feel like I'm am gently stretching her. The phonics review is helpful for her spelling and it's gentle and makes her feel confident.

She is itching to get to the Bible reader, which I know she has already read many times. She is enjoying the activities and we have more time to spend on science. I have found that although she can read the books I bring home from the library about the science topic, she still prefers for me to read to her. She even told me that the other day.

I would also second what the others have said about enjoying the free time and working on other skills this year. With MFW, I have learned there is so much more to education than the ability to read. I'm not sure which lesson you are on, but we are getting close to starting the Bible reader and the notebook. We are excited for that. Doing the drawing lessons has been a big hit here. My perfectionist dd has felt more confident in her drawing, so I am anxious to see what happens when we start the Bible Notebook. I know that will challenge her more. Just want to encourage you as I encourage myself to be patient. :)

Follow-up Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:51 pm
We are finishing up 1st in these next couple of weeks. The LA portion is wonderful. My dd was reading chapter books at the beginning of the year, so she definitely didn't need the help in reading. We turned the phonics review into a gentle intro to spelling. As we went through the lessons, I found out that she is a very good contextual reader, but has a little harder time with isolated words, so the phonics review was helpful for her.

I loved the gradual progression in the writing. Although she could have done more in the beginning of the year, she did not have to. Therefore, she had more time to do more writing in her free time -- which she enjoyed much more since it wasn't "school work." Now she has to write summaries for her Bible Notebook that contain a few sentences. I think because she has spent the year developing confidence in her language skills, she freely writes more than a page some days, sometimes filling up both sides of the paper. (She doesn't do this every day, but she is so proud of herself when she does.)

Because she is writing more of these summaries, she has discovered her need to learn how to spell. I am so glad I waited on this. I wanted to give her spelling words all year, but I know it would have been laborious. Now she wants to learn.

The Bible reader is tied into the LA portion of MFW 1st. Sometimes when my dd felt it was too easy, she pulled out her own Bible and asked where she could read the story from.

Nicole :)

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:11 pm
During the second half of the year, my dd asked to read out of my Bible instead of reading the Bible reader. Sometimes I would let her and that was great for vocabulary too. Sometimes I let her read the Bible reader to her little sister.
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Using My Father’s World First Grade with an advanced reader

Unread post by Guest »

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 6:29 am
If your child who is first grade age is already reading, you can still use a first grade program. Many young children, especially boys, are simply not ready for the additional workload and length of school day that is part of the other My Father’s World programs designed for 2nd through 8th grades.

My Father’s World first grade is not just learning how to read. There is also an emphasis on learning composition, character development, handwriting skills, and more. There is also time to add fun subjects such as art and classical music appreciation (from the deluxe package) as well as allowing for the availability of time to learn life skills and to become a family of ministry.

Here are some suggestions of how to use the first grade materials with children who are ahead in their reading skills.

1. The biggest change for an early reading child will be in the use of the blue cover student workbook. Instead of a phonics instruction, it will be used for phonics review and introduction to spelling. Other student materials can be used as written in the teacher’s manual. The Bible notebook should be used for teaching composition. The Proverbs verses are both Bible time and handwriting.

2. Use as many books as possible from the suggested library lists for math and science. Some of those books have project ideas in them to enrich the lessons. For a child who is already reading, you can think of some of these books as “readers”.

3. Work on observational skills when playing outside. Some families will start a nature journal as well. Take the time to ask questions such as “why” and “how” while outside. Let your child think about their answers. You can refer to the introduction of the teacher’s manual for more information on how to do this.

4. Continue to read out loud with your child. My Father’s World recommends a parent resource book called Honey for a Child’s Heart to help you with book selections.

5. Near the last third of the academic year in First Grade program, (refer to pages 193-194 of the teacher’s manual) there is a list of additional language arts activities for creative writing and dictations.

6. Remember to use the “fun” items from the deluxe package, such as music and art appreciation, and analytical puzzles. These subjects help to round out your child’s education.

7. Here's a thread from this summer about some ideas to fill up afternoon time. There may be some ideas in there as well.


Bible Reader - Should we skip ahead to this?

Unread post by cbollin »

gcmom wrote: It would be very redundant for us to review letter sounds. The website says, "By Lesson 31, students are able to read Bible stories in a special beginning level Bible Reader, which is included with the curriculum."

Could we skip lessons 1-31? If so, what else would we miss? Or can we work through lessons 1-31 omitting only phonics supplementing with the phonics curriculum that we are currently using? How well would this work?
I would not recommend skipping those lessons completely. There are fun activities, Bible crafts, Proverbs memory work verses and even lessons for Drawing with Chidren. I ended up "condensing and rushing" it when I did it. and in hindsight, I wish I had just done the work. I was in too much of a hurry for whatever odd reason (mostly me saying -- this is too easy or whatever).

I think we missed a few fun things and the extra copywork and memory work (with the Proverbs verses) would have been good for us too. So -- that's just how it was in my experience. And you're the teacher!

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Added books on the Bible heroes

Unread post by 705emily »

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:53 pm
One thing I did find--that might be helpful. My daughter can read the Bible reader well already now. I found some little books written by Caroline McKenzie on the Bible heroes that are taught in the MFW Bible reader. These books are beautifully illustrated--but more of a challenge for her to read. They run about $2.25-$2.75 ea. and you could get them from Christian Book Distributors. That way--she can be challenged in reading--but still complete the same activities--such as summarizing the story and illustrating it for her Bible notebook.

Just a thought.
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Skip forward to phonics?

Unread post by cbollin »

momtogc wrote:We started MFW 1st grade last week with dd (6yo). She reads books on her own daily and is at about a third grade reading level.

I do want to teach her all the phonics rules that we haven't covered previously and would like to skip forward to that point. However, I love the Bible lessons and the Science is so much fun already. We had a blast with Close To The Ground. Having just moved to a new neighborhood, it was fun to get out and explore! situation is that I don't want to skip forward and miss the Bible and Science but feel that we need to move on for dd's sake. Any suggestions on how I can ease ahead into the areas of phonics and reading that dd has not studied without losing out on the other areas?
Could you do 2 days worth of material in 1 day for a little while? Don't make the mistake that I made and try to do 5 days in 1 day so that we could get up to day 30 quicker .... that was not the best route I could have taken with my dd #2 when she did 1st grade. She was an early reader as well. I went through too quickly and missed stuff. So don't do what I did. :)

Basically you can go a little faster, but also realize this might be the time to add in other subjects like informally introduce foreign language, or learn to play a musical instrument, home ec kind of lessons. Maybe find a way to use her early reading skill to be a blessing to others --is there a "shut in" from your church who you could visit and let her read to them; or I had a kid do a read a thon once to raise money for missions work.

I guess I'm trying to help you think outside the box about it for other ideas to help out.

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Re: Skip forward to phonics?

Unread post by Laura M »

Hi and welcome,
Crystal has some great suggestions.

I did first grade with my oldest son last year who was then 7 because, like you said, I really wanted him to benefit from the science and overview of the whole Bible. He learned to read the previous school year so we didn't use every workbook and student sheet page. If I thought he needed the review then I would assign the page, but if I was confident he didn't need it then we skipped it.

So basically, we did the science, Bible notebook, recommended books from the library and other activities but I used 2nd grade spelling, math, and PLL. I could have started him in Adventures last year but I think I made the right choice and I love that he has his Bible notebook...I think it will be a great memory for him. Now he is doing 3rd grade work and is doing great in Adventures.

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Re: Skip forward to phonics?

Unread post by Julie L. »

I will be having this problem next year because dd5 is already reading on 2nd Gr level. This is what I am going to do. During phonics time, if dd knows the sounds really well then I might skip phonics for that day or have her read a book- something to do with English/reading. Thereby we will not be rushing along and not enjoying everything. Also, dd5 is starting violin lessons this year so if she likes it we will have her continue. So during the first weeks of MFW1st I might have her practice during the phonics time slot or just read. I don't have MFW1st yet so I'll need to look at the schedule of concepts, but this is what I'm planning for a dd who is ahead in reading.

Julie L.

Doing Adventures with ds8
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Re: Skip forward to phonics?

Unread post by Ariasarias »

I was in your situation last year too. I would say keep with it. It will get harder. As far as the phonics, we just changed it to "Intro to Spelling." It was good review for my dd. Like Crystal said, I would try to add other subjects like foreign language or maybe an instrument or learn to sew and be thankful that one subject is easy :).
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Re: Skip forward to phonics? Many thanks

Unread post by momtogc »

I am grateful for all of the helpful suggestions. I've decided that it is very nice taking it slow. We have extra time for other activities. I will use the lessons as penmanship practice until we reach the areas of phonics that dd has not studied - even though she seems to naturally grasp phonics rules so I may continue to have boredom in that area. I'll cross that bridge if/when we get to it. : )

I especially like the idea of moving into spelling. What would be the best course of action? Should I use Spelling by Sound and Structure that is recommended by My Father's World for second grade or just review with dd how to spell simple words?

Thank-you again for the ideas and encouragement.

Re: Skip forward to phonics? Many thanks

Unread post by cbollin »

momtogc wrote:I especially like the idea of moving into spelling. What would be the best course of action? Should I use Spelling by Sound and Structure that is recommended by My Father's World for second grade or just review with dd how to spell simple words?
I'd just start with the MFW 1st grade blue covered student workbook for spelling. It may not look like it in the early days of the program, but look ahead in that book and it's like having a super sized built in list of words to use with the phonics rule you are studying. At age 6, don't feel like they have to master each and every word on the page or have it at 100% accuracy at this point. Help them as much as needed. The pace in 1st grade is kinda fast to think of learning all of those words in one setting. It's more to be an intro to spelling instead of master all of these reading words.

make sense?
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I am SO glad that I stayed with 1st grade.

Unread post by 705emily »

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:38 pm
My daughter (6) is a very advanced reader. She was reading well at age 4 and now can pretty much read anything.

I debated starting her in Adventures and skipping 1st. I prayed a lot about it and also looked for input both from MFW office, as well as the ladies on this board.

I am SO glad that I stayed with 1st grade. It seemed a little slow at first--but it does pick up quickly--and she and I both love it. The character building nature of 1st grade is GREAT! Also--you can add to what's there. I purchased some readers by Carine Mackenzie--her "Bibletime" and "BibleWise" series which focus on heroes in the Bible. We used them as they were more of a challenge to read--but allowed us to stay with the 1st grade curriculum. We also added Rosetta Stone German--which she enjoys and she is also taking piano lessons.

As far as the phonics part is concerned--I use it as a simple review--it really doesn't take very long--and is good reinforcement--as well as a spelling lesson. Since I am also teaching MFWK--I just use the K science for both of them.

Hope this helps some!

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:04 pm
My dd is writing longer Bible summaries and the illustrations are getting better too! I enjoy looking at them to see how much she has improved.

I did start (shh!!) Spelling by Sound and Structure--just because I felt she was ready for it--but it is not necessary.

We stayed with MFW math and she has done very well with that too.

All this to say that MFW1 is worth staying with! It can be "added to" to make it more challenging and is such a wonderful "beginning" HIStory program!
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Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by caod »

Kirsty wrote:My dd is reading incredibly well. So this is my question. Is MFW1st going to be to easy in terms of reading level? In the descriptions I have read, it seems aimed towards beginning readers, which she is not! I do love the concept of the biblical journey that it offers, but could probably supplement that on my own, or with something else.
Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:10 pm
Congratulations on having such early readers. My oldest read very well at 6, not exceptionally early but she had done kindergarten in private school and we brought her home as a very good reader. She loved to read and read everything. I didn't need to "teach" her. My youngest was much slower. We did MFW 1st with her and it was tough for her.

What I learned, however, was that I wish I had done MFW 1st with my very good reader. Because they are reading does not mean that they know all the phonograms, which is a building to block to so much that they will do, especially spelling. I find that with my excellent reader I am needing to go back and "teach" some of those things that seemed so automatic with her because she was reading.

You may go through MFW 1st very quickly but it will be a building block that I think is worth it in the long run. I wish we had done it. The language wil be language that is definitely something they will need and will enjoy and corresponds to the Bible. The language portion of the 1st is necessary.

Marcy KY
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Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by Marcy KY »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:18 pm
I skipped first this year with my son because of his reading level. I thought along the same lines you did. I am using a different curriculum for first grade. But a friend of mine is using the first grade program, so I got a chance to look it over.

My son reads on a 7th grade level. But MFW first is about so much more than phonics. I really wish we had gone ahead with the first grade program. You can supplement reading with library books. But you won't find a substitute for the richness of the rest of this Bible-rich program anywhere else.
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Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:54 pm
I would focus on the content of first grade instead of just the phonics. Just because they can read does not mean they are prepared for the content of a higher level program.

Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:54 pm
That’s wonderful that she caught on to reading. You didn’t mention much about her abilities to write yet. MFW 1st will cover a lot of learning to write.

I used MFW 1st grade as a base program for my 2nd child even though she was ahead of the curve in reading. I’m glad we didn’t skip it to give her time to learn how to write, and we still used the workbooks for more phonics or pre-spelling instruction (just as Connie said). And math is included. It will be nice for them to read the Bible reader on their own.

If you get the deluxe package, there is a book called Honey for a Child’s Heart that can help you with selecting children’s books.

Given your daughter’s age, I wouldn’t rush past a 1st grade program.
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Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by LSH in MS »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:16 pm
I agree. Don't skip first. Yes the Bible reader may be easy. But the content is rich. They can do narrations and copywork of the stories. You can expand the Bible lessons. They could even practice reading out of a real Bible and see how the stories compare. Memorizing the Proverbs teaches wonderful character lessons for that age. I love 1st. I loved K but I like 1st even better. My son is more advanced in writing skills than is taught in 1st. He does long narrations for his Bible notebook. It will be a wonderful keepsake for him.
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Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by mgardenh »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:55 pm
My dd is doing MFW 1st and reads on a high level. The phonics really helps her with spelling and learning why we read things the way we do.

Plus the activities and the Bible (you do not want to miss the proverbs stuff) is great. Because the phonics is easy for dd we spend more time on science. A subject she loves. So we do all the science activities and read the science library books. It is great. I would recommend it.
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Re: Skipping 1st grade?

Unread post by mom2woii »

Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:37 pm
I have to agree with everyone else---don't skip MFW 1st. I had done MFW K with my dd and switched to something else for 1st. I honestly can't even remember why, but I wish had stayed with MFW for 1st.

Will 1st hold her back?

Unread post by cbollin »

buckhome wrote:My soon to be 1st grade daughter is already learning to read. Will using the 1st Grade program hold her back in language arts?
Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 3:55 pm
The first grade program covers ALL phonics rules necessary to learn to read. In other words, there is no 2nd grade phonics. From your description she may be at about day 18 or so of the 1st grade program. The first 15 days reviews short vowel, but assumes that the child already knows short vowel reading. But I wouldn't rush through that part of the curriculum just to match up phonics. You'd be leaving out too much of the other fun stuff, and the great character building with Proverbs and fun hands on activities. It is ok to review and re-inforce that material in phonics.

You will *not* be holding her back in my opinion. My 2nd dd used MFW 1st and was already reading and we still used MFW 1st. She still needed to learn how to write.

Here's a sample of the Bible reader.

Also, MFW 1st grade works a lot of helping a first grade age child learn to write as well as learn to read.
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