Combining - Can we do ALL of 1st with an older program?

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Combining - Can we do ALL of 1st with an older program?

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mrs_mike98 wrote:It seems like those who have combined them have eliminated most of the "extras" of 1st, except for the Phonics/Reader portion. Is it possible to do both programs together, but both in their entirety? ALL of 1st and ALL of Adv? Or would that just be crazy?

I didn't combine ADV and 1st, but I did RTR and 1st together. Many times in order to get all or almost all of the 1st grade activities done we just did it on light and independent Friday or had fun with it on the weekends. I just didn't try to do everything from each program on each and every single day. some days that meant not doing an activity from 1st to the "fullest of its potential". LOL.

Remember it will increase the length of your school day and you might end up calling some of it "play time" instead of "school time". Nothing wrong with that :)

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We are our second week of both Adv and 1st. So far we've done everything and it has been manageable (and fantastic), but I know the load will increase a bit over the next few weeks. We are going to play it by ear and cut out what we need to, if we need to, when we need to.
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Adv and 1st

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We also are finishing up our 2nd week of combining the above. As ds who "sat in" on 1st last year is now the one doing it, we are not doing all of 1st - as in omitting the science, using only I Can Do All Things for art. I anticipate putting up the timeline again, as it precedes the Adv timeline, re-doing certain activities from 1st, and keeping all the Bible things as they are so important and were such a hit last year.
Good luck in whatever you do
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We're only on day 3 of ADV and 1st (and enjoying school very much so far!).
So far I do not plan on doing the extra activities on 1st (i.e. the scroll activities and little pot made out of flour). I think that is about the only thing I am dropping. But we are doing science for both grades right now (I think ADV science is only twice a week, so adding the 1st grade science on a different day, so far, is not a burden). I have actually been doing ADV AND 1st grade Bible with both kids this week. I just thought they would both benefit from hearing each other's lessons. We are actually doing the art from 1st grade instead of ADV. Plus, my girls take art classes a few sessions a year with a lady from our church, so I don't worry about focusing on this too much.

Here is kind of how our mornings look so far:
*1st and ADV Bible during breakfast (with any writing activities to be done after we eat)
*1st grader does the phonics/handwriting/reading workbook while 2nd grader does spelling
*then we all come together for timeline/history/etc. and science
*both kids read to me after lunch once I get the littlest one down for a nap
Our book basket will start next week. I was at the library Sunday and completely forgot to stock up on books related to school this week! LOL! Oh, and we are waiting to start math next week, and my 2nd grader's English the 3rd week. So we are really enjoying our abbreviated days this week!
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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:28 pm

When I did ECC and K, I did all of both (admittedly, that year I also had a 2 year old, and not much in the way of arts and crafts in ECC got done :-) When I did CTG and 1st, I did all of both, and this year, I have been doing RTR, 1st, and K, and doing all of all 3.

Now, my Ker only does K, and my 1st only does 1st, I'm not trying to have them sit in on any of RTR. If they were, then I'd not try to *also* do that same subject in the other program, if that makes sense...for example, if they were doing science in ECC along with their older sibling, I wouldn't *also* do the science in 1st.


Drawing with Children vs. God and the History of Art

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Melissa wrote:In Sept we'll be using MFW 1st and CtG. Can anyone share any input or advice about the drawing/art portions of the two sets? Do I need to get the Drawing with Children book for my youngest or if he'll be better suited tagging along with my three olders using God and the History of Art from the CtG package. We already have the basic 1st program, so I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and get the separate book for him or if he will be sharing the God and the History book. The MFW catalog shows God and the History of Art book being suited for ages 10+, so is it really that advanced? And if so, will be my youngest using CtG, who just turned 9, be too young to use it too?

Thanks in advance for any input that can be shared here! :-)
a younger sibling in CTG, or even an oldest in CTG who isn't 10 yet..... can do ok with the art history book in CTG. some of the art history might be over the heads, but in CTG, a lot of the God and the history of Art book will have a lot of drawing and painting and fun projects. As the book progresses, the history gets longer so it's helpful if they are older. But even in the case of a younger sib in RTR, or EX1850, 1850MOD, it can work out if you take it lightly and don't over do it. But in my opinion (and it's just one opinion, other mileage might not work)... CTG you can think of it as 9 or 10 y.o...

not sure this helps....

for the first grader..... the DWC book is to get them ready to do their own drawings for Bible notebooking. check your library... it might be there? And it's used the first 6 weeks or so.

Then, you can do more art instruction from GATHOA as needed. Your first grader will get plenty of opportunity to make drawings pictures with the notebook in 1st.

not sure that made sense.... on my part. looking forward to hearing from others.

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Re: Drawing Book Question

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Probably just repeating Crystal's post.

DWC is to help your child get comfortable with drawing, so that illustrating their schoolwork is not painful. DWC has a focus on trying all different types of art and learning what your child likes/is good at. DWC can be done at all ages, so it's not particularly just for little ones (and all the kids could conceivably join in). And it's done for a limited time at the beginning of the year.

GHA has some drawing lessons also. Some of them will be very easy for a young one to do, such as drawing lines or mixing colors. So those are for all ages, too. Some get a little harder, with the suggestion to imitate art which some kids find freeing but others find intimidating. Your kids will vary as far as whether they will love them or do better skipping them.

GHA also is about half art history, and that is part of your history instruction each year (over 4 years). Those were a fun part of history at our house.

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Re: Drawing Book Question

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Thank you ladies, I think it sounds like a worthwhile purchase. Love the free, expert advice I can gleen here. :-)

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Combining 1st and ECC - how?

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klewfor3 wrote:I will be starting school next week and I don't know how I can do 1st and ECC together and be satisfied. I was graciously advised by the workers at MFW to just do ECC and then only change up the language and math for my first grader. My problem is that I have this draw to want to do ALL of 1st grade (I ordered the deluxe kit :-) in faith). Anyone have any suggestions? I would love to mix the best of it possible?

Thanks ladies and here's to a second year with you all!
Where there's a will, there's a way! :-)

If you seriously want to do all of both, you can. I would try to schedule your day to work with your first grader first. Do the Bible portion at least before starting ECC. Then 1st grader can sit in on ECC, and you can do language arts and math during the day when the others are doing those subjects (as MFW suggested). The first grade art books (Come look with me) are fun and easy. My dd likes to look at these types of books on the weekend. Music and art from first grade could be done on ECC's light Friday.

It can work, I basically did this myself ;) I did fall short on the music because the ECC songs were fun enough for us, I skipped the first grade music. Other than that I did all the Bible, science, and language arts that first grade had to offer, as well as ECC. I was only "teaching" 2 kids that year, next older one was "independently" doing high school. I'm not sure if this would be as doable with more kids in the mix, but it was a fun year!

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Re: Combining 1st and ECC - how?

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