Student Sheets - Ideas and Descriptions

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Student Sheets - Ideas and Descriptions

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Handwriting pages - Idea for back of page

I just wanted to give a hint on cutting out the letters. The back side of the letters is where handwriting is practiced. My dd would often make her best handwriting, or maybe her favorite one written where I was to cut. It took a few days of this-- me insisting I was suppose to cut these letters out, and her tears because I just cut through her best one.

I finally just made little slips of paper and wrote the letters on them. Much easier! She was happy that her hard work wouldn't be cut into.
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Jennifer -- Thank you! That suggestion is going to prove invaluable to me when we start MFW1 in a couple of weeks!!!! There's no doubt, with girls you get drama!
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We are just using magnetic letters on our white board like we did for the sound blend ladder last year or you could pull out the textured letters from the lauri puzzle from K. These are just other options that might be less traumatic!
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1st grade Student Sheets

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cefcdana wrote:I am thinking about switching to MFW 1st. I have the teacher's manual already as we are using it for Bible. Do I need to purchase the Student Sheets? (I don't need the student sheets for handwriting or timeline or anything else- just not sure what the website means by "hands on phonics activities" that are included in the student sheets and if I really need them)
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The supplement pack has
timeline pieces
some of the math activities on cardstock
handwriting sheets for Proverbs verses.
a few "paper hands on" activities for some lessons (one in my mind is the booklet you make with separating out oo (moon sound) from oo (book sounds). Some of it you can fake it without the actual thing.
a few other things like that.

the vast majority of the sheets (though not the whole packet) will be the handwriting sheets for Proverbs. Then, there are timeline, etc.

I'm probably forgetting something.

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Re: 1st grade Student Sheets and/or Workbook?

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Crystal's answer is correct...I am using 1st...and I'm glad I have the student sheets - but if you are looking to omit something to keep cost down - you probably could omit the student sheets. Most of it is the handwriting sheet for Proverbs verses, which you could have them do on your own paper, you just wouldn't have the cute border on it.

There are some fun little hands on activities, like she mentioned, such as a booklet shaped like a block of cheese when you learn the 'ch' blend...and some a few others. I have used the cardstock math pages - but many of the ideas are already in the yellow section of the teacher's manual as well - they just give you some nice pre-printed sheets for some of those activites. The workbook though - I would think you really need. Hope this helps. ashley
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