Math - Should I challenge a child who's advanced in math?

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Math - Should I challenge a child who's advanced in math?

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Postby southernshae Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:20 am
I'm a big fan of MFW1 math (along with the CBM) followed by SM. I'm very glad that we didn't do Singapore while doing MFW1 but instead did it as written. (We had used the SM Earlybird and loved it....we didn't find MFW till after K level.)

Now my dc is flying through 1A (and I foresee the same with 1B) with excellent understanding and "number sense."

It's a good idea to use the time in MFW1 to get those math facts down. For us, this really helped with SM. Now that we are done with MFW1, I have thought sooo many times that MFW1 was just a perfect carry-over to SM.

Your dc might test right into 2A after MFW1st, but don't worry if he/she doesn't! My dc are close in age so I purposely have them on different SM levels (one in 1A and one in 2A).

I hope something in there helps....
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Math - Should I challenge a child who's advanced in math?

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Cyndi (WA) wrote:Even though dd reads at 2nd/3rd level, I did MFWK with her last year because she is so young and needed to learn to write lower case better. We are going to use MFW1 this year and use all the phonics to reinforce basics and spelling.

I thought she'd be fine with math at that level, but after looking through the CBoM, I realize that there are very few things that she hasn't already mastered.

Should I keep it simple and let her have fun for another year, or get something more challenging? She could use a bit more work on time, money and measurement. I think I'm so excited to see what SM really is, that I just want it.

TIA --Cyndi
This is my opinion.
Work on life skills and service with her math talent. If she has really mastered addition and subtraction without and with regrouping -- with 3 digit numbers, understands measurements, basic geometry, money, fractions.... well, then maybe it's time to rethink a few things about what to do with all of that. And she is talented with reading.

Some ideas to toss around: Can you help use her gifts to nurture a love for serving others at this age with whatever talent she has? Do you have shut in's at your church? Perhaps you could have your child read out loud to them. They will enjoy it. Let her read from the Bible reader in MFW 1st and let her draw a big picture for them.

Can she bake and/or cook? Math is used all the time in that (you set have to set a clock/timer, you have fractions, you have to read a recipe, plan it all). Take a nutritious meal to them and stay for a little while and let them tell stories to you (I could get all teacher sounding and say --- it's oral history at it's best).

Is grandma or grandpa in a nursing home/retirement community? Go read out loud over there and leave pictures for them.

What about planting flower bulbs in the fall and having to plan the gardening needs for all of that? Is there some hobby that she could turn into a little business or something? (My oldest crochets and cross stitches and then sells some things as Christmas and holiday ornaments. That way she has a way to give to Bible translation. )

Start thinking in that direction and pray for what the Lord would have your family to do with the academic talents He has given her.

Yeah.... enjoy the complete book of math, and have fun with the logic puzzle books in MFW 1st. She's 5 y.o. There are lots of colorful pictures in CBoM.


Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:00 am

1st grade math -- try the money/store games (use real money too) that are in the book. Should be the pages right before Day 1 daily notes for the program.

some of it will be easy --- do work on the place value activities anyway. Look at the 100 chart as you make it and encourage him to see patterns (oh.... if I jump 2 rows, then I've jumped 2 groups of tens to go from 13 to 33)

Complete Book of Math -- is a 1st and 2nd grade math book. so if he test late in 1st grade, it's still ok. But this book is the supplementary book to the hands on stuff. Are you saying that even the two and three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping is easy for him?

enjoy the graphing and measurement and all of that. When it comes to clocks -- if he can already read clocks, do things like what time will it be in 25 minutes? Was time was it 25 minutes ago? how long does it take to eat breakfast ---- 15 minutes or 15 hours?

I'm in the crowd that says don't rush ahead too fast based on age and to do more with the fun stuff when they are younger to expand and go a bit deeper with the topics.

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For Cyndi~

I will be teaching MFW1, as well this year. My dd is not in the same place as yours. We will be working through the math in MFW1 as it is written. However, there are a few other things I plan to add, and I thought maybe they could be useful to you, too.

Has your daughter used a geoboard yet? I plan to incorporate a geoboard in our study of geometry, and tangrams, as well. Both are wonderful problem-solving tools. The CBoM tells you how to make a geoboard, but you can purchase a plastic one for only around $3 or $4 online or at a teacher supply store. You can get books containing activities you can do with a geoboard, too. So, with a geoboard, tangrams, and pattern blocks, there are some great hands-on, problem-solving activities that are fun for kids at many different age and ability levels. When I taught 5th grade in the public schools, even my 5th graders loved using geoboards.

Also, I'm really excited about incorporating more children's lit. into our math studies. I am a children's lit. addict :-) and I was so pleased to see all of the recommended children's books for math in the TM for MFW1.

The Complete Book of Math has some really wonderful, fun ideas for hands-on activities. So, with all of that, plus the ideas in the 1st TM, this could be a really fun and relaxing year in math for your daughter, and you can add more difficult or more challenging skills as you deem appropriate.

Just a few ideas for you. :-)

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Thanks for your advice! Those are great ideas.

That's the feeling I kept getting -- she's only 5! Far too young to "push" IMO, but I didn't want to be holding her back, either. I will keep praying! She LOVES to bake/cook and would watch cooking shows while playing with her dishes all day if I would let her. What a great idea to bake treats or meals together and take them to a shut in. Maybe we could fix those soups- or cookies-in-a-jar by measuring in all the ingredients and give them to someone different every week (SS teacher, etc.) with a handwritten recipe by dd. I'm thinking of all kinds of things now . . . thank you for your awesome advice!
Thanks!!! --Cyndi

[NOTE: See the end of the story below, dated July 2008 ]
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I bought Singapore 1A and 1B

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705emily wrote:OK, so I went to hear David Hazell speak at the Pittsburgh MFW conference. He recommended Singapore math, so I asked him--if that was the case--why didn't they recommend it for first grade. He mentioned that most first graders can't read yet. My daughter is reading very well--so I bought Singapore 1A and 1B.

Recently I read another post indicating that in Singapore kids do not start 1A until they are 7 years old--and to do the Complete Book of Math along with the MFW recommended activities for first grade. Is this what you all recommend as well??

Math has probably been my daughter's least favorite subject (other than story problems which she loves.) It is also probably my least confident subject to teach. Now I have Singapore--should I get the CBoM and hold on to Singapore until she is 7? Or would you recommend using Singapore at age 6.

Is the CBoM enough along with the MFW activities to be a whole math curriculum in your experience?
Thanks for all your help!!
Irmi Gaut
This is my experience with Singapore and MFW 1st grade math.

What I think I know is that in the country of Singapore students typically begin with book 1A when they are around 7 years old. So, our grade levels in the US and the book numbers for Singapore Math don’t mean the same thing.

I have not heard anything about the reading aspect being the main consideration about that. Sounds interesting. I’m guessing that some advanced first graders would do fine in Singapore 1A/1B. However, I’m thinking that one of the reasons that MFW doesn’t recommend 1A in 1st grade is to allow the child to get a little bit older before using Singapore and the more abstract and mental math techniques in it. It isn’t just based on a student’s reading abilities at 6 y.o. Even if they are already reading well, they may still need the more hands on activities. But there are always variations for something like this.

In other words, I don't think someone decides to do Singapore in 1st grade based on reading ability alone. That's what I am trying to say. :)

My opinion is that your child is 6 years old and would probably enjoy the math in MFW 1st grade. The Complete Book of Math is supplemental to that program – it is not the main focus on the program. Without CBoM, the math in MFW 1st is a full program. But some of us really like to have worksheets and colorful pictures and things like that so the CBoM offers extra. My dd liked it and was reading as well. It didn't feel like a math workbook as much as Singapore does. So at 6 y.o she still like the less school feel.

MFW 1st grade math topics covered include: counting, reading and writing numbers to 100, understanding greater than/less to 100. Count by 2’s 5’s, 10’s. Ordinal numbers. Addition and Subtraction facts to 18. Addition and subtraction two digit numbers without regrouping. Place value. Expanded notation. Money, time. Calendar. Patterns. Word problems. Charts, graphs, and tallies.

The other thing to keep in mind is that many students who finish MFW 1st grade place into Singapore 2A or 1B. There is overlap between the lessons in MFW 1st grade math and Singapore 1A --- but MFW has less of a workbook approach for the primary method of teaching at this age. If you stick with Singapor and your child doesn't seem to be getting it, you can put it aside for a while and still not be behind or holding her back.

Just my more than .02
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Irmi --
What I plan on doing is following MFW1 recommendations with hands-on games, flash cards, etc., and the CBoM through at least the first half of the year.

Then, MFW1 repeats all the subjects a second time to master the concepts and increase skill level and speed. I've got the schedule mapped out to review each subject, but use 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction on the second go-round of addition. My dd loves workbooks, so we'll probably do every page of the CBoM. We'll finish up at day 142 and have several weeks left to drill and review.

Given that schedule, I can watch to see if she's really "mastered" the subject matter and how she deals with abstract concepts versus hands-on material. Then we'll decide when to start Singapore, whether it's half-way through the year, near the end, or next year for second grade. From what I can tell it doesn't matter if you do 1A & 1B in the same year; you can use 1B & 2A for a year's worth of math.

That's just me rambling . . . I'm curious what you decide to do and how it works out for you.

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 11:17 am

I don't have any experience with Singapore, or know the exact reasons that MFW doesn't use the K level, but I will tell you that the math in MFW1 is wonderful and very effective.

There are so many hands-on games listed in the TM for teaching math. The CBoM is actually a supplement to the hands-on activities, and is not the "math program" for 1st. We have used most of the pages in the CBoM because my dd loves to complete a workbook page, but they are not necessary. If you are doing the Daily Math Activities, the Other Math Games and Activities, and the Addition and Subtraction Activites, as well as using the Literature for First Grade Math all listed in the TM, then you've got an entire math program without needing a workbook. They probably just include the CBoM for all us parents that think our children need to be solving problems on paper for it to be math! ;-)
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Unread post by 705emily »

Thanks Crystal and Cyndi for your input. I think I am breathing a little sigh of relief. I don't know why--but I just feel so inadequate when it comes to choosing a math program. Maybe its because math was my least favorite subject and I want to make sure that my dc get it and and ENJOY it, and that I don't push them too hard too soon!

I want to have more of a relaxed approach with her in math this year. She really does excel in everything else--so I know she'll get it eventually. I do love the fact that MFW offers so many hands-on math activities, as she thrives on those!

This is my first year using MFW and from all other aspects the curriculum is SO wonderful! I am truly, truly EXCITED to begin the year with it! I have just had a hard time feeling relaxed about the whole MATH thing!

The Lord will help me I know!

Thanks again for all your input!

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Take what is already there and make it more challenging

Unread post by Lainie »

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 1:30 am
Ds really loves math though so on the math sheets that came with the curriculum, I have him turn the sheet over and do his measuring there (we switched to centimeter once we ran out of "inches" room) and I have him write 4-5 more math problems for the number of the day. I challenged him to write problems that weren't "15+1=16 or 16+0=16". Using his cuisenaire rods to work them out first, he then writes problems like "9+7, 8+8, 11+5=16 etc...".

I don't really add extra things to the curriculum, I just take what is already there and make it more challenging IF he is looking for more. Usually he would rather ride his bike or play catch with grandpa or play with Lego's if it's raining. :)

1st grade math

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

mikesherry wrote:I am using 1st grade with a child who did 1st grade in public school last year (she was a young 1st grader and I wanted to work on phonics more so I am doing 1st again.....) I love the program and the extra phonics has been great, she is now reading some easier chapter books and the phonics is extra review for her.

Math is total review for her. We read the books, do the hands on activities but the Complete Book of Math seems way too easy. I give her the pages that I think she would benefit with the extra practice and the other pages I have given to my Kindergartener because they are so easy, she can do them. I am a little concerned because the math program repeats itself and she seems to be grasping all the concepts very easily so far (we are on day 29). Should I add something for her? Go ahead and start singapore? or just get an extra workbook for practice?

I am comfortable with the phonics pace and 1st grade pace so I want that to stay the same and then plan on starting Adventures. I love MFW and the gentleness of it but when you have a child that wants to be sitting at a desk to do more work, I'm not sure what I should do
Dear Sherry,

I am glad you like MFW. I know you were so excited to get started. It is nice to have your "problems" as they are not struggling. Here are just some thoughts I had about your questions.

1. Are you working on math facts? These do not have to be mastered before beginning Singapore math, but is something that is begun during first grade math. I notice you are right before coming to addition and subtraction for the first time in the yellow pages. I would see how she does. Pages 16 and 17 will give you ideas for this.
2. How is she doing on the daily numbers sheet. Remember in the last step you can begin having her make up equations as well as introduce the < and > signs.(page 11 and top of 12) Also remember to have her do number 5 too.
3. You can also use the list on pages 8 and 9 as a guide. If she is able to do this things she is ready to move on. Maybe she needs to spend the rest of this semester working on a few skills and then she is ready to move on.
4. If she did first grade math last year and did well she may just be ready for 2nd grade math and that is o.k. So you keep working on math facts, give her a Singapore math placement test, and begin in Singapore.

These are my thoughts about it. I am sure others will have some ideas for you to. This will give you some things to think about.

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Re: 1st grade math

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

This is just my humble opinion, but yea! that she's grasping concepts easily! Sounds like the phonics are perfect for her, and she's one little girl that is going to think that Math is easy! That's awesome. I would embrace that and keep following the plan. Sure, you can start something else if she's totally ready for it, but if it were me, I wouldn't rush it.

Is your dd counting by 2's, 5's and 10's? (Maybe you could add in 3's, 4's, etc.) Does she have her math facts (addition and subtraction) memorized? Can she add 3 numbers to equal 18? Can she add and subtract two-digit numbers? Understand place value? How about time and money -- does she count money? Tell time? Read the calendar? If those things are all too simple and boring to her, then maybe you need to supplement with something. We didn't - we just kept reinforcing the basics with my dd. I figure the early years of Math are mostly reviewing the basics, anyway, and all the hands-on activities and repeating the same concepts helped cement some of those things. (And my dd has not mastered all of those yet.)

If I had it to do over, I wouldn't rush through anything or supplement with anything. My dd would have thanked me for that!
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Unread post by cbollin »

First Grade math –- start to play more of the games that are listed in the manual. That will be a lot of fun and school for both kids to do together. Remember that the Complete Book of Math is supplement to those activities. Work on that Sunshine Café and other money stuff. Even if the addition/subtraction things are easy, time to apply it to money, measurement and clocks and just expand a lot of that in normal settings without it being solely on starting Singapore just yet.

Another Reason for not rushing through math or phonics even when it is easy --- you might accidentally skip a skill that you might have wished you hadn't skipped. I'm thinking of Julie in MN (and my) experiences with that on alphabetical order.

and Lucy and Cyndi covered the rest about math :-)
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Should I start Singapore?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

microcarter wrote:Should I let this be an easy review year for him in math just to reinforce the basics or should I go ahead and start him with Singapore? I should also say that I had him tested the first of June (even though it's not required until he's 7) just so I would have a good baseline of his abilities. In math he tested at an almost 2nd grade level.
Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:12 pm

You could go through all the math topics in the TM once - using all the recommendations, and then evaluate if you want to start Singapore at that point or continue on with MFW1 math as written for the second half of the year.

That was my plan at the beginning, and I ended up sticking with doing math according to the TM.
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Unread post by Lainie »

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:53 pm

Hi Angie,
Here is my mistake. I casually looked through the Complete Book of Math and decided it was "too easy" for ds. I bought Singapore 1A and 1B. He whipped through 1A before December and I thought, "Yea, good decision."

Well, not really. Although he did some of the Complete Book of Math, he didn't do all of it. The Hazells assign very specific sections on CBoM to make sure your 1st grader has a good overall math foundation. Because I didn't understand it all at the time, my ds ended up with "holes" in his math that he wouldn't have had I just went with recommendations FIRST and supplemented with extras after. I did it backwards.
So when he did his testing after the year was over his math scores actually went down a little (93%) which is still very good but I had some 'splaining to do with dh [that was in my best Ricky Ricardo voice].

So, all that said, if you supplement, make sure it is actually adding to what MFW recommends and not replacing to make sure you don't miss anything.

Side note: This year we are doing all MFW recommendations for all subjects. I figure until I am using the curriculum fully and doing everything assigned, I've got no business buying extra stuff that they don't need which I probably won't finish anyway!
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Unread post by mgardenh »

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:01 am

ROTFLOL at the Ricy Ricardo and Lucy reference. My dd tests gifted in math and I just do the grade she is. Yes her understanding is good and the math is easy but I don't want to push and make it not fun.
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Unread post by Tracey in ME »

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:08 am

Ewww...all of this reminds me of my now 9yo dd getting stuck in math last year. Gosh, I almost forgot. We were doing the 1st grade math and I thought it was getting too easy and that she could just go ahead and start in Singapore 1A. Well, like someone said earlier, she did kinda zoom right through that.

However, she got very stuck after a while due to the fact that we hadn't done enough hands on with a placement chart. She also could have used some more work on math facts, although we practice those quite often now and she is doing fine.

Definitely don't rush...they might get stuck later.
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math with 1st graders who will have completed mfw 1st in k

Unread post by dhudson »

homemommy83 wrote:Hi Everyone! MFW 1st is going great, but something just hit me a little bit ago. My bright Kindergartners will be finishing up with MFW 1st this year; and are advanced in math. Next year I am not sure if I should go on to Singapore. I know Singapore is a good program, but I really like the living books, daily activities, with a little bit of workbook that is included in MFW 1st.

I would like to continue this type of study with my then first graders; could I just by the next level of the complete book of math for them and schedule a week per topic with them, but mainly use the hands on activities listed in the "living books" available on each topic? I would also continue skip counting practice, addition facts practice (using games as much as possible), and the number of the day. Does anyone have any suggestions for next year. I would like to do math as cheaply as possible. My children are also on the younger side of K- my son turned 5 in September. I also wondered how long does MFW recommend the informal method of math; would it be acceptable for 2nd grade as well.
I did MFW1st with 5 year olds and then moved them into Singapore at 6yrs old and they have done great with it. They are now 7 and in 3a and LOVE math! They ask to go ahead and do more pages. We do make sure we play lots of math games on the computer and many of the fun card games that are math oriented (Zeus on the Loose, LOOT etc) as well as do daily drilling in add, sub, mul t, and division. My twins tested into 2a with Singapore but I put them in 1b just to make sure they would understand everything and it has worked out great.

I understand the issue of making sure your bright kids are challenged but not pushing them so far that they hate school or a subject. Singapore is a relatively short time commitment a day as well as being colorful and fun. We use lots of manipulatives ( m&m's and lego's are our favorities oh and use money for base ten stuff) and I use the Singapore textbook as a starting place and make the examples into hands-on examples. MFW has great daily plan guide that helps to make things hands-on in the younger years.
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Re: math with 1st graders who will have completed mfw 1st in k

Unread post by RB »

I just happened to look at the Math book from Ruth Beechick's 3 R's series this morning...hadn't looked at it for over a year. I found it interesting to see how much overlap there was, in terms of philosophy, with the math in MFW K and 1st. Ruth Beechick actually recommended waiting to start a more formal Math program until 3rd grade for most kids. I think of how many of us start workbooky math in K (myself included with my first two) and miss opportunities for a more hands-on approach. Anyway, her little book has lots of great ideas for games and activities which might be helpful after completing MFW 1st if you want to wait on Singapore.
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Re: math with 1st graders who will have completed mfw 1st in k

Unread post by homemommy83 »

Thank you RB for your response. I think I have read books by her, but it has been a few years. I just thought that if the boys had taught themselves so much already, with a little bit of direction and review of addition facts/subtraction facts and through games and books they could continue to grow at a developmentally appropriate level without required workbooks. I like the idea of using the Complete book of math again to supplement because of the varied activities found in the first one. I thought that then I could start the Singapore in 2nd grade or possibly wait another year if I see great improvements using these informal methods. Thanks again!
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Math woes -- advice needed

Unread post by dhudson »

LuvMyKids wrote:I am just finishing up MFW 1st grade with my DD. I had previously started Singapore Math 1A and 1B with her so I chose to ignore the MFW math options listed in the curriculum and continued on the path of finishing Singapore with her instead. I have noticed a couple things over the last several weeks. My DD can do math but does not enjoy it. (This is very hard for me as I have a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Math and I don't comprehend the idea of not liking math! :)) Perhaps things would have been better had I stuck to MFW math for 1st grade?

What do you more experienced homeschoolers recommend? Should I look into a different math package for next year or should I continue on in 2A and 2B with Adventures? I have thought of switching her to MUS or Right Start Math. There are just so many options out there I have no clue what to really go with. I know MFW likes Singapore as well but I am wondering if it fits my DD personality. I don't want to force something on her that will make her like it even less. I used Horizon's with her briefly- that was a disaster that I do not wish to repeat! :)

Thanks in advance for your advice!
I had started another math curriculum with my twins in 1st grade and by halfway through, I threw it out and just did MFW1 math. My twins LOVED it and thought math was the most fun thing and begged to do math. They tested well into 2a, though I chose to start them in 1b in 2nd, and have done very well since. We continued to do MFW1 math games well into their 2nd grade year and now have games like, "Rat - a tat-Cat", "Zeus on the Loose" and others to continue their love for math. I also have always just used candy, like m&m's, lemon heads etc, for math manipulatives which makes math so much fun!

My oldest, with whom I chose to do other math, still does very well but does not enjoy it as much and more than once has stated, "I wish you would have done FUN math with me Mom!"
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1st Grade Math Workbook

Unread post by hollybygolly »

I did not order the 1st Grade math workbook included in the Deluxe Package (The Complete Book Of Math) because we already started with Singapore EarlyBird Series some time back. I am wondering if it makes more sense to just stick with the SM EB Series until completion (then move forward with the SM Primary, per MFW recommendations) or to go ahead and get the MFW 1st Grade recommended math workbook and use that along with the 1st Grade guide/program. I am leaning toward getting the recommended 1st Grade math workbook because how well written the math activities look within the MFW guide (wow, so impressed!). The variety looks so appealing, and I love how math is taught to appeal to so many different learning styles. The games, the supplemental math literature, hands-on...very nice! (.S. I did order the Pattern Blocks and coordinating workbook.)

Your thoughts, please. Thank you!
For what it's worth: I think for the price it's worth it to buy. The games, daily math, math read-aloud books and drills were the heart of the program, but the worksheets were wonderful practice! My girls thought they were pretty fun too!
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Re: 1st Grade Math Workbook

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

My dd loved the MFW1's math program, especially the library books. Don't skip the Math Lit!!! We still check them out . . . :)
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Re: 1st Grade Math Workbook

Unread post by dhudson »

I can tell you that I had another math program in 1st and then by mid year I threw it out and just did the math games (no work sheets) and worked on skip counting and my twins loved it and tested into Singapore 2a (although I put them into 1b for practice) having just done MFW math - not including the workbook. It was amazing and my twins still enjoy math instead of dreading it.

Just a thought...
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Re: 1st Grade Math Workbook

Unread post by Bandy »

Thank you...
I decided to go ahead and utilize the First Grade program exactly as written, math included!
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Questions from a newbie teaching K and 1st grade

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mezzogirl wrote:Hi Everyone, I am so excited to be beginning MFW in a couple of weeks. The one thing I am concerned with is ds is a whiz at math. He comes from a family of engineers (dh's side. Dh is a pastor, though :) ) And just for fun one day, I had him do the 1A placement test on the Singapore site. The direction said it should take aprx an hour. Sitting on the couch with me, ds completed this test in about 20-25 minutes. He got about 80-85% on the test.

At home, he is already (for fun) adding and subtracting numbers up to 18 (sometimes further), can count to 500, can tell time, can count money..... He will dump his piggy bank in the kitchen to 'teach' his sister how to separate coins, what their value is, etc. He loves word problems, even at this age, b/c we make them fun for him. Such as when I am cooking or at the grocery store, I will just create one and ask him to figure it out. This is one thing I LOVED about his K class -- only 9 students and they kept wanting to learn more, so the teacher just went with it.

So, all of that to ask....what should I do about math, if anything? I have the Super workbook, too. So, that should give him somewhat of a challenge. As well, still allowing us time to focus on penmanship, etc. as well as other fun things related to MFW curriculum/topics/activities, etc. I just would hate for him to be bored re-doing much of what he learned in K last year in Math and truly desire you MFW veterans to share your thoughts/ideas. I want to foster a LOVE for learning. Should I order Singapore 1A? Should we stick with the Super Math Workbook? Thanks so much for your advice, wisdom and encouragement.
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1. Doing 1st doesnt mean you are holding your son back in math. It just means you're doing math in a way that makes sense to a first grader. Math on paper is the same as math off paper -- just looks different ;)

2. Did you get the deluxe pattern blocks & workbooks? That will add to his 1st grade math, and there are also games and literature and more ideas in the manual.

3. *If* your son were to go on to 2nd grade math, then it would just mean taking the Singapore placement test as you've done. So you could always just purchase that "in case" you need it.

4. Since you've already got your order, why not start out the year as is and only add math as you see a need? You might do some of the 1st grade extras faster than most and by 2nd semester be ready for something else?

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Re: Questions from a newbie teaching K and 1st grade

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I agree with Julie. I would start out as is and if needed take a singapore placement test if more math is needed. Same with K go with your original plan and bump it up if you feel she is ready to go faster. :)
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