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Just for fun....

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I wanted to mention what a blast my kiddos and I had today (yes, Saturday!) playing a reading game from the 1st grade program. Although we are about to begin week 7, we missed this particular reading game from week 4. It's a page of phrases that the child reads, then does. Some examples are, "Lift a pen, jump on the bed, sit in the tub, quack and jump." Oh boy, what a hit! My middle boys (6 and 4) could hardly contain themselves. The 1yo was running around trying to do it all with a big smile on his face. My 8yo was even in on it and they all begged to play again when it was over.

Just one more reason that we love MFW....it includes all the fun stuff that I've always dreamed of doing with my kids as a homeschool mom, but that I'm not nearly creative enough to think of on my own! And my 6 yo was learning to read in the process. Bonus!
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Re: Just for fun....

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Ha! I know what you mean. I did that game with my dd who's in MFW-1st and it was a big hit here as well. Even my older kids got in on the action (11, and 8 ) so that made it even more fun for my 1st grader.

We love MFW too. It makes my life so much easier!

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A great year!

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We have had a great year. We have about 2 weeks left of 1850 to Mod and 1st grade. My DD finished her workbook from 1st. She's so proud! We are gearing up for next year with ECC, K and AHL!!
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Share About Your School Year (or your summer)

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MFW-Marie wrote:It's almost summer! Let’s encourage each other and have some fun!
Lord willing, we will finish our "school year" this coming Friday! It has been a wonderful year for our family.

My 6 yo is finishing up Learning God's Story and has truly enjoyed every bit of it. His favorite subject is math and the math in 1st grade is amazing. He learned SO much and asked to do more than I had planned almost every day. I must say, the new 1st manual makes following the written math program (which is amazing) SO MUCH EASIER!!

And the phonics lessons..... It amazes me, as I finish up 1st for the second time, how MFW's phonics program can be so simple, yet so wonderfully effective! I delighted in watching my son go from sounding out simple words in August, to now being able to read pretty much anything he wants to... and with expression. Amazing! Thank you, Marie and MFW. I can't say enough good things.

We all enjoyed going through the Bible stories again and memorizing the books of the Bible together. The stories often opened up great discussions with my oldest two about deeper theological topics. My 6 yo struggled with a lack of interest in illustrating the Bible notebook at first. But, after some great suggestions from the fantastic folks on this board, he eventually enjoyed it and drew some great little pictures! He ended up enjoying the drawing almost as much as writing his own sentences (almost ;) ).

My daughter finished Language Lessons for Today Grade 3. What an amazing resource! This is one of my favorite MFW publications. Imagine Language Arts being the highlight of our day!? It was! I just received Grade 4 for her and have Grade 2 waiting for my oldest son for this fall. We will be jumping into ECC starting in August and I can hardly wait! We'll also begin K with my 5 yo.

Our summer plan is to continue math several days a week, memorize the Lord's prayer, swim, play at Busch Gardens, and enjoy the Father's beautiful creation!!! :-)
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