Choosing 1st vs. Adventures

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Choosing 1st vs. Adventures

Unread post by Wendy B. »

Help me choose!
Mrs. Lilac wrote:She was just way ahead and had already started reading, and she got really bored with the phonics stuff. She's reading probably around a 3rd grade level and writing really well. I just wasn't wanting to risk her being bored and having to chuck everything AGAIN. Does that make sense? I'm not looking to push her, but I also don't want her so bored that she dreads it. (Also, just FYI, she will be 6 in June.)
I'm a MFW newbie but have been homeschooling many, many years. It is almost always better to enhance rather than advance.
If she is bored with the phonics stuff then turn it into a spelling lesson. It's awesome that she can read around a 3rd grade level but can she spell at a 3rd grade level....write at a 3rd level? Can she write a sentence summary from one of her books?

I just started MFW 1 with my 6yo son who will turn 7 in June. Even though I know he needs more phonics these first few weeks are very much review. These first few weeks are about review of letter sounds and blending. Kinda boring, right? So I challenge him to think of all the words he can for each blend. If for the blend -ag he comes up with wag I yawn and roll my eyes and ask if that's the best he can do? HA! Today his word for the blend -ag was agriculture. Since he is already reading I do have him read to me for 10-15 minutes per day in addition to the reading lesson with MFW1. In addition to the recommended 15 min daily read aloud I also have several weekly selections that I read. I also make sure we include the picture study, poetry( and memorization) , nature study and extra science books ( great selections!). It will be a full pleasant year.

There are many other ways to make MFW 1 more challenging for your daughter. You could start the 1 sentence summaries earlier. You could make the reading lessons into a spelling lesson. You could choose history/geography stories to be a part of your daily read aloud and have her narrate them back to you.

I hope you find what you are looking for!
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Re: Help me choose!

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If you decide to go with MFW 1st, you could add in an English book for your daughter for those early review lessons. You could do a few lessons in PLL, use something like Queen's Language Lessons,or just make up your own exercises. Since she is your oldest, you will have time because of her reading ability to do all of the extras- timeline, science, exploration day, the items in the Deluxe package, and you could really do the MFW math in depth. A lot of the early phonics review can be used for handwriting practice as well.

I never used Adventures, because of what age we started with, but you do not want to get too far ahead of yourself with the history cycle. I had a 7 year old in ECC, because of older siblings, and I definitely noticed a difference with his age by the time we hit RTR. I could see you would not want to place your oldest ahead of the cycle on purpose.

Since she is advanced, it gives you more opportunities to explore other things too, like music and art,or math games. She could take up violin or piano. You would have more time for local field trips or co-op opportunities. Whatever floats your boat! I think you could probably come with ways to keep it interesting for her. It might take some extra planning up front. Sounds good to me. I could use an easy year. :-) Enjoy yourself. Believe me you'll have lots of years for heavier academics ahead of you. I know since she is your oldest it is harder to see some of these things in perspective. But take it from someone who's been there, these early years of learning and fun combined are to be treasured.

Of course pray about what to do, talk it over with your husband and call the MFW office if you are still struggling with your choices. I pray God will give you direction and peace with your decision.
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Re: Help me choose!

Unread post by dhudson »

I'll admit, first and foremost that I am of the push ahead mindset in academics. My kids did K at 4 and so forth and they done very well. They were all reading at 3 and register on various levels of Gift and Talented scales. So, I truly do understand the want and sometimes need of pushing ahead. Please note, that I understand that most do not choose this path and for the most part I agree with them.

That being said, I wouldn't skip 1st and move to 2nd grade work. I think it's fine to move ahead if the child's needs to but I don't think it's a good plan to skip a year of information. My kids are ahead but we moved in order and never skipped information. If your child is just finishing up K then I think they should go into a program for first grade no matter what age they are. I am of the opinion that no matter how gifted a child is and how quickly they can get through the information , they still need all the information so going in order verses skipping years is what we've done and it's worked very well.

It also works in a classical mindset, of which I fall more into than CM (nobody kill me for saying this please - I like CM but I naturally think more like a classical educator :~ ). Doing ancients (which basically is what MFW1 is) is a better idea than jumping ahead to ADV which is the explorers and American History. I think chronological history is the way to go.

Which ever program you pick, the curriculum year that you choose should be the next step in the progression.
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Re: Help me choose!

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Since Dawn chimed in . . . I'm a "forge ahead" kinda gal, too. (Not a really popular thing around here.) But, I so agree with Dawn about teaching curriculum in order. From a classical standpoint, you just don't want to miss the Ancients, and MFW1 does an excellent job of covering the Ancients in an age-appropriate way. The Proverbs lessons in MFW1 are invaluable! Memorizing the Books of the Bible is a skill my dd will have for the rest of her life. My dd already knew the Bible stories that were covered, so she read them from several different versions and we really explored the lessons involved. But going through the Bible in order to help her understand the flow of history was so necessary to her education, IMO. The timeline is a keeper - it made it all just come alive. I honestly don't think she'd "get" the timeline in ADV if we hadn't done one for 1st. Yes, she was already an advanced reader, but we did all of the phonics lessons anyway. I went with the mentality that if Vince Lombardi could start every season with, "Gentlemen, this is a football," then I was going to teach the basics to my dd. She now can sound out any word in the dictionary, and those were great times to reinforce spelling as well. The math and science are so age-appropriate, also. I would not have missed MFW1 for anything. The Biblical foundation is priceless to our family.

The reason that I prefer MFW is that everything is intertwined. All of the subjects work together like a unit study while still following the classical plan, using CM methods.
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Re: Help me choose!

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Thank you SO MUCH, ladies! I had people tell me not to skip ahead, but no one told me why- all of you, with your thoughtful, detailed, responses, have given me some great reasons! I will definitely scale back and focus on either MFW 1st or equivalent.

Thank you again for taking your precious time to really help evaluate my situation with me and give me such great feedback. You are such a blessing!
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I need some help deciding for sure

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Bandy wrote:After much contemplation, I have decided (99.9% sure) to go ahead with Adventures instead of MFW Grade 1. I own both programs. My dd is 5, she will be 6 in Jan. 2010. Young, I know but, she is advanced in some areas.
Although age-wise and content-wise, she fits perfectly into Grade 1, Adventures seems to me to be an even better fit based on the history and geography study and the focus on the different names of Jesus. The science, art, and hands-on activities seems just right as well. I would just have to tailor the math and LA to suit her level.

I am wondering though, can I just use the MFW Grade 1 Phonics along with Adventures? Has anyone done this successfully, does it seem sensible?

Overall, it makes the most sense just to use the entire Grade 1 program but, my dd just went through a study of the OT and to be quite honest, we are happy to move on from it for now. No disrespect to the bible and the history of that time but, the OT was quite a rough-ride for my sensitive dd to handle. Maybe I can modify somehow though??? I will be honest, ADV looks fantastic and would probably work out just fine but, I think that there are plenty of concepts in Grade 1 that would be so beneficial as well. For some reason I don't want to skip it but, the study of the OT once again and so soon, scares me off.

So, what would you do, what do you recommend? Help. :)
Well, you probably can do ADV with her, as long as you adjust for amount of school day and expectations. I know in the ADV manual there is a little plan for "younger sibs" who have older sib in the full program to be invited to join the fun in the main program while still using age appropriate language arts and math. And of course MFW suggests using 1st grade program in reading/math for that situation. so maybe it would work in your situation to blend a bit for a while. It would be at least a starting place. Then you can adjust as needed. One of the things to look ahead in ADV: when you start to do the overview of the 50 states, that might go too fast for you child, so ask for some ideas to adjust as you get there.

One idea to think about it: read through the Bible reader in MFW 1st grade. How does it feel to you in comparison to the program you just finished? Maybe the way MFW selects stories it isn't as intense for a 5.5 year old?

Then again, you might start with ADV to have a breath of fresh air for a while, then go into first, and go back and finish ADV later.

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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

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Bandy wrote:OT was quite a rough-ride for my sensitive dd to handle. Maybe I can modify somehow though???
I have been holding back because I just can't bear to think of a 5 yo in a 2nd grade program. My kids were smart as whips and enjoying preschool at age 5 ;) So now you know my bias here!

I am wondering if folks who've used 1st can think of more ways for you to shift the emphasis onto science and math literature and character training, rather than feeling like the focus is on the OT again. I do know the Bible reader isn't only OT, but of course the OT is much longer than the NT. I even wonder if other readers could be used during the Bible reader time, until you get to the NT? Since I haven't used 1st, I am totally clueless here, but just throwing out ideas that maybe someone else will pick up on?

One of my nieces is a very young 3rd grader this year and her parents are wishing they would have waited. I know she's public schooled so you will have much more flexibility than her parents have. But it's just exhausting for a barely 9 yo to be ramping up to "full school" -- since 3rd grade is typically the time when full curriculum comes on board & there is no longer time for the kinds of hands-on activity stations that younger grades typically enjoy. There is also less time for gentle character and lifestyle training.

If you go ahead with 2nd grade now, I hope you have the strength to rein everything in for several years ahead. I think it's very hard to do with an oldest child, even when you're fully intentional about it. BTDT.

Okay, you've now officially heard from the "better late than early" faction ;)
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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

Unread post by cbollin »

Julie in MN wrote:I am wondering if folks who've used 1st can think of more ways for you to shift the emphasis onto science and math literature and character training, rather than feeling like the focus is on the OT again.
Like Julie, I'm also in the mindset of "please don't try to use a 2nd grade program with a 5 turning 6 year old....",

but then again, if you treat them like a 5 year old and pretend there is an older sibling around... hmm... but then what about next year? eeek!!! back to 1st? maybe? hm.... hard to know.

ok... brainstorming for Julie's suggestion:

how to use MFW 1st for more than just OT....... well, the Bible reader doesn't start until around week 6 or 7. So there's a cushion of time built in already. You can easily do phonics readers alongside the program. The thing of that is that the Bible reader is based on what you have learned and studied. Not all phonics programs follow same progression. In general MFW's program will spread out the OT stories more and take longer than 9 weeks that the program you are in currently jams through it. (based on my interpretation of the table of contents of that program. I haven't used it to have first hand knowledge).

Well, you'll work more on the hands on math, you'll make use of the Read Aloud time that is mentioned. If I were to re-organize MFW's manual, I'd put that reminder in every day to read out loud to child for 15 minutes. I know it is in the manual near the beginning... but that's a side point sorry.... The first grade program has a great opportunity to be about learning to read, learning composition, lots of Proverbs character training, couch and snuggle time with mom (reading every day), doing the fun hands on math (and puzzles and stuff), and enjoying art appreciation together. Science? read some books, do some fun stuff together. Want basics of US history? Just tell her stories from when you were a little girl and get grandma to tell stories.

Maybe the real question is:
does a 5 y.o turning 6 really need any kind of US history right now? Couldn't you just enjoy some good books from Honey for a Child's Heart, and call it social studies? Does a child really have to have history each year?

maybe you might want to call MFW's office and talk through advantages and disadvantages with them in addition to hearing our thoughts over here. Couldn't hurt.

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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

Unread post by Bandy »

First of all, thank you very much Crystal and Julie for taking the time out to respond to my questions and concerns. I am sure that you are more than busy within your own households so, it means a lot to me that you are willing to share your thoughts on this.

I have to say that I am glad that I am able to come here and gain some wisdom, some perspective, on homeschooling since I am obviously new at this. I hardly trust my instincts at this point but, I know in time I will make wise decisions about how to move forward with schooling my dd and selecting the right materials for her.

Knowing that both of you have been doing this for a while tends to make me listen and seriously consider all the points that you have made. After reading your thoughts I have to say that you both bring up very good points!

I think that I have really been focusing on the OT in MFW 1 and I have been letting that sort of stand in my way of proceeding with MFW 1. I hadn't really thought about shifting the focus a bit by really emphasizing the science, the hands-on, the art, soaking up the Proverbs teachings, soaking up the character lessons that are woven throughout. I have been just focusing on what doesn't fit perfectly and kind of ignoring what does fit perfectly! My dd would do any hands-on that you put before her, she would be doing cart-wheels over any science that you presented to her. She would love the art, plenty of literature, etc. Also, I have come to realize that in addition to my dd's character training and growing knowledge of the bible, we really need to be focusing on getting grounded in the basics of math and reading. Really, the rest is just extra right now.

I did have to hang my head a little Julie, when you said, "I just can't bear to think of a 5 year old in a 2nd grade program." It sounds kind of silly now that I "look in from the outside", and truly realize that I would be schooling my 5-6 yr. old in American History! Not that it isn't interesting but, IT CAN WAIT! I find that I have a hard time balancing and deciding what is important now and what can be saved for a later time. Again, that is why I like to have the opinion of seasoned homeschool mommies!

So, Crystal and Julie, the answer is no in our household...a 5 year old does not need any US history right now. And yes, she would love the historical adventure in learning about my past and the history of her Grandma and Oma. I can tell you that both of these ladies have very, very interesting stories to tell! One is from Britain, lived in Africa, the West Indies and more. And the other is from Germany and she spent her first few years of life in a war bunker. We have plenty of history to share.

I have been thinking about how I would have to really slow down ADV. to make it last a long time because I don't want to arrive at the next program to soon. Then I would have to go through the whole tweaking thing again to make an older program fit a younger. In all honesty, I don't think it is necessary or worth it. Why not just do what is suitable and age appropriate so that I can avoid constanly trying to adapt things to fit. Yes, my dd is advanced in some areas but, not so much to where I need to be jumping the gun.

So, thank you "Better Late Than Early Faction" :) , you have sucessfully opened my eyes to a different approach. A different perspective. Thank you. I am going to at least give MFW 1 a go and see what happens. Adventures can wait.
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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

Unread post by Julie in MN »

And yes, she would love the historical adventure in learning about my past and the history of her Grandma and Oma. I can tell you that both of these ladies have very, very interesting stories to tell! One is from Britain, lived in Africa, the West Indies and more. And the other is from Germany and she spent her first few years of life in a war bunker. We have plenty of history to share.
Oh, wow, I hope you find some really great ways to teach lessons from her wonderful grandma history. Interviews, letters, and photographs, oh my! Do share when you come up with interesting methods for incorporating family history!

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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

Unread post by momtogc »


Sorry for chiming in late. I think you are making a wise choice in going with MFW 1st. We were faced with the same type situation when my dd was six. She was just barely six, but very bright, capable, and a wonderful reader. We really didn't need the phonics portion of MFW 1st so I agonized over using ADV that year instead. I took the "better late than never" advice offered by David Hazell and others on this board. I have never regretted that decision. I really believe you will be glad if you wait and save ADV for next year. There are projects in ADV that seem to be better handled by a seven or eight year old. We are enjoying it as a third grade program.

MFW 1st is a really special program. The Bible study is gentle. My dd is well versed in the Bible and yet she enjoyed the Bible reader and and making the time line. We loved doing some of the hands on that went with it. My dd's favorite was sewing the shepherd's bag (and I am no seamstress yet it was simple to do), or maybe it was the Hamantashen cookies, or maybe it was dressing up like Esther..... it was just too much fun, a great way to learn. I think you will enjoy MFW 1st very much. You can go lightly on the Bible study if desired and concentrate more on other areas as needed.

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Re: I need some help deciding for sure

Unread post by Bandy »

Thank you so much Meleasa!

I appreciate you sharing your experience, it is helpful for me to hear how well MFW 1 worked out for you and your dd.
I think at the bottom of all my inexperience and insecurity, I really feel most comfortable with a better late than early approach. Sometimes I have a hard time balancing what is most important now and what can wait.

I was able to sit down last nigt after the kiddos were in bed, to really go through the grade 1 program. I can tell that we will do just fine with it. I have had the program for quite some time now and hardly took the time to become aquainted with it!
I was able to organize everything and it is ready to go anytime. I boxed up all the Adventures goodies and look forward to using it in the future.

Thank you again for replying. As you can tell I am a very chatty, "have to run things by everyone else before I make a move kind of gal". Kind of a pain I suppose but, it does help me a lot.
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Unread post by netpea »

jer2911mom wrote:My daughter has an October birthday, so is 6 for most of K and will be 7 for most of 1st. I'm trying to figure out how to switch her to MFW, and when. We have covered the bible from Genesis to Revelation and are past the long vowel sounds with silent "e" and are into other long vowel sounds (vowel pairs). We are using Handwriting and are supplementing with a Copybook.

I know that 1st grade covers the bible again, so I'm wondering if that would be redundant? (Not that covering the bible again is a bad thing!) I'm just wondering if we're not going to be ready for some history. Would starting Adventures in 1st (considering she will be 7 most of the year) be something I should consider? Or should we plan to go through 1st? I borrowed Adventures from a friend and I think my daughter could handle it and would find it interesting.

Has anyone else made this switch? Thanks so much!
I'm not much help to you. We tried Adventures at 6. He was not ready for Adventures then. I wish we had gone to MFW 1st.
- Lee Ann
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Re: Placement

Unread post by gratitude »

I thought I would add that we had done Genesis to Revelation with our K program, and we really enjoyed doing it again with MFW Grade 1 with a different approach. If you want to go with Grade 1, and she is reading, you could: use the Bible reader as a reading review and know that she is getting to read an overview of Genesis to Revelation, do the Bible notebook, do the time-line, use the science, memorize/copy the weekly Proverb, and then the blue student notebook could be omitted or added as you saw fit with her reading / spelling knowledge.

I thought I would also add that we have enjoyed going through Genesis to Revelation so much that I am actually adding in a Bible program for this age group to ADV that does Genesis to Revelation again, from yet another approach, and we are loving it. So going over it more than once can have its benefits. I think every minute we have spent on Bible in home school has been worth much.

I hope this helps! :)
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Re: Placement - coming from HOD LHFHG

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Okay, you have gotten some good replies. I'll chime in for the better-late-than early camp, of which I am a charter member :)

Here are a few threads about choosing 1st:

I often tell about my youngest, who taught himself to read before K. His ps teachers (and his mother) were fine with having him skip early reading lessons, since he obviously didn't need them. It wasn't until I brought him home in 3rd that I realized how much he had missed. He's still terrible at alphabetizing because he didn't work with the alphabet early on, and I still force him to stop and think through new spellings rather than just memorizing them as he has always done. I could go on :)

I also tell about holding my oldest son back to start K at age 6, even though he was a smart little cookie. It didn't hurt him to wait; he's an engineer now. I'm so glad he didn't have to sit still all day at age 7.

So there's the other side of the coin, eh?! Blessings as you decide for your precious little one.
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Re: Placement - coming from HOD LHFHG

Unread post by gratitude »

Julie in MN wrote: I often tell about my youngest, who taught himself to read before K. His ps teachers (and his mother) were fine with having him skip early reading lessons, since he obviously didn't need them. It wasn't until I brought him home in 3rd that I realized how much he had missed. He's still terrible at alphabetizing because he didn't work with the alphabet early on, and I still force him to stop and think through new spellings rather than just memorizing them as he has always done. I could go on :)Julie
This happened to me. I have the exact same story. I didn't learn to spell until I taught my oldest ds phonics. Not being able to spell is a handicap. Spell check doesn't help. Think of all those forms in doctor's offices, etc.

For the thread I thought I could add that I am continuing phonics lessons for my oldest ds7 after MFW Grade 1. I am not sure how that will tie into your decision. My ds has figured out much reading on his own, but review never hurts; and like Julie mentioned there is so much foundation in those early reading lessons. Solidifying that foundation for long term success I think is important, and often review is what allows for the integration to happen.

Blessings for your decision! :)
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Re: Placement - coming from HOD LHFHG

Unread post by gratitude »

jer2911mom wrote:Thank you, everyone, for your input so far! Reading is definitely a priority for us, so I plan to continue phonics and reading instruction for quite a while. It sounds like the 1st grade bible readers would be good reinforcement, though. We are doing several math programs already, so it would be hard to squeeze in the math included in MFW 1st grade.

I guess my confusion is about whether or not we would be missing a foundation laid in MFW 1st grade for bible, science, LA, etc., that she hasn't already gotten elsewhere. I do like the idea of the Proverbs copy work. I really appreciate your input! Kathy
I will try and answer to help with your confusion. Here are some points that might help:

1. I have read other moms posts who have done ADV without ever doing MFW 1. They loved it. So skipping MFW 1 was not a problem for them. I have also read posts of moms who used it with a 7 year old (1st grade).

2. The LA foundation in MFW 1 it sounds like you are doing with your other sources.

3. She could enjoy ADV science, without doing MFW 1 science first. We actually did the ADV science books, from another program, first before the science books in MFW 1.

4. The math in MFW 1 is one many moms on here like. We actually didn't use it. However, you choose to teach math will work for your math portion of ADV.

5. It sounds like your dd has covered the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and that is a foundation she will use in CtG. If you want her to cover it again she could, but MFW has students go through it once with MFW Grade 1 for a foundation, and you have already done so. For more details of MFW 1 Bible foundation is the following: MFW 1 goes through a routine of reading the Bible story from scripture, having the child read the story from the reader, putting up a figure for the time-line of the story, and then the child giving a summary of the story in the Bible notebook with a drawing; there are also some hands on activities to go with some of the stories and the Proverbs copywork. It is one way to learn a general overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It sounds like your dd has covered Genesis to Revelation though with a different program, and that is the main point of MFW 1.

6. For the last 2/3 for Grade 1 we will be using ADV with a 7 year old. We have already read the read-alouds to him from the deluxe package, and this program is perfectly suited for age 7 in my opinion.

I hope this helps with the confusion. :)

Re: Placement - coming from HOD LHFHG

Unread post by cbollin »

jer2911mom wrote:Thank you! That info. definitely helps! I think now my decision boils down to this: do I start Adv. next year or wait until 3rd grade? I also need to think about ECC the next year and if it would be better to do it in 2nd or 4th, as well as the studies that follow it. If I start Adv. in 3rd, my older daughter would not get to do "Exploring Creation w/ Botany" in Exploration to 1850, because she would be starting the 7th grade Apologia.

I have a 2 yr old as well (3 in Feb.). If my oldest started Adventures in 1st, my 2 yr old would hit the last two years of the 5-yr. cycle at the right time to use the 2nd and 3rd grade extensions, something to consider. If I start Adv. in 3rd, my younger daughter would be in K. I think she would get a lot out of it that year. Does anyone else think this through for their younger child? I just have the two so if at all possible would like to have it make sense for my youngest as well.


This seems late to chime in. :)
But given her age, I'd lean toward starting Adv next year instead of 3rd grade.

I wouldn't stress too much about ECC with 3rd and 1st. You'll still treat them according to age and not do all of the advanced assignments, and the 1st grader can use MFW 1st or other 3R's stuff while ECC is the icing on the cake for the day.

If you end up where oldest doesn't get to Botany book, it could be a fun summer book to use briefly. I know that's my tentative plan with my middle gal to enjoy some of that book since we have it sitting around. Oh my! that means this summer. whoa... it's amazed me how it's all worked out for her and I didn't have the fore thought to think it all out. It just happened.

one thing in back of my mind...
I would consider the idea of getting the Bible reader and notebooking.? Take a look at convention in a few weeks to see if it would meet need for learning narrative summaries and all of that.

Science in ADV will be fun. It's not tied to the history. It's tied to Bible. cool!
If you need more science, use the internet links in the books provided. It'll be ok if you didn't cover the topics in first grade. It all equals out.

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Re: Placement - coming from HOD LHFHG

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Another late responder here. My dd will be 7 tomorrow and we started Adv this week. We are loving it! My youngest comes in and out, but it is a perfect fit for big sis. I called MFW and talked to them about placement. They were spot on, even with waiting to start K with my youngest until the summer.

I did talk to them about getting to ECC too soon, and they assured me it is okay for a K and 2nd grader to use, they could just go deeper on the next cycle. We might be halfway through K and big sis's 2nd grade year before we finish Adv anyway. By the way, I used LHFHG a year and a half ago for a short period of time, at the beginning of K.
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Adventures for 1st grade???

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shaffer96 wrote:I was just wondering if anyone has used Adventures with a 1st grader? We are already using another phonics/language arts/spelling program, so I feel like we won't benefit much from My Father's World First Grade.

Adventures looks like so much fun! I can see how I would need to read from the texts, instead of having her read them, but is there anything else that would be really hard for her? How much writing is involved? I don't want to do a program that is too hard for her, but I feel like MFW 1st is mostly a phonics program. Has anyone done Adventures with a 1st grader and found that your child really got the most out of the program? I am wondering if I should do this for 1st grade or wait till she is in 2nd?
Don't be to quick to sell MFW 1st short. Phonics is a big part of it yes, but it also includes Bible, Science, and Math. I have a 6yo dd who is reading at a 5th grade level, but she is still doing the MFW 1st grade program. We don't do most of the phonics, unless I feel she needs a review of something. But we do all of the Bible memory, copy work, and timeline. I have her read the Bible reader even though it is easy for her. We use this time to learn how to summarize, which we then write in the Bible notebook. We enjoy the art of creating a picture to go with the story too. She loves the Science - it's right at her level of learning in that area!

I can't really answer your question because we will be doing Adventures next year (2nd grade) with her. But I just really wanted to share how the first grade program has still been very beneficial, even without using the phonics in it. :)

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Re: Adventures for 1st grade???

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I considered doing Adventures with my oldest and then decided to go through 1st, instead. She had completed half of a different 1st grade curriculum, and was reading very well, so I figured, why not. The thing that finally held me back was the writing aspects of Adventures. I didn't feel she was ready to write the summeries.

While a 1st grader can do Adventures and will enjoy it. My Ker is tagging along now and enjoying it! But it really can't be done AT A 2ND GRADE LEVEL, until they have done 1st grade.

I have no regrets about holding off. I got 1st grade, and we did zoom through it! There were days that she did 5 days worth of phonics. But the Bible notebook really prepared her for 2nd grade level of work. The fun math book in the deluxe package was really necessary to prepare her for Singapore. The timeline on the Bible prepared her to understand the timeline if US history. All the extra stuff was enjoyable and helped prepare her to be ready to handle the increased workload.

We finished 1st quickly, and went right into Adventures. We are in Week 5 now and loving it! I think that had we skipped 1st, we would have reached ECC before she was ready for that even more increased load.

So, I recommend 1st grade first.
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Re: Adventures for 1st grade???

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I also agree that the jump from Kinder to ADV might be challenging given the writing. MFW1 is beautiful and the Bible history and notebook are so fantastic. I try to show ours weekly in our blog ... you might have a look to see how wonderful that part is. I have to be honest that I am not a huge fan of the science, but we dabble in it and have chosen to do a thorough study of Pagoo instead, along with DWN that corresponds.

In terms of the phonics in MFW1 ... my DD7 did MFWK and Ordinary Parents and I do not feel that the phonics in MFW1 is at all not worthwhile. It is an excellent review and the way it ties into the Bible reader and Bible notebook is fantastic.

The writing is incrementally more challenging in MFW1 and I think that it prepares the children really well for ADV.

Hope that is helpful!
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Re: Adventures for 1st grade???

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I did Adventures with a 1st grader and she did just fine. She learned all the states and capitals better than her sister. I did it so I wouldn't have to buy 2 programs with a 3rd grader, too. But if she is your only child....wait and do Adventures in 2nd. Although mine did fine....some of the ECC is a little over her head in 2nd this year. So although your child could do it...I'd wait. Do 1st grade and add in extras (sewing, cooking, or other life skills) if she is too bored.
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Re: Adventures for 1st grade???

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I can certainly understand your excitement about starting Adventures-- I'm waiting for my Adventures box to arrive tomorrow!! Whoo hooo! However, after having just finished MFW 1st, I have to say that it really is a great program. My son was already reading at a higher grade level and the workbook was super easy for him. Having said that, I feel that he REALLY knows his phonics now. It just solidified things for him. Not to mention, the bible reader was great (and very age appropriate), the science and hands on activities were lots of fun, and I feel like my son gained a lot of knowledge overall. Just my 2 cents.
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Re: Adventures for 1st grade???

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My 1st grader did Adventures. We were using Rod and Staff Phonics and Reading plus my oldest was in Adventures so I just combined them. It is definitely doable. On the notebooking part of the curriculum, he summarized and I wrote his summary on the board. Then he copied it and drew/colored his picture. We never did any formal writing with the state sheets, just discussion and coloring the map and state symbols. Science can easily be done by a 1st grader. There are basically just science experiments. You may have to do much of the reading from the book basket. Although there are lots of good Level 1-2 readers that cover American History. Sometimes we just looked at pictures and discussed. I think you'll find it's not a problem at all. Adventures was very fun!!! Enjoy!

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