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Drawing with Children - Supplies

Unread post by Julie in MN »

lauramb wrote:Can someone give me input on what to get exactly for DWC in regards to supplies? Which lessons will be presented and what medium will we need for 1st grade? She mentions felt tip markers that smell bad. I'm not familiar with that unless she's talking about permanent markers (!!!). Will all work be done with markers or will some be done with ink pen? What kind of pen? Colored pencils? I'm a little confused.

Any other tips or advice is appreciated. Is the set up she recommends (room, discussion about mood, etc.) really all necessary? Can we just set a tone by mentioning a few things? What have others done to prepare? Thanks
Hi Laura,
(1) I remembered a post by Marie about the black flair pens she uses:
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 985#p35985

No, I don't think they're washable... so you could probably substitute some thin washable markers. They aren't so thin that they look like a pen, but they need to be thin enough to outline.

(2) There has also been some colored pencil conversation in the past:

Families range from being fine with cheap-O brands to liking nicer brands.

(3) My dd used DWC in high school. It's the same book except the high schoolers do an "intro" to sort of "un-learn" all their notions about art. Anyways, she did quite a variety of art work using that book. The whole idea is to show kids that there are tons of art forms, so they no longer say "I'm not good at art" because that's like saying "I'm not good at anything," or something like that. We had a lot of her artwork on the wall for several years. I remember doodles, sketches, contour drawing with a pencil, outline drawing with a pen, outline with markers filling in the color, colored pencils, shading, etc. So think about having as many options available as you are able to afford -- use art store coupons. Then just use whatever you have, and it will be fine. I do think there's a list of materials in the book somewhere? By the way, I don't remember any kind of painting, just drawing.

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Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by cbollin »

HeyChelle wrote:What type did you buy for your first graders? I'm buying all the supplies today, so if you have a second to chime in I'd appreciate it. I have no idea what she means by better quality, but I'm assuming I don't want Crayola markers. I have a Michaels and JoAnn's nearby.
well... blush.. blush,

I went with inexpensive, washables because we still needed that. blush... it was good enough.

I also had a package of sharpie markers in thick and thin for black lines and such.

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Re: Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

cbollin wrote:I went with inexpensive, washables because we still needed that. blush... it was good enough.

I also had a package of sharpie markers in thick and thin for black lines and such.
Ditto! (probably because I took crystal's advice back then!) :-)
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Re: Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by TriciaMR »

We just used Crayola. Markers disappear around here (I think they go to the same place that missing socks go, but I'm not sure), so I wasn't going to spend $$$ on markers...

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Re: Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by cbollin »

agreeing with myself and Trish and cyndi..... if you don't have $$$$, or ability to not have things disappear... go with crayola brand.

but, if you want fancier brands.
here we go....

Get Prismacolor. why? uh uh uh uh , the guy at How Great Thou Art suggests them?

oh wait, that's colored pencils. oops.. let me correct that..

It's Prang brand that How Great Thou Art sells for colored markers. So, look for that at the local store. Here's what I mean.
http://www.howgreatthouart.com/products ... y/supplies

If you want to use el cheapo from wally world like I did, it's ok. But if you want good brands, one source to listen for advice would be Barry Stebbing. but you can buy local stuff of course.
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Re: Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by Caryn »

Agreeing with what everyone else said :)

in case you want to take it into consideration, the reason for the better quality (read: more expensive) markers is that when they are used to color in an area, they don't bleed onto themselves and blend better.

That's all :)
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Re: Drawing with Children Markers??

Unread post by HeyChelle »

Thanks everyone!!
I bought a fresh sets of skinny and broad Crayola Markers for the first few weeks and and then a set of nice art markers with my 40% off Michaels coupon for him to use after we get through the first few lessons.

I think I will pick up some Prang sets for stocking stuffers, though. Cause now that ds-6 has new markers the girls are feeling a little sad they aren't starting first grade, too. :-)

Not too worried about them being lost. These are for art curriculum only so I wanted the good ones. They have open access to art supplies that they can use for everyday, but the art curriculum draw is stocked with better quality stuff and for art days only. I got hooked on better quality pencils and water color pencils last year, and I'm excited to try these markers now. Having the right pencils and the good paper has made such a big difference with dd 9 and her work.

P.S. Found this post by Harmony Art Mom. Sounds like the Crayola's work just great. :-)
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Drawing with Children

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

gentlestrengths wrote:Hi - I am using Drawing with Children for the first time this year. It came with Learning God's Story, for my 1st grader, however I am planning on using it with my older kids that I know it will benefit (and will probably buy the book for teens too, for my 12yo).

After buying a lot of art supplies from the suggestions in the teacher's manual - I then began reading Drawing with Children and it talks about purchasing really decent supplies for a good drawing experience. I purchased Crayola markers, albeit, a giant pack with many colors like listed, but I am not sure if these are "good enough" supplies..?? I bought Sharpies for the black felt tip markers... pretty sure these are going to bleed..??

I am just wondering if anyone has a good list of brand names to look for because I really want this to be a good art experience for my kids. I really am enjoying reading Drawing with Children - I have always been pretty bad at teaching art (we hire college art students within our homeschool co-op for the past 5 years!), but I think this book is going to be huge for my kids. Suggestions? Thx! :-)
We used those Crayola markers that you are probably talking about. They were okay...not great, but I wasn't really concerned about it. I did find that the markers overpowered the lines of the drawing. Our family prefers colored pencils in general and that is what I would use if we did it again.

We used some sharpies, but found them to be too thick for much of the drawing practice and actual drawing as well. The thin tipped sharpies or felt tip type pens are better. I think we ended up using roller ball ink pens...they are called Profile, I think, and the ad says they are the smoothest pen you will ever write with. It's not false advertising. They are the smoothest pen I've ever written with and I said that before knowing that was what they said in their ad. LOL. If you want to know exactly what they are, let me know and I can find out. It's all I use now to write with. ha, ha!

My kids really enjoyed the year. I hope yours do too. :-)
gentlestrengths wrote:Thanks, Heather.
I did buy regular sharpies, along with the fine tip sharpies. I do like colored pencils as well, but since the text specifically says to purchase good markers - I thought it could really make a difference if we bought nice ones. Thanks again!
The use of markers specifically don't seem to matter much, IMHO. But, I'm not an art teacher at all. So, what do I know. LOL!!! At any rate, you could try some higher quality markers or try to sub colored pencils and switch between the two if you don't like whatever you pick. You need to feel like you are committed for the whole year.

Have fun!!!
gentlestrengths wrote:I did test the sharpies (they don't bleed! woo!) - and I tested the Crayola markers against them. The crayolas don't smear or bleed either, so I think we'll do pretty good with them! We can try them at least. They seem bright (to me?) and very pretty.
With my older son, they were fine. He had restraint...most of the time. With the youngers, they tended to choose dark colors and color the WHOLE thing. :~ LOL!! We didn't have any bleeding though. I'm sure it will be fine. We used them and it worked.

Enjoy the year!! :-)

Postby Mom2theteam » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:13 pm
I found markers to be overpowering to the drawing. I'm sure others think they are fine. If we ever do it again, I will use colored pencils. My only other suggestion would be to go to a craft store and buy a nice set of art markers.

For the practice sheets, we ended up using thick black ball point pens. They are made by PaperMate and called Profile. They are really awesome and worked great. They are all I write with now. LOL!
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Questions about Drawing With Children

Unread post by gratitude »

bethinga wrote:What type/brand of art markers are you all using, and where did you find them? I had such trouble finding markers that fit the description in the DWC book, and finally called MFW, and they recommended Crayola markers. I got the SuperTips type that draw a thin line if held upright, and a thick line if held at an angle. I think that's a little difficult for my kids to remember or maneuver, so I have a feeling they might get frustrated trying to create the line thickness they desire. But, I didn't see many (if any) other options. A friend of mine bought semi-expensive Art Loft brand markers. She says they bleed terribly and certainly don't make a line that's as thin as the DWC exercises show. What are you all using?
I bought some good art colored pencils at an art store and sketch paper. I bought the box of pencils 3 1/2 years ago when my oldest was doing MFW1, and they still use them to this day for drawing!
bethinga wrote:Thanks. I'm continuing to use the markers, but may switch to pens or pencils if that proves to be a problem.
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Drawing with Children art supplies

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

hsm wrote:Do you have any favorites? I have this book already and looked through it. Seems they want us to use fairly expensive supplies. I see the benefit in that, but can it be done a little more cheaply without ruining the art? What are your must haves in regards to art supplies to be used in this book?
Just thought I'd chime in to say that I just bought basic crayola/roseart supplies for my kids. I bought skinny and fat washable markers. I bought them an extra black skinny marker that wasn't a Sharpie. I used regular copy paper.

There was less stress for me AND my kids using the lower cost supplies. Now as they have gotten older, they have been given more expensive art supplies by grandparents for birthdays and they are enjoying using them and taking care of them properly. (All my kids are GREAT at art; it really is amazing. I don't know if it's all the MFW art lessons, or if they are naturals...they certainly didn't inherit their ability from me!)

Hope this helps and have FUN most of all!
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Re: Drawing with Children art supplies

Unread post by kw4blessings »

Hi! When we went through the book last year, I purchased regular kids art supplies as the pp said, but we did enjoy and benefit from nice heavy watercolor paper. My dc really enjoyed this book and the lessons in it. We enjoyed watercolors the most and have some precious keepsakes (a couple hanging in their room!). I would recommend the nice paper for watercolors.
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Re: Drawing with Children art supplies

Unread post by hsm »

Thank you for all of the tips :-)
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