Read-alouds: Going faster?

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Read-alouds: Going faster?

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Schedule for Read Alouds
mothermayi wrote:Hi! We are going into week 7 of RTR and my kids are loving The Bronze Bow. I want to read on unscheduled days so we can finish the book. We just can't wait to see what is going to happen! Does the scheduled days correlate to the lessons in RTR somehow? Will we miss a correlation if I read ahead of schedule?
The Bronze Bow was our favorite Read Aloud that year. Yes, there are several places where the Bronze Bow correlates with what's being learned in history. But it doesn't fall on the exact day.

Read ahead and enjoy! :-)
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Re: Schedule for Read Alouds

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I've found that even when the assigned chapter from the read-aloud relates to the daily history lesson, it's not that important that they line up exactly. We've read ahead, and we've fallen behind and caught up, etc., and it all comes together in the end. Now that my dd is reading a lot of longer books in book basket and off the reading list, not everything lines up perfectly, but it all makes sense to her. I love the "coincidences" when a book or a co-op lesson or something ties in perfectly without being planned ahead of time.

We honestly do better when we just keep reading a read-aloud book than trying to break for the weekend or whatever. I like to keep the story going.
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