Baskets - What kind of book "basket"?!

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Baskets - What kind of book "basket"?!

Unread post by Fly2Peace »

7kmom wrote:Odd question re: book basket. Just how large of a basket do all of you use?? A large family organizing question. Thought I would ask the experts.

I already have a 19 x 25 inch basket that is about 6-8 inches deep for our library books, and during summer reading time and other times that is overflowing. lol Would love to find another basket like the one i have, except I'm not sure I will find one. Plus dh would probably have kittens if I tried to put a basket that large in our living room. with toddler toys/bench already in here space is limited.

Now when i get this list of resources/books recommended to have on hand for book basket...sometimes my interloan/library searches lead me to more and more. Plus there are some i know around the house that will work as well. (i tend to just go nuts with books. no such thing as too many type.) I also figure i will have books in there for all age levels.

We actually have more than one here. One in Living room, one in family room, one in children's bedroom. They are varying sizes and shapes. The only rule is the living room one is library books only. That way we can keep them straight easier.
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Well, we started off with one pretty wicker laundry basket from Target. It was about 24 by 12 inches and about 9 inches tall and lined with a pretty blue fabric liner.

Of course, the little kids wanted their own baskets, so we had two smaller baskets, and loaded them with readers at their levels or even pictures books that they liked to look at (before they could read them).

Now, we've got a K kid and three RTR kids and we have three baskets. One has the RTR books and one has "readers" for the K kid and there's another basket that has books the kids might want to grab when they are board but that I don't want in the book basket (things sort of "off subject" and that I don't want to "count" for book basket time).

Of course, this doesn't count the bookcases in all the bedrooms, in the basement, in the hall, in the den, etc. or the magazines piled up on the toilets, etc.
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We have a wicker basket for reading books & it's sweet. But the shape & texture have been hard on our books.

If you want a splurge or a gift, I love the Lands End Canvas Storage Tote. It's square for books, and it doesn't have anything pokey on it :o)

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Unread post by Tina »

My book basket is nothing fancy at all, an 18 gallon tote from Wal-mart. It has a cover which I like. It fits many books and videos. It's been the book basket since my dd's 2nd grade year, she's now in 5th grade, so it holds up well and it's mostly always filled. It looks like a toy container in the living room.
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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

LOL! "Bookbasket" is just a state of "being" in our house (that is, being curled up with one of the good books I selected from the library for our bookbasket time). We have no basket at all. The books are just out and readily available in a comfortable reading spot by the windows.
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Unread post by cbollin »

We started off with a laundry basket, rectangle shape.

The other day I came across a set of plastic bins at the recycling center. Work so far.

I've even used a cat litter box (empty and cleaned of course) and dish pans. That way the younger books are on the floor and easy to clean up.

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Unread post by tatertreezmom »

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 1:05 pm

I was in Home Depot and they had a set of three baskets that were three different sizes for I think $20.00.

The largest basket, I use for library books, videos, cd's, games, etc. If they take something out of the library basket, it must be returned that evening. Even if they aren't finished with it. They can retrieve it again the next day. I just explained to them that this way mom doesn't have to worry about where everything is.

The mid-sized basket (which by the way I store in a different area from the library basket to avoid any confusion when putting books back), I use for our own books. I bought those different colored dot stickers and put one on each of "my" books. This makes it easier for them to recognize which ones are ours and which belong to the library. Most of our books are stored on a shelf, however each week I go through and pull off anything that relates to that week's topic. These books don't necessarily have to be returned each evening but when they are finished they just return them to home basket.

The smallest basket, I use to store his math windows, writing paper, math fact worksheets, etc.

I needed a system that was quick and simple for both me and the boys. I like that when we make our trips to the library, I can very quickly sort through the books and tell if it is mine or not by the sticky dot.

I make do with a tall shelf and some baskets in our dining room. My library basket is kept in the dining room by the door, and the home basket is kept in the living room since we do a lot of reading on the couch.

Hope this helps.
P.S. When my 7yr old was a toddler, I used to store my older son's books in one of those plastic totes from wal-mart or target with a lid. It wasn't the prettiest, but it did make the books easy for my older son to get to yet my toddler wasn't strong enough to open the lid.
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Unread post by mamaofredheads »

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:11 pm

We have a rolling cart from Staples for our library books (the product # is 440122, $22.98). It is in the hallway beside the school room/dining room. Then we have 2 wicker baskets by the couch. One has our Bibles in it. The other has book basket books that we own.

I also use the dots like tatertreezmom uses. Blue for history, red for science, orange for biographies, etc. Books are shelved by their dot color. That way all the history books are together, etc. The only thing I do differently is during the summer I pull the books that we own that go along with the next year & they all get yellow dots, no matter what subject. They are kept on a book shelf with our school books for the year. This year because I had so many I numbered them by week on the dots & they are in order on the shelf. Older DS can't wait until we get to some of them so he has pulled many of them out to look at. With the dot & week # he knows where to put them back on the shelf & they are still there when we get to that week - no more searching for that great book about knights, or whatever that I know is here somewhere!

During my evening pick-up I quickly put away the books that are laying out, or if they are everywhere DSs have to come & put them away. Also, anything missed in the evening is picked up during morning chore time.

I hope I explained that clearly and that it is helpful for someone.
P.S. This might help with a due date problem. We ONLY go on Fridays. It works great because it's our light day with MFW anyway. At our library you can check out videos for 1 week and books for 2 weeks. That way we always know when things are due. Sometimes the kids will want to go during the week, but we wait until Fri. (It's not like they don't have any books at home to read LOL.) Otherwise, I was having problems with overdue books.
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Unread post by lyntley »

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 8:55 pm

I have one basket for books to read and one for books already read. I keep our personal books that go along with the lesson in the same basket. (Others stay in the bookshelf.) I only allow the Kiddies 2 or 3 (at the most) books off topic. 7YO picks out his own readers from his off topic selection. They go in the same basket.

I keep the receipt for library books pinned to the cork board and the kiddies go through and check off each book on library day to make sure they are all in the "to be returned bag" (and personal books placed back in the bookshelf). I'm really liking the rolling cart idea for the already read basket. It would be much easier to get them back to the library and save us a step. ALso it helps that I'm returning those already read when I pick up those from interlibrary loan.
Love the colored dots idea...
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Unread post by Winkie »

mrs_mike98 wrote:My ODS' biggest problem is that he wants to read ALL the book basket books as soon as we get them from the library... then he's bored with them for the rest of the week! Feast or famine ;-)
Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:44 pm

My ds is the same way - so I don't put all the books in at once. I add in 1-2 each day, so he's always excited about it. HTH!
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Unread post by GoodCat »

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:15 pm

I went to WalMart and bought one of those decorative canvas storage thingies :) Its pretty large. Probably like a medium sized laundry basket. It can hold around 30-40 books. I bought a smaller one that matched and I use it for baby books and such. But if you have a big week at the library, they can get to overload!! :)

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Unread post by MJ in IL »

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:53 pm

We currently use the bottom shelf of our end table. I like this b/c it is easy for me to see what is there and what is being looked at.
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Unread post by mgardenh »

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:57 pm

Each of our girls have a cardboard box next to there beds filed with books for their age/interest.
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Unread post by RachelT »

I have LOVED my heavy duty, large canvas bag (from Land's End) that was a gift. It's deep enough for almost every book, even the big ones. It has a zipper at the top, but it's usually just left open because we keep it so full!

It's fun to talk with other book lovers!
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Unread post by Tracey in ME »

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:20 am

I got a free backpack a few years back. I use that to carry my books. It fits about....ohhhh...25 books in it? You'd be surprised how many I can fit! Of course, then it is super heavy...but something about carrying a load on your back makes it feel lighter.
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Book Baskets...

Unread post by TriciaMR »

HopesAnchor wrote:Was wondering,

What does your book basket look like? Do you have a literal basket especially for that reason? Is it a laundry basket?! A nice Longaberger?! Or is it simply a concept in the middle of your school schedule?! ;)

Thinking W A Y ahead to next year, I'm brainstorming on how to make a creative, interesting, & exciting book basket time... Would you mind sharing your ideas? :) Can't wait to hear...
I bought one of those rolling carts (Office Depot, Walmart, and sometimes Office Max will have them on sale for about $20 - which is the lowest I've ever seen them, so watch the Sunday ads if you want one). The books stay in there in the corner of the room. I also bought a basket at Target (I think - it's a long rectangular basket with raphia or something like that on the sides and bottom) for my 1st graders, because they're on a separate list than my oldest (in RTR). But she reads their books, too.

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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by cbollin »

I'm in the rolling cart thingy crowd too. It was convenient for me to take to the library to get the books and put in car, then, easy to know which books were library books to go back.

not pretty. but functional :)

here's some store's version of them if a picture would help. click
expanding folding crate on wheels

But really, anything that works, works. laundry basket. fancy basket. cardboard box. make it so it is easy on you and easy for kids to reach in and grab and put back in. We kept ours in living room/dining room area.

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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by dhudson »

I have three, one for each level in my home. I have a laundry basket for the play area, a nice leather box for the hallway near their rooms and a Longaberger basket for the Living room. That way, my kids have easy access to the books wherever they are. The type of basket depends on which room and decor the basket is in.

Does that help or confuse matters more?
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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by doubleportion »

Rolling cart over here when they come and go from the library, bought mine at Big Lots for 20 or less. But when they are out for reading I have those Sterilite file crates from Walmart- pink one for dd and black for ds. They are ligh weight and cost about $5. I hope to buy another two next year when we start K so our youngest can get in on the mix, and one is just never enough to hold all our books for dd. We love "book basket", but that is the time and activity we call it rather than a literal basket.

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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by Melissa »

We have actual baskets. I don't take them to the library, I use a reusable grocery bag for that. I have one basket for ECC (tho it's always overflowing), one for K, and then one for other library books my children or I have decided to bring home. Once we're finished with the books, they go back into the "library" bag ready to return on our next trip to the library. It works well for us and they are in easy view so they don't get forgotten about.

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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by meagabby »

we have a couple of pink plastic file boxes that house all library books when bring them home.

We don't take them to the library-- each child has a cute bag from Grandma for that.

We also don't sort them out either. all books are up for grabs for anyone to read or be read to.
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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by HopesAnchor »

Hey Moms...

:) These are all great ideas -- very creative and highly functional!

I'm sure to use bits of all of them to come up with our own routine. I like the literal basket idea (or some kind of container...a 'treasure chest'!) and just one for all to share (thankfully all 3 boys, ages 7-12, will be in 1850-Ex!!) I'll need to be on my toes to make sure they are getting the library books back in the right tote...but that shouldn't be a problem. Good practice on honing those observation skills!

Thanks y'all! Glad to be a part of MFW again!

God Bless,
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Re: Book Baskets...

Unread post by lisaha »

WE have a plastic tubs that are the size of regular books, binders, folders ex so they can e flat in them. Each child has thier own white tub with thier name tag on it that they decorated themselves. We keep thier own school books in thier own tub (math workbook, spelling ex...) and then there is a tub labeled as "art" for our main art supplies and anouther tub labeled as "book basket" where we keep all of our library/book basket books in for everyone. The tus are then placed on the book shelf. It cost between $1.95 and $5.00 per tub! :) The book shelves were on sale, 2 tall ones we got at menards for $20 each! :)
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Question about book basket

Unread post by wsterk »

Kab wrote:Good afternoon, I have a question about the "Book Basket".

Do you combine the book basket books with other library books are do you keep the book basket books separate? We use a basket for any library books we bring home so we know where they are when it is time to return them, these books are for general reading. I am thinking that it would be better to have another basket for the "theme" books so at "basket" time they are just going through the on topic books. Any input/ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance for the responses.
we have a specific basket just for the RTR suggested books. we get quite a few. the other books picked out by my olders are kept in their room and the ones my littles choose (clifford, curious george, trucks, etc.) are kept in a different basket. hope that helps.

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Re: Question about book basket

Unread post by Kab »

Thank you. I think that I will keep them seperate.
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